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  1. Why is Shia the best religion? question Why is Shia the best religion? I am a follower of the Shia religion but I do not know what the superiority of Shia religion over Wahabism is. I am afraid lest we should be part of the 72 misguided Muslim sects. How can I be sure about it? Concise answer The superiority of the Shia religion is because of its being the "true" religion and there is only one true religion in all times and ages. As for other religions, they are either invalid and baseless or defunct and abrogated. Today, the true and righteous religion is the religion of Islam which manifests itself in Shi'ism. Indeed, it is only the teachings of the Shia religion that can depict the pure Muhammadan Islam. Historical evidences and religious texts confirm the point that we mentioned, and Wahabism lacks this feature. Detailed Answer The superiority of the Shia religion over other religions is because of its being the "true" religion. There is only one true religion in all epochs. The true religion of God, the Exalted, is one in all times and eras; any religion other than the One True Religion is either false or abrogated or defunct. The multiplicity of divine religions that have so far been revealed upon the humanity is longitudinal not latitudinal which means that the new religion is abrogative of and supplementary to the former one. Thus, with the coming of the new religion, the previous religion becomes defunct and is no longer considered valid. It would be necessary on all people to follow and have faith in the new religion as it replaces the old one. That is why, the holy scripts and religious texts use the term "Kafir" (infidel) to describe those who do not have faith in the new religion. Islam is the last and the most complete of the revealed religions. God shall not accept any religion other than Islam. "ان الدین عندالله الاسلام" (Verily, the only religion acceptable to Allah is Islam.[1]) "و من یبتغ غیر الاسلام دینا فلن یقبل منه" (And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him.[2]). Unfortunately, Muslims like the people and adherents of the previous religions are divided into different religions. Surely, all of them cannot be true at the same time. The holy Prophet of Islam said: "ان امّتی ستفرق بعدی علی ثلاث و سبعین فرقة، فرقة منها ناجیة، و اثنتان و سبعون فی النار" My Ummah will be divided into seventy-three sects, one of which will be in Paradise and seventy-two will be in the Fire.[3]” The holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh) also said: "ایها الناس انی ترکت فیکم ما ان اخذتم به لن تضلوا، کتاب الله و عترتی اهل بیتی" "O People, I leave you two weighty things, if you stick to both you will never go astray after me: the Book of Allah and my progeny – the Ahlalbayt.[4]" Abuzar Ghaffari, one of the trusted and honorable companions of the holy Prophet (pbuh) narrates: "سمعت النبی (ص) انه قال: الا ان مثل اهل بیتی فیکم مثل سفینة نوح فی قومه، من رکبها نجی و من تخلف عنها غرق" "The similitude of my Ahlalbayt amongst you is the same as that of Noah's Ark amongst his tribe. Whoever boards it will be saved and he who avoided it will drown.