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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. [MOD NOTE: The project of adding PDF links for every book will continue.] (bismillah) (salam) People want to discuss and learn. Here is a list of books, in no particular order, that might be useful. Akhlaq e-A'imma, Morals & Manners of the Holy Imams AS. Get PDF http://www.al-islam.org/akhlaq-al-aimma-morals-manners-holy-imams-maulana-sayyid-zafar-hasan-amrohi Ethics and Spiritual Growth. Get PDF http://www.al-islam.org/ethics-and-spiritual-growth-sayyid-mujtaba-musawi-lari Jami' al-Sa'adat (The Collector of Felicities). Get PDF http://www.al-islam.or
  2. A quick search of thread topics yielded the following results: 529 threads on Mutah 334 threads on Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام) 56 threads on Patience 46 Threads on Akhlaq 17 threads on Piety And only 11 threads on Discipline! It certainly serves as a reminder for us to examine our priorities from time to time.
  3. Asalaam Alaykum, I've been married for three months now. Prior to my marriage I used to be engaged woth my husband. I've heard alot that the beginning of a marriage is always hard because spouses have to get to know eachother. But what makes me worried is that my husband is already unkind towards me. He get quickly frustrated, angry or irritated. He told me a few times if I walk on his nerve we wouldnt last long and maybe we would have to separate. He once told me I will hit you. Whe I want to tmjust talk with him, sit with him or have a romantic moment with him ( I find this is normal,
  4. The aim of this book is to present the perfect morals of the Holy Imams. Topics include their knowledge, worship, bravery, justice, chastity, humility and contentment. Akhlaq al-A’imma, Morals & Manners of the Holy Imams https://www.al-islam.org/akhlaq-al-aimma-morals-manners-holy-imams-maulana-sayyid-zafar-hasan-amrohi
  5. The fears that were mentioned in the previous article; fear of sin, fear of unawareness, and fear of punishment can all be termed fear of Allah. This fear is mixed with love and hope – it is positive. Allah describes the prophets as those who: “deliver the messages of Allah and fear Him, and fear no one except Allah.” (33:39) Therefore, one should only fear Allah; all other fear is satanic fear. This means fear of anything other than Allah stems from Shaytan. Allah says: “That is only Satan frightening his followers! So fear them not, and fear Me, should you be faithful.” (3:175) Affects of Fe
  6. The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘A servant’s faith in Allah is not complete until he has five attributes in him: 1. Complete reliance upon Allah, 2. Entrusting [his affairs] to Allah, 3. Submission to Allah’s will, 4. Contentment with Allah’s decree, and 5. Patience in Allah’s tribulations. Certainly one who loves for the sake of Allah, hates for the sake of Allah, gives for the sake of Allah, and withholds for the sake of Allah has in fact completed faith.’ [Bihar al-Anwar, v. 10, p. 177, no. 77] ‏اللهم صلي على محمد وال محمد
  7. From the 8th Imam (as) from his grandfather the Prophet (s): 6 acts are from Chivalry: 3 acts whilst travelling and 3 for other times. Muslims must have one programme for travelling and another for other times. Don't get into conflicts, eat what others eat and be easy going. After the journey don't speak negatively of your travelling companions. Now lets look at the 6 chivalrous acts: 3 for when not travelling: 1. Reading Qur'an - Our Sunni brothers read a good amount of Qur'an, we don't read Qur'an as much as we should do, especially if you are a Talaba. A Qur'an that is left close
  8. Salam all, So my mum has this cultural habit of backbiting. ALWAYS finding bad to say about someone in one way or another. Even those who have just died. She just focuses on the bad they have done. I have tried telling her politely for a long time. She would get angry and say "are you my mother or am I yours". It is literaly doing my head in, I feel like running away from home. I like can't take it anymore. If she does it sometimes, I'll be like mum, please just leave it, or change the subject, or defend the person. But how do I get her to break this habit? and I don't want to even listen
  9. The Howza ilmiya of England receives Dr. Shomali for some lectures and lucky for us, the Islamic Centre England has uploaded all of the lectures on Akhlaq, Islamic Theology etc. Please have a visit to ICEL, the YouTube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/islamiccentre1998/playlists
  10. A short ranty post today, for those who have any 'gheerah' (I'm not gonna translate, go look it up) left in them for their religion. If you care about your faith, go email your mufti today and ask him why people are not held accountable, as their are in material matters, for their moral and spiritual sinning. Why do we have people walking freely in the streets who go hajj every year, go walking (or sky diving, I heard it's the new craze) to Imam Hussein's (as) shrine on Arba'een, prays 5 times a day on time in the masjid and jama'a, is extra carefull with his wudhu, yet goes to work and b
