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Found 14 results

  1. Labbaik Ya Husain! I was going through Surah Al Baqarah and came upon the creation of Adam (عليه السلام). [2.30] Can explain how the Angels knew creation of Adam would lead to corruption and bloodshed if the only source of Evil was Iblis, who hadn't turned evil yet and was residing with the Angels in the Heavens. Maybe I have the chronology wrong. I wait for some guidance in this matter.
  2. Are we allowed to do Tawassul to Angels? Is that even possible. I know that a lot of "spiritual" people in the west call upon Archangels like Michael (Mikail) and Gabriel (Jibril) and so on and so on. Can we do this in Islam too? Can we ask for help from Angels with the permission of Allah (bi idhni Allah)? Only serious answers please. Thank you.
  3. I was wondering what happens at midnight because there are so many things that refer to midnight they say people get more creative after midnight we have the midnight prayer and some more things I can't think of off the top of my head. Is there any Qur'an or hadith of Ahlul Bayt that talk about what happens at midnight?
  4. The question is clear I think, and does not require further explanation. @Ali_Hussain, @313 Seeker, @yaAllahmadad, @S.M.H.A.
  5. My question is what are the names of the special Angels associated with the Prophets (As) and what were/are their specific roles. ‏ ‏جزاك الله خير
  6. The story of that Angel (which in some narrations is named ‘Fotros’) runs contrary to a number of Ayaat of the Quran: 1. Ayah 6 Surah 66 confirms that Angels do not disobey Allah. 2. Ayah 164 Surah 37 confirms that each Angel has a set position and status. Thus no ascension or fall of status is applicable to them. Therefore, the late Allamah Tabatabei considered such narrations odd and ambiguous and hence not suitable to be relied upon. If one insists on holding on to those narrations, I would say that Fotros may be a Jiin – not an Angel – and it is possible that he may have been referred to as an Angel due to his spirituality, which he then lost due to sinning, similar to what we read in Surat al-Baqarah about Iblis (Satan), such that he was a Jinn who was elevated to the rank of the Angels. As for the wings of Angels, the Almighty God in the beginning of Surah 35 states that “He made Angels messengers with wings, two or three or four, He increases in creation what He wills” 1. Angels are not physical beings to need physical hands or wings. 2. The above Ayah confirms the number of their wings ‘2, 3, or 4’. Note that all birds or insects who have wings have wings in pairs, whether 2, 4, or more. In the above Ayah the Almighty God confirms the existence of 3 wings for (some) Angels! Furthermore, the rest of the Ayah implies that some Angels may have more wings. According to some narrations there is an Angel called ‘Hezqaaeel’ (حزقائیل) who has 18,000 wings, and the distance between each wing is 500 years! There are other angels with 600,000 wings! All the aforementioned points help to prove that the wings of Angels are not of the type that we understand i.e. they are not physical. 3. We propose that the term ‘wings’ – as used for Angels – refers to their spiritual status and different abilities for ascension and descent. Thus, the number of their wings determines their ranks. 4. Therefore, the term is used for them metaphorically, with reference to their different abilities and statuses. 5. A similar usage is found in our traditions for Ja’far, the cousin of the Prophet (s) who was martyred in the battle of Mo’tah. The Prophet (s) said: “In lieu of his lost arms, the Almighty God granted him two wings to fly in Paradise wherever he wishes.” In addition, there is a Hadith from Imam Baqir (a.s) that God has created for Surah al-Tawhid 100 wings of Noor! http://islamportal.net/ askthesheikh.com
  7. From what I have read Islam does not believe that Satan is an angel. As in Islam, an angel does not have free will. In the Ethiopian Orthodox bible their is a book called Enoch 1. Their are three books of Enoch, though only the first one is considered scripture. Most translations are of poor quality in English. Though, I own a decent copy. The first book was written in about 300-100BC. This book is very descriptive in detail of the fall of a group of Angels called the "Watchers". They rebelled against God by choosing to mate with the daughters of Eve (humans) and teach man the art of war. The book is very clear that these "fallen ones" were angels. Their is a long list of fallen angels that are named in Enoch 1. More to the point, even in the Western bible of Christendom, Satan is called "the God of this world". Satan in Christianity has great authority in this world. But, it seems that in Islam, Satan has little power. And, is in fact inferior to both man and the angels. Christianity claims in the book of Revelation in the bible, that Satan possesses angels of his own, executing great authority over all of the earth. It is said, he held great power in heaven before being cast down to the earth after a great battle in which Saint Michael the Arch Angel was victorious. I have read that Satan in Islam is a creature made from fire called a Jinn. And that Jinn are far inferior to angels as well as man. How is the Islamic Satan so different from the Christian Satan?