[5]" The pillars and principles of the Shia religion are belief in divine unity (tawhid), divine justice (adl), prophecy (nubuwwah), Imamat and resurrection (ma'ad). Shia believes in the leadership of the twelve infallible Imams (a.s.) as the successors of the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) the first of them being Ali (a.s.) and the last one Mahdi (may Allah hasten his reappearance). In the traditions narrated from the Holy Prophet of Islam the number and names of the twelve Infallible Imams (a.s.) have been mentioned. One day Abdullah bin Mas’ud was sitting in a gathering of people when a nomad Arab came over and asked: “Which one of you is Abdullah bin Mas’ud?” Abdullah answered: “I am.” Arab nomad: “Did your Prophet inform you about the number of his successor?” Abdullah bin Mas’ud: “Yes, he did, they are twelve caliphs, (like) the number of the Chiefs of Bani Israel.”[6] Our arguments for the righteousness of the Shia religion are the Quran and Sunnah. Almighty Allah commanded us to obey God, the Messenger and Ulul Amr (those vested with authority) who, according to the Holy Prophet’s saying, are the Shia Imams. There are many a number of Quranic verses referring to leadership and wilayat (successorship) of our Imams. Some of them are the following: "وانذر عشیرتک الاقربین" — " یَاأَیُّهَا الرَّسُولُ بَلِّغْ مَا أُنزِلَ إِلَیْکَ مِنْ رَبِّکَ وَإِنْ لَمْ تَفْعَلْ فَمَا بَلَّغْتَ رِسَالَتَهُ "— " الیوم اکملت لکم دینکم و اتممت علیکم نعمتی و رضیت لکم الاسلام دینا" —" انما یرید الله لیذهب عنکم الرجس اهل البیت و یطهرکم تطهیرا" It has been mentioned in history books and in the narrations that the Prophet (pbuh) always called the Commander of the Faithful, Ali (a.s.), his trustee and successor. Tabrasi narrates in his history book that when the verse "وانذر عشیرتک الاقربین" (and warn your closer relatives) was revealed, the Prophet (pbuh) addressed his relatives as such: Almighty God has commanded me to invite you to Him. Whoever helps me in this matter will be my brother, my trustee (wasi) and my successor after me. Then the Commander of the faithful, Ali (a.s.) stood up before him and said: “O Apostle of God, I will help you.” There and then the Prophet (pbuh) said, “Verily, this (Ali) is my brother, my trustee, my helper, my successor after me among you. Follow him and be obedient to him. Some of the Prophet’s relatives laughed at this and declared to Abu Talib mockingly that he must bow down to his own son, as Ali was now his Emir.[7] In the last year of his life and as he was returning from his last pilgrimage, the Holy Prophet (pbuh) formally nominated Ali bin Abi Talib (a.s.) as the Muslims’ leader and ruler. He ordered all the pilgrims in a gathering at Ghadir Khum to vow allegiance to Ali as the Commander of the Faithful. This famous saying “of whomsoever I am a mawla (master and ruler), this Ali would be his master” is the Holy Prophet (pbuh)’s saying on this day. This is a well-known and mutawatir (mass-transmitted) tradition. This is a brief explanation of the evidences of the superiority and righteousness of Shi’ism over other religions on the basis of Quranic verses and narrations. Definitely, we can also deal with this issue by drawing a comparison between the teachings of the Shia religion and those of non-Shia