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  1. The moving and inspiring story of Hagar and her journey to Mecca is one of the repeatedly told accounts in Islamic sources, especially the Holy Qur'an. The following comics illustrate the efforts of the faithful wife of Prophet Abraham ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) and her firm hope and faith in the mercy of Allah. On this first part, the incidents that led to Prophet Abraham's ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) marriage and the birth of Ishmael are retold. https://salamislam.com/gallery/comic/life-giving-walk-Prophet-abraham-(صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)-and-hagars-marriage After the birth of Ishmael, Sarah, the first wife of Prophet Abraham ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) couldn't bear the presence of Hagar and her son, thus Allah commanded Abraham to send his wife and child away. On the second part of this comic, you will trace the journey of Abraham and his second wife to the barren land of Mecca. https://salamislam.com/gallery/comic/life-giving-walk-hagar-and-Prophet-abrahams-journey-mecca
  2. Why do muslims sacrifice animals during eid el adha? Is there anyone specific who like started this tradition? Why is it mus-tahab? Is there any hadith or quotations on it by imam Ali a.s. ?
  3. first wanna ask if shia have Eid adha on same day as sunnis in 12 septamber ? , second Eid Mubarak third , what's is the moral behind sacrificing animal ? I know the Ismael/abrham story , but I don't understand why have to keep carrying on this tradition of slaughtering an animal every Eid ? also muslims of india always get in trouble with the hindus and it create hatred among both communities when muslims slaughter cows in Eid al adha , should muslims take hindus feeling into consideration and not kill cows !! as for this practice is it sunnah or fard !
  4. AOA brothers and sisters Eid ul Azha is coming. Before I buy an animal and give my family for sacrifice in Pakistan, I have a question. Can I donate this money to hospital for needy patients ? There are several trustworthy NGOs in Pakistan like Edhi and Shakat Khanam where I would like to donate my sacrifice. Please guide with references from Aalims and Mujtahideens. Thanks Zaheer
  5. Blessed Adha Eid in language Eid: every day where a gathering was organized. It was derived from (‘Ada-returned-) as if they returned back to do it again. Some said it was derived from (Al’adda: the habit). Ibn E’rabi stated,” It was called Eid-recurring- because it is recurring every year with a new happiness (1)” Eid in the Quran The word (‘Eid) was reported once in the holy Quran, at the end of Surat Maeda. The Almighty said,” Isa the son of Marium said: O Allah, our Lord! send i down to us food from heaven which should be to us -eid- an ever-recurring happiness, to the first of us and to the last of us, and a sign from Thee, and grant us means of subsistence, and Thou art the best of the Providers.”(5:114) Eid in the narration of Ahlulbayt PBUT The narrated texts of the Infallibles AS gave special importance top Eid, in order to show the importance of the real meaning of Eid and its contents which covered spiritual, political, moral, and devotional. The Holy Prophet SAWA said,” when I came to Medina, they have two days for festival, which were joys of carnivals - during the time of. Allah has given you better than these- the day of Al-Fitr and the day of Al-Adha (2)” Suwaid bin Ghaflah said: "I entered on the commander of the faithful (SAWA) on the day of Eid. I saw him eating very simple food!" Suwaid was astonished because it was Eid day. Then the commander of the faithful (SAWA) said to him: " This is the Eid for the forgiven once! (3)" Imam Ali said about some Eids,” it is the Eid of whose Allah accepted his fasting, and thanked his worshipping. Every day when we do not disobey Allah is a day of Eid (4)” Imam Ja’far Al-Sadiq AS said,” My father AS told me, that Ali AS said,” I heard the prophet SAWA lecturing people in the day of Adha and was saying,” O people it’s the day of Thaj and ‘Ajj. Thaj is when you sacrifice the blood-Animals-, he whose intention was truthful will be forgiven by the first drop. ‘Ajj is supplication on that that day, therefore supplicate to the Almighty Allah. By He whose my soul in His hand, no one leave this place (Arafa) unless he is forgiven, but the one who did great sin, insisting on it, and he never tell himself to leave it (5)” Imam Hassan and Hussain AS in the Eid Sheikh Al-Mufeed stated in his book Al Amali: Imam Reza AS said,” Hassan and Hussain AS became with no clothes on the time of Eid. They