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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hurtful Tragedy with Hazrat Imam Hussain a.s Asalamoalaka ya Abaabdella -hel -Hussain a.s. Read , Feel , Observes & Think it Carefully . Who is Hazrat Ali Akbar a.s ? According to Hazrat Imam e Hussain a.s , after my Grand father Death Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w , I feel sorrow & feel alone without Him & miss Him alot. I pray to Allah please Bless me a child Who Like & speak like & walk like my Grand Father , so after many years Allah Bless me a Child who look like , Speak like & Walk like my Grand Father Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w , I was very Happy to see the Child , He was Hazrat Ali Akbar a.s who is most dearer to me , When ever I feel alone & wish to see my Grand father Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w , I see Him & do Ziyarat to Him , Hazrat Ali Akbar a.s is the Most beautiful in His yourth , In other words His beauty is Most Higher than Hazrat Yousaf. I deeply Loved him from my Bottom of my Heart. These pleading, which had a ring of sincerity and earnestness, rendered Hussain quite speechless for a time. How could he tell them what was in store for Ali Akbar who they loved and adored so much? When his sad reflections had subsided, he replied to them in a tone tinged with pathos, One by one the faithful followers went out to fight for the cause of Islam which forces of evil were attempting to stifle, and in the process faced death. In their glorious deaths they demonstrated what steadfastness and unflin- ching faith, what courage of conviction can achieve and attain against all odds. With his devoted supporters now sleeping the sweet slumber of death from which nothing could awaken them, the turn of Husain's sons and brothers and nephews came. In spite of Husain's best efforts to send his son Ali Akbar to the battlefield before all his devoted friends and faithful followers, they would not even let him mention it. The thought of Ali Akbar, Husain's beloved son, laying down his iffy in battle, when they were still alive, was too much for them. It would be blasphemous for them even to entertain such an idea! Alas, I only wish I could entrust my Ali Akbar to your care! In my mission he has to play a role, the importance of which time alone will tell. I cannot accede to your request for reasons which I cannot reveal to you; but rest assured that I shall always remember your kindness to me. I shall carry with me vivid memories of this parting and remember you in my prayers. Ali Akbar went over to his father to ask his permission to go out into that gory arena from which no person from his camp had returned. Husain looked at his face; it would be more correct to say that for a couple of minutes his stare was fixed on that face which he loved so much; which reminded him every time of his grandfather whom he resembled every inch. He tried to say something but his voice failed him. With considerable effort he whispered with downcast eyes: Ali Akbar entered the tent of his aunt Zainab. He found her and his mother Umme Laila gazing vacantly towards the battlefield and listening intently to the battle-cries of the enemy hordes. Their instinct made them aware that, now that all the devoted followers of Husain had laid down their dear lives defending him and them, the turn of his sons, and brothers and nephews had come. It was now only a question of time. It was only a question who would go first from amongst them. Akbar, I wish you had become a father; then you would have known what I am experiencing at this moment. My son, how can a father ask his son to go, when he knows that the parting would be for ever! But Akbar, the call of duty makes me helpless in this matter. Go to your mother, and to your aunt Zainab who has brought you up from childhood and loved you and cared for you more than for her own sons, and seek their permission. Ali Akbar was now facing his aged father and his loving mother and Zainab. With an exclamation of joy and relief they clung to him. Husain lovingly embraced his son saying: Ali Akbar with his head bent replied: Bravo, my son. The gallantry you how displayed today reminded me of the battles of my revered father, Ali. The only difference was that, during his fights, my father Ali had not to battle against hunger and thirst as you had to. The light footsteps of Ali Akbar roused both of them from their reverie. Both of them fixed their gaze on him without uttering a word. Zainab broke the silence with an exclamation: Father, thirst is killing me because my wounds have added to its effect. It is usual to ask for rewards from parents for celebrating victories in single combats and I would have asked for a cup of refreshing water from you. But alas! I know that you have not even a drop of water with which you can quench the thirst of the