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Found 24 results

  1. Can someone provide me with good online sources?? To be clear, I am Indian and have a little knowledge of Urdu. That's it.
  2. *DEADLINE EXTENDED TO TOMORROW!* Our Tuesday class for adults is now fully booked. *We have spaces available in the following classes: * Children: Tuesdays 5.30pm- 6.30pm Adults: Fridays 6pm- 7pm _To accommodate new registrations we have extended the deadline to tomorrow, 24th June. _ This is a beginners course where you will be learning to read, understand and speak the Farsi language. Classes commence on 29th June. This is an ongoing class and the current term will run for 6 weeks. *Course Fee:* Only £10 per session *To register go to:* www.aimislam.com/courses For enquiries, please call [edit]
  3. I have found this handwriting in an Tintin comic in Farsi. I think it is Farsi but I can't find the vocabulary of the handwriting. Can anybody help me to translate it in English? Many thanks
  4. فقط یک درخواست داشته باشم که لطفا لیریک از این نوحه تهیه کنید خیلی ممنونم و سپاسگزارم
  5. Salam alaikom dear friends, My name is Ali. I'm learning Urdu by myself. I'm looking for language exchange Through Skype or Whats app. I can teach you Farsi or Turkish, In return you teach me Urdu, any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated. Ali
  6. Salaaam dear friends, I was wondering if anyone would like to practice their Persian/Farsi with me? It's exciting to have pen-pals! There is more time for me now because of the quarantine, I'd love to make friends and learn. Please let me know if you're interested! Thank you
  7. Asalam Alaykum Warahmatullah wabarak. Insha'Allah you're all well. I was just wondering if anyone here knows their way around Al Mustafa IU's online university? I applied for the Persian Course, but I have no idea what to do and what I should be clicking or stuff lol. The website isn't as clear as it could be (to use). So would greatly appreciate some help on this if possible Jazak'Allah kehyr in advance.
  8. Salamun Alykum dear brothers and Sisters in faith. May Allah help you succeed. Can anyone of you help me to learn Persian (Farsi) with best resources available (if you know that they exist, I couldn't find any). I am from India and I know Hindi, Arabic, English and Urdu. (I can read but don't understand Arabic). I want to learn Farsi for these reasons. 1. I love Islamic Republic and InshaAllah when I visit there in coming years I wanted to talk and learn more about Islamic Republic, Revolution and the Holy Defense Era. 2. To read Local News in Farsi of Iran. 3. To read many valuable poets and books.
  9. Salamun Alykum Dear Brothers and Sisters. Youtube has got great collection of Iranian Nasheeds and Nauhes recited by very very good reciters MashaAllah but sadly 99% of them don't have captions in English. Can any Iranian brother/sister take up this task to make English subs of 2 videos each week.. It'll be a great benefit for all of us who don't know Persian but want to listen and most importantly understand those Nasheeds & Latmiyaas. Please anyone to volunteer??
  10. I don't know whether this was posted here before or not, so if repetitive, forgive me for sharing it . This was made in memory of those who died by the missile of US navy force to the none military Iranian airplane, which was intentionally because the commander of the battle ship which did it was awarded with medal of honor(dishonor)
  11. Why is it so surprising that 2 different people have seen lots of anti Islamic iranians ?? I'm guessing most members here are arabs and south asians. Have you guys met persians in real life ? If you live in North America then go talk to young persians and they will all say that once old generation die iran won't be Islamic anymore and how arabs destroyed persian civilization haha. What drives me mad is that they always use bad words for Allah and think they're white (even though theyre just light brown and not even lightest in their own country). I've only met 1 Islamic iranian and he is azeri (turk) Btw I have nothing against shia muslims.
  12. (salam) http://www.ziyaraat.net/findbook.asp Share links you know please.
  13. Bismillah Salam I am starting this topic for the people who want to learn Farsi. I myself am trying to learn it from the same source. I think its a good one. This course consists of 4 books. It has been prepared by Khana e Farhang Iran. i hope they dont take it down due to copy rights violations. All 4 books have a number of videos. Kitab e awal-68 videos Kitab e doam-122 videos Kitab e soam-103 videos Kitab e chaharum-23 videos Here is the first video of first book uploaded by someone. He hasnt uploaded complete videos. For example Kitab e Awal has 68 videos but he has uploaded only 23. I will soon start a youtube or shiatv channel and upload all or remaining videos on it. Suggestions are more than welcome. Iltemas e dua Wasalam.
