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Found 6 results

  1. Assalamalaikum, I am a South Asian "Syed" male(I put Syed in quotes because I am not sure of whether or not I am truly a Syed, many say real Syeds will have family trees or shajrah but they can also be easily faked). Is it actually forbidden for Sayyids to marry non Sayyids? Is there any hadith? My parents say that apparently on the day of judgement Bibi Fatima(sa) will questions Sayyids who marry non Sayyids and get some form of adhab. I will respect my parents wishes and marry a fellow Syed; however, I strongly disagree with them on this reasoning and I want to correct them on this matter. Are there any actual hadith that actually explicitly prohibit Sayyids from marrying non Sayyids? I imagine this hadith would refer more to Shias marrying Muslims of other sects and non Muslims. Also anything scholars have to say about Sayyid-non Sayyid marriage(forbidding or allowing)? I do not think there is anything wrong with Sayyids marrying Sayyids or non Sayyids, however, I disagree with the reasoning that Bibi Fatima(sa) will be disappointed with Sayyids who do marry non Sayyids. Also this hadith, Sort of off topic but is there an actual way to determine whether or not you are a Sayyid? I remember seeing a Hashemite gene testing thing where it checks if you have the Hashemite gene, you are really a Sayyid. I also imagine that a real Sayyid South Asian should have some Arabian if they did a DNA test.
  2. There are many fake and fabricated versions of the lineage of Imam Ali, Amir al-mumineen. Here is the authentic one- (1) Ali (as) (2) Abu Talib (as) (3) Abdu'l-Muttalib (4) Hashim (5) Abd-e-Manaf (6) Qusai (7) Kilab (8) Murra (9) Ka'b (10) Luwai (11) Ghalib (12) Fehr (13) Malik (14) Nazr (15) Kinana (16) Khazima (17) Madreka (18) Ilyas (19) Muzar (20) Nizar (21) Ma'd (22) Adnan (23) Awwad (24) Al-Yasa' (25) Al-Hamis (26) Bunt (27) Sulayman (28) Haml (29) Qidar (30) Isma'il (31) Ibrahim Khalil-Ullah (32) Ta'rikh (33) Tahur (34) Sharu (35) Abraghu (36) Taligh (37) Abir (38) Shale' (39) Arfakhad (40) Sam (41) Noah(42) Lumuk (43) Mutu Shalkh (44) Akhnukh (45) Yarad (46) Mahla'il (47) Qinan (48) Anush (49) Seth (50) Adam Abu'l-Bashir ( the first human ).
  3. An Introduction to Hawza StudiesBy Sayyid Fadhil Bahrululoom The introductory course is a three week course held twice a week at Imam al-Jawad Centre. Topics that will be discussed will be the history, origins and mediums of study for Fiqh, Usool, Kalaam/Aqaid, Ilm al-Rijaal, Ilm al-Hadith, Tafsir al-Quran and Philosophy/Irfan. Dates for the lessons will be January 22nd, 24th, 29th, 31st and February 5th. Brothers and Sisters are welcome. £15 administration fee. Refreshments will be served. To register please contact 07712219213 or e-mail a.bahrululoom@salamf.org as places are limited. Address: Imam al-Jawad Centre 247 High Road, Willesden London NW10 2RY Transport details: By car – Parking is free from 6.30pm on all the surrounding streets By bus – 52, 98, 302, 226, 260, 460 By tube – Jubilee line, Willesden Green or Dollis Hill station Join our facebook event here
  4. “Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever disbelieves in the Taghut (Satan, idols, arrogant rulers and any evildoer… etc.) and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold that shall never break off, and Allah is Hearing, Knowing [all things].” (02:256). [(Interpretations) inspired from the Quran, vol. 5, p: 45)] http://english.bayynat.org/Values/Value_signification.htm#.UpuGFH-9KSM
  5. Abu Ja‘far, died 245 A. H., has mentioned in his book al-Mihbar that Imam al-Hasan had three sons-in-law. They are Imam Ali bin al-Husayn (a.s) being married to Umm Abdullah, Abdullah bin al-Zubayr, being married to Umm al-Hasan, and Amr bin al-Mundhir, being married to Umm Salama.[1] [1] Al-Mihbar, p. 57. http://www.coiradio.com/library/library/pro_ahl/imam02_hasan/the_life_of_imam_hasan/28.htm Anyone got more info on this? What is this source? two are not sayyeds!
  6. Has anyone ever had any experience of cults who use the name of Islam? I have information from very high up about a Sayyid who is basically a fraud, who has been brainwashing people (they obviously are not even aware) and he is even said to use 'black magic'. I have spoken to various Sayyids who work for a highly respected Ayatollah who have warned of this Sayyid as being 'very dangerous'. He has married very young girls against the consent of their fathers even, leaving the parents distraught at losing their children to him. Not only once has he done this, he does this regularly. The frightening thing is, the Marje he claims to work for is hugely respected, so he is tarnishing his great name and only committing more sins, while using the people around him. This has become personal because this individual has taken in people that I deeply love. Unfortunately it is very personal to me because I feel it is partly my fault they were so vulnerable in the first instance so they were perfect targets to be brainwashed by this Sayyid (and those around him - also likely to have been brainwashed). So when i try to speak to those that i love, even as far as warning them or letting them know they can seek the truth themselves through offices of the Marje that this Sayyid claims to work for - They do not, because they do not believe me, or they are advised by these people in this cult to not communicate with me. Anyway, the Marje he claims to work for do not recognise him anymore and they have reports of him committing horrible sins across the world and destroying peoples families, as opposed to actually helping them to do everything to resolve situations as is supposed to be the case. If you actually sit with this man, you actually find it hard to believe he could do this, due to his knowledge and soft nature - Clearly an experienced con-man. The fact he uses the knowledge of Islam, the name of Allah is what frightens me the most. It literally makes me feel sick to my stomach. I did not want to believe the information i gained on him, infact i was in tears on the phone to a loved one of mine trying to warn her and have her seek the truth through official sources, but she just does not want to listen to me, she seems to hate me so much, so i feel helpless, but i wont give up on her. I gave up on her once, so i feel this is my fault.. Allah inshallah will give me the strength to have this man exposed and to bring him down, in return i only wish to have the two people i love so much back in my life, for them to give me the chance to show them i only wish to protect them from this day till the day i die, to just give me one final chance to prove to them this time i am not the bad man i was and that i won't leave their side or desert them ever again, in the name of Allah. What worries me more then anything though, is that they would be willing to take this 'Sayyids' word even over the word of those who are official Shaykhs, and Sayyids that work for this great Ayatollah. Reports from offices of this Ayatollah have even said this 'Sayyid' has even switched Ayatollahs once he caused so much fuss on one side, he went over to another! Why are there Sayyids like this!? :mad: Clearly no fear of Allah! This has caused me sleepless nights, any advice would be appreciated, however i will not rest until this 'Sayyid' releases those that i love from his grasp, or he actually repairs the damage the he has created. Any good du'a to help with this kind of brainwashing/magic would also be appreciated.. رحمك الله Rahimakalla Ali.
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