young children. Father, knowing this, I shall not embarrass you by asking for water. I have come only to see you and my dear ones for the last time. Akbar knew what love and affection his aunt Zainab had for him. He was conscious of the pangs of sorrow she was experiencing at that moment. Her affection for him transcended everything except her love for Husain. He looked at her face, and at his mother's who was rendered speechless by her surging feelings of anguish. He knew not how to tell them that he had prepared himself for the journey to Heaven that lay ahead. He summoned to his aid his most coaxing manners that had always made his mother and Zainab accede to his requests and said: Oh God, can it be true that Akbar has come to bid me and his mother the last farewell Akbar do not say that you are ready for the last journey. So long as my sons Aun and Muhammad are there, it is impossible for me to let you go. The earnestness of Akbar's tone convinced Zainab and his mother that he was determined to go. It seemed to be his last wish to lay down his life before all his kinsmen. Since on no other occasion they had denied him his wishes, it seemed so difficult to say no to his last desire. With a gasp Zainab could only say, My aunt, for all my father's kinsmen the inevitable hour has come. I implore you, by the love you bear for your brother, to let me go so that it may not be said that he spared me till all his brothers and nephews were killed. Abbas, my uncle, is Commander of our army. The others are all younger than me. When death is a certainty, let me die first so that I can quench my thirst at the heavenly spring of Kausar at the hands of my grandfather. His mother could only say: Akbar, my child, if the call of death has come to you, go. With these words she fell unconscious in Ali Akbar's arms. May God be with you, my son. With you I am losing all I had and cared for in this world. Your father has told me what destiny has in store for me. After you, for me pleasure and pain will have no difference. The battle-cry from the enemy's ranks was becoming louder and louder. Ali Akbar knew that he had to go out quickly lest the enemy, seeing that their challenges for combat were remaining unanswered, got emboldened to make a concerted attack on his father's camp. Even such a thought was unbearable for him. So long as he was alive, how could he permit the onslaught of Yazid's forces on his camp where helpless women and defenseless children were lying huddled together? He gently put his mother in his aunt Zainab's arms saying: Ali Akbar embraced his loving aunt Zainab with tender love and affection for the last time. she exclaimed: Zainab, my aunt, I am leaving my mother to your care. I know, from your childhood, your mother Bibi Fatima has prepared you for the soul-stirring events of today and what is to come hereafter. My mother will not be able to bear the blows and calamities that are to befall her, unless you lend her your courage. I implore you by the infinite love you bear for me to show the fortitude that you are capable of, so that your patience may sustain my mother when she sees my dead body brought into the camp's morgue. I entrust her to your care because there will be none to solace her and look after her in the years of dismay and despondency that lie ahead of her. With a heavy heart Ali Akbar returned to his father. There was no need for him to say that he had bid farewell to his mother and aunt Zainab, for the sorrow depicted on his face spoke volumes to Husain. Silently he rose and put the Prophet's turban on Akbar's head, tied the scabbard on his waist and imprinted a kiss on his forehead. In a failing, faltering voice he muttered: Akbar, go. My child, I entrust you to God, To ease your last moments I promise you that, so long as I live, I shall after Umme Laila with the affection of a mother. Treading heavily Akbar came out of the tent with Husain following closely behind him. He was about to mount his horse when he felt somebody tugging at his robe. He could hardly see, because his eyes were almost blinded with tears. He heard the voice of his young aster Sakina supplicating him not to leave her. Go Akbar, God is there to help you. Softly Akbar lifted her, gently and affectionately kissed her on her face and put her down. His grief was too deep for words. Husain understood the depth of Akbar's feelings and picked up Sakina to console her. O my brother, she was saying, do no go to the battleground from which nobody has returned alive since this mornings. The scene of Ali Akbar's march towards the battlefield was such as would defy description. The cries of ladies and children of Husain's camp were rising above the din of battle-cries and beating of enemy drums. It was appearing as if a dead body of an only son, dead in the prime of youth, was being taken out of a house for the last rites. Ali Akbar was now facing the