  14. I wonder if shias pray to emam ali but I feel like praying to God is my way should I do it. I know many shias but they pray to Allah. I am shia myself. Plz let me know. Thanks everybody.
  15. One of the things I have noticed living in the West, an issue I have wondering a lot about lately is the irreligion of many diaspora Iranians where many of them have practising Muslims relatives in Iran such as their parents and grandparents. Many I have come around are unreligious and dishonour their Muslim heritage where many have become Agnostic and Atheist, where this seems very contrasting to todays Iran which we hear a lot about on the news and think of as a religious country. From my experience a lot of diaspora Iranians have a negative image of Islam cause of recent historical events such as the 1979 Iranian Revolution where Iran became a more strictly practising Muslim country, where the current regime have became more controlling of peoples private lives and also unrelated events to do with Iran such as 9/11 and the other infamous events and things associated with Islam and Muslims. I feel the current theocracy of the Iran, has created a negative image of Islam for many dissuaded Iranians especially the younger generation who seek more freedoms and opportunities. The government in Iran has created an unwanted backlash and also misunderstand against Islam especially among those mostly living in Western countries in Europe, North America and including Australia. So far books and article have been written by Iranians in the West, and speak of Islam as a backward faith, opposed to freedom and modernity and speak harshly of the Arabs who invaded there homeland many centuries ago and bought an extreme barbaric ideology which took away there supposed freedoms and there great Persian culture. Many of them have suggested choosing so called "moderate" and "peaceful" religions such as Zoroastrianism and Christianity, where a clear-eyed examination suggest all religions have positive or negative seeming aspects. Its not difficult to find verses to do with the perpetration of violence in the Bible, to justify there unfair justifications against Islam. As far as compatibility of Islam with advancement and Iranian culture is concerned, one should remember the many great Medieval Iranian thinkers, writers and scientists who helped established the modern foundations of thought, literature and science all came from within the great Islamic Civilization. If Islam has any hope of truly being worshipped by diaspora Iranians it must then be freed from the control of the government of Iran, who have done so many wrongs and abuses under the name of Islam and whose policies do not provide for the freedoms and liberties of Iranians.
  16. Assalamualaykum, I am a Sunni Muslim Pakistani of the Hanafi Madhab. I had originally signed up for Sunni Forum a while ago, but I did not get a confirmation email from them. Anyway, I have a couple of inquiries about Sunnis in Iran and Shiaism in general. From what I have heard from Iranian Sunnis of Persian origin living in my neighbourhood in Canada, I have gotten the impression that the Islamic Republic of Iran severely oppressed the Sunni population. I have also come to know that the Shias of Iran are not even religious due to the country's strict Islamic laws. As many as 90% of all Shias living in Iran are non-religious, and many have become murtads and followers of Christianity, agnosticism, Zoroastrianism, and Atheism. A few have even converted to Sunnism. The majority of what I know is based on what I have read from the Sons of Sunnah website, which is a Sunni Iranian website. Also, I have read about how Iranian Shiism is like Zoroastrianism, and has Zoroastrian influences such as Nowruz, Omar Koshan etc. Now, I have nothing against Shias, and I have a lot of respect for Ahlul Bayt. Furthermore, I do not consider Muawiyya a righteous dude based on what I have read about him from Sunni sources. However, I have seen some strange things about Shiaism on Rafidi Terminator's YouTube channel, and some of the stuff has shocked me. Adding on, I have a couple of Iranian Shia friends, who are practicing Muslims, but not hardcore Shias. In fact, a friend of mine who came to Canada two years ago has told me that living here has changed his perspectives about Islam, and he is no longer as religious as he used to be. Could someone please answer my inquiries, especially about the oppressive nature of Iran's regime towards Sunnis. Thank you, I just joined these forums today.