  8. Salam. Have you ever thought about using angels? We know that at some point, they have bowed to us ( or at least to our kind ), which means they will help us or maybe doing the very moment. But, can we use them in other ways? What is the benefit of knowing they are around and still being unable to use them? We believe they are here and everywhere, so what is the difference between us and non-believers? nothing practical? For example, can we build a mill working with the help of angels instead of wind? There are some hadiths saying that Gabriel translated everything for the prophet...so, can we have our own angels translating for us? ^_____^
  9. Salam Just like the title asks- why do angels exist? What important purpose do they possess? Other than jibraeel's duty to convey revelations or the angels that played part in our testing (harut and marut, the angels that were sent down to Lot) I can't imagine why we needed angels. Do they have a test of their own? But because they can't sin and have direct proof of God, surely they can't be tested. So why did God create them? Just to worship him? Some don't seem to possess a "true" purpose either. I say true purpose because some (as far as my understanding goes) don't seem necessary at all. Ridwan the guardian of heaven and malik the guardian of hell- why do we need angels guarding these? Malik's responsibility to bring rain- i thought God says be and it just is? Although I couldn't find solid sources for that, sounds a little pagan-like too. Do angels get to experience paradise with us too or are they to continue their duties? Ridwan is the guradian of heaven and heaven's existence is eternal- would he be stood there guarding forever? And malik, is he to watch souls being tortured for eternity? If i'm not wrong, iblees is to dwell therein forever. Hope to have some answers. thanks for reading
  10. Salam Alaikom, here this topic is about angels and to gather mainly material about angels for all of us to benefit from islamic sources. Have you ever thought why so little of speech in our communities about angels, are we not maybe, part angelic and part animal like, and maybe from spiritual realm perspective we are like this. Gathering of information is by this priority: From the Holy Quran Ahadith of Ahl al-Bait Peace upon Them What our Maraje say based on aql and naql of course Any speech from a scholar in your community, this includes your virtual community also, try to find one speech lo. Any books in any language is also welcome, on this topic both from Maraje and high scholars and other researches that is Muslims.
  11. Salam Brothers and Sisters, Can we interpret angles as forces and principles driving this and any other universe ? This idea came to me that we are used to think of angles having some form similar to human being, but Quran says that sometimes, they came in the form of human, which means that their actual form is not human. All angles prostrate before Adam, it could mean that Allah made all the forces and principle of this and any other universe obey the man, and man can achieve such a status that he could modify/bend the forces and principles to his will, see: cloud seeding for artificial raining, also water cycle, see these are forces doing things which we are told are done by angels, so can we conclude that the angels are synonyms for forces/energies/principles ? We learn that no one can harm angles and we know that energy can not be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another. We also learned that angels are always in worship to Allah, and the meaning of worship is more than just bowing and prostration, doing the assigned job for which one is responsible from Allah, is also kind of worship. We can not see angels from our eyes, but the higher state people see them, could it mean from their eye of wisdom as we can easily know the existence of forces and energies with simple experiments. So, is it correct or wrong to say that angels are forces/energies/principles driving this and any other universe, or they are entirely different thing than what I stated here ? Thank you.
  12. Salaamu 'Alaykum brothers and sisters.. While reading an English translation of the Qur'an, I noticed that the Qur'an mentions "we". Is this a reference to the angels or something else? Allah yit2abal insha'Allah. Thank you!
  13. Salam Can someone please tell me the correct way of giving salams to the angels after prayers, of course I've seen sunnis look from side to side, I've seen some shia do this too, and someone once told me to look to my right without moving the head, I would like to know what most people do, and exactly what they say please Thanks!
  14. In The Name of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. Assalamualaykum wa RAHMATULLAHI WA BARAKATOH. I hope you all are, INSHALLAH (God Willing), well and in the best of health and Faith (Imaan). I remember once hearing a lecture whereby the speaker talking about the Jinns and the story of Iblis being ousted from Paradise. Now, the speaker had said before Adam (as) had been created, Jinns were already existing and that Allah (SWT) had sent a severe punishment on the Jinns for their disobedience but Iblis was the best of the Jinns who used to worship him a lot so Allah (SWT) has raised up to the seventh Heaven to live alongside Jibrail (as) when the Jinns were punished due to his high levels of worship. Then, the angels of the first heaven (sky) had come to know from Allah (SWT) that he was going to do something - I don't remember what exactly it was but it something that the angels got worried about. According to what he had said, the angels also have classes and levels and, so, the angels of the first heaven are inferior to those of the second heaven who, in turn, are inferior to those of the third heaven and so on while the angels of the seventh Heaven are the most superior. So, the lecturer had said these first heaven angels started to panic that this bad thing - as I have said, I don't remember what exactly it was - which Allah (SWT) had mentioned may happen to them so they so went to the angels of the second heaven in order to ask them to intercede for them but these second heaven angels, themselves got worried about what if it was for them and they, in turn, went to angels of the third heaven and so until they all reached the four biggest angels until, at last, they all reached Jibrail (as) who also got worried and suggested they all go to Iblis and ask him to pray to Allah (SWT) because he was so special to Allah (SWT) that He had raised to live with Jibrail (as). So, they all went to Iblis and asked him to pray on their behalf to which he agreed and then, Allah (SWT) punished Iblis which was his ouster because of his disobedience. Basically, the moral that this lecturer was trying to impart was that when you want to pray for material things like cars, money and their like, you should first pray for your friends, family neighbours etc...like the Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them all) used to do and then lastly for yourself but when it comes to praying for forgiveness and immunity from sin, then you must start with yourself and then go to the others. This is the mistake Iblis made whereby he prayed for all the angels but forgot himself so he was the one who suffered! Regardless of the moral from this story, what I would like the respected members of this forum to do is, if they can, provide me references for this story IRRESPECTIVE OF WHETHER THE SOURCE IS SHIA OR SUNNI. :D By the way, the lecturer was Maulana Sadiq Hasan (some of the oldies may know him as Sadiq Bapu) who is a very, very famous Urdu speaker so I would, most probably, trust his words and be assured that if he says something, then he must have some sources for it. So, I am looking forward to get the source for this hadith. I am in urgent need of it so I would be very grateful if someone could provide me with a reference to this story! :D May Allah (SWT) bless us all, our families and loved ones, may He guide us all with His Perfect Guidance and may He, The Forgiver of Sins and The Oft-Forgiving, forgive all our sins for, indeed, there is neither any refuge nor any respite for the sinners except in Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì.
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