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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Is it just me or has their been A LOT of anti Shia hate propoganda online? I mean I can't even get on twitter without see a thread on supposedly "exposing" Shiaism, I know there are channels like TSD and Anti [edited out] but c'mon nobody actually listens to that garbage? Right? Idk why it just feels weird to see all the name calling, insulting, cursing, and God knows what else appear online! And now you have people saying : " sHiAs dOnT fOlLoW tHe Ahlulbayt(as)" I mean like it's crazy the amount of hate we get from the Salaf(not sunnis)!
  2. Guest


    Bismillah Rahman Raheem. I am absolutely heartbroken after finding out Anti-Majos 3 had made a video entitled “when fake matam turns real!!” and making comments from the contributors with things about God being pleased with those who did (killing the Shias in that shooting video) or bringing a scholar who says that the only solution for the Shias is to kill the men, take their women as captives and enslave their children (I think the name was specifically Rami Issa). What is the sick and disgusting stuff? Did their prophet (saws) hurt the Jews and Christians during his time? The prophet o
  3. An interesting discussion I once had with my wife was the issue of division and segregation within the Muslim community. While generally everyone gets along in my home city where there is one mosque and one mosque only, my current city the Muslims generally lack the communal feeling. The Gujeratis have their own mosques and are split into two, mostly Deobandi but some Barelvi, then the Pakistanis have their own mosques, mostly the reverse. You then have the Salafis... They are just, well, Salafis... Now hear me out here, I think the world needs less mosques. If we had less mosques we
  4. Do you guys think unity between our these two religions would be good? (Unity as in support each other and focus on common grounds) I think so personally. And the comment I took a screenshot of, I agree with, because both religions are trying to serve God.
  5. Read the Reddit comments to understand what the thread was about, since the post has since been deleted. ....................................................................................... I'm so tired of the utterly nonsensical and VERY COMMON Sunni notion of 'I am happy to seek unity with Shias as long as they don't curse/insult/abuse any Sahaba, and especially NOT Aisha, Abu Bakr, Omar, Uthman. Firstly, any Shia claim regarding the sahabi that happens to go against the Sunni narrative is considered insulting. Secondly, and more importantly, is that the same notion i
  6. Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh We Muslims should remove sect in Islam. There shall not have sunni nor shia, we are all muslim. Why the needs to use shia words anyway? if shia means follower, then follower to what? it is better to use Muslim, that means the follower of the religion of Islam by prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Same with sunni, what is sunni? if you means sunnah of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) then use full name, dont just say sunni. people who often use sunni words mostly corrupted by the evil saud and supporting isis. We should stop arguing about the past and
  7. Salaam, Anyone else notice a trend that there are some shias who are too worried about what Sunnis think of us? These are shias who hate on other shias because they perceive their actions to be something the Sunnis disapprove off. When the issue of bayat (allegiance) came up, Imam Hussain (as) did not say "well 99% of Muslims have given bayat so I should as well. What will they think of me otherwise?". He said, "One like me can never give bayat to one like Yazid." He really didn't care what anyone else did or say. If you are comfortable and confident about being a Shia, it doesn
  8. Salaam all, I want to share part of a sermon from Nahjul Balagha--127 to be exact. I am interested to see how it is interpreted by others. I feel like the message is pretty clear and concise. However, I am all ears. Imam Ali (as) says: ... With regard to me, two categories of people will be ruined, namely he who loves me too much and the love takes him away from rightfulness, and he who hates me too much and the hatred takes him away from rightfulness. The best man with regard to me is he who is on the middle course. So be with him and be with the great majority (of Muslims)
  9. Everday i hear different things from both sides but i think as a muslim we have the most strong bond. Please avoid to blame each other and live in peace. Basically i am suni but i respect shia and every other sect in circle of islam and i also have shia as my best friend. Everyone should play his part and love each other i make islam strongest thats the most important thing.