enemy hordes. He was addressing the forces of Amr Ibne Saad with an eloquence which he had inherited from his Grandfather and the Prophet. He was telling them that Husain, his father, had done them no harm and had devoted his life to the cause of Islam. He was explaining to them that by shedding the blood of Husain and his kinsmen. They would be incurring the wrath of God and displeasure of the Prophet who had loved Husain more than any other person. He was exhorting them not to smear their hands with the blood of a person so holy, so God-fearing and so righteous. His words cast a spell on the army of the opponents. The older ones from amongst them were blinking their eyes in amazement and wondering whether the Prophet had descended from the Heavens to warn them against the shedding of Husain's blood. What a resemblance there was with the Prophet, in face, features and even mannerism! Even the voice was of Muhammad! But on second thoughts, they realized that this was Ali Akbar, the 18 year old son of Husain, about whose close resemblance with the Prophet people were talking so much. Seeing the effect which Ali Akbar's address had produced on his soldiers, Amr Saad exhorted them to challenge him to single combat. A few of them, coveting the honour and rewards they would get if they overpowered and killed this brave son of Husain, emaciated by three days of hunger and thirst, came forward to challenge him. One by one he met them in battle, gave them a taste of his skill and prowess in fighting and flung them from their horseback to meet the doom they so much deserved. Now it was his turn to challenge the warriors of Yazid to come forward. Seeing that in spite of his handicaps, he was capable of displaying valour and battle craft for which his grandfather Ali had acquired name and fame and which had struck terror into the hearts of enemies of Islam none dared to come forward. Ali Akbar had received several gaping wounds in the course of his victorious single combats. He was fast losing blood and the effect of his thirst was getting accentuated with every second that was passing. He realized that the treacherous enemies would attack him en masse. He had left his mother in a dazed condition. An irresistible urge to see his dear ones for the last time seized him and he turned his horse towards his camp. He found his father standing at the doorstep of the tent and his mother and aunt standing inside the tent. Husain had been watching the battles of this thirsty youth and the two ladies were watching his face: they knew that if any calamity befell Ali Akbar, Husain's expression would indicate it. Whilst watching Husain's face, they were both praying offering silent prayers: Was it the effect of these prayers that brought back Ali Akbar to the camp? O Allah, Who brought back Ismail to Hajra; O Allah, Who granted the prayers of the mother Musa and restored her son to her; O Allah, Who reunited Yakoob with his son Yusuf in response to the aged father's supplications, grant us our one wish to see Ali Akbar for once. Ali Akbar was now facing his aged father and his loving mother and Zainab. With an exclamation of joy and relief they clung to him. Husain lovingly embraced his son saying: Ali Akbar with his head bent replied: Bravo, my son. The gallantry you how displayed today reminded me of the battles of my revered father, Ali. The only difference was that, during his fights, my father Ali had not to battle against hunger and thirst as you had to. Father, thirst is killing me because my wounds have added to its effect. It is usual to ask for rewards from parents for celebrating victories in single combats and I would have asked for a cup of refreshing water from you. But alas! I know that you have not even a drop of water with which you can quench the thirst of the young children. Father, knowing this, I shall not embarrass you by asking for water. I have come only to see you and my dear ones for the last time. Ali Akbar met each and every one of his family. The second parting was sad as the first one, perhaps sadder. Without being told, every one realised that this was the last time they were beholding Akbar. Fizza, the faithful maid of Fatima and Zainab, was as disconsolate with grief as Zainab and Umme Laila. Husain followed Ali Akbar out of the tent. As he rode away, Husain walked behind him with a brisk pace for some distance, as a man follows his sacrificial lamb in Mina. When Akbar disappeared from his sight, he turned heavenwards and, with his hands raised, he prayed: He sat on the ground as if trying to listen expectantly to some call from the battlefield. O Allah, Thou art my Witness that on this day I have sent away for sacrifice one whom I loved and cherished most, to defend the cause of righteousness and truth. It was not very long before he received a wailing call, a call from Ali Akbar, a call of anguish and pain: Though Husain