religions through which we could prove Shia’s superiority over other religions but we would rather leave this discussion for some other time. When it comes to Wahabism, it would be enough to suffice with Sayed Mustafa Razvi’s writing in the book titled “Pakistan: Political and Religious Information” in which the writer says that Wahabism considers the followers of all other Muslim sects, Shia and Sunni, as pagans, infidels and idolaters. They declare seeking the intercession of the Prophet and Infallible Imams, visiting their graves, respecting and revering them as a form of innovation and idolatry. Thus, they forbid such acts on the ground that they are polytheistic acts. They do not permit greeting, respecting and revering the Prophet (pbuh) anywhere other than in the prayer and they believe that commemoration and reverence of the Prophet (pbuh) ended on the day he passed away from this world. They consider any kind of structures, monuments and tombs on the graves of the Imams and religious saints as bid’ah (innovation) and they believe that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was a human being who died and who no longer has the power to do anything because he has no information about us nor does he know anything about what is going on in this world. Therefore, it is forbidden to visit his grave. [8] We let your common sense to judge as to whether these doctrines can be consistent with the Quran or human nature. Is this the love of the Ahlul Bayt which has been regarded as the wage of prophethood[9]? Did the Quran not tell that the martyrs are alive and sustained by their Lord?[10]And is the Prophet’s rank lower than that of the martyrs?! Should you want to discuss the subject further, do not hesitate to email us. May Allah grant you success. [1] - Aal-e Imran: 19 [2] - Aal-e Imran:85 [3] - Al-Ebanah al-Kubra, Ibn-e Vol. 1, p.3; Khesal, p.585 [4] - Kanzul Ummal, Vol.1, p.44, Babul E'tesam bil-Kitab Wassunnah. [5] - Al-Mustadrak 'Ala al-Sahehain, Vol.3, p.151 [6] - Khesal, p.467 [7] - Tarikh Tabari, vol.2, p. 320, Egypt Publication: Kamil Ibn-e Athir, Vol.2, P.41, Beirut Publication [8] - Sayed Mustafa Razavi, Political and Religious on Pakistan, p.63-64 [9] - قُلْ لا أَسْئَلُکُمْ عَلَیْهِ أَجْراً إِلاَّ الْمَوَدَّةَ فِی الْقُرْبى (I do not ask you any wage (in return for my prophethood) except to love my near kin. [10] - Aal-e Imran: 169 http://www.islamquest.net/en/archive/question/fa2163
  2. [ jr7 alhussain ] present: Artist - S.hani alwedaei Azaa - with Abbas Place - mawkeb bn saloom muhrram 7 - 1438
  3. “Those who believe and do righteous deeds are the best of the creatures. Their reward from their Lord shall be everlasting gardens, below which flow rivers, they will abide there forever. Well pleased is God with them and they are well pleased with Him” Quran 98:7 Tafseer Durre Manthur Jalaladin Suyuti, (849 – 911 AH) is one of the highest ranking Sunni scholars of all time. In his commentary of this verse, he records through 3 Isnaad (chains) of narrators that the Prophet (saww) told his companions that the verse referred to Ali and his Shia. Hadhrath Ali narrates in Tafsir Durre Mansur, Volume 6 page 379 (Cairo edition) “Have you not heard this verse: “Their reward from their Lord shall be everlasting gardens, below which flow rivers, they will abide there forever”? This verse refers to you and your Shi’a, I promise you that I will meet you at the Fountain of Kawthur”. The 3 Sahaba who narrated this Hadeeth are (1) Ali (as) himself (2) Jabir bin Abdullah Ansari (ra) (3) Abdullah ibne Abbas (ra). Be joyful O' Shia of Ali (as) , we will meet the Prophet (pbuh) on that day.
