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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam respected brothers and sisters in Islam I earnestly plead that I may receive the advice of your respective personages, for your opinions and ideas will most evidently illuminate my heart and strengthen my mind in aiding this young girl in following the religion of the Ahlul Bayt ((عليه السلام)) the catholic girl is very receptive to any religious advice and conversations I have been having with her, but it is very difficult for me to convince her due to the nature of her family and culture (Mexican). She completely agrees with me in most of the topics that I have raised for her in regards to alcohol she is 100% on board with me as for nightclubs she will never enter such despicable places in her life, and as for modesty she has been improving gradually when it comes to clothing. Sometimes I can become a bit uneasy and show a form of anger if I see her dressing in a way that is not deemed modest, for example the other day I saw her wearing a shirt that showed her shoulders and although she agreed that she will cover up and not show her shoulders she couldn’t understand exactly why it was immodest if in her perception “they’re just shoulders”, or for example my dismay of her wearing ripped jeans which she agrees with, but doesn’t understand why I disagree with her wearing jeans that only have holes in the knee area, as she sees it quiet confusing why showing ones knees is immodest. Now the likes of me and other individuals of our faith and community understand completely the logic of these things but how can I explain to her a girl who lives in a very open society and culture that showing your shoulders, knees, and hair is not modest. In some cases that we do debate or converse in regards to religion if she finds that she does not have an answer or is left a bit perplexed she instantly reverts back to the notion that there must be an explanation to her certain belief or idea that she is arguing and in order to rebuttal my arguments she needs to look more which in a way is a portrayal of a form of cognitive dissonance. I know the difficulties that may surround her in regards to not only the vast cultural changes that she may need to undergo, but also taking into consideration the impact changing her religion or her lifestyle may perhaps be . I try my best to be understanding with her and not rush things or overwhelm her. My current methodology is that I am trying to first bring her closer to her own religion in order to not make it seem as if I am just forcing my own beliefs on her, For example in regards to modesty or what may otherwise pertain I give her examples of Mary the mother of Jesus as well as scriptural and textual evidences from the Bible in order to be a form of authority upon her to follow in which she complied completely after seeing such evidences in regards to certain clothing that she will not wear anymore. I believe that after I get her in tune with the essential primordial messages of our holy Prophet Esa ((عليه السلام)) and the pure fundamental messages that he brought forth through the undistorted portions of the Bible it will be a much easier transition when I begin to introduce Islamic doctrine and also provide a dichotomy between the two; And in the end she said that if I am able to truly prove to her that Jesus is not the son of God then she will accept Islam inshallah. It is a tumultuous wave that I am riding and I don’t think there is a very good chance of her reverting due to that essential clinging to culture and the reality that is already established with her in regards to her own personal outlook on life, but as Allah says in the Qur'an we cannot guide those whom we please, but rather Allah guides those whom he pleases, and I will hope to inshallah not only portray to her the best message I can of Islam but also tell her to sincerely pray for the truth for through that sincere prayer Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) can open and illuminate her heart towards the path of the Prophet and his holy progeny. Respected brothers and sisters I was hoping if you can perhaps give me advice in regards to my difficult situation as well as perhaps provide me with an argument that would be deemed fit to an individual who cannot conceptualize why showing ones shoulders, knees, and so on is immodest taking into consideration their cultural background and worldview understanding. There are so many factors that play when it comes to her conversion therefore I need to solidify her foundation so she becomes unwavering to the many strong winds or tumultuous waves that she will evidently encounter if she does decide to convert which I see as highly unlikely but in the end all we can do is provide the hujjat and hope for the best inshallah through the grace of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى)
  2. Introduction - I am Australian, a white Anglo-Saxon Christian. I have been researching Islam for about a year and a half and am very seriously considering converting to Shia Islam. I have come along away at first i was a bigot and growing up here in a climate of anti Islam Hysteria and the rise of Terrorism i cursed everything about Islam it's origins and its prophet things that i have now come to regret saying. In Australia we've been exposed from a young age right-wing channels trying to paint the world as 'Us V. Them' which obviously shaped my political views before i started researching myself into what the people who adhere to Islam believe. (Search 'A Current Affair Islam' and see what Australians are exposed to) At first trying to do complete an independent research i was bombarded with hateful messages from Anti-Islam websites or Wahhabi/Salafi websites but looking into this realized there are different sects and schools of thought within Islam. I found myself now researching into the divide of Sunni and Shia and the life of the Prophet in general. So what did i find and what was my conclusion after a year and half of research. I believe the companions who became the Caliphs after the Prophet did not follow the values and ethics taught by the prophet and the Quran. There are stories of violence and evils committed by both Umar and Abu Bakr which i have found appalling but Ali (First Imam/Fourth Caliph) I believe very much did follow the true Islamic values, his tolerance to religious minorities, kindness and high morals were in my opinion like those of the prophet and values taught by Islam and is the true successor to the prophet. I have respect for the Sunni muslims but today they have seem to have become corrupted with funds being shared around the world by the Saudi's, threatening the peace and at the same time supported by the U.S. and unfortunately my own country Australia. There is a real double standard in the western world, we are so hell bent on trying to take out Iran claiming they are a threat to world peace but it is truly the Saudi's who are killing and supporting horrific Salafi/Wahhabi militant groups. Question Time - 1) If i converted to Islam (Twelver) what would change when it comes to interactions with my christian families?, What becomes of Christmas, Funerals and other religious gathering adhering to Roman Catholicism. What can i or can't participate in? 2) My Family who i know for fact would be very accepting of me changing religions, they would accept me no matter what. My question is would God (I know only he can judge) based on Islamic beliefs accept my family into paradise if they're Catholics. It was my parents who knew i was disillusioned with my faith told me to go out and discover a new spiritual outlook on life. (I personally never thought it would be Islam ) and so i did and now we are here. 3) What evidence is there that Muhammad was a prophet, how can i be sure? These three questions that i know may seem 'amateur' to some Islamic experts but are vital questions to me in whether or not i will accept Islam. I hope you all are having a blessed day and i am excited to hear all your responses.
