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  1. Prophet’s Answers In Conformity To What Was Revealed In The Holy Scriptures Before Him Surprising Facts Prophet's Answers That The Earth Rejects An Apostate Imam Ahmad Relates That Anas Ibn Malik ((رضي الله عنه).) Said: There Was A Man Amongst Us From The Clan Of Al-Najar Who Used To Be The Prophet’s (P.B.U.H.) Writer. He Then Ceased To Be A Muslim, And As A Result He Fled. As He Was Fleeing, He Met With Some Jews Who Recognized Him And Said: This Is The Man Who Used To Write For Muhammad. They Later Killed Him And Buried Him. The Earth Did Not Accept Him, So With Time It Ejected Him, They Reburied Him And He Was Ejected Again While His Face Had Already Started Decomposing. They Had No Choice But To Abandon Him (Musnad Imam Ahmad Vol. 3 Pg. 272) Questions That The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Was Asked And To Which He Answered In Conformity To What Was Revealed In The Holy Scriptures Before Him 1 Holy Prophet's Answers About The Soul, Dhul Qarnain And The Companions Of The Cave Muhammad Ibn Ishaq Relates That Ibn Abbas ((رضي الله عنه).) Said: The Quraish Sent Ibn Harith And U ’Qba Ibn Abu Mu’ti’ To The Jewish Rabbis In Medina To Inquire About The Authenticity Of Muhammad’s Prophethood Because They Knew More About Prophets Than They Did. The Jews Told Them To Ask The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Three Questions: (1) Ask Him, What Happened To The Young Men Who Disappeared During The First Centuries? (2) Ask Him, About The Story Of The Man Who Traveled East And West Of The Earth? (3) Ask Him About The Soul? If He Answered These Questions, Follow Him For He Is A True Prophet. Then The Two Returned To Mecca And Informed The Quraish Of Their Findings. Henceforth, They Went To The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) And Asked Him The Questions. He (P.B.U.H.) Told Them That He Will Answer Them The Following Day (Forgetting To Say Insha Allah), Hoping For A Revelation (Wahi). Fifteen Days Passed Without Any Revelation. People Said: Muhammad Promised Us Tomorrow And It Is Now Fifteen Days, He Has Not Said A Word About What He Was Asked. The Prophet Was Perturbed By The Word Going Around Mecca. Finally, Jibril Came And Revealed To Him Suratul Kahf (Chapter Of The Cave), In Which Were Verses That Answered Their First Two Questions. Allah The Exalted Says: “And They Ask You (O Muhammad) About The Ruh (The Soul); Say: ‘The Ruh (The Soul) Is One Of The Things, The Knowledge Of Which Is Only With My Lord. And Of Knowledge, You, (Mankind) Have Been Given Only A Little ”(Suratul Al-Isra 85) We Have Talked About This Lengthily In The Book Of Tafseer (Tafseer Ibn Kathir), Anyone Who Wants More Details Can Refer To It. Allah The Exalted Also Revealed: “Do You Think That The People Of The Cave And The Inscription (The News Or The Names Of The People Of The Cave) Were A Wonder Among Our Signs….And Never Say Of Anything, ‘I Shall Do Such And Such Thing Tomorrow.(Suratul Kahf 9-23) Then, Allah Also Mentioned The Story Of Musa And Al-Khidhir Then Dhul Qamain. Allah The Exalted Says: “And They Ask You About Dhul-Qamain Say: T Shall Recite To You Something Of His Story’ ”(Suratul Kahf 83) The Almighty In The Above Verse And The Ones That Follow, Explained And Told His Story. What The Quraish Asked The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Are Happenings That Conform With The Stories Found In The Books Of Ahl Al-Kitab (People Of Book), Such Are Among The Little Truth Found In Them. Nonetheless, What Has Been Distorted And Changed Is Unacceptable Because The Lord Has Sent Down Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) Truthfully And Revealed A Book To Him Which Expounds To The People The Controversies In Reports And Judgements. 