was anticipating such a call, what a ghastly effect it had on him! He rose from the ground and fell; he rose again and fell again. With one hand on his heart he struggled to his feet. Torrential tears were flooding his eyes. He rushed in the direction from which the cry had come. It seemed as Husain's strength had ebbed away on hearing that fateful cry of his dearest son, for he was falling at every few steps. He was sobbing: Father, Akbar has fallen with a mortal wound in his chest. Father, come to me for I have not long to live. If you cannot reach me, I convey my last salutations to you and my dear ones. Abbas came rushing to the aid of his master. Holding his hand he led him on to the place from where Akbar's dying cry had come. Akbar, give me another shout so that I can follow its direction. Akbar, my sight is gone with the shock I have received and there is nobody to guide me to where you lie. Now Husain was stumbling his way onwards resting his hands on Abbas' shoulders. The distance seemed interminable but at last Husain and Abbas reached the place where Akbar was lying in a pool of his own blood. Ah, that tragic sight! May no father have occasion to see his young on in such a conditions. With one hand on his chest covering a deep wound from which blood was gushing out, with his face writhing with pain, Akbar was lying on the ground prostrate and unconscious. With the agony he was enduring on account of the wound and the thirst that he was Offering, he was digging his feet into the sand. With a cry of anguish Husain fell on the body of Akbar. Seeing that Akbar was lying there without any response to his entreaties, Husain turned to Abbas and said: My son, tell me where you are hurt; tell me who has wounded you in the chest. Why don't you say something? My Akbar, I have come in response to your call. Say one word to me, Akbar. Husain once again flung himself on the body of Akbar. His breathing was now heavier, a gurgling sound was coming from his throat. It seemed that his young life was engaged in an uneven struggle with death. Husain put his head on Akbar's chest. He lifted it and put his own cheeks against Akbar's and wailed Abbas, why don't you tell Akbar to say something to me. My dutiful son, who used to get up on seeing me, is lying on the ground pressed by the hand of death. Akbar, for once open your eyes and smile, as you were always smiling to gladden my heart. Though Akbar did not open his eyes, a faint smile appeared on his lips as if he had listened to his father's request. With the sweet smile still playing on his lips, he heaved a gasp and with that his soul departed. The cheeks of the father were still touching the cheeks of the son, in death as so many time in life. On seeing his son, his beloved son, breathe his last in his own hands, Husain's condition became such as no words can describe. For quite some time he remained there weeping as only an aged father who has lost a son, in his prime of youth, in such tragic circumstances, can weep. Abbas sat there by his side shedding tears. What words of consolation could he offer when the tragedy was of such a magnitude? All words of solace and comfort would sound hollow and be in vain when a father, an aged father, gives vent to his pent up emotions. After a time, Abbas reverentially touched Husain on his shoulders and reminded him that, since he had rushed out of the camp, Zainab and the other ladies of his house were waiting for him, tormented by anxiety, demented by the thoughts of the tragedy that had befallen them. Only mention of this was enough for Husain. He knew that, as the head of the family, it was his duty to rally by the side of the grief-stricken mother, his grief-stricken sister Zainab, and the children for whom this bereavement was the greatest calamity. Husain slowly rose from the ground and tried to pick up the dead body of Akbar but he himself fell on the ground. Abbas, seeing this, bent over him and said: My master, Abbas is still alive by your side. How can I leave you carry the body of Akbar and remain a silent spectator. Let me carry his body to the camp. " No Abbas, replied Husain, let me do this as a last token of my love. To hold him by my heart, even in his death, gives me some comfort, the only comfort that is now left to me. Saying this, he made all the efforts that he was capable of and, assisted by Abbas, he lifted the body of Akbar. Clasping it close to his bosom, he started the long walk to his camp. How he reached is difficult to say. It would not be too much to imagine that his grandfather Muhammad, his father Ali, his brother Hasan and perhaps his mother Fatima had descended from heaven to help him in this task. Husain reached the camp and laid down Akbar's body on the ground. He called Umme Laila and Zainab and Kulsum, Sakina and Rokayya, Fizza and the other ladies of the house to see the face of Akbar for the last time. The