said to their mother, Fatima AS ,” Dear mother, tomorrow is the day of Eid and surely all the children of Medina will wear new clothes, but , we have nothing to wear AS you could see...?. The Holy mother of the young Imams said : “O my eyes delight, your clothes are with the tailor, when he will finish and bring them I will cloth you with them on the day of Eid” She said that inorder to calm the children. On the night of Eid they asked their mother again and said,” O mother tonight is the night of Eid” She cried peace be up on her and said to them,” O my eyes delight, calm down! If the tailor come I will dress you with clothes if god willing” Imam Reza AS said,” After a time of the night passed away, and it was the night of Eid, the door was knocked. Fatima AS said,” Who is it?” A man replied,” O daughter of messenger of Allah, open the door, I am the tailor, I brought the clothes of Hassan and Hussain AS” She raised up and opened the door. There was a man with great prestigious and beautiful perfumes. He gave her a wrapped up kerchief, and left. Then Fatima AS entered, and opened the kerchief. It contained two shirts, garments, pink trousers, turbans, and sandals. Fatima was very happy with them. When Hassan and Hussain AS wake up, she dressed and adorned them with best ornaments. Later, the prophet SAWA entered on them on the day of Eid while they were dressed. He SAWA kissed and congratulated them for Eid feast, then he carried them on his shoulders, and walked towards their mother. He SAWA said,” O Fatima, Have you seen the tailor who gave you clothes?” she said,” No, by Allah I do not know him, also I did not know that I have clothes with the tailor, only Allah and his messenger knows about it” he SAWA said,” O Fatima, he was not a tailor, but he was Rizwan, the commanded on the treasures of heaven. The clothes were from heaven, as Gabriel told me from the God of the worlds(6)” Eid and morals Ibn Abi Rafe’ has narrated thus: "I was the administrator of the public treasury during the period of the caliphate of Ali and was also his scribe. The property received from Basra for the public treasury included a pearl necklace. The daughter of Ali sent word to me saying: "I understand that there is a pearl necklace in the public treasury which is controlled by you. Send that necklace to me on loan so that I may wear it on Eid al-Adha day. Thereafter I shall return it". I sent the necklace to her on the conditions that she would be responsible if it was lost or damaged, and that she would return it within three days. She accepted these conditions. By chance the eyes of the Commander of the Faithful fell on the necklace and he recognized it. He asked his daughter as to where she had obtained it from. She replied: "I have taken it on loan from Ibn Abi Rafe’ the in charge of the public treasury to wear it on Eid al-Adha day and have promised to return it to him within three days". The Commander of the Faithful summoned me and said; "Do you consider it lawful to commit breach of trust with the Muslims"? I replied: "May God forbid that I may commit treachery with the Muslims". Thereupon he said: "Then why did you lend such and such necklace to my daughter without obtaining my permission and without the concurrence of the Muslims"? I replied: "O Commander of the Faithful! She is your daughter. She borrowed it to adorn herself and guaranteed its safe return so that 1 might restore it to its proper place". Ali AS said: "Take it back today and do not do so in future otherwise I shall punish you". When Ali’s daughter came to know about it she said to him: "O father! I am your dear daughter. Who else is more entitled to wear this necklace"? Ali replied: "O daughter of Abu Talib! Don’t deviate from the right path. Can you tell me how many Muhajir and Ansar women adorn themselves with such necklaces"? Eventually I took back the necklace from the daughter of the Commander of the Faithful and restored it to its proper place. Note: Imam Ali AS has got 34 child. 