2 Prophet’s Answers To The Questions Of The Jewish Rabbis Concerning The Hereafter. Imam Al-Bukhari Relates That Abdullah Ibn Salaam Came To Medina And Went To The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) And Said: I Will Ask You Three Questions To Which Only A Prophet Can Answer. He Said: (1) What Is The First Sign Of The Day Of Judgement? (2) Which Is The First Food That The People Of Paradise Will Eat? (3) What Makes A Child Resemble His Father? And What Makes A Child Resemble His Maternal Uncles? The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Said, “The First Sign Of The Day Of Judgement Is A Fire That Will Force People To Move From The East To The West And The First Food In Paradise Is Whale’s Liver And Regarding Similarity Of The Child, If The Man Ejaculates First, Then The Child Will Resemble His Father And If The Wife Ejaculates First Then The Child Will Resemble Her. Abdallah Said: I Bear Witness That You Are A Messenger Of Allah. Abdallah Then Informed The Prophet That If The Jews Knew About His Conversion Then They Would Speak Ill Of Him To The Prophet (P.B.U.H.), As They Were A Perversive People. The Jews Came To The Prophet (P.B.U.H.), And Abdallah Went Inside The House. The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Then Asked Them About Abdallah Ibn Salaam And They Said: Our Scholar And A Son Of Our Scholar. Our Rabbi And Son Of Our Rabbi. Then The Prophet Asked Them, “What If Abdallah Converted To Islam?” They Said: May Allah Distance Him From That. At That Instant, Abdallah Came Out To Them And Said: I Bear Witness That There Is None Worth To Be Worshipped But Allah And Muhammad Is His Messenger. They Said: He Is An Evil One And Son Of An Evil In Another Version, Imam Muslim Narrated That Thubaan, A Servant Of The Messenger Of Allah Said: I Was Asleep In The Prophet’s (P.B.U.H.) House, When A Jewish Scholar Came And Said: Assalam Alaika O Muhammad. I Pushed Him And He Asked Me: Why Do You Push Me? I Asked Him: Why Do You Not Say, O Messenger Of Allah? The Jewish Scholar Replied Saying: I Call Him By The Name His People Call Him. Then The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Answered And Said: “My Name Is Muhammad By Which My People Call Me”. The Jew Said: I Have Come To Ask You Questions. The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Said: “Is It Going To Benefit You If I Answer You?” He Replied And Said: I Will Listen And Put What You Say Into Consideration. The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Said: “Ask”. The Jew Asked: Where People Are Going To Be The Day The Earth Will Changed To Another Earth And Sky? The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Said: “The People Will Be In Darkness Before The Bridge (Sirat) He Then Asked: Who Will Be The First People To Cross? He (P.B.U.H.) Said “The Emigrants(Muhajireen) Who Were Poor” The Jew Then Asked: What They Wibe Served On Entering Paradise? The Prophet (P.B.U.H.)Said: “The Outermost Part Of A Whale’s Liver”. The Jew Asked: What Meal Would They Be Served With For The Day. He (P.B.U.H.) Said: “A Bull From Paradise, Which They Will Eat From Its Sides”. The Jew Asked: What Will Be Their Drink? He (P.B.U.H.) Said: “From A Spring Called Salsabil. The Jew Then Said: You Spoke The Truth And I Have Come To Ask You About Something That Is Not Known By Any Among The People On Earth Except A Prophet Or One Or Two People. The Prophet Then Asked Him, “Is It Going To Benefit You If I Answered You?” He Said: I Hear With My Ears, I Have Come To Ask You About A Child. The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Said, “A Man’s Sperm Is White And A Woman’s Sperm Is Yellow, If They Meet And The Man’s Sperm Is Faster Then The Woman’s Then The Child Will Be A Boy By Allah’s Will And If The Woman’s Sperm Is Faster Then The Man’s Then The Child Will Be A Girl By Allah’s Will”. The Jew Said: I Do Believe That You Are A Prophet (P.B.U.H.), Then He Went
  2. Salam alaikum,So me and my sister have been doing the advent since December(we didn't do the first day),we basically just give gifts to us,we are not doing the candle thing and we are not praising Jesus or something.We are Muslims too.Please tell me,if it's Haram to do that,please!