loving mother came, the loving aunts came, the children came, and surrounded the body of Ali Akbar. They looked at Akbar's face and then at Husain's. They knew that their weeping would add to Husain's grief which was already brimful. Ali Akbar's mother went up to her husband, and with stifled sobs and bent head, she said to him: My master, I am proud of Akbar for dying such a noble death. He has laid down his life in the noblest cause and this thought will sustain me through the rest of my life. I implore you to pray for me, to pray for ail of us, that Almighty Allah may grant us patience and solace. Saying this she turned to the dead body of her son lying on the ground and put her face on his. Zainab and Kulsum, Sakina and Rokayya had all flung themselves on Akbar's body. The tears that were flowing from their eyes were sufficient to wash away the clotted blood from the wounds of Akbar. Husain sat for a few minutes near the dead body of his son; the son whom he had lost in such tragic circumstances; the son who had died craving for a drop of water to quench his thirst. He felt dazed with grief. He was awakened from his stupor by Qasim, the son of his brother, who had come to seek his permission to go to the battlefield. He rose from the ground, wiped the tears from his aged eyes and muttered Verily from God we come, and unto Him is our return . Hardly Requested please Send your Feelings now. How I Improve it better.
  2. The Paragon Par Excellence for youth The example of youth Ali Al-Akbar is the paragon par excellence of youth, Ali Akbar is the perfected young man, Ali Al-Akbar had a prescient mind, solid faith. Ali Al-Akbar is the human whose authors believe in his perfect characteristics which was stated in Zyarat of the first of Rajab which stated the following: “And he joined you to the exalted summit, where there is the entire honor in the elevated chambers. Similarly, He had bestowed upon you and made you one of the Household of the Prophet from whom Allah removed filth and whom He purified with thorough purification.” Therefore Ali Al-Akbar was the perfect human before his martyrdom, and this martyrdom was the end of his life. This means he was perfect and his life needed to a perfect end. And the perfect end was his martyrdom for the sake of Allah. His identity Ali Al-Akbar descended from a noble linage from his mother side, add to that the great virtue of his father’s side. His mother is Laila daughter of Abu Morrah b. Mas’od Althaqafi, who was known to Arabs as one of two great persons-in the area of the Arabian peninsula-. The first person was Alwalid b. Almoghira who was a rich man with lots of children, and was the chief of Mecca. The second person is the chief of Altaef ‘Orwa b. Mas’od Althaqafi. Arabs during Al-Jaheleia (pre-Islam, the time of ignorance) period used to think that prophecy should be to one of them, because they used to think that prophethood is a leadership, and the leadership always belong to those who got money, children, and prestige. His resemblance to the prophet SAWA A Christian man entered the mosque of Messenger of Allah SAWA, then people told him,” You are a Christian man! Get out of the mosque!” he told them,” I saw in my dream yesterday, the messenger of Allah together with ‘Eisa –Jesus- son of Mariam AS” then he said,” Jesus became Muslim by the last prophet Mohamed b. Abdullah, therefore he is the truthful prophet of this nation for real. I became Muslim by him, and I came now to renew my Islam on the hand of a man belong to his Householders” They brought him to Imam Hussain AS, then he kissed the feet of Imam Hussain AS. When he was relaxed, he told him the revelation which he had in his dream. Imam Hussain said to him,” Do you desire to bring you the resemble of Messenger of Allah SAWA?” he said,” Yes, master”. Then Imam Hussain AS called after his son Ali Al-Akbar. At that time Ali AS was a little child, his face was covered with a veil. He was brought to his father. Then when Imam Hussain removed the veil from his face that man saw him, and fainted. Imam Hussain AS said,” Pour water on his face” and they did. Then imam Hussain AS looked at him and said,” O man, my son resembles my grandfather, Messenger of Allah SAWA?” the man answered,” Yes, by Allah” then Imam Hussain AS said,” O man, if you got a son like him, then he is being harmed by a thistle, what would you do?” He said,” Master, I would die” Imam Hussain AS said,” I see my son being shredded by swords to pieces” The conversation of righteous son While he was with his father Imam Hussain AS on the way to Karbala, Imam Hussain suddenly said: 'Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return. And thanks to Allah' he said that three times. His Son Ali Alakbar came to him riding his horse and said to him “ may I becomes your sacrifice! Saying the returning is fine (saying – to Him we will return-) but for what reason did you do it?” Hussain AS replied” I tumbled my head then a knight came and said: "the people are approaching and the death coming to them. therefore I knew it is our selves being obituary” Ali Alakbar asked his father Imam Hussein AS.:”Are we not supporting the Truth?”