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  1. Due to controversy on moon in India between Shia community
  2. Abu Qatadah reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Verily, you will never leave anything for the sake of Allah Almighty but that Allah will replace it with something better for you.” Source: Musnad Aḥmad 23074
  3. Salaam Alaikum! This is my first post here! How is everyone ??? I am writing here today just to get some advice as someone living in the UK and soon to undertake GCSE then go to college Insha'Allah what advice to anyone working in finance have for me to progres in the field? I am hoping to work in Investment Banking either in mergers and acquistions or Sales and trading Insha'Allah I don't have much experience besides some daytrading I did a while back? What tips you have for an aspring invesment banker? Hopefully I can work in Goldman Sachs or JP one day Insha' Allah ? (as for college i will be attending UK college but after college for UNI i'm unsure whether I wish to attend British or hopefully US Universities for better grad opportunities but I'm unsure how to go about going uni there!) Ya Ali (عليه السلام) Madad
  4. How can I go about bringing people to Shia Islam as a follower of Imam Khamenei?
  5. Salam alaykum all, To help the Shia community more readily access our own books' information, I made a website with the four major Shia Hadith books. The site allows you to browse, search and share Shia Hadith. Please check it out and let me know any feedback. http://www.fourshiabooks.com
  6. I feel very heartbroken often when traditionally I've been told several times that men are greater than women in Islam just because they are PROVIDERS or BREADWINNERS. I understand that men work exceptionally hard to provide for the family & I truly respect that & that they are physically stronger than women but just because their position is questionable in Islam. she is a grown woman but can't leave the house without the permission of her husband (other than in exceptional cases), there is no discussion about sexual consent in marriage just that she has to sexually please her husband, women have to wear veil YET men can take off their shirt for matam, men can HIT women according to one ayah in Quran yet women can't hit them BACK, heritage is not equally distributed cause of brothers, men can marry non-Muslim women & women can't, men are not obligated to fulfill his duties if wife persists in sexual activities but women ARE. I am extremely disappointed due to these ~MiNoR~ things that make me feel like it's hidden patriarchy in Islam which is unjust. It's impacting my relationship with Allah. mentors I need your guidance because I don't want to ruin my relationship with Allah. jazakallah
  7. Salmon Alaykum, I am looking for seminal books on marriage, divorce and child raring in Shia Islam. Recommendations would be highly appreciated. I am also looking for advice in regard to the purchase of Shia books online or offline anywhere in the United Kingdom. Is there a platform like Kindle and Amazon for Shia books? If not is there a place that has a comprehensive selection from which people can purchase books, books like الزواج في القران و السنة للشهيد السيد عز الدين بحر العلوم Thank you in advance for your answers.
  8. Before some of you start condemning me to hell and plastering me with Quran and Hadith regarding the proof for this concept, I would like to say, I have no stance on it as of now. Yes I understand there were instances where Allah brought people back to life. I am speaking of this concept in regards to the near ends of time. I am still reconciling and researching, which is why I made this thread. I am hoping you all can help me inshAllah. About Raj'ah: A group of the best of believers and the worst of disbelievers will come back to life during the time of Imam Mahdi A.SIn it included, prophets, messengers, and all the Imams A.S.They will seek revenge and justice by killing their oppressors.Those amongst them who never reached the status of perfection due to death will get a chance to and those who did not die as martyrs will come back to be killed and become martyrsImam Hussain A.S will help rule with Imam Mahdi A.S and Jesus A.S will come back This is pretty much what this concept is about. I do not know where to start so I will just begin by listing my points. Why is this based so much on revenge? Why would they need revenge? Why do they need to be the ones to get their justice? I cannot fathom the idea that our imams are so revenge hungry against their killers. Is Allah not the all just? What is the purpose of judgement day for then? They have been burning in hell and will continue to do so for eternity? So why bring them back and let the imams re-kill them? It just makes God look so cruel and revenge hungry too. Does this not de-signify what our imams went through and why they did what they did? Whats the point of all this talk about karbala, why not just be happy for later he will come back and kill yazid. The significance of Karbala becomes useless to me now. The idea that Imam Hussain A.S comes back to help rule is bit acceptable, but Isa A.S coming