15 male, and 19 female, therefore the reader should not think that the daughter of Ali was the Intelligent Zainab AS, because she was a scholar without teaching, and knowledge without studying, as stated in the tradition of Imam Zainul Abedeen AS (7). The reward of visiting Imam Hussain AS in Eid Visiting Imam Hussain AS has got great virtues, which we cannot state all of them. Many traditions stated that it is equal to Hajj, Umrh, and Jihad, rather it is much greater. It guarantees forgiveness, eases the judgment, increases the levels, guarantees supplications answers, allow to live longer, protection of selves and properties, fulfillment of needs, reliefs concerns and disasters. Ignoring ziyarat-visiting the holy shrines- will cause reduction in the faith, and it is an ignorance towards one of the great rights of Messenger of Allah SAWA on us. The minimum reward of the visitor is forgiveness, and the protection of Allah to his safety and properties until he returns home. Uncounted tradition stating above, we will mention some of them next. AI-Hussain b Abu Sayyar Almadaeni narrated from Ya’qob b. Yazeed narrated, Ibn Abu Omair, narrated from Abdul Rahman b Alhajaj said, Imam Al-Sadiq AS said: Allah will forgive all the past and future sins of one who performs the Ziyarat of Imam Hussain AS on one of the three eves. I asked, “May I be sacrificed on you, what are the three eves?” Imam AS replied, “Eve of Eidul fitr, eve of Eidul Adha and eve of fifteenth Shaban.” Sa’ad b Abdullah, narrated, Aby Omaira, Narrated Muawiyah Ibne Wahab says :- "I asked permission to meet Imam Sadiq AS. When I entered, I found him on his prayer mat in his house praying. I waited until he finished his prayers and then I heard him recite the following supplication (in prostration): Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad Al-Sadiq (A.S.) prayed: “O Allah! O one who has chosen us for honor, promised us right of intercession, chosen us as successors, gave us the knowledge of the past and that which is to come and made the hearts of people inclined for us! Forgive me and my brothers who perform the Ziyarat of my grandfather, Imam Husain AS and those who spend their wealth to travel, put their bodies to trouble seeking our pleasure in hope of the reward You have kept for associating with us. They perform the Ziyarat of Imam Husain AS to make Your Prophet happy, to obey our commands and to antagonize our enemies. By this, they want to please You, so reward them on our behalf by Rizwan, protect them day and night, compensate their families and children whom they left behind in the best way and befriend them, keep them away from the harm of every insolent tyrant and every weak or strong one from Your creation, keep them away from the evil of every devil from among men and Jinn, grant them the best of that which they have requested while they are away from their homes for having preferred us over their families, children and relatives. O Allah! Our enemies have criticized them for going to our Ziyarat but that did not restrain them from coming to us and they went against our opponents. So have mercy on faces changed by the sun in our love. Have mercy on faces which were kept on the grave of Imam Husain AS. Have mercy on those eyes which shed tears on us with sympathy. Have mercy on those hearts which have become restless and distressed for us and have mercy on their lamentations for us. O Allah! I entrust these bodies and souls to you till the day of great thirst when you will quench their thirst with Hauz Kawthar" Muawiyah Ibne Wahab continued: Imam AS continued this supplication in prostration. When he finished, I said: “May I be sacrificed on you! I think that if this supplication is in favor of even those who don’t know Allah, the Mighty and Sublime, I think that Hellfire will not touch them! By Allah, I wish I had gone to the Ziyarat of Imam Hussain AS, instead of going to Hajj.” Imam AS said, “You live so close. What prevents you from his Ziyarat? O Muawiyah! Don’t forsake it?” I replied, “May I be sacrificed on you! I did not think that it was so important and it had such great rewards.” Imam AS said, “Muawiyah! Those who pray for the visitors of Imam Husain AS in the heavens are more than those who pray for them on earth.” Imam Sadiq AS said: “Muawiyah! Don’t forsake the Ziyarat of Imam Husain AS because of fear. Because he that abandons the Ziyarat of Imam Husain AS will regret it so much that he will wish his grave was besides him. Do you like Allah to see you among those for whom Allah’s Messenger, Ali, Fatima the Imams AS pray? Do you like to be of those who shake hands with angels? Do you like to be of those who will not have any sins about which they will be questioned when they leave this life? Do you like to be of those whose hands Allah’s Messenger SAWA will shake tomorrow?”