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Found 7 results

  1. The Rise of the Qa'im: The Appearance of the Mahdi in Established Narrations https://www.amazon.com/dp/1790653827 "The Rise of the Qa'im" is a compilation of narrations on the Mahdi from the most ancient and most reliable Twelver Shīʿī sources. Learn about the birth of the Twelfth Imam, his occultation, his ambassadors, his inevitable return, Islamic eschatology, and much more. "The Rise of the Qa'im" is the most comprehensive English work on the subject. It includes Arabic sources, footnotes, and biographical evaluations for each tradition. This has been endorsed by eminent Shīʿī scholars and academics as one of the most valuable insights on the Hidden Imam in English.
  2. What are good Shia books I can read to better my Imaan and knowledge ?
  3. Assalamualaikum. My vacations have just begun and I've planned to make it productive by reading good books both Islamic and fiction, so I'd love it if you all can help me by recommending some excellent books. And also, I am planning to read books by nadia hashmi and jenny nordberg, what are your reviews on their books? Jazakallahu khair. Was salam
  4. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم السلام عليكم Introduction: The aim of this thread is to collect the narrations relating to Hadith Al-Kisa found in Shi'a books, and narrations which hint to or reference this. The reason for taking on this task is, firstly, because unfortunately while we keep quoting it from Sahih Muslim and other Sunni books to prove this event to the Sunnis, we neglect it in our own texts (obviously not done on purpose). Secondly, the popular lengthy version Shi'as know (this one for clarification), has many issues relating to its transmission and whether it can truly be proved due to it being found in extremely late sources, and the chain it takes back to Jabir has many issues with it. I do not want to get into a tangent discussing this issue because it's been done to death on this website by the rijalists, and it isn't relevant to what I am discussing, however, a link to a good (english) discussion on why it isn't accepted, click here (Part 3 of the detailed answer). And thirdly, the Nawasib have mocked us for not being able to find such oft-discussed incidents in our own books, such as Hadith Al-Thaqalayn, Hadith Al-Ghadeer, Hadith of the 12 Imams, This one, and others. Other narrations have been found in multitude by hard working brothers Al-Hamdu Lillah and exposed so the brainless Nawasib and Mukhalifeen can be shut up, Insha'Allah I will try a humble effort at finding narrations on or relating to Hadith Al-Kisa in Shi'a books, and when possible include the grading, I will also write notes on points which I think should be expressed and those noteworthy, however, these will nowhere be near as concise as Br. Qa'im's notes in his book Qiyam Al-Qa'im, or Br. IslamicSalvations in his translation of Rijal Al-Kashi. I will be adding more narrations as I go along, and won't add them in all at once. Preliminary step: The popular (and deceptively charming) Sunni internet Rijalist, namely Farid (may Allah make his Progeny into Rawafidh) had challenged the Shi'as on the Nasibi internet forum of KFC (aka Haq Char Yar Islamic Forum) to prove "tashayyu is self sufficient, or is it not able to function without the existence of Sunnism" - to directly quote him, in that we need to prove from authentic Shi'a narrations khilafah of Imam Ali, and then the next challenge was to find a number of narrations often quoted from Sunni texts in Shi'a texts (I named a few of them