back to convert christians and such seems overplayed to me. Are we saying our great Imam Mahdi A.S does not have the ability and knowledge to convince the christians? Also, if prophets/messengers where to come back, does this not mean prophethood/messenger-ship wasnt sealed? Does it not imply their purpose was not finished? That would imply Muhammad A.S was not the last prophet, for Isa A.S is suppose to come back and convince the christians. Then same argument can be applied to imamate. Imam Mahdi A.S would not be the last imam since Imam Hussain A.S would be back. Then some say imam mahdi A.S will get martyred. Then what? God brings him back as well right after he gets killed to get justice like the other imams? Is it simultaneous or first the imams come back gets justice, then after a while imam mahdi gets killed then comes back and gets revenge and khalas. Is Raj'ah for justice? Or is Yao-mul Qayima which Allah speaks about in the Quran the ultimate justice. There are so many contradicting factors at play. It makes everything seem as a joke and a game. It only gives credit to the hindus with reincarnation and other sects who believe in re-coming of prophets and such like ahmidis. I agree with brother Rajabali, and believe most maybe concocted. I do not know if he changed his position as of now, but according to the video, like me he does not have a position on it, since he is still looking for answers. If I have anymore questions I will post it up. Please bear with me. PLEASE watch this to understand my questions more clearly. Before anyone makes rude comments about Rajabali regarding how he talked in this video, they were at a camp. Everyone was speaking in a friendly matter, it wasnt a one on one session with a sheik, but more so of friend's discussing with each other freely. (wasalam)
  9. Shia dawah for incarcerated and inner city black americans also converts of all races. I heard theres a black american shia giving dawah in cleavand, i wonder would any Iraqi familes and other shias fund them?
  10. Are there any shia islamic stores in the US?, iike sunni islamic shops that sell shia items such as prayer rug and turbas? Or that sell shia islamic jewlery? I know sunnis have plenty but are there shias ones? Like a shia bookstore?
  11. Al Salam aleykom I have been having some issues with my parents on many different matters like what job I want or what clothes I wear etc. I don't want to work with something haram / wear something haram it's totally halal things that i want but my parents often force me to do otherwise. I understand that I need to obey my parents since I live with them but to what degree can they force me to study/work with something I do not want or force me not to wear something that is totally acceptable/halal. By the way I am a baligh male. I follow sayyid sistani. Also if you could cite sources for what I need to obey them in I will be grateful (doesn't have to be from sistani). Walsalam alaykom.
  12. I have high-functioning autism, ADHD, anxiety disorders and learning disabilities age 22. My parents do not accept that mental health exists and believe that these things don't exist rather I am a horrible and bad person. My parents do not offer me any understanding, support and love and treat me very differently from all my other siblings. They ignore me a lot, make me feel heavily left out and make me feel horrible about myself and my life. My parents do not understand any of the struggles I have to go through as someone with a disability nor do they want me to get help or want to support me. I grew up in a household filled with toxic and violently abusive environment with consistent emotional, verbal and psychological abuse. My family is causing me a lot of mental and emotional harm. I have tried to distance myself from them by keeping to myself, talking to them very less, not engaging in harm like backbiting or haram things they may do and want me to do and trying to better my mental health. I also try to keep conversation to them limited and help them around the house if they ask. Recently I have tried to create boundaries. Their behaviour, actions and words have causing me a lot of emotional and mental harm for all my life. Their words, actions, attitudes and behviours are causing me to have sucidial thoughts sometimes when I am feeling very low due to their mental abuse. My parents also promote and want me and all my siblings to engage in violence such as anger, backbiting others, not giving charity or praying, talking negatively about others, lying and other harm things which I have tried to distance myself from even though my parents say I am a bad son for creating boundaries, and not talking much. I understand the great honor of parents in islam, and I do try not to be rude or mean to them and I try to rely on Allah to help and support me. I have been struggling all my life and do not know what to do. I still live with my parents. Will i go to hell for distancing myself and keeping to myself to safeguard my mental health, please support me on how I approach should this in light of islam, the quran, the prophet and the imams. I understand the great importance of parents but what does Allah and the ahybhat say about my question and the steps I should take . I am currently doing threapy with a licenced therapist If possible please provide a detailed response if possible reference to Quran and Ahylubat . Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes
  13. I wanted to start a discussion regarding the mother of the believers Aisha. Is she still the mother of the believers after reading this?? According to the Shiaa the prophet (saww) left the authority to divorce his wives to Imaam Alee (as) and Imaam Alee (as) did divorce Aisha (la) The narrations that I will be posting are Saheeh (Authentic) and here is what Allama Majlisi (RA) says about them: Bihar al-Anwar, by Allama Majlisi, vol. 22, p. 495 "This was the end of what we have taken out from the book Al-Turaf, which it has taken out from the book Al-Wasiya, by 'Isa bin al-Mustafadh, and the book Khasa'es al-A'imma, by Sayed al-Razi (ra), and most of it is narrated in the book Al-Sirat al-Mustaqeem, by Sheikh Zaynul-Deen al-Bayyadhi. And 'Isa and his book are mentioned in the books of Rijal, and I have distinguished chains of narrators from them. And after the esteem of Al-Kulayni (ra) and the two Sayed's reliance on it, there is no meaning in declaring any of them as weak, in addition to that the pronounciation of the narrations and their meanings bear witness to their authenticity." So now lets begin: First narration: The prophet (saww) giving Imaam Alee (as) the authority to divorce his wives: Al-Ghayba, by Al-Tusi, p. 150 "O Ali, you are my successor upon my family, the living ones as well as the dead ones, and upon my women. So the one of them whom you bind (bind to the Prophet's marriage to them) shall meet me tomorrow (on the Day of Judgment); and the one of them whom you divorce (divorce from the Prophet's marriage to them), I am innocent from her. She will not see me, neither will I see her on the Day of Resurrection. And you are my successor upon my nation after me." Second narration: Imaam Alee's (as) promise to divorce Aisha: Sharh' al-Akhbar, by Abu-Hanifa al-Nu'man al-Maghribi, vol. 1, p. 211. Ali sent (someone of his servants) to Aisha, after the end of the cause of Jamal, when she was in Basra, to say: "Return to your house", and she denied. Then he sent to her a second time, and she denied. Then he sent to her a third time: "You shall return, otherwise I shall say a word in which Allah and His Messenger shall dissociate themselves from you!" Then she said: "Get me away! Get me away!" Then a woman, who was with her, said to her: "O mother of the believers, what did scare you with Ali's commitment over you?" She said: "The Prophet made him his successor upon his family and left the divorcement of his women in his hand." Third Narration: Imaam Alee divorcing Aisha: Al-Ihjtijaj, by Al-Tabarsi, vol. 1, p. 24 "Imam al-Baqir (as) said: When the Day of Jamal took place and Aisha's howdah had been hit by arrows, the Commander of the Faithful (as) said: "By Allah, I do not see anything else than divorcing her! So I call, to Allah, after a man who heard the Messenger of Allah (saw) say: 'O Ali, the issue of my women is in your hand after me' when he stood and bore witness over this!" He (Al-Baqir) said: Then 13 men stood up, among them were two Badri's, and they bore witness to that they heard the Messenger of Allah (saw) say to Ali bin Abi-Talib (as): "O Ali, the issue of my women is in your hand after me!" He (Al-Baqir) said: Then Aisha cried until they heard hear cry. Then Ali (as) said: "The Messenger of Allah (saw) said to me: 'Allah shall support you, O Ali, on the Day of Jamal with 5000 angels."
  14. Daily Post Nigeria Follow Shi’ites attend Christmas service in Zaria, advocate unity Story by Matthew Atungwu • 2h Shi’ites attend Christmas service in Zaria, advocate unity© provided by Daily Post Nigeria An Islamic group, Shi’ites, joined Christians at a Christmas Service at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Samaru, Zaria, Kaduna State on Monday to boost religious harmony and unity between religious groups. Leader of the Shi’ite group, Prof. Isah-Hassan Mshelgaru, said he acknowledged Christmas as a day for festivities, friendliness and unity. According to him, joining Christian faithful as they marked Christmas was meant to renew hope for divine unity among Muslims, Christians and other religions. Mshelgaru stated that the visit to the church by the group for Christmas was to strengthen relationship between the two faith groups. He added that Islam and Christianity were revered faiths with more than 90 per cent of Nigeria’s population as adherents. “When other faithful unite with the two faith groups, it means the whole of Nigerian is united,’’ he said. Speaking on the impact of the visit, Mshelgaru said as a group, it started visits to churches more than 25 years ago and since then there had been improved understanding between the group and Christians. “The visit has reduced the fears and some animosities between the two faith groups. They (Christians) are now open to us; we share sentiments and problems together. “The regular exchange of visits has bridged the gaps between us,’’ he said.