  4. Assalaamu Alaikum. How to increase the Thawab / Hasnat / rewards of Salah , Saom, Charity , Ablution and othet Ibadats ?
  5. Sallam Alykum and Welcome to Goku's Best Shiachat Members Thread! I am honored to be in such a beautiful ceremony, possibly the first of it's kind, in finding out who are the best of ShiaChat members in accordance to various guidelines of compilation (what?) and criteria. In order to have received an award of being Awesome, you must have at least one of the following criteria. be cool or friendly to Goku. be a helpful, well-rounded, member of this community. Below a list of every member who has at least 50 posts and has at least made one post in the past year. I have highlighted the members of which have won the award. I am sure I have missed a few members who deserve the award, if I find any I'll add them in another post! So Congratulations, you freakin' awesome! (These are people who I have noticed, probably from the chatroom since I live there lol. Their's a lot of great members with lots of knowledge though I do not know or interact with them thus they do not make the list.) $unshine аli - the computer wiz <hamed> *a-k* *Ali* *salsabeel* - hardworker *~* Malika *~* *~Fatima~* -=Sajjad=- -azra -Enlightened -Sabr .IceMan. .InshAllah. .K.A.R.R.A.R. 0feedmeplz 1 Needs 2 Read 110FatimaBintulHuda - the bug 133ali 14infallibles 3iraqee 3laweyaZainabiya 3rd June 3UINE KARBALAIE 786abdullah786 786khayr 786milaadz :Sami @li a believer A follower A true Sunni a.shia.muslim.brother.110 Aabiss_Shakari Aal-e-Imran Aale Mohammad aamir_73 Aarash_Australia abba Abbas Abbas0 abbas110 abbas_q Abbas_Zaidi Abdaal abdulaleem075 abdulazim Abdullah al mujadid AbdullaQ Abood abou 3adal aboualjafar-almusawi Abo_Al7ur Abu Abdullaah Abu Amal Abu Dujana Abu Hadi Abu Muslim abu-lulua AbuIthnayn AbuLayla ABUTALIB Abuu shaatha abuzahra Abuzar Abu_zar Abu_Zayed Ace Abbas Adnanabbas.r afgnmuslim AFGunz Aficionado AG15 Against oneself Agha Malang Agha-Shabbir-Abbas Aghachan Aghamalang AH020387 ahlulbayt110 ahlulbaytfollower Ahmad 313 Ahmad ibn Mājid Ahmad.G ahmed 05 Ahmed Ismael AidAsSadik ailia ajam123 Ajeeb akamp Akbar673 AkbarHassan akenfield akf Akritas Al-Asr Al-e-Yasin Al-Gazali al-iman al-Irshad Al-Moqanna Al-Mufeed - it's mufeed bro. Al-MuHammadee Al-Muntadhar Al-Muqawama Al-Islamiya AL-NOOR al-syedia Al-Zaidi AlAbd AlThaleel aladdin AlAjalYaImam AlAwhad Alejandro Sosa AlgerianShia alghadeer AlHamdulillah110 alhindi Ali Ali :) Ali al Redah Ali Fazel Ali H Syed Ali Hayder Ali Huzaifa Ali Mahdi Ali Shah Hussain Ali Zara Ali-Mohammed ali01 ali12 ali1988 ali313 ali786ali Ali86 AliAbbas alialiali AliAlSemawi aliandem aliasghark alik alimasta alimohamad40 alirex AliSaleh alisayyed AliWala01 aliyaan ali_cruse Ali_Hussain Ali_Ibn_Hussein Ali_Kaaba Allahs Servant Allahuakbar