above, but to repeat, Hadith Al-Ghadir, Hadith Thaqalayn, Hadith of 12 Imams, Hadith Al-Kisa (i.e. the hadith I will be attempting to prove is in our texts), and others). After brothers started doing this, he attempted to change the rules of this challenge with unreasonable demands based off of his own conjecture, such as not using narrations passing through Ibrahim ibn Hashim Al-Qummi (because he found him weak and attempted to prove this weakness in a debate he had with Wasil - I do not consider it a won debate considering how the Nawasib started harassing him with insulting messages after he developed an illness). Farid (may Allah make his Progeny into Rawafidh) also said not to use narrations connected to Imams, but only that which is connected to the Prophet (saww), due to the 'isma (infallibility) of the Imams not being established. We say: This was a devious trick used by him to make this challenge impossible, however, the infallibility of the Imams is established through a reliable narration connected back to the Prophet (saww) through a continuous chain, which we will quote here: حدثنا علي بن عبد الله الوراق الرازي قال: حدثنا سعد بن - عبد الله قال: حدثنا الهيثم بن أبي مسروق النهدي، عن الحسين بن علوان، عن عمر ابن خالد، عن سعد بن طريف، عن الأصبغ بن نباته، عن عبد الله بن عباس قال: سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله يقول: أنا وعلي والحسن والحسين وتسعة من ولد الحسين مطهرون معصومون Ali ibn Abdullah Al-Warraq Al-Razi narrated to us, he said: Sa'd ibn Abdullah narrated to us, he said: Al-Haytham ibn Abi Masrooq Al-Hindi narrated to us, he said: from Al-Hussain ibn Ulwan, from Umar ibn Khalid, from Sa'd ibn Turayf, from Al-Asbagh ibn Nubata, from Abdullah ibn Abbas, he said: I heard the Messenger of Allah say: "I, and Ali, and Al-Hasan, and Al-Hussain, and the Nine from the progeny of Al-Hussain, are pure and infallible." Kamal Al-Deen wa Tamam Al-Ni'ma volume 1 page 266 hadith 28 Shaykh Hadi Al-Najafi: The Narration's Chain is Established (Mawsu'ah Ahadith Ahlul-Bayt volume 7 page 183) Now seeing as the Messenger of Allah (saww) affirmed the infallibility of the A'ima (as), it is certain that there is no issue whatsoever with quoting their narrations as they are true regardless (even though they were before this Nasibi spoke out). The First Few Narrations Found: The following narrations are what can be found in Kitab Al-Kafi of Shaykh Al-Kulayni: The first narration: علي بن إبراهيم ، عن محمد بن عيسى ، عن يونس وعلي بن محمد ، عن سهل ابن زياد أبي سعيد ، عن محمد بن عيسى ، عن يونس ، عن ابن مسكان ، عن أبي بصير قال سألت أبا عبد الله عليه السلام عن قول الله عز وجل : " أطيعوا الله وأطيعوا الرسول وأولي الأمر منكم " فقال : نزلت في علي بن أبي طالب والحسن والحسين عليهم السلام : فقلت له : إن الناس يقولون : فما له لم يسم عليا وأهل بيته عليهم السلام في كتاب الله عز و جل ؟ قال : فقال : قولوا لهم : إن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله نزلت عليه الصلاة ولم يسم الله لهم ثلاثا ولا أربعا ، حتى كان رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله هو الذي فسر ذلك لهم ، ونزلت عليه الزكاة ولم يسم لهم من كل أربعين درهما درهم ، حتى كان رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله هو الذي فسر ذلك لهم ، ونزل الحج فلم يقل لهم : طوفوا أسبوعا حتى كان رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله هو الذي فسر ذلك لهم ، ونزلت " أطيعوا الله وأطيعوا الرسول وأولي الأمر منكم " - ونزلت في علي والحسن والحسين - فقال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله : في علي : من كنت مولاه ، فعلي مولاه ، وقال صلى الله عليه وآله أوصيكم بكتاب الله وأهل بيتي ، فإني سألت الله عز وجل أن لا يفرق بينهما حتى يوردهما علي الحوض ، فأعطاني ذلك