  15. Selam aleyykum. Can I do mutah with a person who only converted to Islam to do Mutah with me? Is it permissible or haram? And if they did convert, but not follow rules, am i allowed to marry them?
  16. Hello peace be upon you, I was wondering if anyone knows about any Hawza's in the United States where one can go and study Islamic Studies and graduate with a Bachelors degree and become a public speaker. Thank you.
  17. [This will be a series of blog entries on the history of ShiaChat.com; how it was founded, major ups and down, politics and issues behind running such a site and of course, the drama! I will also provide some feedback on development efforts, new features and future goals and objectives] Part 1 - The IRC (#Shia) Days! Sit children, gather around and let me speak to you of tales of times before there was ever high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi, YouTube or Facebook; a time when the Internet was a much different place and 15 yearold me was still trying to make sense of it all. In the 90s, the Internet was a very different place; no social media, no video streaming and downloading an image used to take anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on how fast your 14.4k monster-sized dial-up modem was. Of course you also had to be lucky enough for your mom to have the common courtesy not to disconnect you when you’re in the middle of a session; that is if you were privileged enough to have Internet at home and not have to spend hours at school or libraries, or looking for AOL discs with 30 hour free trials..(Breathe... breathe... breathe) - I digress. Back in 1998 when Google was still a little computer sitting in Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s basement, I was engaged in endless debates with our Sunni brothers on an IRC channel called #Shia. (Ok, a side note here for all you little pups. This is not read as Hashtag Shia, the correct way of reading this is “Channel Shia”. The “Hashtag” was a much cooler thing back in the day than the way you young’uns use it today). For those of you who don’t know what IRC was (or is... as it still exists), it stands for Internet Relay Chat, which are servers available that you could host chat rooms in and connect through a client. It was like the Wild West where anyone can go and “found” their own channel (chat room), become an operator and reign down their god-like dictator powers upon the minions that were to join as a member of their chat room. Luckily, #Shia had already been established for a few years before by a couple of brothers I met from Toronto, Canada (Hussain A. and Mohammed H.). Young and eager, I quickly rose up the ranks to become a moderator (@Ali) and the chatroom quickly became an important part of my adolescent years. I learned everything I knew from that channel and met some of the most incredible people. Needless to say, I spent hours and dedicated a good portion of my life on the chatroom; of course, the alternate was school and work but that was just boring to a 15-year-old. In the 90’s, creating a website was just starting to be cool so I volunteered to create a website for #Shia to advertise our services, who we are, what we do as well as have a list of moderators and administrators that have volunteered to maintain #Shia. As a result, #Shia’s first website was hosted on a friend’s server under the URL http://786-110.co.uk/shia/ - yes, ShiaChat.com as a domain did not exist yet – was too expensive for my taste so we piggybacked on one of our member’s servers and domain name. The channel quickly became popular, so popular that we sometimes outnumbered our nemesis, #Islam. As a result, our moderator team was growing as well and we needed a website with an application that would help us manage our chatroom in a more efficient style. Being a global channel, it was very hard to do “shift transfers” and knowledge transfers between moderators as the typical nature of a chatroom is the fact that when a word is typed, its posted and its gone after a few seconds – this quickly became a pain point for us trying to maintain a list of offenders to keep an eye out for and have it all maintained in a historical, easily accessible way. A thought occurred to me. Why not start a “forum” for the moderators to use? The concept of “forums” or discussion boards was new to the Internet – it was the seed of what we call social media today. The concept of having a chat-style discussion be forever hosted online and be available for everyone to view and respond to at any time from anywhere was extremely well welcomed by the Internet users. I don’t recall what software or service I initially used to set that forum up, but I did – with absolutely no knowledge that the forum I just set up was a tiny little acorn that would one day be the oak tree that is ShiaChat.com. [More to follow, Part 2..] So who here is still around from the good old #Shia IRC days?
