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  1. Assalam-o-Alekum, URL: Google Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vanguardmatrix.zaair Website: http://thepilgrimseries.com/ Introducing an app for all momineen to tour Ziaraats either from home or can use this app as a utility on their journey to Iran, Iraq and Syria. Zaair Guide Guide is an App for those who wish to learn and explore Ziaraat in Iran, Iraq and Syria. Locate Ziaarat in any of the three countries, listen to audio recitals or read the text in Arabic, transliteration in Roman Script and English. Estimate walking or driving directions to Ziaraat and important Landmarks from any location. Learn about the history of Ziaraat, The Imams, important Personalities and historic events. It is a must have App for Pilgrims and Zawwar (Zaair) who wish to travel to the historic places in Iran, Iraq and Syria especially for those travelling for Arbaeen. Some of the key features are listed below: Locate Ziaraat in Iran, Iraq and Syria. Find out about Ziaraat and their locations, which are not known to many people. Listen to audio recitals includingDua, Prayers, and Ziaraat. Read the text of recitals in Arabic, transliteration in Roman Script and English. Learn about the History of Ziaraat, The Imams, important Personalities and historic events. Qibla Compass Weather Report Namaz Timings Calendar of Islamic Dates Advance Search feature.
  2. http://www.duas.org/zilhajj/Ziaratarafat.htm In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful Peace be on you, O the son of Ali Al Murtaza! Peace be on you, O the son of Khadijah Kubra! Peace be on you, O he whose blood-claimer is Allah, He is the blood-claimer of your father also, as those who persecuted you, your relatives and friends have not been punished for their crimes. I bear witness that, verily, you established the prayers, gave the prescribed share to the needy, commanded to do that which is right and lawful, not to do that which is wrong and unlawful, and sincerely served Allah, till the inevitable came unto you. So, curse of Allah be on those who killed you, curse of Allah be on those who persecuted you, curse of Allah be on those who heard all this and rested satisfied. O my Mawlaa! O Aba Abdillah! I call Allah to bear witness, and also His Angels, His Prophets, His Messengers, that I believe in you, and I am sure of your return, (I follow you) in the matter of my religious performances, day-to-day conduct, and “returning to the Creator”. Blessings of Allah be on your souls and bodies, (when) you are in view (when) you are out of sight, on your style, on your substance. Peace be on you, O the son of the Last Prophet, the son of the first successor, the Imam of the God-fearing, the son of the leader of the riders who will urge their white-footed horses unto the blissful land of Paradise. How it is not possible? You are the gateway to guidance, the pious Imam, the safe handle, the decisive proof (of Allah) for the mankind, one of the five people of “Kisa” the hands of Mercy fed you, the bosom of Faith nursed you, the genius of Islam trained you, frankly I am very unhappy on account of your departure, (because) there is no doubt that you are alive. Blessings of Allah be on you, and on your forefathers, and on your descendants. Peace be on you, O he who bathed in tears, troubles, in regular rotation, surrounded you. Curse of Allah be on those who deemed it lawful to do away with your sanctity, then killed you. Blessings of Allah, harnessed and bridled, be on you, the Messenger of Allah (blessings of Allah be on him and on his children) is your blood-claimer and the book of Allah is renounced (when) you (the part of parcel of it) are lost. Peace be on you, on your grandfather