. Imam AS replied: "Yes I swear by whom we shall return to" Ali Akbar said: “then, it makes no difference if death comes to us or if we approach death as long as we are right.” Then Imam Hussain AS said: may Allah rewards you with what Allah rewards a good son to his father. The man of impossible missions Ali Al-Akbar was man of impossible missions. In the 9th of Muharam, Imam Hussain AS demanded him and gave him the mission of bringing water for ‘Alqami, which was surrendered by thousands of fighters. He took with him 17 knights, and they fought until they reached Alfurat (Euphrates) , and brought water to women. Also in the 9th of Muharam, when Imam Hussain wanted to interview Umar b. Sa’d, he took him with him. Ali Al-Akbar seeking permission to fight When the companions of Imam Hussain AS were martyred and none remained with him except his family, his son Ali Al-Akbar came to him and asked for permission to fight. Ali bin Hussain AS was the most handsome and elegant among all men. Imam Hussain AS gave him permission and then looked at him with dejection, while tears flowed from his eyes and he wept. He AS pended him head to earth to not allow enemies to look at him and mocks him. Some stated that he AS said to him,” My son Ali!, come to me, let us farewell each other, let us smell each other” and they were hugging each other until they fainted. When Imam Hussain AS was awake he lifted his beard towards the heavens and said, “O Allah! Be a witness upon these men, that the youth who resembles your Prophet the most in character and speech is proceeding towards them. Whenever we desired beholding the face of your Prophet, we would look at him. O Allah! Withhold away the bounties of the earth from them and cause dissention among them and scatter them. Disparage their policy and do not make them earn the pleasure of their chiefs, for they invited us so as to assist us, then they leapt upon us and fought us”. Then he called for Umar bin Sa'ad saying, “May Allah terminate your progeny! And may He turn your act inauspicious! And may He dominate someone upon you, who would behead you in your bed” Then he raised a cry and recited the following verse of the Qur'an, “Verily Allah did choose Adam and Nooh and the descendants of Ibraheem and the descendants of Imran above all the worlds” (Surah aal-`Imraan, 3:33). Ali bin Hussain AS laid siege upon the army while reciting a poem, “I am Ali bin Hussain bin Ali, by the House of Allah! We possess superiority while bearing relation with the Prophet than Shabas (bin Rab'ee) and Shimr, the base ones, I shall strike at you with the sword until it bends, the sword of a Hashimite Alawite youth, I shall keep defending my father, and by Allah! The son of the illegitimate one shall not have command upon us”. It is also related that although being thirsty, he killed one hundred and twenty men despite that he was thirsty. The martyrdom of Ali Al-Akbar Then he continued fighting until he killed two hundred men. The army of Kufa refrained themselves from killing him. Hamid bin Muslim stated,” The sight of Murrah bin Munqiz Al-Abdi fell upon him while Ali AS was fighting enemies from the left and right and he said, “The sins of Arabs be upon my neck, if he passes by me doing what he does, and I do not aggrieve his mother due to him”. I (Hamid) amidHhhHSSDSADSAsaid,” Do not say that, those fighters are enough” he said,” by Allah I will!” At the time when he was busy attacking the army, Murrah bin Munqiz faced him and hurled a lance at him while throwing him upon the ground. Seeing this, the army surrounded him from all sides and cut him to pieces with their swords. He was drenched in blood and called out, “O dear father! Peace be upon you! Here is my grandfather the Prophet of Allah SAWA, quenched me with his glorious cup, I will never be thirsty after this forever”. Sukaina AS said,” when my father heard his voice, he started to stand for while and sit at another and crying,’ O my son!” Then Imam Hussain AS and his family came besides Ali Akbar AS and watched him being shredded to pieces and said, “O my dear son! May Allah kill the one who killed you. What measure of audacity have they acquired against Allah, the Beneficent, and in violating the sanctity of the Prophet?” Then he AS wept and said, “Woe be upon this world after you. Now you are free from the concerns and grieves of this world, and your father left alone for its concerns and grieves”.