  10. (bismillah) Dear brothers and sisters. Lately I have noticed that Shiachat and it's members, including me have changed for the worse. Shiachat in itself is just a website, but it is also the biggest shia community. Granted that it is digital, but in todays day and age, it is equally reflective and mirrors what shias believe and how they behave than it does in physical life. Perhaps even more. However, we are in a bad spot here. I am talking about the behavior and conduct of shiachat members, and their lack of understanding the effects of their words. Both how it affects other shias and how it
  11. Assalam o Alaikum! First thing, all shias are not bad nor kaafir.Yes there are people who call themselves shias nd i've listen them nd they believe that (Angel Jibreel) made mistake Allah send jibreel to Ali (r.a) but he goes to Muhammad (SaW). Some of the writers compare Ali (r.a) with Allah. They abuse to ABUBAKAR(R,A) UMER(R.A) USMAAN(R.A) nd many other sahabas. like there speakers promote hate by telling these kind of stories which does not even exist in their books nd totally against the QurAn. But there are true Group of shias.Which is totally different from the other groupo
  12. (salam) Unfortunately, Sunni side is not much open for Shia muslims. So called hardliner Sunnis call Shias Kafir/Majoosi/Sabai/Jews etc. Even in mainstream Sunnis we do not see much struggle from Sunni side for unity among Ummah (Shia-Sunni Unity). Often we being Shias face an unreasonable demand from Sunni side for unity among Ummah (Shia-Sunni Unity) that "Shias should convert to Sunni for unity". This is like a Wahabi saying to a Brailvi convert to Wahabism if you want unity. One has to accept others with their faith/views for unity. One can not thrust upon his/her views to others. On
  13. https://historyofislam.com/contents/the-age-of-faith/muawiya/ I strongly Advise you read the above link. A Sunni' professor, describing Sunni perspective of the History of Muawiya. For those among my Shia brothers who believe their Sunni Brothers say RadiAllahu 'Anhu after Muawiyah, you can see that the Sunni's do not do that, at all. For those of you who want to see a Shia Acadamic, who is well known (and whom I saw lectures at UMAA this year), I refer you to Nabil Hussayn :http://scholar.princeton.edu/nhussen/links/term/400 and if you're lazy, here http://scholar.princeton.edu/n
  14. Salam aleykum to all During all the time I watched how many brothers and sisters having to much discussion each other and im really shocked sometimes. A brother on Facebook defend Palestinians and then some other Shia Brothers say "Israel should bomb those Bakris" or "Hezbollah and Iran are not Shia and are not helping my faith". Im not a friend of the Sunni way and also not a big supporter of Khamenei or Nasrallah (I still support Hezbollah and Islamic Iran), but how can you call yourself Shia Muslim and wish the death to Palestinians and call others who follow Khamenei and Nasrallah as
  15. Honestly this might sound really weird coming from a 15 year old, but I've been doing some research related to Shias and Sunni. I was born in a Sunni family. So I searched for different things related to different sects. Now I'm confused as to which sect is correct. So I prayed to God to show me signs of the correct sect. And I'm not even kidding but I had dreams for two consecutive days in which I was supporting Shias. So I guess those were signs.. But now I'm very confused and everyone must be thinking that I'm only 15 and all but it's not that. I have this affiliation with the prophet(pbuh)
  16. Assalamou Aalaykom brothers and sisters. As you all know that when a person enters a community, a group, a team, etc.. He sees things from an objective point of view. What disturbs me as a new committed revert is when i see the followers of Sayed Sistani and Sayed al khamenei argue and dispute over minor matters which makes the disunity of shias more obvious and manifest. This actually makes our enemies feel really happy and satisfied, not only they are succeeding in killing us and showing us in a horrible picture but they are succeeding in dividing us. At first i didn't believe tha
  17. Salam This thread is dedicated to Sayyid Khomeini's speeches, letters and sayings. I will be posting some of the interesting parts of a series of books called "Imam's Sahifah" which contains nearly all of what the great Sayyid has said or written in response to different issues, God willing. I also thank @Repenter for this. You can find the entire series here. Simply search for "Sahifeh" in that website. http://en.imam-khomeini.ir/en/page/127/BOOK-LIBRARY/?kind=167&action=qs&txt=sahifeh With that said, let me begin: Religious minorities under the protection of Islam From
