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Found 21 results

  1. I come across following fatwa of Ayatollah Sayyed Ali as-Sistani (may Allah lengthen his life): https://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2236/ Holding hands by side (like Shia or Maliki) or folding hands (other sunnis) do not constitute essential parts of prayer. Can someone please explain, why then prayer becomes void due to that? And why words "obligatory precaution" here?
  2. salaam, i am very confused on a certain part of salaltul layl .. i am wondering about the first salaltul nafilat'ul layl ok do you do like fajir prayer and make the niyyah for salaltul nafilat'ul layl and do this 4 times?? with normal surah't from fajir prayer?? also for salatul shafi is there 2 rakat or 3?? i am confused please help i really want to lean how to pray salatul layl .. also can i hold a paper of the 40 people i want forgivness or in my hand? durng salatul witr?? shukraaaan katheeeran!! :) may Allah reward anyone who helps and anyone who doesnt.. wassalam
  3. Salaam alaikoum dear brothers and sisters, It's highly recommended to perform the night prayer. This prayer has a lot of benefits and will help you in this life and in the hereafter inshaAllah. Imam ‘Ali (a.s.) said: “Staying awake in the (last part of the) night is healthy for the body, pleasing to the Lord Almighty, a means of Divine Mercy and adherence to the akhlaq of the prophets (a.s.). (al-Khisal: 121) My question is how do you spend or how would you like to spend your night in worship? Do you read, study, pray in the night? And how much time do you use for it? What are your personal experiences and miracles/benefits? Jazzakum Allahu khayr!
  4. What are the guidelines to allow one to sit and offer salaat. It is increasingly seen these days in mosques the high number of people taking to sitting and offering salaat. Can someone throw light on the border line to make a decision on when is one allowed to sit and pray?
  5. Assalamalaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakaatuhu, My Cousin feels that he has peed in pant while he is performing ablution, or performing salat or reciting holy Quran. But when he check it in the washroom, nothing has happened So while numerous times he used to go to washroom, by which he's underpants gets wet he feels the same problem and can't do Ibadah properly . Pls provide some solution to heal this disease hazrath this happens during all these times (while doing wuzu, sometimes while in salaat and sometimes while reciting Qur'an).. So pls add to the question if he id Pak or If he need to perform another wuzu? Pls Janab, he is fasting in the holy month Ramadhan, yet he feel very sick to move out in the middle of jamat every 1 or 1/2 hours.. It embarrasses him. Juzkumullah Kharan...
  6. I want to pray my salaat. but I had washed my face and wiped mouth in my clothing before realising that there was blood in between two tooth in my mouth. are my clothes declared najis, I know that there is a ruling that if blood mixes in saliva in such a way that blood vanishes it's Tahir but I am unsure. is it obligatory to change my clothes before salaat. can someone put my mind at ease
  7. Salaam, I have often come across certain hadith which say that Salaat can be accepted fully or even partially and in certain cases when its not prayed with proper attention "it will be folded and thrown back"... There are however scenarios where developments around us are so overpowering that we pray yet our mind is not in sal'aat, Is there a point in offering prayers when you know for sure that your mind/heart isn't there ? Is there any hadith regarding delaying or offering it later as qadha ? Your opinions are also welcome which have helped you overcome similar scenarios.
  8. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu! I can't find a website that tells about the 2015 Lahore Shia Prayer Timings. Can anyone tell me? Also, I read that in Arabic it is "Duaad" not "Zuaad". But, many people say that Sunni's recite "Duaad" and Shias should say "Zuaad". What to do?
  9. Asalamualaikum brothers and sisters, so a few years ago I reached the age in which the jugement begins, which is 14 or 15 I believe. So during that time I committed some unjust acts which left me needing to do ghusl. HOWEVER, me not knowing that ghusl was required after such an act literally until two days ago did not do ghusl. Does this mean that I need to repeat all my salaat or are they saved because I was ignorant of the requirements? Also, let it be known that I did I was well knowing that this act was a sin and wrong but not on this scale. Out of my fear of Allah (SWT), a few minutes after finding out it was required I quickly went and did ghusl tartibi.
  10. Salaamu Aleikum Sisters! Just a question! I went to my familys for the holidays as they still celebrate Christmas and what-not and I had to mke an appearance out of respect to my family, but I realized I never brought a hijab with me! Id like to prayer Fajr tomorrow morning...how may I do so? What can I use that will make my prayer acceptable? Thank you!!! XO
  11. (salam) I made this for my son who's learning to pray and thought it might be helpful for brothers and sisters here. Kindly point out if you see any errors or mistakes as the text for same has collected from multiple sources. Wasalaam PS: Kindly let me know if you need jpg in specific resolution for printing. Salaat.pdf
  12. Salaam, Just came across this question on Ayatollah Sistani's website: Question: I am 19 years old and a convert to Islam of five months. My question is, being a practitioner of Twelver Jaf'ari Islam is it permissible for me to pray behind a Sunni Imam for Salaatul-Jummah and for regular congregational prayers, and is it required to prostrate on Turbah inside a mosque? Answer: Taking part in Friday and congregational prayers of the Ahl-e Sunnat is permissible in areas where Taqiyah (dissimulation) is required. If you are not going to face a problem, you should, as far as possible, prostrate on a stone or anything upon which Sajda (prostration) is permissible. Prostration on carpets in the case of Taqiyah or out of necessity is permissible and there would be no objection in it. But if you are not offering your prayers with them out of Taqiyah it is not necessary to attend their congregational prayers and you can offer your prayers separately. Does that mean there is no sawaab (benefit) in offering congregational prayers behind Sunni Imams? and its preferable to offer Friday prayers individually (regular zuhr prayers in lieu of Friday prayers) if there is no shia mosque nearby ?