on your father, on your mother, on your brother, on the Imams, in your progeny on the martyrs, martyred with you, on the angels, who surround your holy grave, and on those visitors who are here to perform your “Ziyaarat” and say “let it be so” for your follower’s prayers. Peace be on you, and mercy and blessings of Allah be on you, My father and mother are at your disposal O the son of the Messenger of Allah! My father and mother are at your disposal O Aba Abdillah! Indeed terrible was the calamity, and your suffering casts gloom upon us, and upon all the people of the earth and the heavens, so, curse of Allah be on those who saddled and bridled their horses, gave reins, and got ready to fight against you. O my Mawlaa! O Aba Abdillah! I move towards your “Haram”, I have reached your resting abode, I beseech Allah in the name of privileges you enjoy before Him, in the name of the position you occupy near Him, to send blessings on Muhammad and on his children, and let me be with you in this world and in the Hereafter, as a favour, bestowed upon me through His generosity and kindness. Peace be on you, O the Inheritor of Adam, the sincerely attached friend of Allah! Peace be on you, O the Inheritor of Nooh, the Prophet of Allah! Peace be on you, O the Inheritor of Ibrahim, the intimate friend of Allah! Peace be on you, O the Inheritor of Moosaa, whom Allah addressed! Peace be on you, O the Inheritor of Eesaa, who received joy, mercy and peace from Allah! Peace be on you, O the Inheritor of Muhammad, the dearest beloved of Allah! Peace be on you, O the Inheritor of the Ameerul Moomineen! Peace be on you, O the Inheritor of Fatimah Zahra! Peace be on you, O the son of Muhammad Al Mustafa! Peace be on you, O the son of Fatimah Zahra! Transliteration BISMILLAHIR RAHMANIR RAHEEM ASSALAAMU A’LAYKA YAA WAARITHA AADAMA S’IFWATILLAAH ASSALAAMU A’LAYKA YAA WAARITHA NOOH’IN NABIYYILLAAH ASSALAAMU A’LAYKA YAA WAARITHA IBRAAHEEMA KHALEELILLAAH ASSALAAMU A’LAYKUM YAA WAARITHA MOOSAA KALEEMILLAAH ASSALAAMU A’LAYKA YAA WAARITHA E’ESAA ROOH’ILLAAH ASSALAAMU A’LAYKA YAA WAARITHA MUH’AMMADIN H’ABEEBILLAAH ASSALAAMU A’LAYKA YAA WAARITHA AMEERIL MOOMINEEN ASSALAAMU A’LAYKA YAA WAARITHA FAAT’IMATAZ ZAHRAA ASSALAAMU A’LAYKA YABNA MUH’AMMADINIL MUS’T’AFAA ASSALAAMU A’LAYKA YABNA FAAT’IMATAZ ZAHRAA ASSALAAMU A’LAYKA YABNA A’LIYYIL MURTAZ”AA ASSALAAMU A’LAYKA YABNA KHADEEJATAL KUBRAA ASSALAAMU A’LAYKA YAA THAARALLAAHI WABNA THAARIHI WAL WITRAL MAWTOOR ASHHADU ANNAKA QAD AQAMTAS’ S’ALAATA WA AATAYTAZ ZAKAATA WA AMARTA BIL MAA’-ROOFI WA NAHAYTA A’NIL MUNKAR WA AT’AA’-TALLAAHA H’ATTAA ATAAKAL YAQEEN FALA-A’NALLAAHU UMMATAN QATALATKA WA LA-A’NALLAAHU UMMATAN Z’ALAMATKA WA LA-A’NALLAAHU UMMATAN SAMI-A’T BID’AALIKA FARAZ”IYAT BIHI YAA MAWLAAYA YAA ABAA A’BDILLAAH USH-HIDULLAAHA WA MALAAA-IKATAHU WA AMBIYAAA-AHU WA RUSULAHU ANNEE BIKUM MOOMINUN WA BI-IYAA BIKUM MOOQINUN BISHARAAYI-I’DEENEE WA KHAWAATEEMI A’MALEE WA MUNQALABEE ILAA RABBEE FAS’ALAWAATULLAAHI A’LAA ARWAAH’IKUM WA A’LAA AJSAADIKUM WA A’LAA SHAAHIDIKUM WA A’LAA GHAAA-IBIKIM WA Z’AAHIRIKUM WA BAAT’INIKUM ASSALAAMU A’LAYKA YABNA KHAATIMIN NABIYYEEN WABNA SAYYIDIL WAS’IYYEEN WABNA IMAAMIL MUTTAQEEN WABNA QAAA-IDIL GHURRIL MUH’AJJALEENA ILAA JANNAATIN NA-E’EM WA KAYFA LAA TAKOOONU KAD’AALIKA WA ANTA BAABUL HUDAA WA IMAAMUT TUQAA WAL U’RWATUL WUTHQAA WAL H’UJJATU A’LAA AHLID DUNYAA WA KHAAMISU AS’H’AABIL KISAAA GHAD’ATKA YADUR RAH’MATI WA RUZ”IA’-TA MIN THADYIL EEMAAN WA RUBBEETA FEE H’IJRIL ISLAAM FAN NAFSU GHAYRU RAAZ”IYATIN BIFIRAAQIKA WA LAA SHAAAKKATIN FEE H’AYAATIKA S’ALAWAATULLAAHI A’LAYKA WA A’LAA AABAAA-IKA WA ABNAAA-IKA ASSALAAMU A’LAYKA YAA S’AREE-A’L A’BRATIS SAAKIBATI WA QAREENAL MUS’EEBATIR RAATIBAH LA-A’NALLAAHU UMMATANAS-TAH’ALLAT MINKAL MAH’AARIM FAQUTILTA