  18. جانِ ایران، جانِ افغانستان یک دستور از رهبر انقلاب: هیچ دانش‌آموز افغانستانی، از تحصیل بازنماند؛ حتی .غیرقانونی خبرگزاری تسنیم: رهبر معظم انقلاب چندی پیش دستور داده‌اند که همه کودکان افغانستانی، چه آنها که دارای شرایط قانونی حضور در ایران هستند و چه آنها که مدارک قانونی حضور در ایران را ندارد باید در مدارس دولتی ثبت‌نام شوند، این یک تصمیم بزرگ و تاریخی است. سرانجام موعد رسانه‌ای شدن یکی از مهمترین تصمیمات عالی نظام جمهوری اسلامی در تاریخ سی و چند ساله حضور مهاجرین افغانستانی در ایران فرا رسیده است. صحبت‌های ضمنی مبنی بر اعلام این تصمیم در تمام طول این یکی دو سال شنیده می‌شد. اما سرانج
  19. http://asbarez.com/132694/holy-see-of-cilicia-hosts-muslim-christian-theological-dialogue/ ANTELIAS, Lebanon—The Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia and the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran held a series of meetings and discussions at the Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia in Antelias, Lebanon on March 3 and 4. The two bodies adopted a joint statement at the conclusion of what was the sixth such event. The entire statement is below. * * * “We praise the Almighty God who once again granted to us the opportunity to organize the Sixth Session of our theo
  20. Should one better be neutral with these persons (abu bakr, umar, uthman, aisha, muawiya)? Because Ahlul Sunna have their hadiths and rijal while the Shia have theirs, and the rijal of narrators that Ahlul Sunnah trusts are some that the Shia don't trust and vice versa. What is the solution to this? Thanks (please keep the posts short summarized so that it may be easy to everyone)
  21. A Sunni Muslim group called "Ahl al-Sunnah", consisted of eight Sunni tribes in the Iraqi southern province of Basra, has registered to fight against radical militants from the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL). Al-Alam correspondent in Basra reported on Tuesday that fighters from eight Sunni tribes registered the "Ahl al-Sunnah" group to cooperate with the army in their fight against the ISIL militants. Sheikh Muhammad Blasem, head of the Waqf Office for Sunni Muslims in Basra, told Al-Alam reporter that the group is going to fight for protecting Iraqi people under the comma
  22. Salamun Alaykum. What saddens me the most is the fact that we as the only followers of Ahl al-Bayt on the earth, can not tolerate each other! Can we call ourselves Shi'a of Ali (as) when we hate other members of Shi'a school of thought? It is true that the issue of Yaser al-Habib and the like has caused much hatred between some Sunnis and Shi'as but if it leads to the same hatred among us as Shi'as then, I believe, we have done the best service to our enemies. This is not limitted to the above-mentioned issues. In many threads you may find Shi'as accusing others of being ignorant, stupid and s
  23. أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم I seek refuge in Allah from Shaitan, the accursed one. In the Name of Allah, the All-Beneficent, the All-Merciful اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد و عجل فرجهم و العن عدوهم My God, send peace and blessings upon Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad, and hasten the reappearance of our Imam and curse their enemies Salam, Today's so-called 'scholars' do nothing but praise bakris/sunnis and not only condemn cursing the enemies of Allah, and actually say it is haraam... Astaghfrilillah. Even on this forum, the rules of the chat sa
  24. Hello SC now I want to mention an interesting revelation. now I try to translate it ! from Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Abdullah ibn Dinar From his father, Ahmed Ben Salem, Mohammed bin Yahya bin Dharas, from Muhammad ibn Jaafar, Nasr Ibn Muzahim Ibn Abu Hammad, from Abu Daoud Abdullah bin partner, Abu Jafar, peace be upon him said Abu Bakr, 'Umar and Zubair and Abdul Rahman bin Auf sat near the prophet of Allah (pbuh). the Prophet (pbuh) Went out to them and sat near them and gave his worn shoes to Ali ibn Abi Talib in order to repair them.Then he said: at The right hand of God the Alm
  25. Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh: "There is no word of excommunicating Shia in Islam" Ahmad el-Tayeb, Sheikh of Egypt’s prestigious Al-Azhar University said "there is no word of excommunicating Shia in Islam and the holy Qur’an". (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Ahmad el-Tayeb, grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar adopted a tough stance on excommunicating Shia and said: "If we let these futile thoughts become dominant in our minds, then, we will not be Arab with Arabic culture and Muslim with Muslim culture, anymore." "We need to unite Muslims in Islamic countries; unity of Muslim nations is
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