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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 3 results

  1. O Ali, your Shia and you will come to Allah with content and pleasure. Your enemies will come with anger and will be unable to bend their heads to find their ways. as-Sawaaiq ul-Muhriqa; 2 / 449 *** and Majmaa uz-Zawaaid; 9:131 Mujam Al-Tabarani 1 / 319 948 On the Day of Resurrection, Ali and his Shia will be the winners. Kunouz ul-Haqaaiq; 92 O Ali, Allah has forgiven you, your progeny, your sons, your household, your Shia, and the adorers of your Shia. as-Sawaaiq ul-Muhriqa; 96. The Shia of Ali will be the true winners. Kunouz ul-Haqaaiq; 82 O sons of Abdul-Muttalib, I do not know any young Arab man who has brought to his people a thing that is better than that which I have brought to you. I have brought to you the goodness of this world as well as the world to come. Allah, Exalted is He, has ordered me to call you to accept this matter. Which one of you will support me in this regard and he will be my brother, successor, and representative among you?” They all kept silent except me. I said, while I was the youngest among them, “O the Prophet of Allah, I will be your supporter in this matter.” I repeated this statement three times. The Prophet (s) then took me from the neck and said: “This is my brother, successor, and representative among you. You thus should listen to and obey him.” They left him laughing and saying to Abu Talib: “He has ordered you to listen to and obey your son!”)) Tarikh; at-Tabari 2:319-21, Al-Kamil fit Tarikh; Ibn ul-Athir 2:22, As-Sirat un-Nabawiyya; al-Halabi ( the Shafiite ) 1:311-2, kenz ul-Ummal; al-Muttaqi ( the Hanafite ), Mustadrak us-Sahihayn; Al-Hakim an-Nisapuri ( the Shafiite ) 3:133, Ad-Durr ul-Manthour: As-Suyoutti ( the Shafiite ) 5:79, Al-Musnad; Ahmed bin Hanbal ( the founder of Habalites ) 1:111, Al-BIdaya wan-Nihaya; Ibn Kuthari 3:39, Tarikh; Abu al-Fidaa 1:119, Shawahid ut-Tanzil; Al-Hasakani 1:485 H.514 and 580, Tarikh Dimashq: the life account of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib; Ibn Asakir ( the Shafiite ) 1:97-105 H.133-40, and Sharhu Nahj ul-Balagha; Ibn Abi al-Hadid ( the Mutazilite ) 13:210 and 244. http://abdelzahra1.com/?page_id=18784
  2. In the name of Allah Have the Sunni books of hadith narrated concerning Imam Mahdi (aj)? One of the questions concerning Imam Mahdi poses is: Have the Sunni books of hadith narrated about Imam Mahdi (aj)?Reply:However, the general oppression of the Bani Umayya and Bani Abbas and the powerful and mysterious policy as well as passion religious prejudice did not allow the provincial and pontificate and Imams news to be negotiated or inserted in the books, but also the Sunni news books include hadiths of Mahdi (aj).In Sihah books, there are chapters called Mahdi as well remarks of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is quoted.For example,Abdollah has narrated, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says:“The world will not pass until a man of my household, whose name is my name, will have ruled on the Arab. “(عن عبد اللّه قال، قال رسول اللّه (ص): لا تذهب الدنیا حتى یملک العرب رجل من اهل بیتى یواطى اسمه اسمى-)Sahih Tarmazi, volume 9, page 74 _ the book Yanaabi Almaveddat, authored by Sheikh Solaiman, year 1308 AH, volume 2, page 180 _ the book Albayan fi Akhbar sahib zaman, authored by Muhammad ibn Yousef Shafe’i, Najaf, page 57 _ the book Noor Al’absar, page 171 _ the book Meshkat Al’masabih, page 370)Tarmazi has narrated this hadith in his book Sahih, then said:“This hadith is correct. Ali and Abu Sa'eid and Abu Huraira and Umm Salamah have narrated concerning Mahdi (aj).”Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) has narrated that the Prophet Muhammad says:“If the universe only one day will be left, God can arises the man of my household to provide the world with justice and equity as it is made full of oppression.”