(8) The method of Ziyarat Imam Hussain AS in Eid Peace be upon you, O inheritor of Adam the choice of Allah. Peace be upon you, O inheritor of Noah the trustee of Allah. Peace be upon you O inheritor of Abraham the Friend of Allah. Peace be upon you, O inheritor of Moses the spoken by Allah. Peace be upon you, O inheritor of Jesus the spirit of Allah. Peace be upon you, O inheritor of Muhammad, blessings of Allah be upon him and his Household, the most-beloved of Allah. Peace be upon you, O inheritor of `Ali the Argument of Allah. Peace be upon you, O obedient and pious successor. Peace be upon you, O vengeance of Allah, son of His vengeance, and the unavenged so far. I bear witness that you performed the prayers, defrayed the poor-rate, enjoined the right, forbade the evil, and strove for the sake of Allah as exactly as strife must be until your inviolability was violated and you were slain wrongfully. You may then stop at the side of the Imam’s head with submissive heart and teary eyes and say the following words: Peace be upon you, O Abu-`Abdullah. Peace be upon you, O son of Allah’s Messenger. Peace be upon you, O son of the chief of the prophets’ successors. Peace be upon you, O son of Fatimah the luminous lady and the doyenne of the women of the worlds. Peace be upon you, O hero of Muslims. O my master, I bear witness that You were light in the lofty loin and purified wombs. The ignorance could not stain you with its impurities or dress you its gloomy garbs. I also bear witness that you are one of the pillars of the religion, the supports of Muslims, and the havens of the faithful believers. I also bear witness that you are the God-fearing, pious, pleased, pure, guide, and well-guided Imam. I also bear witness that the Imams from your progeny are the spokesmen of piety, the signs of guidance, the firmest handle (of Islam), and the arguments against the inhabitants of this world. References: 1. Lesan Alarab by Ibn Mandoor: V3, Page 319 2. Mezan Alhekma by Alreshahrei: V3, Page 2196 3. as above 4. rawdat Alwaedeen by Alnesabori: 354 5. Alnwader by fadlulah Alrawendi: Page 198 6. Madinatul Ma’ajez by Hesham Albahrani: V3, Page 323-324 7. Bihar Alanwar by Alamah Almajlesi: V40, page 337-338 8. Almazar by Mohamed b Almashhadi: Page 348
  6. Dear reader..this article may contain some mistakes..please help me to correct them before its being published..many thanks What do you know about the night and the day of ‘Araffat? Why was ‘Araffat called ’Araffat? Sheikh Al-Sadoq narrated, Moaweiah b. ‘Amar said,” I asked Abu Abdullah AS about ‘Arafat, why was it called ‘Arafat?” He AS said,” Gabriel AS went with Ibrahim AS on the day of ‘Arafat, and when the sun has been receded-Midday prayers time- Gabriel said,” O Ibrahim -(e’taref: confess)- confess your sin, and learn your rituals. Then it was called ‘Arafat for the words of Gabriel AS; confess! and he confessed”(1) Ibn Manthor in Lessan Alarab stated,” Arafah and Arafat: a place in Mecca, well known…” Some said,” it was called Arafat because people meeting there. And some said it was called Arafa because Gabriel swaged with Ibrahim and was showing him the scenes and saying to him,” A’araft? A’araft?- Did you learn?” then Ibrahim answers,” ‘Araft, ‘Araft- I learned I learned!” Some said: Because Adam AS when he was descended from heaven, and he missed Hawa a lot, then he met her in that location, he ‘Arafaha- recognized her- and she ‘Arafatho- recognized him.(2) The rubric of the spatial and temporal excellencies The rubric of excellencies is one of the divine rubrics which He SWT created for his creatures. The Almighty said,” We have made some of these messengers to excel the others among them” (2:253) As Allah the Almighty made the excellencies between His messengers whom they since he chose them and preferred them than the rest of His servants as he made excellence, and he excelled the others among them. Therefore: we can understand the method of excelling was also being done in time and place-spatial and temporal. For example some of the times were preferred over other times. Allah the Almighty said,” And laud Allah during the numbered days” (2:203). Ramdan was excellence- preferred- over other months, and the Qadr night was preferred over other nights. Also the excellence of Mecca is ‘Arafat, Karbala is Alhaer Alhussaini- the area around the holy grave of imam Hussain AS-. The wisdom behind specializing ‘Arafat time for Du’a Messenger of Allah SAWA said,” He who prayed to his brother secretly. Allah orders for him four angels saying,” O Allah give him the same of what he asked for his brother” Ali b. Tawos in (Falah Alsael), Narrated to Sheikh Abu Ahmed Altl’aKbi, said Mohamed b. Mohamed b. Mohamed Alhasani, Mohamed b. Ahmed Alsafwani, said,” Our father told us, His father said His grandfather said, Safwan said, Abdullah b. Senan, said,” I came cross Abdullah b. Jundob, and I saw him standing on Safa . He was an old man, I saw him praying and saying in his sublication,” O Allah that man son of that man, so and so and so, that I could not count them. then when he greeted –finished- I said to him,” O Abdullah, I have not seen better attitude than yours, but I did not like one thing” he said,” what did not you like?” I said to him,” you are praying for a lot of your brothers, but I did not hear you praying for yourself!”