  13. Salaam Alaikum WRWB I am new to this website and have been a revert for around 3 and a half months (Alhamdullilah) and have a question about obligatory prayer. The question is kind of split into two parts. 1) If I perform an obligatory prayer in the proper way without mistakes but wish to repeat the prayer because I felt I could have concentrated better, am I allowed to repeat the prayer? If this is not permissible and i repeat the prayer, is there some action that I need to take? for example, if its not a good enough reason to repeat and therefore I have sinned then it would require repentance. 2) If during the repeated prayer something happens which invalidates the prayer, then does the first prayer still count? seen as it was done properly anyway Thank you in advance and apologies if I sound ignorant. I am still making myself clear regarding the rules surrounding prayer. Jazak Allahu Khayran
  14. Salaam I've read in couple of places and even fatwa of Ayatollah Sistani that one can offer recommended prayers while there are obligatory prayers pending. But I've come across this saying of Imam Ali probably from nahjul balagha. Alī ibn Abī Tālib (A.S) says..."Recommended prayers cannot attain the pleasures of Allah for you when obligatory prayers are left unattended." Can anyone throw some more light on topic? Wassalam
  15. Salaam, Kindly help me with clarity on niyat for mustahib,/nafil prayers If someone has to pray 8 rikaats in sets of 4 x 2 rikaats is 1. Niyat and takbiratul ahraam required once or every two rikaats. 2. Is mustahib three takbir required at end of every two rikaats? 3. Is second surah necessary? 4. Does it apply to amaals? 5. For sitting prayers is "beho lillahe..." which is read while getting up necessary? Please quote source since I've been searching but could not find. Wassalam
  16. Salaam, I have a question about reading from paper during Salaah. Can I have Qur'an print out placed in front of me during Salaah so I can read? For example, there is Salaat al-Kusaf (eclipse prayer) where it is Mustahab to recite a lot of Qur'an. Suppose it were difficult for me to memorize, can I just read off paper placed in front of me? Thank You!
  17. In the first rakaa, after surah fatiha, you can say any surah. Provided you are doing prayer alone and you don't recite a surah with a sajdah verse.
  18. I am writing about the etiquette of how to perform the Sunday salat of the month of Dhu al-Qa'dah. see: http://www.duas.org/zil_sun_salaat.htm Question 1: what is the name of this salat, so when I make the intention I know what to say. (example: salat al-maghrib, salat al-fajr...) Question 2: Should I make Qunoot after the second rakat? Question 3: Do I say the Tashahud after the second rakat before getting back up to pray the last two rakat? Jazakallah Khairan for your answers! (wasalam)
  19. Okay its almost time for prayers and i have a small cut. I cant wipe the blood off since I am still bleeding. I've read that some Muslims say that flowing blood and blood on clothes invalidates prayer.. Are they serious!?!?! So my prayers wont count since im bleeding? thats so frustrating, its like everyday im finding a new thing that somehow invalidates prayers.more frustrating is that we cant all agree on exactly what the rule for it is... makes it seem like Islam is such a difficult religion to follow. So is it true that blood invalidates prayers? How could something so basic and vital be considered impure? I mean, i've heard the followers of Hussein would pray while they were being hit with arrows .
  20. salaam, i have a question concerning salaat istikhara. i want guidance concerning marriage. i found online 2 dua's for istighara; one specific for marriage. can i use any of them, or do i have to use the onefor marriage, does it make any difference? also i really feel like i want this person to be my halal. and i did istkhara before i got to know him. i decided to know him better just bcus of his deen, and Allah is my witness! now i do have feelings for him (we know each other one year now). lately there have been some issues, but i still feel like i want him and that i can accept him as he is. i decided to do istikhara again. i'm left with a feeling that i am very scared to loose him although i have been asking Allah for peace of mind (does this mean anything?); also after the 2nd istighara i had a dream. i went to a maulana because i thought there might be something wrong with him or with me and that maybe he could make dua for me to find my peace. He told me that i said something to upset him. So after that (and after the istikhara) we "fixed" this issue. i have been doing istikhara still (already 5th time). after this i have not seen anything else happening (nothing getting better between us). i feel the same way towards him and i'm still afraid to lose him. i asked someone else to do the istikhara for me also. My question now, is it allowed for me to ask the maulana if this person is meant for me, bcuz i believe he can know this. i know that no one can predict the future but i also know that there are ways this can be done. is this haraam? can i use this method as an answer to my istikhara? i don't want to do anything Haram, but as a human being i wish to know and ask Allah for patience every time. Also how long before i start seeing results, is there anything said about this matter? Also beside the dream, i didn't have any other 'sign" or feeling or anything. am i doing something wrong or is this how it usually goes. i'm new with istikhara so please guide me. salaam and thank you.
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