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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 3 results

  1. Just saw this recently and i would definitely recommend everyone to watch is aswell. Extremely informative especially since it segregates the signs in time periods. A good eye opener.
  2. Assalamu Alaykum I'd like to discuss the appearance of the Mahdi; but at the same time I'll try to keep it simple. I am sure you are all familiar with the hadith which says: سيملاء الارض عدلا و قصطا كما ملئت ضلما و جورة (He will fill the world with good just like it was filled with evil) Excuse my Arabic, I'm pretty sure I spelt something wrong.. And then we have another hadith which I've forgotten verbatim, but it was about the Sufyani, Khorasani and Yamani. Now my question is, if the Mahdi appears when there are two armies by his side opposing only one; isn't that time brighter than the time he had to go into "ghaybah" to survive from the people? Wassalam
  3. (bismillah) All praise is due to Allah (SWT), Lord of the Worlds and master of creation, Thee alone do we worship and thine aid we seek. Allah is the one and only true deity, neither begets (through desire), nor is begotten (through need). Blessings be on his choicest servant Muhammad (pbuh), His prophet, a mercy unto the worlds and his blessed and pure itrat'AhlulBayt (as). Blessings be upon all His prophets (as), servants, believers, muslims, and his angels (as) whom tirelessly serve Him. Amma ba'ad, (salam) Dear Brothers & Sisters, Muharram is here and perhaps we can do something a little different this year, Let us take advantage of the great technology we've been blessed with and use it to a desired end: Let's write / post letters to the Imaam of our time Al-Mahdi (as) to show him that we (his so-called shi'a and even sunnis if they want to participate) are comitted to serving his cause and ask him to return during this Muharram! Show your sincerity SINCERITY ! And write a heart felt letter / post to the Imaam (as) explaining our situation or just your honest best wishes for his coming. Affirm your readiness to serve his cause and pray for Allah (SWT) to keep him safe at all times. Now if you are not comfortable sharing your post here, as can be expected with truly sincere and heartfelt endeavours, feel free to write the letter at home and keep it safe as an oath and a show to your Imaam (as) of your willingness to do all that is in your power to fulfill your duties to God's representatives. Let us try to get ALL of us whom claim to be his shi'a here and at home to write / post / supplicate for his coming. Indeed let us not write with full pens and empty souls like the letters of invitation to Imaam Husayn (as); nay let us prove to Allah alone that we are the true, spoken-about and blessed generation of shi'as of His representatives (as); better may have come before us, but may we by His grace be the ones that have the honour, prestige and privelage to be in the ranks of the foremost of the age Abul-Qasim Muhammad Al-Mahdi (as) May Allah hasten his reappearance. ...Begin when you are ready...
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