  18. many of my shia friends and their families prefer going to ziarat then going to umrah or hajj i asked them why is it so and they replied as it is financially easier to go to ziarat then to umrah or hajj. Can anyone explain this thought?
  19. I like to share the video of the Juloos/ gathering of Ashura in Karachi, Pakistan this year 2023. This is necessary for information of those who are not aware of peaceful and religious rituals performed according to the sayings of Shia scholars.
  20. Alsalamu Alaikum wa Rahmutallahi wa Barakatu, I am a former Astara-Isma'ili Muslim who became a Muslim and I want to teach about the secretive and little-known Astara-Isma'ili Muslims and expose their beliefs and practices for the purpose of education or helping fellow Sunnis in debates. Astara-Isma'ili Muslims are Sevener Isma'ili Sufi Shiite Muslims. They believe in the first 6 Imams that most Shi'a believe in, but unlike Twelvers, the majority sect within Shiism, Astara-Isma'ili Muslims believe in only 7 Imams and the Imam Mahdi, instead of 12 Imams with the 12th being the Imam Mahdi. Astara-Isma'ili Muslims believe after Imam Ja'far As-Saddiq, Imam Isma'il was the next rightful successor of the Imams. Astara-Isma'ili Muslims believe that Imam Isma'il never died, but instead ascended to heaven. Now they wait seemingly endlessly for the Imam Mahdi to appear. Many sources say 1 Million Astara-Isma'ili Muslims exist, although the vast majority has to use Taqiya to hide their beliefs, so numbers are unknown. The ancient practice of Taqiya, or lying to conceal one’s beliefs, is used by Astara-Isma'ili Muslims to be safe from those who dislike them. Most Astara-Isma'ili Muslims live in Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Southern Arabia, North Africa, Western Europe, and North America. In Spain, the UK, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia the Astara-Isma'ili Shi'as have family traditions and secretive books to keep them educated in their beliefs. In Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan they have Pirs, much like Sufis. Astara-Isma'ilis are actually Sufis within Shi’a Islam. In Oman, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia Astara-Isma'ili Muslims have Sheikhs. In Canada and the USA, they rely on various sources. On the Virginia Peninsula on the East Coast of North America is a place called the Islamic Sultanate of Qarsherskiy, which claims to be a sovereign and independent country within the USA. The sultan of Qarsherskiy, Sultan Ali Aq-Qarsherskiyy At-Tarīq, is also known as Brennan as well as the name Abu Hamza Pir, because he is the Pīr, or spiritual leader of the Islamic Sultanate of Qarsherskiy, which is an Astara-Isma'ili government. Qarsherskiy is the only place in the world where Astara-Isma'ilis aren’t subject to persecution or Westernization. In Qarsherskiy are only 2485 people and only 81% of those people are Muslims (this includes deviant and misguided sects) and only 44% of Muslims in Qarsherskiy are Astara-Isma'ili Muslims. Despite being such a small population of people in a small wooded and rural area between Newport News and York County, those Astara-Isma'ili Muslims account for nearly 85% or more of all Astara-Isma'ili Muslims openly expressing their faith online, and 98.6% of all Astara-Isma'ili Muslims not hiding their faith with Taqiya are in Qarsherskiy. By looking into the beliefs and practices publicly displayed for all to see in Qarsherskiy, we see that Astara-Isma'ili Muslims are Shi'a and Sufis as well as Hurufi, meaning they believe in magical properties of the Arabic letters which only comes from the divine will of Allah ﷻ. We also see that Astara-Isma'ilis believe the prophets and Imams can intercede, or get Allah ﷻ to help you when you need help. This is why many say “Ya Ali Madad” (O Ali, help us/me!). They believe by calling upon the imams, they can be helped, which is blatant shirk. They also wear jewelry with Hamsa Hands, or Hand of Fatima, as well as Dhulfiqar swords. It is unclear if Astara-Isma'ili Muslims ever see the jewelry as amulets to ward off evil, which would be shirk, but they admit to wearing it to be identified as separate from other sects, as Muslims wear beard to be seen as Muslims. The next part of this passage is debatable, as instead of relying on what we see to expose the beliefs of Astara-Isma'ili Muslims, I only rely on my own experiences as a former Astara-Isma'ili myself, which means it is unproven and many can refute this claiming there is no evidence. I can testify with 100% certainty that the Astara-Isma'ilis have Hellenic influence in their Deen, which is a major Bid’a. I can also testify that Astara-Isma'ilis have many odd rituals and traditions which are also not from the Quran or Sunnah, such as Shoor, Latmiya, throat singing, and astrological beliefs. I swear that Astara-Isma'ilis have lots of Hurufi, Sufi, Hellenic, Astrological, and Numerological influences in their beliefs which are Bid’a, shirk, and very Haram. Please avoid praying behind these “Muslims” at all costs. We used to curse Shimr all night with dances and chants and over-exaggerated curses claiming that Shimr is a human incarnation of Shaytan on the Earth. I do admit that Astara-Isma'ilis don’t curse the Sahaba, nor do they (directly atleast) worship the Imams.