. He said to me,”O Abdullah!, I heard our lord Al-Sadiq AS saying,’ He who pray for his faithful brother secretly, will be called from heaven,’ You! Will get what you asked for your brother, and you will get hundred thousand times what he gets’. I do not want to waste the guaranteed hounded thousands time with one dua which I do not know wither it was accepted or not” Sheikh Almufeed in Alekhtesas narrated from Ahmed b. Mohamed b. Alqasim Alkufi, narrated from Ali b. Mohamed n. Ya’qob, from Ali b Alhasan b. Faddal, narrated from Ali b. Asbat, narrated from Ibrahim b. Abu Albelad or Abdullah b. Jundob, Narrated from Ibrahim b. Sho’aib in a tradition, that he said,” I heard Abu Abdullah Al-Sadiq AS saying,’ He who prayed to his brother secretly, Allah will send him an angel saying,” and you will get the same” Zaid Alnersi in Asl: Mo’aweiah b. Wahab, narrated from Ja’far b. Mohamed AS in a tradition, he said,” he who prays for his brother secretly, an angel calls him from the sky,” O servant of Allah, you will get hundred thousand times what you asked for, and an angel will call him from the second sky,” O servant of Allah you will get hundred thousand times what you prayed for, and he will be called from every sky and they are being doubled until he arrive the seventh sky, then an angel will call him,” O servant of Allah you will get seven hundred times what you prayed from, after that Allah will call him,” O my servant, I am Allah the Spacious, and Generous, whose safes never finish, nor My mercy being reduced, but My mercy felled everything, you will get million times what you asked for” (3) The virtue of the night of ‘Arafat between Mecca and Karbala As Allah honored a special time as the night of Qadr, as He SWT honored the night of 9th of Thu-Alhujja and the day. But the differences between the night of Qadr and the night of ‘Araffat is that the night of Qadr despite it is better than a thousand month , and “Peace! it is till the break of the morning.” But it was not constrained with a special location. A man can revive the night of Qadr At his house to be rewarded, and can do it in the mosque which was built in his city. Also he could revive it in Mecca, Medina, and Karbala, to get the grace of the time and the location. The night of ‘Araffat and its day ,the time is coupled with the location, its date is the 9th of Thu Alhujja and the location is a mountain in Mecca, but the Muslim who cannot get the grace of the location, would he leave the grace of time and its virtue? Would he leave it for inattention and neglecting to get closer to Allah? Or should he go to the mosques and supplicate to Allah during the blessed time, or he could go t visit the heaven of the basil of Messenger of Allah, and the Chief of youth of heaven AS? How could a Muslim to avoid being wishful to attend near the Master of martyrs, while he recognize the Imams of Guidance AS telling him what was narrated by Sheikh Al-Sadoq in the book (Alamali), narrated that Bashir b. Dahhan said to Imam Sadiq AS, “Something I miss the Hajj, so I spend Arafah Day at the tomb of Imam Husain AS” Imam AS said,” You have done a nice thing. The Almighty Allah will write twenty accepted Hajjs, twenty accepted Umrahs and reward of fighting twenty battles with a divine messenger or a Just Imam, for any believer who performs the Ziyarat of Imam Husain with recognition of his rights on any day other than an Eid. Allah will record a hundred Hajjs and a hundred Umrahs and the reward of fighting a hundred battles against enemies of Allah with a divine messenger or a just Imam for one who performs the Ziyarat of Imam Husain AS on any Eid Day. And for one who performs the Ziyarat of Imam Husain AS on Arafah Day, with recognition of his rights. Allah will record a thousand accepted Hajjs and a thousand accepted Umrahs and reward of fighting a thousand battles against enemies of Allah with a divine messenger or a just Imam. (4) Some of the rituals of the day of ‘Araffat at the shrine of Imam Hussain AS 1. Bathing 2. Ziyarat-visiting- Imam Hussain AS. It is equal to thousand Hajjs w, thousand Umrahs, thousand Jihad, and more. Traditions which stating the virtues of visiting him AS in this day are motawater-frequent-. Also the one who succeeded to visit him AS and attending under the under his holy tomb, is not less rewarded than the one who attended ‘Arafat but greater!. 