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Found 5 results

  1. assalam o alykum . I have a very big question to ask :- To get to the question i need to tell the entire event . This started one year back when one female friend of mine who is a jaffri syed shia girl , unmarried and age around 28 years was presented with a marriage proposal of a boy working with a govt organisation and specifically with the intelligence agencies . Now at first she had given her parents the consent to investigate about the proposal and find if its suitable for her , The brother of the girl and the brother-in law of the girl were not in favour of the marriage since they suspected that a marriage of this kind will undermine there status in the family as the person who was proposed was a intelligence official . After a few days of the proposal , the guy called up the girl on her phone , the girl is a working girl and at that time was in her office and started to tell he that she had been talking to people specially males who were her office colleagues and threatened her not to talk to them , as he had put her mobile number on surveillance using his powers and was having her conversations monitored and tapped . after this incidence the girl got scared and told her parents that she does not want o marry that man . but the boy started to stalk her , and kept a threat kind of atmosphere around her , even he had placed some men to see what she was doing in her day , while coming and going monitoring all the activities , also started to talk to his colleagues on their numbers . This was a very awkward position for the girl who was terrified and very scared . One more thing to mention that 2 brothers of the man are presiding Maulana (Religious preachers) specially alims graduated from IRAN in the highest order of shia Islam . Now to conclude the story in brief : Even after the girl stopped to take calls and the parents of the girl refused to marry her to the boy , one fine day a month back the boy , his two preacher brothers , and some of his staff people reached the city where she lives and abducted her on gunpoint , took her to a nearby shia shrine and forcibly under the threat of life and on gunpoint , performed NIKAH (Marriage vows) . and then abandoned her saying now "now its a lesson for her for life that neither she can marry any one , and they will never take her to their home and give her the status of the wife but will remain under her nikah for ever , the nikah wows were performed by his brother who is an alim . The terrified girl , abandoned and very much in shock was left to the mercy of Allah and they went away threatening her of life and dire consequences . Now the man is constantly calling her up every day to harras her and says since he is her husband as per shia marriage law she has to abide with that harassment , the girl is in such a depression i fear she might take some drastic step . Now my question :- Is it legal in shia islam to marry a girl just for vengeance on gun point , for the sake of making her life near to hell and suffer for life ? is it not a crime ? is it justified ? the Alims who are respected for being the scholars and preachers of the religion were a part of this act as the person involved was their brother ...is it right to do it ? is it legal ? what should be the solution to it ? Friends i expect you to provide me a very logical , Islamic and very correct answer and solution to this . since in my country this kind of a marriage is illegal by lay but this needs the highest degree of thought from the shia scholars who will give their answers on this matter . Assalamalaykum
  2. When doing the amal of ziyarat e ashura for 40 days for a hajat. The same time and place is necessary for all the days? I decided to recite it after maghrib and isha and it's been 15 days, last night my namaz got late and so did the ziyarat. Is it alright?
  3. I have started to recite ziyarat e arbaen. For 40 days for a hajat. And on the third day I missed my fajar namaz and also the time i offer ziyarat . Do I have to start the amal of 40 day again or is there a qaza for such things?
  4. Salam everyone, ya Ali madad. I would most appreciate if you could help me with a small questions regarding fasting. me and my husband are constantly traveling. During ramazan this causes alot of dilemmas as to weather we can fast, or not. So Often we can't travel as much as we would like. so my questions are, if i go to my parents house for less than 10 days can i fast? ( what i know is i can) Can my husband fast at my parents house, if hè is to stay less than 10 days? Can i fast at my grandparent house if i am going to stay les than 10 days? What if we have houses in different countries where we stay for less than 10 days, can we fast there? Thankyou
  5. The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘A servant’s faith in Allah is not complete until he has five attributes in him: 1. Complete reliance upon Allah, 2. Entrusting [his affairs] to Allah, 3. Submission to Allah’s will, 4. Contentment with Allah’s decree, and 5. Patience in Allah’s tribulations. Certainly one who loves for the sake of Allah, hates for the sake of Allah, gives for the sake of Allah, and withholds for the sake of Allah has in fact completed faith.’ [Bihar al-Anwar, v. 10, p. 177, no. 77] ‏اللهم صلي على محمد وال محمد
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