(على رضى اللّه عنه عن النبى (ص) قال: لو لم یبق من الدهر الایوم واحد لبعث اللّه رجلا من اهل بیتى یملاءها عدلا کما ملئت جورا)Sahih, authored by Abi Davood, volume 2, the book Ah’mahdi, page 207 _ Al’bayan, page 59 _ the book Noor Al’absar, authored by Shablanji, page 156 _ Alsava’eq Al’moharaqa, authored by ibn Hajar, Cairo, page 161 _ the book Fosool Al’mohemma, authored by ibn Sabbaq, Najaf, page 275 _ the book As’aaf Alraqebin, authored by Mohammad Alsaban )“Umm Salamah” has quoted that she heard the prophet Muhmmad (PBUH) says:“Promised Mahdi is of my Household and the descendant of Fatemeh (sa).”Sahih Abi Davood, volume 2, the book Almahdi, page 207. Abu Davood has narrated 11 hadiths in this chapter _ Sahih ibn Maje, chapter Khorooj Almahdi, volume 2, page 519 _ alsava’egh, page 161 _ Albayan, page 64 _ Meshkat Almasabih, authored by Muhammad ibn Abdullah Khatib, Delhi, page 370 )Abu Saeed has said:The Prophet (PBUH) says: “Mahdi (aj) has a high forehead and a narrow nose. He will return and make the universe full of justice and equity as it is made full of injustice and oppression then will rule for seven years.”(ام سلمة قالت سمعت رسول اللّه( ص) یقول: المهدى من عترتى من ولد فاطمة)Sahih Abi Davood, volume 2, the book Almahdi, page 208 _ Fosool Almohemma, page 275 _ Noor Al’absar, Egypt, page 170, Yanabi Almaveddat, volume 1, page 161)Imam Ali (as) has narrated, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says:“Promised “Mahdi” is of my household. God will have provided his revolution at a night.”Abu Said has narrated that the prophet says:“The earth is made full of injustice, then a man of my household will appear and then rule his earthly kingdom for seven years or nine years besides making the earth full of justice and equity.”Mosnad Ahmad, volume 3, page 28. There are hadiths concerning Mahdi In chapter Mosnadat Abi Saeid Alkhadri _ Yanabi Almaveddat, volume 2, page 227Abu Said has narrated that the Prophet (PBUH) says:“After the apocalypse, a heavy suffering of sovereign will happen while has not heard the harder before.So that the wide earth is kept tight as well is made full of oppression. Believers will find no refuge for oppression proceedings.By this time, God will have sent a man of my family to provide the earth with justice and equity as it is made full of oppression.Inhabitants of the sky and the earth will be satisfy of him. The Land will grow all his plants, besides the sky will raining successive.He will seven or nine years among people live.”Because of the charity which God will send down to the earth, dead people will dream living again.(عن ابى سعید قال، قال نبى اللّه (ص): ینزل بامتى فى آخر الزمان بلاء شدید من سلطانهم، لم یسمع بلاء اشد منه حتى تضیق عنهم الارض الرحبة و حتى یملاء الارض جورا و ظلما، لا یجد المؤمن ملجئا یلتجى‏ء الیه من الظلم. فیبعث اللّه رجلا من عترتى فیملاء الارض قسطا و عدلا کما ملئت ظلما و جورا. یرضى عنه ساکن السماء و ساکن الارض. لا تدخر الارض من بذرها شیئا الا اخرجته و لا السماء من قطرها شیئا الاصبه اللّه علیهم مدرارا. یعیش فیهم سبع سنین او تسع. تتمنى الاحیاء الاموات لما صنع اللّه باهل الارض من خیره)Albayan, page 72 _ Alsavaegh Almoharreqa, page 161 _ Yanabi, volume 2, page 177There are many of these sayings in the hadith books of Sunni, that this amount is sufficient. Mahdiye313
  3. Read about Documents of Ahl Sunnahh about Attacking to Fatimah House , Sunni Books write about Angry of Fatimah to Abu Bakr and Umar, http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235021468-what-happened-to-fatimah-why-hidden-grave/ Some narrations as follows, read more here ( Click here ) : Kanz al-Ummal, v3, p140 writes: Umar said to Fatimah (who was behind the door of her house): "I know that the Prophet of God did not love any one more than you, but this will not stop me to carry out my decision. If these people stay in your house, I will burn the door in front of you." alahuddin Khalil al-Safadi another Sunni scholar in his book 'Waafi al- Wafiyyaat' under the letter 'A' while recording the view of Ibrahim Ibn Sayyar Ibn Hani al-Basri, well-known as Nidhaam quotes him to have said: "On the day of 'Bay'aat' (paying allegiance), Umar hit Fatimah on the stomach such that child in her womb died." ... Fatimah became angry with Abu Bakr and kept away from him, and did not talk to him till she died. She remained alive for six months after the death of the Prophet. When she died, her husband 'Ali, buried her at night without informing Abu Bakr and he said the funeral prayer by himself. Sunni references: - Sahih al-Bukhari, Chapter of "The battle of Khaibar", Arabic-English, v5, tradition #546, pp 381-383, also v4, Tradition #325
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