وقال : لا تعلموهم فهم أعلم منكم ، وقال : إنهم لن يخرجوكم من باب هدى ، ولن يدخلوكم في باب ضلالة ، فلو سكت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله فلم يبين من أهل بيته ، لادعاها آل فلان وآل فلان ، لكن الله عز وجل أنزله في كتابة تصديقا لنبيه صلى الله عليه وآله " إنما يريد الله ليذهب عنكم الرجس أهل البيت ويطهركم تطهيرا " فكان علي والحسن والحسين وفاطمة عليهم السلام ، فأدخلهم رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله تحت الكساء في بيت أم سلمة ، ثم قال : اللهم إن لكل نبي أهلا وثقلا وهؤلاء أهل بيتي وثقلي ، فقالت أم سلمة : ألست من أهلك ؟ فقال : إنك إلى خير ولكن هؤلاء أهلي وثقلي ، فلما قبض رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله كان علي أولى الناس بالناس لكثرة ما بلغ فيه رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله وإقامته للناس وأخذه بيده ، فلما مضى علي لم يكن يستطيع علي ولم يكن ليفعل أن يدخل محمد بن علي ولا العباس بن علي ولا واحدا من ولده إذا لقال الحسن والحسين : إن الله تبارك وتعالى أنزل فينا كما أنزل فيك فأمر بطاعتنا كما أمر بطاعتك وبلغ فينا رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله كما بلغ فيك وأذهب عنا الرجس كما أذهبه عنك ، فلما مضى علي عليه السلام كان الحسن عليه السلام أولى بها لكبره ، فلما توفي لم يستطع أن يدخل ولده ولم يكن ليفعل ذلك والله عز وجل يقول : " وأولوا الأرحام بعضهم أولى ببعض في كتاب الله " فيجعلها في ولده إذا لقال الحسين أمر الله بطاعتي كما أمر بطاعتك و طاعة أبيك وبلغ في رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله كما بلغ فيك وفي أبيك وأذهب الله عني الرجس كما أذهب عنك وعن أبيك ، فلما صارت إلى الحسين عليه السلام لم يكن أحد من أهل بيته يستطيع أن يدعي عليه كما كان هو يدعي على أخيه وعلى أبيه ، لو أرادا أن يصرفا الامر عنه ولم يكونا ليفعلا ثم صارت حين أفضت إلى الحسين عليه السلام فجرى تأويل هذه الآية " وأولوا الأرحام بعضهم أولى ببعض في كتاب الله " ثم صارت من بعد الحسين لعلي بن الحسين ، ثم صارت من بعد علي بن الحسين إلى محمد بن علي عليه السلام . وقال : الرجس هو الشك ، والله لا نشك في ربنا أبدا . محمد بن يحيى ، عن أحمد بن محمد بن عيسى ، عن محمد بن خالد والحسين بن سعيد عن النضر بن سويد ، عن يحيى بن عمران الحلبي ، عن أيوب بن الحر وعمران بن علي الحلبي ، عن أبي بصير عن أبي عبد الله عليه السلام مثل ذلك . Translation (of the chain and the red highlighted portion): Ali ibn Ibrahim, from Muhammad ibn Isa, from Yunus, and Ali ibn Muhammad, from Sahl ibn Ziyad Abi Sa'id, from Muhammad ibn Isa, from Yunus, from Ibn Muskan, from Abi Basir, he said I asked Aba Abdillah (as)....."Rather Allah (azza wa jall) narrated it to him in his true book to his Prophet (saww): 'Allah intends only to remove impurity from you, Oh People of the House, and purify you with a purification' (33:33), so it (Ahlul-Bayt) was Ali, and Al-Hasan, and Al-Hussain, and Fatima (as), and The Messenger of Allah (saww) entered them into a cloak in the house of Umm Salamah, and then said: 'Allahuma, verily to every Prophet there was a family and a weight (thaql), they are the People of my Household, and my gravity.' So Umm Salamah said: 'Am I not from your family?' So he said: 'Verily to you is goodness, but these are my family and my weights.'" Kitab Al-Kafi volume 1 page 149 hadith 1 Allama Majlisi: Authentic by its chain (Mir'at Al-Uqul volume 3 page 213) Shaykh Marja Jawad Tabrizi: Sahih (Risalah Mukhtasarah Fi Al-Nusus Al-Sahiha Ala Imama Al-A'ima Al-Ithna Ashar page 12) Notes: There are further mentioned after the Hadith which go as "Muhammad ibn Yahya, from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Isa, from Muhammad ibn Khalid, and Al-Hussain ibn Sa'id, from Al-Nadhr ibn Suwayd, from Yahya ibn Imran Al-Halabi, from Abu Ayyub ibn Al-Hurr, and Imran ibn Ali Al-Halabi, from Abi Basir, from Abi Abdillah (as)". The Hadith also gives an explanation as to what is Rijs at the end of it, as it states: "Al-Rijs is doubt, and by Allah, we never doubted in our Lord ever!", this is similar to a Hadith in Ma'ani Al-Akhbar volume 1 page 321, more likely than not Shaykh Al-Saduq took from Al-Kafi here. Second Narration: This second narration is a very long one and I will just quote the chain and the matn I will translate: محمد بن يحيى، عن محمد بن الحسين، عن محمد بن إسماعيل، عن منصور بن يونس، عن زيد بن الجهم الهلالي، عن أبي عبدالله عليه السلام قال.....