  3. Salam Alaykoum, I have some weird superstitions and I am not sure if it is because of ADHD or other reason. Can someone help me? I will put my question all the way at the bottom. I am left footed so before a soccer game or before anything I have to enter with my left foot, I have to wear the shoes starting with my left foot, shorts left foot first, shirt left hand first, etc. I also like to do everything on odd numbers so like how many times I say Bismillah when entering the field has to be either 1,3,5,7,etc, if I don't I feel weird and it makes me thing that I will play bad, even when using the restroom I have to use odd numbers of toilet papers. Even when playing in the field I try to avoid stepping on the lines it makes me feel weird. If something good happened to me or if I had a good soccer game then the next day or next game day I would do everything I did the that certain day, like what I eat, drink, how I step in the field, how I stretch, etc. There is also many things similar to this that I do but it will take a long time to mention all. What do you guys think the cause of this is? How does this effect me? Does it really have an impact on my life? How can I stop these superstitions?
  4. Are Wigs/Toupee/Extension made of human hair halal or not? the reference of the respective ruling will be appreciated. JazakALLAH
  5. We are born in shia family so we are shia and know shia r on right path..if we were born in sunni family we would consider sunni sect right....isnt it ??? ..i want to be a shia with unshakable belief...so help me ...so i can say i am not shia coz i inherited it but coz i see the truth
  6. Salaam, So, i have a (university) teacher who is very persuasive in his discussions. Below are some of his points which need to be addressed. 1. There are references about praying solely to Allah by making ibadat pure for Him. Yet, there are other routes taken to try and be close to Him. Here the teacher refers to ayaats of Surah Zumar. 2. On many places in the Quran, it has been mentioned that Allah has made the book very easy to understand... Then why are we told that we have to look into ahadith for finding meaning of what is being said in the Quran. 3. In the Quran it is mentioned that don't make mushriqeen your friends as they will never accept us as their friends. Yet today we see many efforts within the shia community towards interfaith harmony etc. Although, it is understandable that one should respect other religions, however, making the move towards them to be friends with them ? Please note that answers to the above points are to be given through references from the Holy Quran only. Thanks!
  7. Salam Alaykom dear brothers and sisters! I'm in a very dark place in my life and I really need my duas to be answered, how do I make my chances bigger of getting my duas answered? Please help me!
  8. Salam everyone, I made a blog with the intention to "answer" the common criticisms of Islam by Islamophobes using evidence, rationality, and references. It has answers to the following questions so far: Does Islam promote violence towards peaceful non-Muslims?Are there verses in the Quran that allow violence towards peaceful non-Muslims?Was Islam spread by the sword?What's the Jizya?Does Islam say all non-Muslims will go to hell?What's the penalty for apostasy in Islam?Is Islam misogynistic?Does Islam promote domestic violence?Does Islam allow pedophilia? I provided evidence for my answers using evidence from Quran and hadiths. If you have any further evidences (hadiths/Quran/statistics/science) that may be helpful in answering such questions, or other common questions that should be addressed, please tell me! Any feedback would be much appreciated! I hope this blog is helpful to anyone defending Islam against common criticisms and accusations. Please feel free to use any content in it.
  9. The Famous sites which dumbs Nasibi propaganda and lies and put the Zulfiqqar on the neck of Nasibis answering-ansar.org is now shiapen.com the domain named changed. Hope they will bring much more missiles to Nasibis with their new edition.
  10. Hi, I know that some might find the topic of this post stupid but I really need some advice and I really didnt know where else to turn. I fully understand the concept of you have to pray to Allah to answer your prayers and he will do it when he deems it fit, and he wont answer them if they will make my life worse. But there is something that i have been asking for for 5 years now, and i believe i am a fairly good muslim, i have not missed a single namaz in 2 years, i dont really lie, i attend my masjid very frequently, participate in muharram and everything, but it has been 2 years and this dire wish of mine still has not come true. Literally i pray to Allah to make this one wish come true in EVERY SINGLE namaz, dua, ziaraat, fateha and everything i read, but it still has not happened. and my wish is not something haraam, it will not harm anyone else, it will not make my life worse (as far as i can tell, because trust me ive thought this through) and if anything it will make my life better and the thing i wish to change actually makes my life worse. i am beginning to falter in my faith, i feel as if Allah knows i am in pain and how i wish for this little thing but he still has not answered my prayers. i feel abandoned but i do not want to lose faith. Is there anything you guys know that is some special dua/namaz/hadith or anything that you do when you are in a state of emergency because honestly i dont think i can wait much longer. Thank you.
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