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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 2 results

  1. There was a great ravine A raging sea Embers burning hot and the driving rain of a hurricane Within my heart of hearts. Where do you go and who do you call When your life has ceased to make any sense? For within my soul Was so deep a hole And my memories are but ghosts. A beauty I had never seen Who could it be? What is it not? For to walk in truth, now so far from my youth, Could tomorrow's sunrise be the start Of a new chance to give my All? My heart pounds in suspense To attain that goal That my life transform like a diamond from a coal Is what I desire most. (alhamdu lillaah)
  2. Asalaam Alaikom I’d like to make a quick post regarding the virtue of the seeker of knowledge. A seeker of knowledge is essentially someone that attains knowledge whilst in search of it. I’d like to split the post into two sections. A) What is the need of seeking knowledge? B ) Hadiths regarding the seeker of knowledge I’d like to analyse from a logical perspective the need to seek and attain knowledge. As Muslims, especially living in the west, we are surrounded by many people who may have a negative view on Islam (which is usually out of ignorance) or are unaware of the limitless knowledge and teachings given by Islam. Many situations are encountered on a daily life whereby the solution has been provided by the Quran or recorded in hadith concerning the view of our Prophets (as) and Imams (as). You will be shocked with the amount of people that are enlightened and drawn to Islam by answers you give to certain situations. For instance, if someone comes to you and says “You religious people only worship God out of fear” if you have done your research you will know that the same question has been answered in an eloquent manner by Ameer Al mo’mineen (as) where he replies “there are three types of worshippers, the first is the one who worships out of fear of hell, this is the worship of a slave, then there is the one who worships for the reward of the next life, this is the worship of a business man, then there is the one who worships because he thinks Allah (swt) is worthy of worship, this is the worship of a freeman” If such a reply is given you will find the asker astounded at this answer. When mentioned you attained this through the knowledge of Islam, the persons view on islam if negative, will change to positive. And if unaware will be enlightened by this knowledge. Hadiths regarding the virtue of the seeker of knowledge are many. Just to quote a few. The Prophet (sawa) said “The seeker of knowledge among ignorant people is as the living one among the dead. The Prophet (sawa) said “There are two insatiable types of people who are never satisfied by their quest: the seeker of knowledge and the seeker after this world.” (i personally suggest you ponder over that hadith, its extremely deep) The Prophet (sawa) said “When death comes to the seeker of knowledge whilst he is in that state [of seeking knowledge] he dies a matyr. (look up the rewards of a matyr, it can count as you seeking knowledge) The Prophet (sawa) said “Verily the angels spread their wings over the seeker of knowledge and seek forgiveness for him” The Prophet (sawa) said “He who goes out to seek knowledge, Allah (swt) guarantees his sustenance for him ” (so no saying “oh I have work i can’t do any research”) This one really emphasises the status of the seeker of knowledge Imam Ali (as) said “He who is overtaken by death whilst he is seeking knowledge, there remains but a difference of one level between him and the Prophets” Ways to seek knowledge : the ways to seek knowledge is infinite especially with the internet at hand. Imam Jafar sadiq (as) said “Verily knowledge is a lock and it’s key is questioning” So ASK QUESTIONS, never be afraid that the question is too stupid if your intention is sincere. And if you have a question, ask people, and do independant resarch, then once knowledge has been attained..SPREAD IT. As the Prophet said to the people when they converted and knew the shahadah, he said to them now that you know the shahadah even go and spread that. And just think for every bit of knowledge you spread, and someone learns from you, you get the blessing, then they go and tell people, and you get the blessing and this continues til qiyamah. inshaAllah this article helped you all, May Allah (swt) make the path to knowledge easy so we may attain more. Wa Alaikum Salaam.
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