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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The discussion is continued with the sunni friend who posted he following hadith: The discussion is continued here under in response to the above posts: The reply is given as under: You have reached back to the state of baseless and false assumptions’where you were before: These assumptions were proved already null void and baseless and accepted by your as well but being u turn nature you have again taken u turn. Nothing has been proved what I have asked the narration. So you dont believe in the words of the wives of the prophet SAWW. including Aisha., Umme Salama and Saffiya RA, and you falsely claim that they are included in the progeny Ahl Albayat ie Ahlul kissa covered under the verse 33;33? You have admitted that the wives were not covered under the cloak thus confirming by the Prophet action they are not covered in the verse of purification as per the saying, words and action of the prophet saww. except 5 purified members. . The action of the prophet saww by coming to the house of Imam Ali AS and Fatima SA and reciting the verse of purification for them and hadith mentioned earlier are concrete proofs making your assumptions null and void. The quoted hadith by you does mot exist in any of the 6 Siheen books (Sihah Sitta) . Also its text is contradictory to the hadith mentioned in Sahih Muslim and Sahih Tirmizi, so it is unreliable/ unacceptable. This is another a sold and concrete evidence of our view in the discussion conducted so far in the referred thread. Logical assessment of text is quite obvious as Umme Salama RA did not know that she was included in ahl lul bayat otherwise there was no need of asking her, it so it is confirmation she is excluded from Ahl albayat as referred in the verse of purification last part of 33:33. The hadith posted by you, does not mention the covering of the Ahl alabayat including the prophet saww himself under the cloak which is clearly mentioned in the hadith in Sahih Muslim and Sahih Tirmizi.. Now as per own Principe and confirmation this hadith does not exist in sahih bukhari but exist in sahih Muslim and Tirmizi Alone. These narrations mention that 5 persons were duly covered with cloak by the prophet saww which you are denying by lying. . If you himself take contradictory hadith from your own books, then it is a proof of shattered principle and your false believes. Where is in the narration from sahiheen books that any wife of the prophet saw was covered under cloak (declared as Ahl albayt),? No doubt wives were part of residents of house in general meaning but kept out of cloak from the scope of verses of purification 33;33. The other hadith without any covering of ahl albayat and the text that “You are Inshalla” is nothing but very weak and considered as fabrication. Waslam
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