3. to pray after the obligatorily Asr, and before starting the supplications of ‘Arafah, two rak'ahs under the sky-open area-, admits sins to Allah the Almighty, to win the rewards of ‘Arafah and his sins will be forgiven. Then he start the rituals of ‘Araffat, and the known supplications of the Imams AS. Alkaf’ami in Almesbah said,” it is recommended to fast the day of ‘Arafah to those who would not be weak to do the supplications, bathing before zawal-Midday prayers-, visiting Imam Hussain AS during the day of Arafah and the night. if the sun became on midday prayers time, then become under the sky, pray Thohrain- thohr and Asr- look after their Bowings and prostrating. When you finish, pray two rek’ahs, in the first one after Alhamd, read Altawheed, in the second one after Alhamd read (O unbelievers!). after that pray another four rek’ahs, in each one read Alhamd and Altawheed fifty times” Method The method of visiting Imam Hussain AS tomb on the `Arafat Day, according to the words of master scholars and chiefs of our sect and faith, is as follows: If you intend to visit Imam Hussain (on the `Arafat Day), you may bathe yourself using water from the River Euphrates if possible and any other possibly obtained water. You may then put on the purest (and cleanest) of your clothes and walk towards the holy shrine with tranquility and solemnity. When you reach the gate of the holy shrine, you may profess Almighty Allah’s most greatness and say: Peace be upon you, O inheritor of Adam, the chosen one of Allah .Peace be upon you, O inheritor of Nuh, the Prophet of Allah. Peace be upon you, O inheritor of Ibrahim, the friend of Allah. Peace be upon you. O inheritor of Musa, the one who talked to Allah .Peace be upon you, O inheritor of 'Isa, the spirit of Allah. Peace be upon you, O inheritor of Muhammad, the beloved friend of Allah.Peace be upon you, O inheritor of Ali, the commander of the faithful and the friend of Allah. Peace be upon you, O son of the Muhammad Mustafaa.Peace be upon you, O son of Ali Murtazaa. Peace be upon you, O son of Fatema, Peace be upon you, O son of Khadijatul- kubra. Peace be upon you, O he who fought in the way of Allah and the son of one who fought in the way of Allah. I bear witness that verily you established the prayers And gave the zakat (prescribed share) to the needy and commanded to do what is right and lawful And not to do that which is wrong and unlawful and obeyed Allah and His Messenger until the inevitable came unto you. So, Allah curse those who killed you And Allah curse those who wronged you, And Allah curse those who heard the event and rested satisfied, O My Master, O Aboo ′Abdullah! I bear witness that verily you were a light in the sublime loins and purified wombs. The impurities of ignorance did not even touch you, nor could its soiled and dirty bearing ever smear you I bear witness that, verily, you are the mainstay of the religion, and the supporter of the faithful ones. I bear witness that, verily, you are a pious, God-fearing, favorite, wise And rightly guided (Imam). I bear witness that the Imams, in your progeny, are the words of piety and the signs of guidance And the safe handle of Islam, And the decisive argument for the humankind. I call Allah to give witness, and also His Angels And His Prophets and His Messenger that, verily, I believe in (all of) you And that I am sure of your Return Joined to the divine laws of my belief and my accomplishments and my heart is resigned to yours And my conduct is following the example of yours. Blessings of Allah be on (all of) you and on your souls And on your bodies and on your forms and (when) you are in view and (when) you are out of sight and on your style and on your substance. My father and mother be sacrificed for you, O son of the Messenger of Allah! My father and mother be sacrificed for you, O Aba Abdullah! Verily terrible was the calamity and your suffering casts gloom upon us and upon all the people of the heavens and the earth. Therefore, curse of Allah be on the people who saddled up and gave rein to their horses and prepared to kill you. O my Master, O Aba ′Abdullah! I moved towards your sacred shrine and came to visit you, I beseech Allah by the status that you enjoy with Him. And in the position that you enjoy with Him to send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad and keep me with you in this world and in the Hereafter. Peace be upon you, O son of the Messenger of Allah. Then kiss the shrine and should stand up for offering a two-Rak'at prayer next to the place of the Imam's head. In this prayer, you can recite any Quranic chapter you like. When you finish, you should recite: O Allah, I have offered a prayer, genuflected, and prostrated myself for sake of You purely particularly, since You have no associate and since