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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 3 results

  1. Salam, brothers and sisters! I came across an article titled "The Philosophy of Life in the Rasail Ikhwan al Safa: Ishq & Love " and found a disturbing paragraph in the article. For those who donot know what Ikhwan us safa is, let me elaborate on what little knowledge i have about it. The risail of Ikhwan us safa is a collection of rasail's ( manuscripts ) that the ismailis claim to have been written and compiled by their imams ( later ones ). They include knowledge about this world and the hereafter and have insight on topics such as ilm,soul, music, philosophy , math and others. So ikhwan us safa are the writers of the rasail ( meaning their imams ) Anyways, i found this article on a site called " fatemidawat.com " ( a site by dawoodi bohras ) When i read the paragraph i got the idea that it might be talking about reincarnation. I will share the excerpt as well as the article link here. Need your opinions on the matter. Paragraph: "If the individual soul fails to attach itself to the Imam and is not purified, upon death that soul is not freed from the fetters of matter, but remains bound within the world of generation and corruption. It will have to traverse through the cycle of nature and rise in the levels of the muwalladaat, created things, until it once again reaches human form. This according to the Ikhwan al Safa is true hell. " Article link: https://www.fatemidawat.com/assets/images/Published Works/Ikhwanus Safa/ikhwanus-safa-rasail-ishq.pdf P.s. The specific para i pointed out is on page 3 of the article ( the last paragraph ) Wassalam! May Allah guide all of us to the straight Path! Ameen
  2. Theory of Reincarnation – Satanic Trap How many humans have been led astray by the theory of reincarnation? This theory is logically inconsistent and flawed from every angle that you observe it. It does not provide the necessary motivation to do good and it does not encourage sympathy with fellow human beings. This fanciful theory, which emerged many centuries ago, was invented by oppressive high ruling class in order to further their control and oppress the weak and deprived. It was gradually imposed on the poor masses and turned into a religious belief. The followers of this theory believe that the soul returns again and again with the purpose of correcting its deficiencies and perfecting it towards achieving the greatest human qualities. [...] Continue reading at: http://losthumanity.org/2015/06/17/theory-of-reincarnation-satanic-trap/ -- Lost Humanity Blog (http://losthumanity.org)
  3. Before some of you start condemning me to hell and plastering me with Quran and Hadith regarding the proof for this concept, I would like to say, I have no stance on it as of now. Yes I understand there were instances where Allah brought people back to life. I am speaking of this concept in regards to the near ends of time. I am still reconciling and researching, which is why I made this thread. I am hoping you all can help me inshAllah. About Raj'ah: A group of the best of believers and the worst of disbelievers will come back to life during the time of Imam Mahdi A.SIn it included, prophets, messengers, and all the Imams A.S.They will seek revenge and justice by killing their oppressors.Those amongst them who never reached the status of perfection due to death will get a chance to and those who did not die as martyrs will come back to be killed and become martyrsImam Hussain A.S will help rule with Imam Mahdi A.S and Jesus A.S will come back This is pretty much what this concept is about. I do not know where to start so I will just begin by listing my points. Why is this based so much on revenge? Why would they need revenge? Why do they need to be the ones to get their justice? I cannot fathom the idea that our imams are so revenge hungry against their killers. Is Allah not the all just? What is the purpose of judgement day for then? They have been burning in hell and will continue to do so for eternity? So why bring them back and let the imams re-kill them? It just makes God look so cruel and revenge hungry too. Does this not de-signify what our imams went through and why they did what they did? Whats the point of all this talk about karbala, why not just be happy for later he will come back and kill yazid. The significance of Karbala becomes useless to me now. The idea that Imam Hussain A.S comes back to help rule is bit acceptable, but Isa A.S coming back to convert christians and such seems overplayed to me. Are we saying our great Imam Mahdi A.S does not have the ability and knowledge to convince the christians? Also, if prophets/messengers where to come back, does this not mean prophethood/messenger-ship wasnt sealed? Does it not imply their purpose was not finished? That would imply Muhammad A.S was not the last prophet, for Isa A.S is suppose to come back and convince the christians. Then same argument can be applied to imamate. Imam Mahdi A.S would not be the last imam since Imam Hussain A.S would be back. Then some say imam mahdi A.S will get martyred. Then what? God brings him back as well right after he gets killed to get justice like the other imams? Is it simultaneous or first the imams come back gets justice, then after a while imam mahdi gets killed then comes back and gets revenge and khalas. Is Raj'ah for justice? Or is Yao-mul Qayima which Allah speaks about in the Quran the ultimate justice. There are so many contradicting factors at play. It makes everything seem as a joke and a game. It only gives credit to the hindus with reincarnation and other sects who believe in re-coming of prophets and such like ahmidis. I agree with brother Rajabali, and believe most maybe concocted. I do not know if he changed his position as of now, but according to the video, like me he does not have a position on it, since he is still looking for answers. If I have anymore questions I will post it up. Please bear with me. PLEASE watch this to understand my questions more clearly. Before anyone makes rude comments about Rajabali regarding how he talked in this video, they were at a camp. Everyone was speaking in a friendly matter, it wasnt a one on one session with a sheik, but more so of friend's discussing with each other freely. (wasalam)
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