  3. Salam Alaykum, I am a convert to Islam. My conversion story is here, http://www.justanotherabdullah.com/.../yusufs-road-to-islam-a-revert-story/. In any case I was wondering if there is proof that Shia Islam is true and that Sunnis are misguided. Also are sunnis kafirs and go straight to hellfire? Salam. You can contact me on email through waterpoloprince12@gmail.com if you like.
  4. http://ahlulbayt.tv/ondemand/episode/d794p5bh/Isa_Murphy_Conversion_Story/
  5. Hello Hello Hello! Salamalaikum sisters, brothers, and ones who are just here to educate themselves on the views of others beliefs/faiths. I was born into a Catholic household. You see how I mentioned CATHOLIC.. this is very different from Christian. Yes Catholics are a sections of the christian faith but are following completely different lifestyles and moral codes/faith codes. As my guide in Islamic school once said, Catholics are the Shias of Christianity. Love for the truth, the details, the devotion, respect and for the understandings of holy book. Not short interpretations, not politics! Anyways, yes Catholics are almost there to the truth but got lazy and didn't follow along with fact & history. While growing up, my mother had it her mission to teach me about God. not only in her form or belief but to teach me about all religion and beliefs of God. It was her way of showing me the world and all the people who are living on earth with me. You cant understand someone or their culture without knowing about what they believe, who does their heart beat for? Even as a child Mom always told me I will be forced everyday to look inside my heart and find God there. The journey was quite hard and the history also tough to keep track of.. i even had a timeline i painted on the wall of my bedroom reaching from one side across the entire room to the other side. On the timeline I added every event that was monumental to religion. Religion itself, not one only. Anyways, as a catholic family we did all the catholic things like bible study, prayer study, church, only fish on Fridays, practicing Lent which is similar to Ramadan kind-of in certain ways, Communion, Confession.... and then the day came for my Confirmation ceremony! For years prior to this day I had lessons with our priest "Father Joe" and we discussed if I was ready to confirm to Catholicism or if God had lead me to another path.. It was important to Father Joe that I read the Qur'an and understand the beauty & holiness of each word. (The catholic church views the Qur'an as a book for God idk if everyone knows that) After years of searching and waiting for my Confirmation day finally it came time to deny my commit to the church. I remember my first lesson with Father Joe when I was only 6 years old. I was sitting in the hallway outside his classroom door on a red plastic chair just waiting for my chance to say hello. I was nervous, excited, but most of all I remember sitting there feeling I had 100 questions to ask him and feeling he might get angry because my heart doesn't agree completely with the stories and scriptures Ive learned. He called me and when i sat down I saw a copy of the Qur'an on his desk. I couldnt stop looking at it, I remember the feeling of wanting to grab it & read it without stopping. He only asked me one question and it was "Who is your favorite person from the bible?" He said how he knows its hard to pick but that I must have a favorite from learning about it in religion class. I remember feeling scared to tell him I liked the Prophet Muhammad more because he is the luckiest one to have known God after Jesus. It felt like I sat there hours waiting for him to reply, to say anything.... that fast and it was over. Since that day I always asked Father Joe to explain why he believes Jesus was God himself AND he is the son. He can't be both. Still to this day I stop into my old church to visit with him and discuss beliefs. There has been a few times I have even volunteered with the senior care center there. To move along, after the day I refused to Confirm I threw myself into studying Religion and ways to God. One night I was going through a box of old journals and old essays I wrote as a child & I came across one that was about how amazing it would be to be apart of ahlubayt. how understanding Islam was more then just a conversation but it had to be closer. It was an 8th grade essay and I wrote for 25 pages about how God gave us this man, and this mans family for a reason. It was his family who had the ability to understand Islam and to not destroy it. If that wasnt true then why would God choose him? It made me look into what my heart tells me and what my morals are. I choose Islam. I choose to become Shia. I studied for 6 years before selecting where my true faith is. I would LOVE to hear how others reverted back to Islam. I would love to hear from those who are struggling with the idea that they must choose between one religion or another. I understand the confusion about feeling there isnt one PERFECT religion but I would love to hear other peoples stories about how they found a balance, how they found a comfortable place for their faith. <3
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