S’ALLALLAAHU A’LAYKA MAQHOORAN WA AS’BAH’A RASOOLULLAAHI S’ALLALLAAHU A’LAYHI WA AALIHI BIKA MAWTOORAN WA AS’BAH’A KITAABULLAAHI BIFAQDIKA MAHJOORAA ASSALAAMU A’LAYKA WA A’LAA JADDIKA WA ABEEKA WA UMMIKA WA AKHEEKA WA A’LAL A-IMMATI MIN BANEEKA WA A’LAA MUSTASHHADEENA MA-A’KA WA A’LAL MALAAA-IKATIL H’AAAFFEENA BIQABRIKA WASH SHAAHIDEENA LIZUWWAARIKAL MOOMINEENA BILQABOOLI A’LAA DU-A’AAA-I SHEE-A’TIKA WASSALAAMU A’LAYKA WA RAH’MATULLAAHI WA BARAKAATUH BI-ABEE ANTA WA UMMEE YABNA RASOOLILLAAH BI-ABEE ANTA WA UMMEE YAA ABAA A’BDILLAAH LAQAD A’Z’UMATIR RAZIYYATU WA JALLATIL MUS’EEBATU BIKA A’LAYNAA WA A’LAA JAMEE-I’AHLIS SAMAAWAATI WAL ARZ” FALA-A’NALLAAHU UMMATAN ASRAJAT WA AL-JAMAT WA TAHAYYA-AT LIQITAALIKA YAA MAWLAAYA YAA ABAA A’BDILLAAH QAS’ADTU H’ARAMAKA WA ATAYTU MASHHADAKA AS-ALULLAAHA BISH SHAANIL LAD’EE LAKA I’NDAHU WA BIL MAH’ALLILLAD’EE LAKA LADAYHI AN YUS’ALLIYA A’LAA MUH’AMMADIN WA AALI MUH’AMMAD WA AN YAJ-A’LANEE MA-A’KUM FID DUNYAA WAL AAKHIRATI BIMANNIHI WA JOODIHI WA KARAMINI
  3. Aslam u Aliekum; I'm travelling to Iran via Taftan border. I have a few questions please. If any one (especially from Quetta be able to answer it then it will be quite useful for me indeed) 1) There are few transport companies who take Travellers from Quetta to the Taftan border like Sada bahar. But there is a only one bus service which is approved by Governmet and Levi escort is given to them. What is a name of that transport company and where, it's adda/office is located? Any contact number of that bus service? 2)What is a timing of the departure? (I read on lonely planet that those buses travel in the carvan and have a specified time to leave Quetta. As writer was a Foreigner and missed that carvan, so he travelled in Sada bahar as a individual). 3) In Mashad, there is a Al-Imran Musafir Khana. Can any one tell me about Musafir Khana in Qom & Tehran too? Any quick reply would be highly appreciated. Allah Hafiz, Saleem
  4. Assalamu Alaikum! As the awaited and blessed month of Ramadhan is approaching, new version of Shia Toolkit isreleased. Several new features are included in this release. 1. Complete Holy Quran with Audio Translation in 14 different languages: Alhumdollilah, complete Holy Quran is added with many options andfeatures. 1. Nice andclear Arabic script 2. Download as you go option (It will download entire chapter first time you'll click on it, next time it will load from memory) 3. EnglishTranslation 4. EnglishTransliteration 5. Option to Bookmark verse in all chapters 6. Audiorecitation and translation in 14 different languages. Arabic, English, Urdu, Persian, Hindi, French, Spanish,Portuguese, Gujarati, Bengali, Turkish, German, Chinese, Korean 2. Comprehensive Amaal for the month of Ramadhan: The amaal section covers more than 100 supplications and amaal for themonth of Ramadhan. Most of the supplications are with Arabic, translation, description,transliteration and audio. a) New moon sighting duas B) Duas after everyobligatory salaat c) Daily Supplicationsfor Day d) Daily Supplicationsfor Night e) Sehr and Iftar duas f) Common Amaal forLayllatul Qadr (19, 21, 23) g) Specific Amaal for19 & 21 Ramadhan h) Specific Amaal for23 Ramadhan i) Common duas forlast 10 days j) Specific dua foreach of the last 10 days k) Special salaat for1st to 30th Ramadhan l) Amaal for nightpreceding eid m) Ziaraat and other duas https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=anywheresoftware.b4a.SIAToolKit&hl=en Snapshots of new version attached. *Please remember me and my family in this holy month specially during LayllatulQadr.
  5. http://www.spiritualjourneys.co/trips/current-flyer.html http://www.spiritualjourneys.co/trips/current-flyer.html
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