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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 4 results

  1. Salam alaikum At the moment we've heard about the news of USA overturning Roe Wade and has brought the discussion in abortion once again in the Muslim community. Ofc me being a Shia Muslim I took asked my family, Marja and even Reddit for the rulings. My Marja being Sistani, he ofc said that abortion isn't allowed except if the woman's pregnancy becomes dangerous. Meaning that even for cases such as rape, incest and deformities it's not allowed to get an abortion before 120 days. I asked it once again on Reddit and the responses seemed to agree with Sistani easily and instead argued that the 'child' isn't in fault for the woman being raped etc. Needless to say I was disturbed that these people on Reddit and even marja's like Sistani didn't seem to understand why rape victims out of everyone should get the right to abort the fetus. This whole topic made me therefore rethink about my beliefs and how much my own morals go against Islam and how much I began to dislike marja's like Sistani (despite the fact I find him the most knowledgeable) who don't seem to get mental health and how people like me who dread the thought of pregnancy let alone carrying a fetus that is deformed or a product of rape. I've read that it's mostly Sunni's that allow such abortions to take place before 120 days, but me being born a Shia these rulings unfortunately don't apply to me. Mind you I have autism and some things for me require a lot of mental strength and energy to do something. Not to mention that I see social constructs differently then most people (especially me being in a Iraqi/Iranians household). Plus the fact that Sistani states that life begins at conception, meaning the fertilized ovium. I just can't comprehend all of that, cause all I imagine is a clump of cells instead of a person?? And I feel like I'd be sinning if I wanted to get an abortion to abort a deformed a rape baby even though I know very well I'll probably develop suicidal thoughts cause I wouldn't be able to handle such baby. I would honestly see this more as a burden than a blessing. In a nutcase, I have a lot of doubts about abortion in our religion and the scholars don't convince me after trying hard to understand these rulings without thinking to myself if they actually take women like me and their feelings and mental health into consideration. I didn't really have a question but I didn't know where else I could say this safely other than Reddit. I feel like I'm going against my religion but I simultaneously know what is best for me if I were to be in this situation. Not to mention that I feel morally more towards being pro-choice than pro-life. Instead I'll just ask these questions in order to give my rant some sort of educational purpose for myself and others like me: 1. Would it be permissible for a person like me to get an abortion for a deformed or rape baby if it caused me immense difficulty mentally? 2. Am I going against Islam if I were to not agree with my Marja because of doubt or feeling uncomfortable with the fatwa? 3. How does kaffare work if a non muslim doctor were to help me abort a fetus? Who should pay the kaffare? 4. People state that women instead of aborting their babies give their babies up for adoption or put into foster care. But I live in the Netherlands and there arent many Shia people here, then what? And wouldn't it be a burden to sacrifice my body and metal health to carry a baby I wouldn't want and just give it away and just feel more guilty about it afterwards? 6. I'll also post a link of pictures to ask the following question: how much of this is does it also apply in our beliefs?
  2. Bismillah i Rahman i Raheem Assalaam o 'Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah i Wa Barakaatuh !!!CONTROVERSY WARNING!!! I recall reading somewhere, I think in this very forum actually, a post that mentioned eschatological details according to Islam. There was a description of the Sufyani also mentioned, and one of the signs was that he'll rip children out of the bellies of women. I was thinking about this a few days ago, and coincidentally came across a tweet that mentioned something about the US elections and abortions. I began thinking that maybe this sign of ripping children out of the bellies of woman is referencing abortions? To be clear, I'm not trying to say that the Sufyani will rise in the US, I only mentioned the US to give context about how I came to this thought of connecting these two. I want to know what are the thoughts of everyone else on this. I'm not asking for your views on abortion, late-term/early-term or any other details, I'm only asking about your thoughts on this connection that came to my mind recently. JazakAllah Wa 'Alaikum Assalaam Wa Rahmatullah i Wa Barakaatuh
  3. My question is Islamically at what point does the soul enter the fetus in a Mother's womb? My reason for asking is in regards to an Abortion. I am well aware of the Islamic ruling on the when an Abortion is permissible and at what point it is not. Also, I am not interested in starting a debate about the morality of an Abortion. I have a opinion on Abortion, as I'm sure many of you do as well, nor am I interested in engaging in a debate about women's rights. I am fully aware of those as well. https://www.al-Islam.org/Islamic-edicts-on-family-planning/abortions Please see my question as to when exactly the soul enters the body of the unborn child? Thanks in advance for any info that is provided !!!
  4. Guest


    Is it allowed to have an abortion if the father would leave me if I kept the baby? I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I dont have a job or an education.
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