  3. Dear reader! Please note this article will be published inside the shrine of Imam Hussain ..so if you find any mistake orsomthing unclear please let me know I ll be pleased to get any support from you.. Are'nt we right? BY: Saheb Indeed Karbala is a unique day in history. It has special, clear, and pure stances that Karbala witnessed and we could watch them and keep them in our eyes, fresh and strong inorder make us to deep thinking , learn from it , it give us high spirit and revolutionary feelings pushing us to higher positions of manhood. This young Hashemite Ali bin Alhussain Alakbar, he by himself is a huge book of the immortal books which we can read it page by page of every area of humanity and we could never know which one to admire or to bow before it. This majestic, fresh, youthful boy who was in his twenties, his chest was full of painful memories represented to him in the killing of his mighty grandfather, his disappointment of his nation which he wanted to lead it to its happiness but it refused but to deteriorate in misery. Also represented to him his generous father whose characteristics allowed him to stand above the highest position of the nation but unfortunately there were ugly and lowly monsters tampering with the legacy of Mohamed PBUH, tearing apart his message, and severely tortured his supporters and protectors. Even represented with this mysterious future which appeared to look ugly and gloomy. This young Hashemite in his twenties if he looks to the past it appeared sanguineous and if he looks towards future its wounds are being clear! Imam Hussain convoy was moving in the desert of Iraq appearing between the sand , going towards its decisive hour. The commander of the convoy walking in the forefront, his head is up and proud as if he was going towards the conquest which is nothing like it. He was looking towards his little army which hardly exceeded one hundred in number and he couldn’t do anything but to smile with boast for his companions whose abandoned life to not let him go and also the smile held mockery of this life which made him a commander of a hundred , made Yazid the commander of the faithful (Islamic nation) and made Ibn Zeiad commander of millions!... He AS was looking at his young sons (Ali) and watching him with his armor, hat, sword, spear and his bow. He watching this youth with proud and he wishing if he could give him the chance to live and fight in order to appear to the world with the best example of knighthood, highest virility stances, and to work on building up the edifice of Islam and spreading the prophet message PBUH. This young was close to his father and knows his father excellencies, and feared to see such person not leading the nation to the best. Both of them were deplores sadly on each other's situation and the situation of the nation and each of them wanted to sacrifice his life to the other one and protecting him with his life. They were walking silently and quietly keeping what they feel inside their chests and each of them were looking at the details of their faces to know what his self and emotions saying. However the silence didn’t stay for long, Imam Hussain announced by Takbeir (Allahu Akbar: God is the greatest) . His son came to him , his emotions were triggered because his father was doing Takbier and shouting sadly. He asked him" my father why did you do Takbier?" Hussain AS: I tumbled my head then a caller shouted : "the people are approaching and the death is coming to them" so I knew it is our selves being obituary". The father of this young at his twenties surprised him not with what pleasing youth but he surprised him with that death is waiting them I the way. Imam Hussain AS waited to hear the answer of his son and didn’t wait for long; Ali AS said:”Aren't we right?”. Imam AS replied: "Yes, I swear by whom we shall return to" Ali Akbar said: “then, it doesn’t matter to die while we are right.” O men! O Muslim youth! if the hardships of life attacked you and time turned against you then look with your hearts to that far history and listen to the voice of this young hero shouting to you through generations " aren't we on the right? then, it doesn’t matter to die while we are right ".
  4. (bismillah) In The Name of Allah (SWT) , The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. (salam) I hope, and pray, that you are all in the best of health and, more importantly, imaan (faith). So, Christianlady had asked me to recommend a article about Imam Hussein (as) and I was wondering if one of you could, please, please recommend a written Maqtal (although a video would also be fine) of Imam Hussein, which is short and emphasises on the emotional aspect of the tragedy of Karbala? I thank you all in advance. May Allah (SWT) bless us all, our families and loved ones, guide us all to The Straight Path with His Perfect Guidance and may He, The Forgiver of Sins and The Oft-Forgiving, forgive all our sins, for, verily, there is neither any refuge nor any respite for the sinners except in Allah (SWT) .
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