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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Now, it is well known among us that Imam Ali (as) was cursed from the pulpits during the Umawi period (period of Bani Umayyah), but has become something that our Sunni brothers staunchly deny. Let us look at the authentic narrations to see where the truth is. In 'Silsilat al Ahadith al Sahiha' volume 7, page 996, hadith number 3332, let us see what we read, Abi Abdillah narrates, 'Um Salama said to me, "Is the Prophet being cursed from the pulpits?!", I said "Subhan Allah, what makes you say that the Prophet is being cursed from the pulpits?", and she said to me "Is Ali ibn Abi Talib and the ones who love him [his Shia] not being cursed from the pulpits? The Prophet himself loved him." (Graded Sahih by Allamah al Albani). As we can see, Um Salamah, mother of the believers, testifies in a sahih hadith that Amir al Mu'mineen (as) was being cursed from the pulpits. Also, in 'Musnad Ahmed ibn Hanbal' volume 3, page 185, we find the narration, Abdillah al Mazini narrates, "When Muawiyah left Kufa, he employed Mughirah ibn Shu'bah, who hired speakers to curse Ali" (Graded hasan by Sho'aib al Arna'ut) Here, we not only have found that Imam Ali (as) was being cursed, but people were actually being employed to curse him, which correlates with the fact that Muawiyah ibn Abi Sufyan al hired people to fabricate ahadith, which have ended up in the books of our brothers. Additionally, in 'Fadha'il al Sahaba' by Ahmed ibn Hanbal, we read the narration, Abdul Rahman ibn Akhnas narrates, 'Al Mughirah ibn Shu'bah gave a sermon, and then cursed Ali ibn Abi Talib' (The investigator grades the narration Sahih) This narration also shows us that is was becoming a Sunnah to curse Amir al Mu'mineen (as) from the pulpits, but it's not true apparently. In 'Masa'il Imam Ahmed', volume 3 page 176, the narration is found, Umair ibn Ishaq narrates, "Marwan was our Amir for six years, and would curse Ali ibn Abi Talib every friday, later on he removed, then we had Sa'eed ibn al Aas was hired for two years and the cursing stopped, then Marwan was later brought back, and Marwan continued the tradition" (The investigator grades the narration Sahih) Here, we see a case where Marwan was cursing Imam Ali (as) for years, every friday, and even when he was brought back he continued to curse. Though there is more, let's just stop there and see the opinions of their grand scholars, In al Bidayah wa al Nihaya by Ibn Katheer, volume 8 page 184, Ibn Katheer (who wrote the famous 'Tafsir ibn Kathir') says about this, When Marwan was governor of Muawiyah in the city, he would curse Ali every Jum'ah from the pulpits. Here, we see the writer of the most famous Sunni Tafsir admits that the people Muawiyah hired would curse Imam Ali (as) Al Qurtubi, another famous scholar of Ahlul Sunnah, says in his book 'al Mufhim lima Ushkila min talkhees kitab Muslim', volume 1, page 232, he says, And as for Marwan, and the rest of Bani Ummayah, they would give sermons cursing Ali ibn Abi Talib, and people would here it, so they prayed with them but would leave during the sermon, and when Marwan saw this he and the rest of Bani Umayyah started to give sermons before the prayers, to force people to here this. Is commentary needed here? The issue is clear- they hated Amir al Mu'mineen (as) so much they changed the timings so people could here the cursing of him. Are we done yet? No, In fact, the writer of the greatest Sharh of Sahih Bukhari, that is Fathul Bari also has this opinion. Ibn Hajar al Asqalani says, on volume 8 page 71 And after what happened with Ali, a group of people fought him, and then they got fiercer and began cursing him and sending la'nah on him from the pulpits as a sunnah. Didn't Ali (as) love Abu Bakr and Umar wholeheartedly? Weren't Jamal and Siffeen just a political dispute? What brought about the hate for Imam Ali (as) ? I thought this rosy picture that was painted is real? Even the scholars of the sunnah admit it, Imam Ali (as) was cursed from the pulpits of Bani Umayyah, and it is an issue reported by so many sahih chains it cannot be denied, and I would like to ask a question to our brothers: Why did they hate Ali ibn Abi Talib (as)? Anyway, insha Allah it increases Imam Ali's (as) reward, In the next thread we'll look at what Bani Umayyah would do to children with the name of 'Ali', 'Hassan', or 'Hussain' (wasalam)
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