  17. (bismillah) (salam) I guess this is noha of the year for me http://dl.aviny.com/voice/Defae_moghadas/madahi-defa-moghadas/musavi-07.mp3 here are the lyrics 1 line in farsi other one in urdu نوحہ با اذن فرماندہ دلدادہ رزمیم کمانڈرکے حکم پہ جنگ کے دلدادہ ہیں درجبہہ شامات آمادہ رزمیم شاما ت کے میدان جنگ میں جنگ کےلئے آمادہ ہیں ما با خمینی عہدو پیمان وفا بستیم ہم نے خمینی سے وفاکا عہد و پیمان کیا ہے ما پیرو راہ شہیدان بودہ و ہستیم ہم شہیدوں کی راہ کے پیرو تھے اور ہیں ما با ولایت پشتِ استکبار بشکستیم ہم ولایت کے ساتھ استکبارکی کمر توڑیں گے ما یارمظلومانیم در مکتب قرآنی ہم قرآنی مکتب میں ہم مظلوم کے یار ہیں با یاری آل اللہ پیروزِ ہر میدانیم اہل بیت کی مدد سے ہر میدان کے فاتح ہیں لبیک یا ثاراللہ لبیک یا ثاراللہ از چنگ استکبار آن بی حیاء شوم بے حیاء اور شوم استکبار کے چنگل سے باید شود آزاد سوریہ مظلوم مظلوم سوریہ کو آزاد ہونا چاہیے یا رب بحق حضرت زینب ؑ عنایت کن یا رب حضرت زینب ؑ کے حق کا واسطہ ہمیں عنایت فرما مارا تو اہل بندگی اہل سعادت کن کہ ہم اہل بندگی و اہل سعادت بنیں از راہیانِ راہ ایثار و شہادت کن ہمیں ایثار و شہادت کی راہ پہ چلنے والوں سے قراردے در راہِ حق میمانیم شعر وفا می خوانیم راہ حق پہ باقی رہیں وفا کے شعر پڑھ رہے ہیں با یاری آل اللہ پیروز ہر میدانیم اہل بیت کی یاری سے ہر میدان کے فاتح ہیں لبیک یا ثاراللہ لبیک یا ثاراللہ ما جملگی ہستیم فرزند ِ عاشورا ہم سب فرزند عاشورا ہیں از نسل مغنیہ از نسل ھمت ہا مغنیہ اور ھمت کی نسل سے ہیں ما کہ بہ عشقِ آل ِ پیغمبر گرفتاریم ہم آل پیغمبر کے عشق میں گرفتار ہیں در راہِ اسلام ہر بلا بر جان خریداریم اسلام کی راہ میں ہر بلا کو اپنی جان سے خریدتے ہیں با یا حسینویا باالفضل مرد ِپیکاریم یا حسین یا ابالفضل کی طرح مرد جنگ ہیں از لشکر شیرانیم ما گوش و برفرمانیم ہم شیروں کے لشکر سے ہیں اور حکم کے منتظر ہیں با یاری آل اللہ پیروز ہر میدانیم اہل بیت کی یاری سے ہر میدان کے فاتح ہیں لبیک یا ثاراللہ لبیک یا ثاراللہ it is very simple and very effective. Rehbar Syed Ali Khamenei advised that reciters should choose simple and easy poetry so all people can understand. post your entry for noha of the year. Moghneya is Shaheed Emaad Mughniya (lebanon) hemat is Shaheed Ibrahim Hemat(iran) both are commanders of islamic resistance. (wasalam)
  18. Salam. I do have problems with certain things in Persian, such as family members. It causes me a lot of trouble when I translate English subtitles into Turkish. Because of the differences in languages, the English subtitles just won't help me. When it says "cousin" in the subtitle for example, I need to know which cousin, is it referring to a boy or a girl and whose child it is, the uncle or the aunt and which uncle and which aunt. lol. Thus I need to know all the family members in Persian. Could you guys teach them all? If yes, here's a silly family tree: I'll be glad if you fill in the blanks (in Persian along with English translitarations) so we can learn better inshaAllah. About parents and children; Hasan is Maryam's ... Masooma is Maryam's ... Amir is Asghar's ... Armita is Asghar's ... Grandparents and grandchildren; Mohsen is Sadeq's ... Mahbuba is Qasem's ... Morteza is Mohsen's ... Narges is Mohsen's ... About spouses; Mohsen is Mahbuba's ... Fateme is Ali's ... Also what are the common words in relationship stages? (As in "engagement" terms. I hear the words such as "khastagaar", "namzad" etc.) Can you name the terms in the stages and explain them? Also I need to know the possible terms in wedding ceremonies, such as "best man". About siblings; Qasem is Sadeq's ... (And do you have different terms for older and younger brothers with no use of adjectives such as "bozorg" or "kuchak") Maryam is Zainab's ... (Same q^) And how about twin brother and sisters? Cousins. (In Turkish we have 8 versions of saying "cousin". I think Persian language also has such different versions. Thus asking:) Jafar is Sadeq's ... Kawthar is Sadeq's ... Armita is Maryam's ... Amir is Maryam's ... Jafar is Amir's ... Kawthar is Armita's ... Jafar is Maryam's ... Kawthar is Zainab's ... Nephews & nieces. (in Turkish we have just 1 version and it doesn't matter if it is a male or a female. But I am asking any POSSIBLE versions in Persian so that speakers of other target languages may benefit) Maryam is Saed's ... Morteza is Laila's ... Kawthar