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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 17 results

  2. FIL’AKOVO, SLOVAKIA—According to a report in The Slovak Spectator, archaeologist Viktória Tittonová led an investigation of an area of a castle located near what is now the Slovakia-Hungary border. “We found silver coins, ceramics, pipes, knives, and even vessels and sacks with the remains of grains,” she said. The team also uncovered pieces of a turbah, a clay disc that may have been used by Shia Muslims during prayer to symbolize the earth. The turbah is thought to date to the sixteenth or seventeenth centuries, when the town of Fil’akovo was part of the Ottoman Empire. Older fortifications made of wooden palisades were found as well. https://www.archaeology.org/news/7155-181120-slovakia-clay-disc
  3. While some are porous and rugged, some are neat and have that shiny aspect. How do they do that ? A cooking process?
  4. Salaam, I was wondering if I could use a small rock from outside as a turbah or if there is anything else I would be able to use. I'm not sure where to buy one in stores around me and I can't buy one online as my parents will find out (they don't accept Islam and would punish me if they knew). Please let me know, thank you!
  5. I didn't believed until I saw with my own eyes people disrespecting and disregarding the soil of Karbala. At shrines of Imam Reza (a.s.) and Imam Ali (a.s.) in particular you will more often find yourself dodging the turbah/Khake Shifa/mohr. I was really appalled to see a man at one of those shrine tossing a piece of turbah to the ground and that lazy fella adjusted it's position using his feet. Such a contemptuous behaviour! https://www.al-islam.org/greater-sins-volume-3-ayatullah-sayyid-abdul-husayn-dastghaib-shirazi/fiftieth-greater-sin
  6. Salamo Aleikum brothers and sisters! I hope everything is well with all of you. I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this site: http://mecollectibles.com/en/236-prayer-rug. I was looking to buy some prayer rugs and some other things and came across this site. Does anyone know of it?
  7. Salam brothers I have a question regarding turbah You see,i found a turbah ,which was old and colour changed,so i washed it to remove everything from its surface and i used a knife too While i did that cleaning i also re shaped turbah with knife Actually i adjusted it to my forehead But i read somwhere that its disrespecting thing to use knife So im asking Did i do wrong? Can i use this turbah?
  8. Salam I heard that we should not put our forehead on side where something is written on turbah,that we should use side without any writing Is this true? I used to pray on turbah on side which has a shrine on it Does this invalidate my prayer?
  9. Salam brothers Is it allowed to make small movement of head when we put forehead on turbah before we start dhikr Can we make movement in order to make better position for forehead on turbah because al weight is on one spot
  10. Assalamu 'alaikum, I have spent the whole morning looking for a cloth for my turbah, like these ones; http://mecollectibles.com/en/134-turbah-cloth, I was going to buy one from there but the shipping is crazily expensive and they don't ship to Sweden, so I'm wondering if anybody knows where I can buy a cloth similar to that, that isn't very expensive. I tried looking on ebay and amazon but I can't find anything there.
  11. Assalam alaikum brothers and sisters, Today in my sujood I had placed my head in the turbah and it has cracked. I did not pressure it with my head and the turbah was not broken or had any damage whatsoever before the incident. The turbah has now been cracked in half by my sujood and I was wondering if there was a meaning behind this.
  12. Assalamualaikum. I am a new convert to Shia Islam, alhamdulillah. I am a female living in Birmingham, UK and I don't know any Shia muslims at the moment so I haven't been able to get a turbah to prostrate on. So first off, does anyone know where I can get one? But I've been wondering is a turbah compulsory because up til now I've been prostrating on paper.