  11. salamon alaykum, Syed Mohamad Baqr Alsadr in his book (Fiqh Alkhlaq) started with this question: is there a relation between fiqh which deals with laws ,halal and haram and the akhlaq which deals with attitudes and refinement of relationships? Syed Mohamad described 4 ways through which we can establish a link between the 2 fields but i am going to mention only one of them: Fiqh is about Sharia laws and the shari'ah laws are about implementing the divine justice, not the personal or cultural likeness , and thus Fiqh is about the divine justice. It is clear for the experts that justice is esse
  12. (salam) I've posted this before but I'll repost it here as this is the more appropriate section (and in case any one missed it you can read it). http://ahlulakhlaq.w...taining-akhlaq/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Holy Prophet (pbuh) and his Ahlulbayt (as), the pinnacle of creation, were sent down to complete the infallible religion of Islam. To do this they themselves must be infallible so that no flaws arise. So what does this have to d
  13. (bismillah) Some of us who are keen travelers, yet find themselves a bit short on cash these days, could try this as an alternative: spiritual travel; the alternative destination being: the imaginary world, or world of spirits. And the means of transport: Sujood (prostration). In prostration we are in the highest form of submissiveness and nearness to Allah (swt) (in a physical, material sense). We become small, as our bodies curl up like a baby curls up in the womb; and we are at the lowest point during the sequence in prayers, our foreheads touching the cheapest materials (clay). Some even r
  14. The Difference Between ʿIrfān (Practical Gnosis)1 and Akhlāq (Ethics)* By: Ayatullah Sayyid Kamal al-Haydari Translated by: Shia Translation (www.shiatranslation.org) Original Source Introduction It is necessary to distinguish between Practical Gnosis (ʿirfān) and the science of ethics2. The science of ethics can be summarized in one phrase: "[What] ought to [be done] and ought not to [be done]." Likewise, we find that practical ʿirfān also constitutes this expression. Practical ʿirfān is what elucidates and clarifies a person's connection, duties, and relationship with respect to
  15. (salam) Hey what's good my SCing fam? Yeah so I'm back, my deadlines etc are all over alhamdulilah but I have exams left to revise for and other things to do, Insha'Allah. Pray for me! So my first post back is something I wrote on my blog, it's to do with friends in general and what they mean to each and every one of us. It's not a hadith driven entry or anything, I just explain my experiences in university and what I deduced over time. Insha'Allah it's beneficial as that's the only reason I write. http://ahlulakhlaq.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/for-god-alone-we-walk/ (wasalam)
  16. Ya’s is the opposite of hope. It stems from incorrect beliefs. When one has an incomplete belief about Allah and his infinite mercy he will not have hope. This will lead him to disbelief; it can be said that only the disbelievers have complete ya’s in Allah. Quran: “Do not despair of Allah’s mercy. Indeed no one despairs of Allah’s mercy except the faithless.” (12:87) The second incorrect belief which could lead one to ya’s is believing that one’s actions independently determine his outcome in the hereafter. The universe is created following the system of cause and effect. But, the effects are
  17. Hope is a psychological state, as is fear. It appears when one is waiting for a pleasurable event to happen; an event which is not certain. The Arabic term raja’ means waiting for something to happen; it is general and includes unpleasant events as well. But, when it is used opposite to khawf it means waiting for a pleasurable event. The stronger the possibility of the event to occur the stronger the hope becomes and the more one would be encouraged to work for it. One who is waiting for a pleasurable event is energetic and tries to fight against the obstacles which would prevent the event fro
  18. In The Name of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. I just wanted this post to be, like many previous ones by others who are much more better than me in Akhlaq and more entitled to talk about this than me, be a reminder that we are supposed to stay moral, intellectual and within our limits and manners while on the forum. We must not be offensive, insulting or be intimidating to others just because it is a shia forum and we are Shias; we should not be thinking that since this is a Shia forum, we are the "dons" here and no one can oppose us. After all, the names of the re
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