AlmondJoy680 AlphaMale_ASAD alradhiya alroo7 alserat Always Have Faith Aly Aly ReZa Amaan amani_ahmad amatolah ambrosechappel Ameen Amir-Husayn amirafatima ammarhasan AnaAmmar1 Anam Zahra ana_ma3a_al_haq angel11 ANJUM442 Anonymous-Male Anoush Anti-Logic Aqua AR2011 Armans Wife arshiraza Aryan Warrior Asad1969 Asad_Ali ascension ash-shaheed asharp - possibly most fit member on site. asifnaqvi asma0401 asphyxiated assma_786 ateef Atheist27 Auqab AusRevert auto22071144 avjar7 awaiter of zuhur awaitingyou1 Ayubi786 azadar azan786 B-N B-nCaesar Baaqir BabyBeaverIsAKit Bahlool Bakir baklava bandekhoda bano Banooota baqar baradar_jackson - weird. Baseeji Baseeji- Basim Ali Basra Batool batoul issa behayaat bfoali bilal23 bilal6542 BillyJo Biryani bitto bi_ithnillaah bkt900 BlackVeil BlackWave blazini blessing bolbol Bonafide Hustler BostonJew breeze Bukharisolo BULB Burning Desire caferi-turki Calm Candela carlos Cary Grant cc_30 Cervantes chak de cricket Champ CHARGERZ Chiddler Chipkali chocolate Christianlady Comprehending comrade Cosmos crazysb235 Çåá ÇáÈíÊ Danyal Zia dan_rafi Dar'ul_Islam DarthMalik dasani.ali Dawood Dawud Miqdad al-Amriki Dawud1UK - the jew of the community=] hehe DayStrike312 Dead-Man DeeeeeBo Deen Devotee DFC Dhulfikar Dhulfiqar Dina diracdeltafunc Documentaries Dokhtar-e-Abbas Don omar doobybrother DPRK_Guy Dr. Ali Asghar Dr. Khan dragons fan Ehsan El Cid El Peace El-shia ElderWand elite Elvis_King EndlessEndeavor Envir-Drema esposabella eThErEaL Excalibur Faatima_ki_kaneez fadak_166 fahimah18 faisal faith200 Faithfully999 Fakhruddin fallah fanduiyisilanjiao farah Fardeen Farerra fari Faris-Al-Hujjat Farooq_001 farside Fasiha Jafri fatima* fatima.19 Fiasco Fink firoz1986 flagbearer Flowers91 Follower of Ali ForeverMM forgeforth Forgive Forgotten forte Friend of All Fuan FullyTabooly Gasy geek ghazi Ghorids GHULAAM E ABBAS ghulam-e-ali GhulamMahdi Gibrael Global Crier Glow gogiison2 Goku - its me, how can i not be the awesomest. Gol-e-Zahra Golden-crowned Gomnam gonabadi GothicShia GreenLantern Greg Potemkin Grimmjow Guiding Light Gulliver Gypsy - cool ex-admin. ha mim Habeel habib e najjaar - very friendly and helpful. HabibKarimi hadez803 Hadrat Ali haider haider73 haideriam haidernyc haider_leo Haji 2003 Hajj Amir halwahalwa_1.1 hameedeh - very friendly and helpful member. Hamzi Hanan haniyeh Hannibal Hasan110 hasanhh hasani hasen's slave hashmo Hassan kachal Hassan2jz Hassan_S Hassib Hassoon HassoonBazoon hawdini Haydar Husayn hejsansvejsan Hellfire Toothfairy hesham102001 hezbul-ghaaleb hidrali Hijabi Sister hijabidownthestreet Hiz Eminence hkmohamad hossein Hozin HR hubbe_hussein110 husainshahid Husayn Huseyin_Cetin_Turkish_Shia hussainmehdi Hussien hzsafvi I Believe Ibn Abdullah Ibn Taymiyyah IbneSyed IBR4HIM. Ibrahim Rasheed icewizard iDevonian iere IFK igat1969 iislamic Ikiryo ILiveForAllah IloveImamHussain iloveislam786110 IluvAllah - awesome cake pics imaan=faith ImAli ImamAliLover Iman IMAnonymous imconfused Imdad Shah Immy_110 Impenetrable_Defence imranali Imtiaz_Hyder Inayatasad Inception Incognito Inglip inocence Inquisitor inshaAllah iraqia Iraqiah_Shia IraqiShia Irishman Ishraq islaamicvisions Islamic Salvation islamicdaddy islamicsoldier Ismahan007 Ismailite