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Found 13 results

  1. Salam Alaikum, As a Muslim living in Canada I found it very hard to purchase good looking Shia rings. So I decided to start an online store myself www.TwelveGems.com. I made sure that the rings followed the traditions of the Prophet (saws) and the Imams (as). Some our gemstones include: Yemeni Aqeeq, Fairouz, and Hadid Sini. If anyone has any questions about Twelve Gems or about muslim rings in general, I'd be more than happy to answer them to the best of my.
  2. I'm wearing a zard aqeeq and a taveez is written on its back side. One day i was going for an interview and i was pretty much tensed, during that moment the aqeeq started to turn black. What's the reason? Is it a good sign or a bad one?
  3. Syed_Shahzad

    How to wear rings

    Assalam O Alikum brothers and sisters reading this. Ramzan Mubarak to you all! I have 3 stones. Aqeeq, Hirz-e-Jawad and Neelum (Blue Sapphire) on silver rings. I need to know the proper procedure how to wear these rings, which finger and hand, and the aamaal or procedure before wearing these rings. What namaz to offer, what dua to read and if all these rings can be worn together and if they are good combinations or not. Can anyone of you please let know the answers according to Shia teachings? Thank you! Regards, Shahzad
  4. Salaam, can someone let me know where I can order customized authentic gemstone rings online or someone who has such a business? I live in the USA. Thank you in advance
  5. Gibran Mir

    Gem stones

    Hi, I would like to know how do i determine which kind of gemstone is the best for me. Which kind of aqeeq..? There are so many different colours and weights.! Red, orange, brown, blue, black, yellow.?? Does it depend on my D.O.B.!? Which btw is 8th-Feb-1990.
  6. Andreas Core

    Aqeeq Real or fake?

    Assalumu alaykum. do you guys know if this ring is real( or fake) and will give the benefits of the aqeeq? http://www.shiashopping.com/shop/aqeeq-ring-challa/ Or Shall I let one I know buy from Mashad? hope you can help.
  7. Ron_Burgundy

    Gemstones and Faith

    I have read many hadith about wearing rings such as (Aqeeq and feerzoa etc.etc.) but what about turning an aqeeq toward you while making dua and many people say stone has to touch your skin or it won't have any effects.
  8. I have rose quartz, blue sapphire, moonstone, and garnet. Do any of these have any benefits in Islam? I can only find things about agate, jade, etc.
  9. 10% off at Aqeeq Freeq Islamic Rings with discount code THANKSABUNCH Visit www.aqeeqfreeq.com to order
  10. Assalam O Alikum, Ya Ali madad I am a new user, and i have few questions regarding gemstones. I have recently got some stones from Pakistan. And 1 red aqeeq from Iran or Iraq (not sure) Aqeeq (red/browni Aqeeq (black) Feroza Yakoot I am not quite sure if they are 100% real. 1st question: Can someone please tell me a way to check if they are real? and how to identify real gemstones? 2nd question: Where can i buy real hadid chini and durr e najaf? 3rd question: Is it possible to buy real stones on internet? and is it possible to get these kind of gemstones in Europe? I would be thankful for your help, and I look forward to your reply JazakAllah
  11. islamicrose21

    Gold Aqeeq Ring?

    I am a woman and I would like to start wearing a yemeni aqeeq ring. Though, all my jewelry is yellow gold, and all the ones I find online are silver. Is it okay for me to custom-make an aqeeq ring in gold or should it be made of silver, even for women? Jazakallah khairan for your answers! (wasalam)
  12. (bismillah) (salam) I recently got a Yemeni aqeeq ring from Saudi Arabia. When I take a look at the back of the stone, it has 2 colours to it, the right side is a light brown, whereas the left side is a dark brown, but the top of the stone is the same colour. I was told by relatives not to wear it as ring stones should be one colour only. Its a really nice ring and I want to wear it as it has blessed on the 4 corners of Ka'baah and Rasoolallah's (as) grave. I am in doubt as to weather I should wear it or not. Can someone help? (salam)
  13. ireallywannaknow

    Jewelry With Allah's Name

    (salam) I was recently given an aqeeq ring and on the outside of the stone is Allah's (swt) and the Ahlulbayt's (as) names. Can I wear this ring without wudhu? Can I take it into the bathroom? Similarly, my brother was given a metal bracelet type thing with Ayatul Kursi engraved on the outside of it... Thanks!
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