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Found 7 results

  1. According to SaheeH sunni ahadith, Ummul Momineen Ayesha repented later on for what she did (Battle of Camel). Ref: -> Musnaf Ibn Abi Shaibah, h # 38927 Grading: SaheeH according Nasirudeen Albani -> Silsilah Sahiha h #474 What does shia authentic ahadith collection say about this? Besides, it is widely believed in shia community that she was killed by Muawiya. However, authentic sunni ahadith say she died a natural death. What does shia authentic ahadith say about this?
  2. 1) There is literally no evidence that she poisoned him. 2) There is literally no way (save a time machine) to find out whether or not she poisoned him. 3) There are plenty of respectable sources that both Shia and Sunni agree on that show that the prophet loved her and showed her a lot of affection. 4) What purpose does it serve to propagate or start rumors about her without evidence that doesn't exist and is unobtainable? 5) How will this information affect how you practice Islam? If you are Shia you like likely already reject hadiths reported by her, and if you are Sunni you likely accept hadiths reported by her. And if you're trying to decide whether to be shia or sunni based solely off a matter that is unprovable at this point in time, then I think you need to reevaluate. Sorry for not answering your question. My guess would be that I highly doubt it.
  3. Assalam O Alaikum all shia brothers/sisters. This post is dedicated to @Tawheed313 @skamran110 @BornShia @shiaman14 @yam_110 Lets forget about the reason why Imams had named their children as Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman. Whatever may be the reason behind this, its not important. Because its an established fact that Imams actually did that. The most important thing is that being the true lover and follower of Ahlebait you should also name your children as Abu Bakr, umar and Uthman. And I think there is no any big deal in it for a true lover of Ahlebait. Instead of feeling any embarrasment, You should proudly tell your relatives and friends that I have given my son such name out of my love for Ahlebait, as if Ahlebait can give their children these names (Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman & other) then why can't we shias, being their followers. Trust me this will increase your love for Ahlebait more. On the other hand followers of Ahlul Sunnah following the footsteps of Ahlebait not only are giving their children names like Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hassan, Hussain, Abbas, Ammar, Abu zar, Miqdad, Salman, but also they name their children as Abu Bakr, Umar, uthman, as well as Ayesha, Hafsa, Talha, Zubair, Anas, Khalid etc. ALHAMDULILLAH. Ahlul Sunnah is far ahead of you in this regard. Not only, We have accepted the fact but also applied to ourselves. WATCH THESE VIDEOS and refresh your knowledge and Imaan. Follow Ahlebait practically and name your children as they did.
  4. We Shia, have two sources of guidance that our fiqh is based upon:- #1- The Quran - They Quran supersedes EVERYONE and EVERYTHING regardless of whomever it is, simply because its Word of Allah himself and no one can supersede Allah's word. #2- AhleBayt - Prophet Muhammad being the highest authority in hierarchy of AhleBayt by far, for being chosen the last and final Messenger, and then the Imams of his house hold. If any of the imams has been attributed to have said something that contradicts the Quran and/or Prophet Muhammad, that hadith is to be rejected and considered false since Imams will not go against the laws of the Quran or Nabi. Similarly If Nabi is attributed to have said something that contradicts Quran, in that case that hadith is to be considered false and rejected, since - its our belief is that - Nabi would never go against the Quran. Only Quran can not be abrogated by anyone or anything. The case of Umm Ayesha according to Quran and AhleBayt: #1 - The Quran: Allah knew about all the events are to take place in future, he knew Imam Ali and Umm Ayesha are going to go to war with each other in which Imam Ali is going to be on Haq, He knew that Umm Ayesha is going to declare war on Imam Ali due to Caliphs Othman's killing and everything else, he knew what the future is going to bring because he is the creator of that future,and still he commands us "The Prophet is closer to the Believers than their own selves, and his wives are their mothers." (Quran 33:6) - hence Umm Ayesha. #2- AhleBayt : Imam Ali in Nahjul Balagha Sermon #155 clearly mentions "As regards a certain woman, she is in the grip of womanly views, and malice is boiling in her bosom like the furnace of the blacksmith. If she were called upon to deal with others as she is dealing with me she would not have done it. (As for me), even hereafter she will be allowed her original respect, while the reckoning (of her misdeeds) is an obligation on Allah". Source: Nahjul Balagha - Sermon #155 (About the malice by Ayesha and warning the People of Basra about what to occur) In Conclusion: Our Imam, Imam Ali is clearly commanding us that Umm Ayesha is full of hated towards him and mentions that if it was someone else besides Imam Ali himself, she would not act the way she did but then he commands us that she should be given the ORIGINAL RESPECT - which implies treat her like there was not war or hatred among us. Further more he leaves her case to God for his to take care of it. Based on these two, In conclude, we have to show respect towards Umm Ayesha and am interested in your comments on it? Any comments?