Ithna_Asheri Iubelo Jaane Ya Ali Janaat janali jannahismygoal jasir Java Jawhara JawzofDETH Jay Jebreil Jennah82 JIDF Jihad-Fadak Jihadi JimJam jiz Jondab_Azdi joynal JSAli Jumanah83 JuN@id jund_el_Mahdi kaali_daal kadhim Kaka kalim kaneezeZahra kanez-e-Zahra karan karbalah kareema kayjay Kazim Malik keys2paradise Khadim uz Zahra khakay batool khalf_al_Quaed khoei khoja-sameer khoram kidman kim.tinkerbell kingpomba Kirmani Kismet Kismet110 koko313 komail komaini kaed KS786 ktmnabi Kubra_shah786 La fata illa Ali La'nat Ma Man Laayla Labayk Yahussain labbaikkhamenai Labbayk LadyNadine lalala123 Lashari_pk Last Chance Layla40 layman LeadersTeardrop leariningabouttheshi'a learning22 LebanesePrincess leb_cool Leda Legendary lena0 Lester Leto Liggel Light of Ali lilacfatima Lion of the desert Lion of the Wasteland Lisa_Mafia Livindesert LODHI WARLORD Logic lost89 LostK LostMuslim Love-Of-Islam lover of imam(a.t.f.s) lover of Mola M.N.A. Machjo macisaac MadeehaBatool23 MAFHHZB MAFHJ Mahdavist Mahdi mahdi usman Mahdiyah Mahmud maimuna Maisam Haider Maitham MajiC MAK malang786 malangbaba Malek-e-Ashtar mAlhakim Malik Hassan Malik.Shakur maqnouteh Marbles Martyrdom Maryaam Maryammm Maryam_84 marzooq Mashadi86 Masjid-e-Tulsi masoumeh.sapideh Master Chief master_ier mattbrowne Maula Dha Mallang maula dhi matami Mazloom Mahdi Medina mehdi soldier Mehek Mehvish Merdan MFAHH MGW MHSK2011 MI4 Mi4real Mikael Mikayl Miqdad Zaidi miqdadnaqvi MissShiaMuslim mkazmi Mo. mo87_11014 MoeAlza Moh89 mohalamine MohammadMufti MohammadReza Mohammed-W mohammed120514 Moheb MOHIB E AHLAYBAIT Mohsin-Syed molaayi_from_lahore Mommin Monad montazar.m mouradf Mr. Anteater Mr. Elephant Tusk mufeed MuhammadwuAli muhammad_follower Muhammed Ali muhammed_1428 Muharram muhibb-ali Mujahid mujtabaj Mullah_Habib_uDeen Mumin mun3t Muntaqim Force Muntasir Muntazar Publications murtaza2011 Murteza Musa Mushu Muskaan Muslim Queen Muslim Student muslimah1 - makes sweet sibah's MuslimUnity MuslimyMuslim Mustafa Mutah_King MWO MyHeartYaZahraa myouvial Mystery-* MysticKnight MyZahra MZR786 Naad e Ali nadeali67 Nader Zaveri Nadir Nad_M naheed Najafia. Najafiya Najib Nargela Nasiba Nawab Nazireh7 Naz_ nej888 nemesis networkguy_TO Nevermindnever NHGhauth Nida_e_Zahra Nima Nimra Noah- Nocturne Nokare-Zahra Noor-Alhuda nooranimm noortalpur NormaL_UseR Not_a_Stepford_wife Noura Noureddinez Nouret_Alii ohhcuppycakee omar111 OneNoteSong only1 Orion orthodox1234 osamashoaib oxygen P. Ease p@i@m pakistanyar PAKMAN920 Panzerwaffe Papples Paradise00 Parsaman Password Peace Peace! PeaceLoving pedroali Peer Peli pepsi persianseyed Philip phoenix Photi picard placid Playing-with-fire poison_ivy poiuyt power princevisram Professor Higgins Propaganda_of_the_Deed ProtocolsOfZion ProudAmerican Psychopath Purged Pyarilarki06 Qa'im Qamar Abbas QuestionMark Quisant Quiz Master rabbfatima radisson rahat Raihana rajaa rajput iqbal rashdah Rasul RayanJ real0019 realizm RedWaterCup Renaissance_Man repentance repenter Replicant Replicant's Nemesis Reshad rida zahra Righteous RiseOrDie Rizwan Haider RoAcHy robot9001 Rocke rorolia Rosley Rothchild rotten_coconut Ruh.Mujarad Rumina s.a.b s.fatima sa3sa3ah saba fatima naqvi Sadiq Sadiq M... sadiqwaljee saima.bukhari