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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 5 results

  1. Are there any Shia duas for repelling jinn and black magic?
  2. Asalam a alaykum guys i have a question that im hoping to get answered regarding fortunetelling and black magic. My question is if jinns get info of future events etc from the Angels discussing it how do some fortune tellers guess / predict info about a particular person. Because i dont think the angels of Allah would be discussing personal info about ourselves. Inshallah i get a good response.
  3. What does this picture of writing mean? I got it from the taweez. The taweez is from a baba https://hamad212.imgbb.com
  4. Sallam! I've been, for a few months, doubting Islam. Now I'd like to believe in a God, though I always thought, what if Islam isn't the correct path to said God. In the Quran, it describes God's majesty, the beauty of his creation, my religion classes explained to me the being who created the seed for the tree, must've created the tree, the land for it and all that sustains it, therefore the one God must have created the Earth and skies, though who says this God is Allah? Another thing is the issue of predestination. Now I won't go into detail as I know there is a thread about it, but for God to not be limited by time means he can, and this is me excluding his omniscience, know what happens and in 'our future' and return to 'our present'. This makes time linear, which means unchangeable and that God has simply 'programmed' us to live the way we do. Black magic also is something I feel highly unlikely to exist, that and envy; despite the fact they were mentioned in the Quran. Now, I am unsure what black magic is capable of, but I am sure that Satan has no power, as is mentioned in the Quran, rather only influences those around him, so how can black magic and envy both be possible if, given that God doesn't allow it himself? And also the 'minor mistakes' (a polite way of saying contradictions) in the Quran. I will post a few: If I go astray, I go astray to my own loss (34:50) How many days did it take Allah to destroy 'Aad? One day [54:19] or several days [41:16; 69:6,7] First earth and then heaven [2:29], heaven and after that earth [79:27-30]. Is the evil in our life from Satan [38:41], Ourselves [4:79], or Allah [4:78]? There is also the problem of Prophethood and Imamate being basically the same thing under a different name. The story of Adam and Eve is unclear and raises a lot of questions; if in heaven there are no lies, how did Satan trick them? And wasn't Satan kicked out of heaven? And prior to that, how did the angles know the 'evil' nature of man? There is also miracles which have been disproved by science, such as The Flood and the tearing of the moon. Finally, 'Isma or infalliablity. Honestly, this 'trait' is non-existant, in the Quran it says Adam disobeyed (3asa) his Lord, it really doesn't get clearer than that, but I have a few examples if this isn't clear: Surah At-Tahreem first ayah. The story of Prophet Yousef, and him asking for help from other than God (not that major, but if it wasn't, why was he punished for it?) The fact that Ya'qoub favoured Benjamin and Prophet Yousouf over the rest of his children. And Prophet Yunus leaving his people. I still pray and fast, though with a lot less kushu', but my faith has been a lot more shaky recently. Wassalam.
  5. Asalam o alikum My father passed away on 21 Feb 2016, he offered his prayers mostly regularly but not strictly. I am his only daughter, is it must on me to offer his remaining prayers? Even if they not and I want to than how to know how much should I offer for him. If I don't know how many of his prayers are left.? Once I already posted in a post here about the difficult situation I am in marital life.physical abuse and harassment etc. If my husband now asked me to leave my mother alone than should I? I have no siblings. I am currently doing a gazetted post job, my father did so much effort in making me independent. If my in laws or husband forces me to abaondon every thing then what I should do? Lastly my dad injury doesn't make any logical sense. I asked some good pious men to do istikhara all of them said its black magic .... Is there any amal r wazifa that I can do to get some guidance that who did this. Can I see the person in my dreams. In istikhara it came that some one from my in laws family did this. Plz help me I am Alone.......
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