  5. With the advent of Muharram, arrives the false propaganda against mourning and weeping over the dead from the so called followers of true Islam. While these Muslims disagree with the Shias on the point of whether to weep or not, let us see whether two of their very revered personalities, Umar and Ayesha had a common view on this issue. It is narrated from Saeed b. Musayyab that Ayesha mourned over her father after his death. When this news reached Umar, he ordered prohibition against it, but Ayesha rejected the caliph’s order. Then Hesham b. Walid was ordered to go to Ayesha and stop her from mourning loudly. As soon as the women acted as per Hesham’s order, they left the house and Umar addressed them saying, ‘Do you intend to chastise Abu Bakr by your weeping? Surely the dead are chastised due to weeping over them.’ (Sahih Tirmizi: tradition 1002) From the above incident it can be concluded that: 1. If the Prophet (s.a.w.a.) had actually prohibited weeping over the dead (as Umar claimed), then by crying, Ayesha disobeyed the Prophet’s (s.a.w.a.) order. 2. It can be argued that she must have been overcome by her emotions, but when Umar ordered her not to weep, she did not obey him thereby disobeying the so-called caliph of Muslims. This makes Ayesha someone who a. did not follow the Prophet’s (s.a.w.a.) tradition b. was overcome by her emotions c. disobeyed the so-called caliph Yet, Bukhari has recorded many traditions from her in his Sahih. So these Muslims must: 1. Stop revering Ayesha for she disobeyed the Prophet (s.a.w.a.) and the so-called caliph 2. Stop revering Bukhari for he has recorded traditions from such a woman as authentic
  6. Salaamu 'Alaykum, During my stay in Najaf al-Ashraf I was given the honor to reside with many 'Ulema and tulaba of the Hawza. One day a wakeel of Hafiz Bashir al-Najafi (HA) and Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi (HA) came to visit me (even though I don't deserve any visitation) and they started discussing with me in regards to Islamic history. For the 'Ulema, it is a source of interest to hear the point of view of American Shi'a Muslims. Moving on we discussed the Battle of Jamal and Ayesha's wrongdoings, when I out of habit said something inappropriate about az-Zubayr. I somewhat cursed him, due to my ignorance. Almost immediately the wakeel rebuked me with an IMMENSELY ANGRY tone that az-Zubayr, although originally on the wrong side, asked Amir al-Mo'mineen for forgiveness and left the battlefield. He, az-Zubayr, was ashamed of his wrong doing thus he attempted to return home to Madina. During his trip back an assassin from the camp of Ayesha deceived him and killed him whilst he was in prayer, thus az-Zubayr died a martyr. When Ameer al-Mo'mineen (A) received the news of this he wept significantly and made much Du'a for his forgiveness. After hearing this narrative from the wakeel I have been troubled by this very much so and I would like to know why do we, Shi'a, not give az-Zubayr similar treatment to Hur ibn Yazid? A general of an army in the midst of an eminent war realizes his mistake, and asks for forgiveness from the Ahlul-Bayt (S), and later is killed on this basis should be honored, but he is not. I look at myself as one who has been blessed with much study in history but even with all what I studied I never had a good impression of az-Zubayr. How can this be? And when I take the name of az-Zubayr in front of our Shi'a brothers, even learned ones, they tend to ridicule him. Why is this so? -Agha Shabbir Abbas
  7. Dear reader..please note this article may contain some mistakes..please help me to change them before its being published.. many thanks When ‘Ayesha went to Al-Jamal (The Camel) War, was she a reformer? a corrupter? or aggressor? By Sheikh Hasan Alsheimari Alhaeri Al-Jamal was a war which torn the Muslims unity a part, and separated them into groups. Also, It made a big damage in the Islamic society. If you are wondering about the reasons behind the war, you will only find, grudges and prejudices which were spread as a disease between people. They turned on a fire which burned everything, and opened the doors to seditions which is still remaining open until now. Until this moment of writing these words there is no reasons can be found but those who believe that ‘Ayesha went to the war for reformation! But what is the reformation? And where is it? You will never get an answer. Then you should ask why Alzubair b. Al’awam, and Talha b. Ubaidullah went to war