Saintly_Jinn23 sajjad323 Salaam Salaam2u saladdin_finlandi salman1 sam86 samk5000 sana_abbas sarmad17 satyaban Saviour Sayed AaliShan sayed khalid sultani sayedamir2000 sayedzeeshan sayed_ali Sayf Udeen SayYaAli Sayyed Ali sayyid_abulqasim Schrodinger SD2 seekers14 Seeker_Of_God Seekingtruth14 seema Senora Serenity` serious-sam Servidor Shaan11 Shabbar-E-Shabbir shabberhaider shabbir.hassanally Shabbir_Hussain shabib_jaisi Shaheed shahid123 shahidsoldier786 shahwilayat Shamali shamoun shariati sharib Shay Shehar Bano sheikhspear Sheraz Shervin Shi3i4lyfYouTube Shi4.org shia pride shia-gangsta Shia... shia4life shia4life669 ShiaBen Shiabro ShiaChat Moderator shiaEali ShiaJihadi shialady shian-e- ali ShiaPoet shiasoldier786 ShiaSoldier@2007 shiasoul Shiatullah Shia_Debater shia_warrior92 shia~lady Shieflower shirazahd shoelace ShortOfDeeds Shougun shukranlillah shunni Significance of 12 Silent Waves - hard worker, future doctor InshAllah Simba Simorgh sindis singham siraatoaliyinhaqqun sister in islam siti sj always skinee skjafri skylight2 slave.ofAllah slowly707 smak786110 Smarter Planet SO SOLID SHIA Socrates soldier of mola SoldierOfIslam SoldierofMahdiAS SolidRock Something Given Son Of Adam Son of Placid SoRoUsH south-lebanon southlebanon spearscribs SpIzo Spriglief Stefan stranger in town strawberry Strugling_On Subliminal sukaina_08 Sukayna866 Sulayman of the Heart sunflower9 sunshine Super Cool Samraat suus sweet89 sweetsami Syed Demanding syed786 Syeda Naqvie Syeda Zehraa syeda123 syedabatool Syedazhar syeda_zaidi SyedQasimRaza SyedZ1 syed_hasan_taqvi syed_shia Syed_Zago syko mod Syrian Sister Taalib Shivraj tajammul1784 Tany TarekH tauqeer786x Tayyeb_Jaan tazaabha tefi92 thabish_110 thabo thatguy33 The Exalted One The Lion the millionth hijabi The Persian Shah The Power Of 14 the-truth123 TheAwaitedSaviour thebeast thecontentedself TheHealer thelight83 thenamelessone thulfikar Thurston Tigger Tima Tima93 timeless titumir Toronto110 Trailblazer Transient Trekker Trin Truthseeker786 truthseeking turncoat91 twoblade T_S Úáí ÑÖÇ Ugly Jinn UIE Ulfserker umair24 Umm Fatima Umm Sakina UmmIbrahim2007 UndercoverBrother UNITY ur wellwisher usernamealreadytaken Uwais al-Qarni varun loves ahlulbayt - nice guy velayat2011 Vengeance110 viceroy Vigilare Violently_Happy vsg vze4fd2s w.b. Wahdat Wahhabism4All Waiting for HIM WEST_INDIAN_RUDEGYAL When will you be back? wikipedia Wilayat Eshq WisdomSeeker wisken wonderer worshiper wundermonk www.almujtaba.com xstatik2 y3qub Ya Aba 3abdillah Ya Baqiyatullah (aj) Ya Imam-e-Zamana Adrikni Ya Mahdi Madad ya-ali-maula ya.ali786 yaazahra yafatimaalzahra yahossein YaHujja Yahya2004 yalatif yamolaAlimadad yam_110 YaSahebAZaman YaSeddiqah yazahra313 yazehra786 YA_HUSEYN yellow billed magpie yonus Your-Best-Friend Yousif Yousuf Ahmed yukapuka yurmuslimfriend Yusuf101 Z.M Zahra1 zahra92 Zahraflower Zahra_Islam zaighamhussein Zain zainabia zakiabbas zakzaki zameena Zamzam Zanadine zanyrulez Zarbolmasal Zay zeinab94 zeinabiyya Zenshiite Zulakha Zulfiqar e Ali Zulfiqar14 ZulfiSaifedDinFsblh zzaveri ^_^ _jen_ _JuGNii - #1 spammer ___NAZM___ ~Negar~ ~Ruqaya's Amal~ ~RuQaYaH's BrOtHeR~ ~RuQaYaH~ ßÑíã</hamed>
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