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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 12 results

  1. Thank you Shiachat Let me start by saying I'm not an English teacher Nor I'm Shakespeare But one thing is for sure I'm the servant of servants of Shiachat Shiachat this is for you Straight from the heart Forget grammar And forget being smart For who ever found you Benefited from you And whomever lost you Never really found you You have been with me Through the ups and downs Lefts and rights All my battles with iblis You were on the front lines of those fights Thats it I ran out of things to say.
  2. selaam peace, If i understand right you can only enter the chat after 25 reactions on this website. am i right? My question is why ? Maybe somebody wants to learn in chat by direct talking to his brothers and sisters but he doesnt feel any more obligation to join the forum discussions except reading them. Imam Ali A.S. , said : " as a man's wisdom increases so his desire to speak decreases " And now, when you look at Grand Ayatollah Sayed Al - Sistani, he is like this. He doesnt go on tv giving interviews bragging or something foolish like that. what do you think? Thanks in advance,
  3. Salam guys !!! I want to chat with other members but its not available for me ?
  4. Assalam o alekum all, there is a notification on chat menu but i can't access it. it says i have to be a "Advance Member"
  5. Salam, everyone! As the title already suggests: Let's talk quizzes. We are planning to organize (regular) quizzes in the chat room - to increase chat activity, the fun factor on the forum and maybe even your knowledge. You want to have fun? Test your knowledge? Beat other SClers ruthlessly and come out victorious? Even if by mere luck? And feel proud of it? Then this might just be the right place for you! How is it going to work? First of all, we want to run a test-quizz to see how it works out and whether it'd be worth to make it a regular occasion. The test run will be launched tomorrow/today, 12th of Dec, 2015 starting from around 5pm UK time - anyone interested, please make sure that you have plenty of time on your hands for this! 1.) This first quizz will be kept general, no specific topic. We'll check your general knowledge and general Islamic knowledge. If this is a success and we continue with this procedure, the quizzes will be launched regularly and each with a different topic (which we will inform you about, beforehand). 2.) We need around 4-5 people (minimum) to make it worth-while. We'll wait half an hour in the chat to see if enough people pop up. 3.) The questions will be multiple choice ones (as of now). For this first round, we're planning around 50+/- questions. 4.) Of course, every participant is required to abide by the SC Rules and Regulations. What will the winner gain? The right to brag. Satisfaction. Victory. And if that is not enough: Obviously, we will officially announce the winner. Furthermore, we were planning to make a special edit depicting the winner's name (and some more extras, maybe) which then can be used as his/her signature for a week. A badge of honor, if you will. We hope that we will gather some interested souls for this. Ma asalama.
  6. Who wants to join a discussion on that date, and that is EST time in Ontario, Canada? It will be fun and productive -- we can choose a hot topic and engage in friendly dialogue.. Just some ideas to bring this forum back from the dead. Who's in? If date is not convenient for you... we can plan another time.
  7. (BISMILLAH) (Salam) Not only is the search really bad but the user content page is also just plain horrible. Look at mine: Unless I'm doing something wrong, according to this, my latest post was made last year! -_- I need to find a topic on which posted last month and, given the horrible mess that this is, it's just not possible. Now, I know the admins are all volunteers but isn't this a problem that you complain to IP Board about, given that these are basic functions of the forum and you basically use their platform?
  8. Salam I recently became a member on SC and had a few threads posted before. However, lately I have been wanting to visit the chat room but the system wont let me. Every time I click on the chat icon it gives me an error message saying " Oops, something went wrong" and below that it would say " you do not have access to our chat room". What is the reason behind that? Why Can't I join?
  9. (Salam) I get at least one dream a week which I would like to have explained and I am sure other people are similar. So, how about opening a dreams section on ShiaChat.com for people to share their dreams and have them explained by people who understand dreams? (Salam)
  10. (bismillah) (salam) Just wanted to inform my brothers and sisters about the official Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (as) Online Chat Rooms which operates in English, Persian and Arabic. The good in it is that you can learn while you chat and have fun with the rest. It might be boring at times, but then again, what isn't? This is there link with their schedule and how to take part (It needs paltalk messenger basically and then you search "haram" for their room. The instructions have been written for someone who knows nothing about technology!): http://imamrezashrine.aqr.ir/Portal/home/?40541/Timetable%20of%20Scheduled%20Lectures (wasalam) and Thanks :) P.S. You can contribute by spreading the word. Many might be interested :yaali:
  11. Asalam Alaikum, I would like to introduce myself here, i am Ahmed and muslim and i am haji! I would like to invite everyone at my website www.yaallahmadad.com it is the first islamic voice chat room on the web where you can communicate with other muslims and talk about islam with each other. Domain yaallahmadad.com is very old but voice chat room has been installed few hours ago. I am looking for brothers and sisters here who can take responsibility to control people on www.yaallahmadad.com and i will make them administrator but you need to give much time. Only those persons will become administrator who can give much time and help other muslims try to understand Islam. Please Note : All muslims are invited, register your name before someone else does. Allah Hafiz, Ahmed.
  12. Salam Alakom My Dear ShiaChat Family, Brother's and Sister's: I haven't been on here to long, am still very new to this forum, but I still am liking it so far a shout out to my family on ShiaChat, Eid mubarak to All of you! for whoever is celebrating today, or Monday :). May Allah your wishes, dreams, prayers, and Fasting is accepted! May This month of Blessings come back to you, and may we witness this month as a family again next year if Allah wills it.! Do not Forget us in Prayers, please myself and my family. Your Dear Brother Muntather! FeAmanAllah
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