against the commander of the faithful AS in spite they pledged allegiance to him earlier? Whilst Messenger of Allah SAWA said,” he who is out of obedience- obeying his commander- , and was discriminated from the group (the nation), then if he died he will die as ignorance (Jaheli)- infidels before Islam-.” (Review: Almajmo’, by Mohi Aldein: V19, Page 190/ Rawdat Altalbien by Mohi Aldein Alnawawi: V7, Page 271/ Mogni-Almotaj by Mohamed b. Ahmed Asharbeni: V4, Page 124) and you won’t find an answer… Therefore those who giving reasons to the raising of ‘Ayesha should put the following notes in their heads: 1. They putted people above the law, which is an insult to the law, and blatant violation. It is a general concept in the upscale communities that no one is above the law, and has autarchy. Also, if we founded people who are above the law then this is a insubstantial law. Then no one will fear the law, it will have no authority, and it will be like a game controlled by the beneficiaries, as Umayyad, and the Abbasids. 2. if they Talk about reforming, then what did ‘Ayesha, al-Zubair, and Talha gain from the war of Jamal to allow us to say “ they raised for reforming”? and what type of reforming was it while the Islamic society was divided into groups, lost its unity, and they allowed a disease to be spread in the Islamic nation which we still suffering from, although the persistent attempts of commander of the faithful AS to fix it. The Almighty said, “Surely they who divided their religion into parts and became sects, you have no concern with them; their affair is only with Allah, then He will inform them of what they did. (6:159)” 3. the bloods which were shaded, they were precious. And they were supposed to be shaded for the sake of religion, and righteousness, and not being shaded for narrow interests and despotic desires. It was Haram (forbidden) and the law cannot allow it. 4. a military action is the last solution as known in the political regimes and international law. Before the military action there supposed to be dialogues, and visits, aiming to find a suitable atmosphere to resolve the crisis. If they failed then they work on a military solution. It is known that dialogues and negotiations always lead to results e.g. Convergence of views, while the military action makes a gap between the parties and make a barrier between them, and they may never meet again. That is what happened in al-Jammal. 5. One important question: who gave the fatwa (advisory opinion) of the raising of wives of the prophet SAWA? Thus there is no fatwa or a tradition which allows the raising of women, especially the women of the prophet SAWA. Allah the almighty SWT ordered them to stay home in a clear verse. The Almighty said, “And stay in your houses and do not display your finery like the displaying of the ignorance of yore; (33:33)” the verse is clear when it stated (stay), which means not to go out, especially that the wives of the prophet SAWA are in the place of role models of Muslim women. Naming the wives of the prophet with (Umahat almomenen) the mothers of the faithful was for their high statues, and any raising and disobedience from them will be recognized as major sin and dangerous. ‘Ayesha was the one behind the instigation to kill Osman, then why she raised to avenge him? If you want to avenge for assault Osman , then ‘Ayesha was the one who rouse against Osman b. Affan. She was going around markets and raises the shirt of Messenger of Allah and says, ”here is the shirt of Messenger of Allah did not get old yet, but Osman recognizes his-the messenger- laws as the old laws” (Review: Sharh Nahjul-balagha by ibn Abulhaded Almu’tazeli: V20, Page 22/ Aljamal by Almofeed: Page 228/ Alnasaeh Alkafeia by Mohamed b. Aqeel: Page 173) Altabari also stated that ‘Ayesha said, "Kill this old fool (Na'thal), for he is unbeliever." (Review: Tareekh Altabari by Altabari: V3, Page 477/ Alkamel fe Altarekh by ibn Alatheer: V3, Page 207/ Ketab Alfotoh by Ahmed b. A’3tham: V2, Page 421) Also Tareekh Altabari stated the following: “ When she arrived to (Serf) on her return, Abdullah b. Um Kelab met her- He is Abd b. Abu Slamah, his lineage goes back to his mother-, she said to him, “ What’s the news? “ he said, “ They have killed Osman, and they remained eight!.” Then she said,” Then what did they do after?”