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Found 7 results

  1. This quote is usually attributed to Imam Ali (عليه السلام). But is it really his (عليه السلام) quote? Plato: Members are requested to discuss whether this is misattribution or authentic.
  2. These are the narrations I have found: “The Almighty Allah has sent me as a mercy to the worlds, to guide the people. And He ordered me to eradicate the playing of flute and other instruments of music, all games of vice, idol (worship) and all practices of the days of ignorance.” (Mustadrak ul-Wasa’il, Chapter 79) “A person who possesses a sitar, on the day of Qiyāma will be raised with a black face. His hands will be holding a sitar of fire. Seventy thousand angels with maces of fire will be hitting him on the face and the head. The singer will arise from his grave, blind, deaf and dumb. The adulterer will be similarly raised. The player of flute will also be made to rise in this way as will be the drum player." (Mustadrak ul-Wasa’il) I want to know who narrated from the Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم))? Even the first transmitter is fine. Thank you very much!
  3. Salam everyone, I hope you're all having a wonderful day. I was just wondering from which hadith collections I can find the following narration attributed to Imam Ali (as)? All of your responses are greatly appreciated
  4. Salam all, The question I am going to ask today might be offensive to some.... But I consider it good to ask the questions that pop up in mind and deviate you from religion... So brothers the question is that 1. How is Quran authentic ?? As all of us know that Quran wasn't compiled in the lifetime of Muhammad (SAW) instead it was compiled in reign of Abubakr... So what's the proof for authenticity of Quran? As far as I think....the human mind is not capable of learning the exact same words for years..Moreover if some people knew the exact same words what is the surity that all of them were right? 2. How are the ahadith authentic? Hadittoo warent compiled at Muhammad's(Saw) time... They were compiled by ta'ab e tabain so what it the proof of them being authentic and the proof that the exact same words of prophet were passed on generation to generation ... the questions seem valid.. Don't they? I will be thankful to anyone who would like to contribute in the answers section...
  5. (salam) There is a question that is looming over my head for quite some time. :wacko: Now, with regards to verifying a hadith's authenticity, what is the process in which I, as a layman, can know the grading of the hadith (i.e. sahih, da'eef, etc.). Apart from consulting a scholar, is checking the reliability of transmitters and, perhaps, pondering on the "mitn" (content) of the hadith, the only way to verifying what a hadith's grading is? I suspect there is a book where hadith numbers from certain books are listed side by side with the grading of the respective hadith, although I could be in error. Could anyone pave the way for me. Thanks. (wasalam)
  6. Salaam Are there any modern books etc – by shias - that authentic or weaken shia narrations objectively? I know of the various blogs online which attempt to cast a critical eye over popular Imami narrations (eg Nader’s blog) or just authenticate narrations to further the Imami beliefs, whether popularly known or not (RT, IS) or “remove political correctness” but are there any mainstream works that deal with this objectively? I have found that sunni scholars are more likely to be critical of narrations, and by that I mean that at least internally there is ongoing process that reviews authenticity of hadiths regardless of who said it (ie the sahabi) or what it relates to. This also includes narrations which are popular amongst sunnis but haven’t necessarily been authenticated. For example, a oft quoted hadith is “My companions are like the stars in the sky,whichever one you follow you shall be guided.” It has been related by Ibn Hazm in Ihkaam who said a liar was found in the Isnaad called Salam Ibn Sulayman. According to http://en.islamtoday.net/node/1774 Al-Albani also considered it to be fabricated. Now, obviously some sunnis use it in praise of the Sahaba and shias use it to point out that it doesn’t make sense when one considers the differing views amongst the Sahaba. But the point is that sunni scholars and sunnis don’t blindly accept narrations. G.F. Haddad has also written an article looking at other chains and why they are also weak [we can get to the sahihain later]. Point being that no matter how well known or used, or whether it supports the official sunni position, sunni scholars will not necessarily shy away from analysing it and weakening it if needed. On the other hand, at least in this day and age, there seems to be quite a liberal attitude to accepting narrations by shias. A general rule of thumb (noting that ilm e rijal is frowned upon by some…) appears to that if it promotes Imami beliefs is in praise of the Imams or describes a miracle by them etc criticizes the Sahaba then it’s accepted as authentic, even if there’s a liar, exaggerator or whatever in the chain or even if the matn doesn’t necessarily make sense. But this doesn’t actually make a narration authentic, no matter how much a person wishes it to be. Some scholars (or scholar) have rejected a narration which states that “Umar is the light of Islam in this world…” even though it’s in praise of him, but can you imagine the furore on Shiachat lol if a hadith in praise of Ali (as) was rejected? I can hear the cries of outraged shias shouting “Wahhabi” and “salafi“. I still remember the challenge that Nader met when weaking some commonly known and used narrations. Anyway, aside from the blogs, what other things are out there that have this kind of information? I’m taking the view that there’s actually stuff out there but I’m ignorant of their existence hence me asking here.
  7. Asalaamu alaikum. When one reads traditions of our Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.), the traditions come from sources that are considered to be "reliable" and "authentic". This leads me to ask, what makes a source reliable or not? For example, traditions from Al-Kafi are considered to be authentic to our Shia sect, and Bukhari and Muslim are not. Why is this, and what is the reasoning for it? Thank you.
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