is Maliha's ... Amir is Hasan's ... In laws. It is possible some of my questions may not have equivalents in Persian. But I need to know the terms you have. Ali is Masooma's ... Mahbuba is Ibrahem's ... Maliha is Saed's ... Nazanin is Laila's ... Muhammad is Saed's ... Saed is Masooma's ... Mahnaz is Maliha's ... Ibraem is Muhammed's ... Masooma is Leila's ... Saeed is Ibrahem's ... Mahnaz is Sadeq's ... Masooma is Jafar's ... Ibrahem is Narges' ... Saed is Qasem's ... And please add any other possible relation term I forgot to mention. Lastly, this might sound a bit weird but, do you have a term like "Godfather" just as we Turks have usually resulting from circumcision ceremony? Asking because among Turks such person is accepted as a close relative. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hello! I know that there is almost nothing on internet to learn persian but I just want to know how many of you like (or love!) to learn this language. (Optional: and why?) Thank you ALL! [ Hi Mr. Moderator! My English is not good. Would you correct my words if they are false? thank you!]
  20. What is the main reason that the majority of the Muslim terrorist belong to Sunni sect? I'm very curious. One of my friend told me that some of the companions left a legacy(Such as Umar attacked Persia and committed a Persian genocide when he converted them into Islam) and their teachings are extremist teachings. Is it true? If so, please go in-depth for detailed knowledge on their legacy. Thanks a lot brothers.
  21. Okay, I understand we are all very proud of our heritage, but this is just hypothetical and for fun not to promate racism or prejudice of any sort...... If you could become any other race or ethnicity other than the one you already are, what would you be? Personally I would like to be Asian for a day.(Chinese, Mongol...) Those guys are frickn ninjas!!!!! And they are so smart and cool.(not saying everyone else isnt cool, but Asian cool is a different kind of cool)
  22. This is an interesting video i came across from Baba Ali: "One thing i always find funny is how people take so much pride in things such as race and color. But what did we do to be proud of it? You can "oh I was born in this country!!!!" , but why do think you deserve credit for that... others say "I was born into this family"... but what did you do to be proud of those achievements of your culture or ethnicity? The truth is you didnt have a choice over any of those things, it just happened. You did nothing to gain your race, your family, or the color of your skin. Isn't it very stupid to have so much pride in something you have no choice over. So why are people so much attached to those factors to the point where they put it before Islam?" Quran-49:13 "oh mandkind, we have created you from a male and female,and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another..." we have people that claim to be Muslims, but instead follow their cultures and claim they are following Islam, but are really just following their own culture. This is one of the reasons for the sad state of the Ummah today" This attachment to our cultur over Islam is what divides the world today. It has come to the point where we hate eachother. I mean, we always blame westerners for being racist, but we ignore the fact that we are the most racist people of all. I hate to point it out, but middle easterners, Pakistanis, and Persians are the worst offenders. They constantly talk about how they are superior. I mean, how often have you heard Persians calling themselves "pure Aryans" and claiming their ancestors were "blond haired, blue eyed nordic", saying how much they hate Afghans and Arabs. Or Arabs saying they are pure Semetic and talking about "impure African/Asiastic blood" and Pakistanis saying they are 100% non- Indian. Though your culture may have made great advancements and achievements in the past, what have you done to claim their achoievements as your own, other than being born into the same race? How much will your culture or how much you did to support it help you on the day of judgement?
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