. He said,” The people of Medina assembled together ,and they did well, they voted unanimously to Ali b. Abu Taleb.” she said,” By Allah I wish this sky collapse on earth, if this was real to you friend-Ali-. Take me back!, Take me back!, “ Then she left to Medina saying, “ By Allah, Osman was killed oppressed, By Allah I will avenge him” he said to her,” Why?! By Allah you are the first deviant, and you used to say ” Kill Na’thal! He is a blaspheme” she said,” They repented him then killed him. And I said and they said, and my last saying is better than the first one!” then he said (recited a poem),” The start was from you , and from you the clouds, From you the winds, from you the rain, You ordered us to kill the imam, And you said to us he is a blaspheme, Here we followed your orders to kill him, And his killer who gave the order between us, The roof did not collapse on us , nor the son eclipse, nor the moon, people pledged allegiance to Tha-tadar (Ali) he is the great fighter, and the man of wars, and the one who is faithful is not like the treacherous” Messenger of Allah warning ‘Ayesha from going out, and his prediction became real Messenger of Allah warned her from sedition, and from going out after he explained to her what will happen in details. He SAWA said, "I wonder which one of you will be the instigator of the Camel Affair, at whom the dogs of Hawab will bark, and she will be the one who has deviated from the straight path. As to you Humayra (i.e., ‘Ayesha), I have warned you in that regard." (Review: Fateh Albari by ibn Hajar: V13, Page 711/ Mosnad ibn Rahweih by Izhaq b. Rahweih: V2, Page 32/ Aleste’ab by ibn Abdulbar: V4, Page 1885/ Sharh Nahjul-balagha by ibn Abulhaded Almu’tazeli:V9, Page 311/ Seiar A’lam ALnobala by ibn Aldahabi: V2, Page 198) Ibn Abbas narrates that Messenger of Allah said to his wives: Who amongst shall be the rider of the camel who when marching, shall have the dogs of Hawab bark at her? Thereafter many people shall be killed on her left and right sides, she would subsequently survive after which she will be made to feel guilty’. In Tareikh Altabari the following event was recorded, Alzohari said, “Then ‘Ayesha heard dogs barking . She said,” What is the name of this water area?” They replied, “Hawab” she said, “We belong to Allah, and to him we return” she exclaimed. “I am she. I heard Messenger of God say in the presence of his wives ‘ I wish I knew at which of you the dogs of al-Hawab will bark!’” Sunni scholars blaming ‘Ayesha, Talha, and Zubair for blood shading of Muslims on the war They did a disastrous damage in Islam existence since the early days until present day. They did a big wound and left it bleeding, and they knew this wound will be the reason behind other wounds. Therefore many scholars from the Sunni doctrine bargained to blame ‘Ayesha, Talha, Zubair and Marwan b. Alhakam for what happened in Aljamal. Abdu-qaher Aljurjani said in (Ketab Alimamah),” the jurists of Hejaz (Arabian Peninsula) and Iraq among those who follow the school of hadith and Alrai-opinion-e.g. Malik, Alshafe’e, Abu Hanifa, Alawza’e, and the majority of Muslims. All of them agreed on that Ali AS was rightful when he fought against people of Seffein, as he was rightful with people of Jammal. And those who fought him were aggressors and oppressors” (Review: Faiz Alqader, sharh aljame’ Alsageer by Almenawi: V6, Page 474) An odd shocking notice! It is surprising to see a group of people who still standing up for to ‘Ayesha, Talha, and Zubair and finding reasons for shading the blood of thousands of Muslims. They assume that the reasons behind this corruption were goodness and reformation. Other people likes to give them the statues of jurisprudents, whom being rewarded for shading the blood of Muslims. While they turn severely against us, and fight us crawly, when it comes to Imam Hussain’s AS revolution and his raising against the tyranny of Yazeid b. Moaweiah. We could see them announcing on public that Imam Hussain raising against Yazeid was a mistake. They claim that corruptions happened because Imam Hussain AS raised and fought against the hard headed tyrant Yazeid. What kind of standards that makes ‘Ayesha and killing thousands of Muslims a reforming, and a conscientiousness, while Imam Hussain AS raising is being a corruption and depravity! (Certainly you have made an abominable assertion, The heavens may almost be rent thereat, and the earth cleave asunder, and the mountains fall down in pieces,). All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace be up on Mohammed and his progeny, the kind, and the pure.
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