  13. Asalam Alykum, I hope everyone is in good health. I am sorry if this is not the right topic area to post this. I have been searching information regarding Turbah/Muhr. We [Me and my wife] do not know how to care for it, how to keep and how to maintain it. To expand, I tend to pray using Turbah at work and at home and while I do my bows I notice sometimes the Turbah becomes darker. Sometimes its not sometimes my forehead is wet and it becomes wet so I clean it with my shirt etc. My wife pointed out to me that my Turbah was completely worn out as it was a very dark brown colour otherwise I had been using it for eons! I am assuming this will help a lot of people and I am sure this may get searched a lot. For those who are unfamiliar with the practice or have doubts please listen to someone far more knowledgable then me. [ ]Thank you for your time for viewing and/or contributing. Ma'Salam
  14. Where does one get or purchase a turbah? Other than being given one from family, where? Thanks, TYE
  15. This is the third in a series of 'challenges' I have presented to our brothers from Ahlul Sunnah. (1) http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235021910-a-massive-challenge-to-absolutely-every-sunni/ (2) http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235022032-another-massive-challenge-to-all-sunnis/ So far, no one has been able to adequately refute either of them and I welcome any Sunni brothers to attempt it. In this one, I want to discuss the dust or stone that we prostrate on, and whether that is the innovation or praying on carpets is the innovation, I'm sure everyone is familiar with Ibn Taymiyyah, who they see as the main proponent of Hanbalism, which is the school of thought that is very much dominant in Saudi Arabia, where the followers of the supposed 'Sunnah' of the Prophet (pbuh) are supposedly living. The most famous of his students was ibn Qayyim, who wrote the famous book Ighathatul Laghfan, which was meant for clearly for clearing up bid'ah, but don't take my word for it. The book, Al Durar al Saniya fi ajwubatul Najdiyya, written by Abdul Rahman al Najdi, volume 2 page 219, "and the student of Ibn Taymiyyah, Allamah al Qayyim has provided a book that is of the best books to reply to the people of Bid'ah which is Ighathatul Laghfan". Ok, let us see what this book that is of the best for clearing up bid'ah says about this issue, and let us see if the sunnah is with them or with us. On page 218, Ibn Qayyim's analysis is as follows,"You will never see one of us not praying on a rug. The Prophet himself would never pray on a rug. He prayed on the earth, however when he did pray on a mat, he would prostrate on clay, or he would pray on a mat that had soil on it, and his head would always be prostrating on dust, and sometimes stones, so that you would see the signs of dust on his forehead and nose". Now, someone asks the question, why is it a turbah from karbalaa'? why not any old piece of clay? When let's look at the the Virtues of the Companions, by Ahmed ibn Hanbal, volume 2, page 965, hadith number 1357, the following incident is recorded, Um Salama narrates that the Prophet said, "An angel has entered upon me earlier that had never entered upon me before, and he said to me,'This son of yours Hussain will be murdered, and if you wish I can bring you some of the clay that he will die on' and he gave me a piece of clay that was red, from that land".The verifier says, the chain is sahih, I'll say that again, sahih. Commenting 'Ahmed has brought this hadith into this book and in his Musnad, and al Haythami also included it in Majma' al Zawa'id, and the rijal (narrators) are also sahih.' also commenting, 'and Tabarani has narrated it from A'isha', further commenting, 'and Abu Ya'laa and al Bazzar have also narrated it, and all of the rijal are trustworthy'. Therefore, we see that the Prophet (pbuh) would never prostrate of a carpet, and he would place his head on mud and stones and you would see the marks on his forehead and nose. Also, we can see that the dust of Karbalaa' was given special importance by Allah, because angles act only on the order of Allah. Nevertheless, it is agreed that dust from karbalaa' isn't the important part, but the important part is that it is Allah's earth, not the carpets that came into the Prophet's mosque some 200 years later. Clearly the innovation is in the carpets, not in the clay.
  16. At the mosque I sometimes notice that some people use more that one turbah whilst praying, placing one above the other (not on top of, just slightly above as in further away). I was wondering why this is done?
  17. (salam) I'm very excited tonight! I received my very first turbah. Up until now, I've been using paper, as per Sistani's recommendation, but I've always wanted a proper turbah. I converted to (Sunni) Islam in 2010, but three months ago I realised that my loyalties are actually to Ahlul Bayt, and so changed from being Sunni to Shi'i. Anyways, I just wanted to share my excitement! I had a few offers from people over the internet to mail me a turbah from different countries across the world, which was very thoughtful, but eventually somebody I know (via Twitter) offered to give me her one (she's from Kuwait, but living in Melbourne currently, where I live). I haven't yet been to a Shi'i mosque, as I'm a nervous person and I stress out about new, unknown situations, and I don't personally know any Shi'is here in Melbourne, so I didn't have access to get a proper turbah. Nevertheless, here it is. as I said, I'm really very excited! And I'm very thankful to my Muslim sister for giving me one (it's a very thoughtful thing she did). Does anybody else have a story of when somebody gave them something, of which they were exceedingly grateful at the person's kindness?
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