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Found 7 results

  1. Even if I do have to do khums, what money would I have to do it on. Birthday money, eid money, money from doing work?
  2. Assalam o alaikum... My husband to be is 12 years older than me..does our society and culture accept this much age dufference ? and what Islam say about age gap bw husband and wife? should I have to worry about it?
  3. Salam There is something that makes me really really sad which is the way i look. I am a 17 year old girl who likes to wear long and black clothes for the sake of my religion. I dont like to show off my body at all. I dont wear makeup unlike my other friends. But what really makes me sad is that because of the way i dress and look, people Think i am way older than what i actually am. A girl once thought that i was my dads wife. And whenever i tell my teachers that i am only 17 they get really surprised. And today a guy at my school thought that i was 27 and he also told me that i look really ugly. To be honest this made me cry alot. So i was just wondering if i should change the way I dress and start wearing make up? Or should i just ignorere what people say? and i want to point out that i am lebanese and that i live in Denmark. And the boy that i was talking about is syrian.
  4. What is an ideal age difference between spouses. Please only those with experience or knowledge answer. No need for someone whose never been married before to give advise lol
  5. Salaam I would first like to say there is a reason why I am posting on here, because no body knows me and I would like to keep it that way. So my problem is that I married a divorced Muslimah in a fixed term marriage and she is in her late thirties and I am in my early 20s. The problem is that I don't find her too attractive and I am not attractive either so I am not here to complain but my problem is that I am trying to make her feel better by at least pretending that she is attractive. The problem is age and she smokes which has given her a cigar breath, I did this marriage to bring some happiness for a fixed term into our lives but I find it hard to laugh or be happy and if I try to pretend to be joyful, I will fail and it will be obvious. I enjoy being in the presence of those whom I love even if nothing is said, so I would like this but I don't like talking, just want some silent time sitting together watching something or anything. So what am I to do? I don't talk much which now I must because she takes this to mean I am not attracted to her, and I am not attracted whilst she also thinks I am not attracted to her because of her age but I want her to think I am attracted, which I am but not over the top how I might be with someone my age, so I can't really show it. How can I show her attraction? And my personality is that I talk little and when I feel like it, I don't force myself so how can I overcome this? she thinks my silence is because I don't like her. The other problem is that she complains about other people to me, I don't like hearing complaints about other people especially if it is or may lead to back biting. How can I ask her to change some of these habits like smoking and talking negatively of other people? Also her daughter is nearly the same age as me, and since I married to her mother she is my step daughter right? So what are the rulings in this regard? Do I touch her or stay away? Is she Mahram? Is she to be treated like my own daughter? Is it weird for her that I, someone her age am married to her mum?
  6. Asalamualaikum brothers and sisters, so a few years ago I reached the age in which the jugement begins, which is 14 or 15 I believe. So during that time I committed some unjust acts which left me needing to do ghusl. HOWEVER, me not knowing that ghusl was required after such an act literally until two days ago did not do ghusl. Does this mean that I need to repeat all my salaat or are they saved because I was ignorant of the requirements? Also, let it be known that I did I was well knowing that this act was a sin and wrong but not on this scale. Out of my fear of Allah (SWT), a few minutes after finding out it was required I quickly went and did ghusl tartibi.
  7. Salaam sisters :) I was just wondering at what age you were married?
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