فوقعت الحجة بقول النبي صلى الله عليه وآله وبالكتاب الذي يقرأه الناس فلم يزل يلقي فضل أهل بيته بالكلام ويبين لهم القرآن: " إنما يريد الله ليذهب عنكم الرجس أهل البيت ويطهركم تطهيرا Muhammad ibn Yahya, from Muhammad ibn Al-Hussain, from Muhammad ibn Isma'il, from Mansur ibn Yunus, from Zayd ibn Al-Jahm Al-Hilali, from Abi Abdillah (as), he said: ".....The evidence was established by the saying of the Prophet (saww) and by the Book which is read by the people, so he never stopped reciting the virtues of the People of His House in the words and shows them in the Qur'an, 'Verily Allah only wishes to remove impurity from you, Oh People of the House, and purify you through a purification'......" Al-Kafi volume 1 page 152 hadith 3 Notes: This Hadith uses Ayat Al-Tat'hir as an evidence for the virtues of the Family (as) of the Prophet (saww), but is very brief on the issue and does not go into the details of how the verse was revealed. Third Narration: محمد بن يحيى ، عن أحمد بن محمد بن عيسى ، عن علي بن الحكم ، عن إسماعيل ابن عبد الخالق قال : سمعت أبا عبد الله ( عليه السلام ) يقول لأبي جعفر الأحول وأنا أسمع : أتيت البصرة ؟ فقال : نعم ، قال : كيف رأيت مسارعة الناس إلى هذا الامر و دخولهم فيه ؟ قال : والله إنهم لقليل ولقد فعلوا وإن ذلك لقليل ، فقال : عليك بالاحداث فإنهم أسرع إلى كل خير ، ثم قال : ما يقول أهل البصرة في هذه الآية : " قل لا أسألكم عليه أجرا إلا المودة في القربى " ؟ قلت : جعلت فداك إنهم يقولون : إنها لأقارب رسول الله ( صلى الله عليه وآله ) ، فقال : كذبوا إنما نزلت فينا خاصة في أهل البيت في علي وفاطمة والحسن والحسين أصحاب الكساء ( عليهم السلام ) . Muhammad ibn Yahya, from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Isa, from Ali ibn Al-Hakam, from Isma'il ibn Abdul-Khaliq, he said: I heard Aba Abdillah (as) saying to Abi ja'far Al-Ahwal, and I heard: "Have you been to Basra?" So he said: "Yes." He said: "What did you see regarding the hastening of the people to this matter, and entering into it?" He said: "By Allah, verily they are few, they then did it, but even that was few." So He said: "It is upon you [to approach] the youth, for verily they hurry to every good." He then said: "What did the people of Basra say regarding this verse: 'Say I ask no reward from you, except for the love of my Relations.' (42:23)?" I said: "May I be made your ransome, verily they say this is for the relations of the Messenger of Allah (saww) (i.e. all of them)" So He said: "They lie, verily this was revealed for us especially, for the People of the House, for Ali, and Fatima, and Al-Hasan, and Al-Hussain, [who are] the Companions of the Cloak." Al-Kafi volume 8 page 1971 hadith 66 Allama Majlisi: Sahih (Mir'at Al-Uqul volume 25 page 221) Shaykh Hadi Al-Najafi: The Narration's Chain is Authentic (Mawsu'ah Ahadith Ahlul-Bayt volume 7 page 289) Notes: Imam Ali, Sayeda Fatima, and the Imams Al-Hasan and Al-Hussain (as) are all referred to as the companions of the cloak, once again not showing the occasion for the revelation, but rather showing who it was revealed for. Insha'Allah to be continued... والسلام
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