  21. AL-Salamu Alaykum va Rahmutalahi va Barakatu min Qarsherskiy. I am starting to have doubts and I believe Sunni Islam is the path of Haqq more and more. One thing is that we say "Ya Ali madad,'' which literally means "O, Ali, HELP ME," and the Sunnis in my area told me that it is Shirk because you cannot rely upon Imam Ali ((رضي الله عنه).) because he is dead now and only Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) will answer your calls to prayer. I also have trouble believing the 12 imams are infallible and divine. Maybe Ali ((رضي الله عنه).) was the rightful successor but the 12 imams after Ali ((رضي الله عنه).) I don't believe are right. They brought esoteric influence into our faith and claimed to be divine. I also learned Iran used to be mostly Sunni until a past leader forcefully converted everyone to Akhbari Shi'a Islam and then after that Usulis crushed the Akhbaris and began creating Bid'a and doing Shirk with Ali ((رضي الله عنه).) as I previously mentioned. And then there are practices like Tatbir and Matan which leave me sore and injured and hurt and I ask "for what reason am I doing this? This cannot help what happened to Hussein (رضي الله عنه). in the past!" and I wish to stop doing that. Also, why do we have to use taqiyya if our faith is the truth? The prophet SAW prayed the 5 prayers during separate times except when making long journeys or when necessary such as when the Muslims were feeling lots of burden. And how can the Imams know every shred of knowledge in the universe?! That's just something I'll never understand from from my perspective, seems wack! Only Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) knows everything. And why do we have symbols of Shirk like Evil Eye and Hand of Fatima? Its Shirk. I shouldn't have to explain why! When I ask scholars they just say "If it has Quranic verses, it isn't Shirk," but then why not just use Quranic verses alone? Why eyes and hands and symbolism of esotericism? I can go on and on about my doubts against Shi'i sect.
  22. Is 12er Jaffari and Usuli considered the orthodox version of shia islam
  23. I made this post because I’m somali. And wondered If there is any other Somalis who are Shia I have seen posts on hear but all of them are from a few years ago. And what area are they in like what country’s do they live in because I haven’t seen any in Somali Kenyan where I’m from just looking to see if there’s any other Somalis.
  24. Guest


    As-Salamu Alaykum. ***I am not trying to spark debate about whether or not tattoos are permissible. Please debate that somewhere else.*** I want to get a tattoo of my father's name. He has the most common name in the world though, named after the Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)). However, it is spelled differently. I am wondering if it is OK to get his name tattooed on my body in Arabic calligraphy. The reason I am asking is because I would definitely never get a tattoo of something holy or religious. The tattoo would be for my father, not for the Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)). Thank you.
  25. Im sick of this everytime i geton shia chatrooms or discussions i get banned or kicked off! im not doing any thing wrong!!! I was on shia match matriomonials online chat room and asked any girls for mutah, they gave me a angry face icon,then i when on to ask were there any girls for nikah, no one responded and i was banned again!!! then i was banned from another one,They all seemed indo-paki or south asian, Do Shias hate me, im i not accepted? Am i a horrible shia?
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