none at all is worth of prayer, genuflection, and prostration except You. O Allah, send blessings on Muhammad and the children of Muhammad, and send them my best greetings and compliment, and send their replies to me. O Allah, accept this prayer that I have offered as present from me to my master al-Hussain ibn 'Ali, peace be upon both of them. O Allah, send blessings on Muhammad and on him (al-Hussain) and accept my effort and reward me for it in the best rewarding that I anticipate and hope from You and from Your saint. You are surely the Guardian of the faithful ones. Then, move to the place of the Imam's legs, stop at the place of the head of 'Ali ibn al-Hussain, peace be upon them, and recite: Peace be upon you, O son of the Prophet of Allah. Peace be upon you, O son of Ameer al-Mu’mineen (the commander of the believers). Peace be upon you, O son of al-Husayn the shaheed (martyr). Peace be upon you, O shaheed. Peace be upon you, O the oppressed one and son of the oppressed one. Curse of Allah be on those who killed you. Curse of Allah be on those who persecuted you. Curse of Allah be on those who heard this even but rested satisfied. Peace be upon you, O the saint of Allah and son of the saint of Allah. Verily terrible was the calamity and your suffering casts gloom upon us And upon all of Muslims. So, curse of Allah be on those who killed you And I disconnect all links with them and turn to Allah and you. Then go to the martyrs and visit them: Peace be upon all of you, O the saints and dears of Allah. eace be upon all of you, O the adorers of Allah and the sincerely attached to Him. Peace be upon all of you, O the helpers of Allah’s religion. Peace be upon all of you, O the helpers of the Messenger of Allah. Peace be upon all of you, O the helpers of Ameer al-Mu’mineen. Peace be upon all of you, O the helpers of Fatimah the chiefess of the women of this world. Peace be upon all of you, O the helpers of Abi Muhammad al-Hasan ibn Ali The sincere, pure and faithful saint. Peace be upon all of you, O the helpers of Abu Abdullah. My father and mother be sacrificed for you Verily, you were pure; therefore, the land wherein you are buried has been purified, You also attained your end and won great fortune, Would that we were with you, So that we could also share the accomplishment with you in heaven. Indeed they are the best companions. And Peace be upon all of you and mercy and blessed of Allah. -You may then return to the side of Imam Hussain’s head and pray as frequently as possible for yourself, your family members, and your brethren-in-faith. You may then walk to the shrine of Al-Abbas may Allah be pleased with him. When you reach there, you may stop at the tomb and say the following words: Peace be on you, O Abdul Fazl, Al-Abbas, son of the commander of the faithful. Peace be on you, O the son of the leader of the vicegerent. Peace be on you, O the son of the first to believe in Islam and foremost in faith, and the most firm in the religion of Allah and the greatest protector of Islam. I bear witness that you advised sincerely in the way of Allah and His Apostle and your brother. You were the best brother in beneficence. Then may Allah curse the people who killed you and may Allah curse the people who oppressed you. And may Allah curse the people who considered the prohibited concerning you as lawful thus violating the sanctity of Islam. Then you even the best patient, fighter, aid, helper and the defending brother for his brother and the responder to the obedience of his Lord and desirous towards what others abstain from the abundant rewards and desirous towards what others abstain from the abundant rewards and beautiful praises and may Allah enjoin you with the grade of your forefathers in the Gardens of bliss. Surely He is the Praiseworthy, the Majestic… Then throw yourself on the holy grave and say: O Allah! I have presented myself for the visitation of Your representative, yearning for Your reward and hoping for You forgiveness and the abundance of Your favours. Then I beseech You that You bless Mohammad and his infallible progeny and for their sake augment my sustenance and settle my life and accept my visitation and forgive my sins and turn me back as a successful, salvaged, my prayers being accepted, better that the return of anyone from his visitors and those who intend (to visit) him By Your Mercy, O the Most Merciful References: 1. ‘Elal Alshrae’ ,by sheikh Alsadooq: V2, Page 436, section 173 2. Lesan Al’arab by ibn Mandoor: V9, Page 242 3. Mostadrak Alwasael, by Almerza Alnawawei: V5, Page 244-246 4. Alamali by Sheikh Alsadoq: Page 206-207
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