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  1. Al Jazeera Follow 25.8K Followers Across the Western world, public opinion on Palestine is finally shifting Opinion by Othman Moqbel • 12h • 4 min read For a very long time, many in the Western world have not engaged at all with the issues stemming from the occupation of Palestine. The occupation was in the news, every year or so, for a day or two, and then it would go again. It was too “complicated”, those who knew about the context – on either side – were too passionate. So many opted to remain neutral. Many more believed the smears against the Palestinian people. However, the scale and severity of brutality that has defined the past six months of conflict has put an end to the widespread apathy towards the suffering of the Palestinian people. The wall-to-wall media coverage, thanks to fearless reporting from organisations like Al Jazeera and Palestinian journalists on the ground, has opened people’s eyes to the reality of people in Gaza, and the rest of Palestine, have had to endure for generations. At Action For Humanity, one of the leading NGOs working in Gaza and influencing policymakers in the United Kingdom, we have commissioned polling by YouGov and found that 56 percent of the UK are now in favour of halting arms exports to Israel. Only 17 percent are against and the rest are unsure. This is huge. We have been polling the public on conflicts like Syria and Yemen for years and never have the UK public not just been so aware of a conflict, but also feel so passionately about it. Related video: Protesters share their opinions at counter Palestine-Israel rallies (Daily Mail) Loaded: 10.10% Play Current Time 0:00 / Duration 4:57 Quality Settings Captions Fullscreen Daily Mail Protesters share their opinions at counter Palestine-Israel rallies Unmute 0 View on Watch Furthermore, when asked, 59 percent of the respondents said they felt Israel was committing human rights abuses in Gaza – almost three in five people and just 12 percent felt this was not the case. And it’s worth noting this survey was conducted before the April 1 killing of World Central Kitchen aid workers – an atrocity which has horrified the world, even the UK and US governments. We now anticipate, due to the widespread condemnation of this event, that the number of people who realise what horrors are being committed and want no part of it, is higher. Other polling by YouGov has shown that, the longer this war on Gaza goes on, the more people are likely to support a ceasefire (from 59 percent in November to 66 percent in February), are more likely to think the attack on Gaza is not justified (from 44 percent in November to 45 percent in February) and are more likely to want peace talks (61 percent in November to 66 percent in February). And this is a pattern we are seeing all across the Western world. In the United States, the biggest backer of Israel on the global stage, it is not just the administration in the White House that is struggling to attempt to justify the accelerating civilian death toll, the public too are showing disapproval. A CBS/YouGov poll found that in October 47 percent – almost half- of the US supported sending weapons to Israel, this month the number has plummeted to just 32 percent – less than a third, and that support for a ceasefire is growing. We believe that this is the case across the West and now that the overwhelming majority of the Western public are becoming more and more aware of the crimes against humanity that are being committed in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem, the more people are completely appalled. And even those who once felt the huge civilian death toll in Gaza were justified and realising in increasing numbers that nothing on this earth can justify what is happening. However, sadly, the politicians of Western governments are completely out of step with their public’s mood. Not only is this morally reprehensible, but it is politically shortsighted. The year 2024 has been called “the year of elections”, with at least 49 percent of the world voting at some point this year, politicians who do not realise their publics want them to stop facilitating and supporting human rights abuses in Gaza, face electoral defeat – even if they refuse to face their conscience. Here in the UK, the Labour Party, which many believe will form the next government, have also been behind the public’s growing demand to stop arming Israel – even though our polling found that a huge 71 percent of those who intended to vote Labour at the next election believe the UK government should stop funding Israel. For decades, Western states were able to support abuses against Palestinians with impunity due to public ignorance on the issue – due to people not paying attention to what’s happening, and buying into lies. This is now over, and the horrific way Israel conducted its war on Gaza is the reason why. Humanity, in all its forms, everywhere, is fundamentally good. Most humans, at their core, believe in peace and justice. They know that murdering innocents is wrong. Now the world is paying attention to Gaza, everyone can see what an unnatural, horrendous reality Palestinians are forced to endure, and they want no more of it. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.
  2. Letter 4 U | Ayatollah Khamenei letter for western Youths Imam Khamenei letter against Bin laden letter (a campaign for spreading truth of Shia Islam against Zionism & rogue state of Israel & wahhabism) please everyone share the letter (4U/for you) among everyone who you can for defending the truth & Palestine (Palestinians) against sheer evil the rogue state of Israel & global zionism.
  3. Bismillah Ta'la If you have a heart, a brain, and a conscious you need to attend a Quds Day Demonstration in your area. Most of you know why it is so important, particularly this year that we show the Zionist Occupiers that we, who don't like genocide, are here and we are willing to stand up and demand and end to it. We are not tired, and we are not going away. For those of you who have read my posts, I very rarely if ever use bold and big type. I am using it now, so please listen. IF YOU LIVE IN THE US / UK, YOU HAVE AN EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA RESPONSIBILITY TO ATTEND SINCE IT IS OUR GOVERNMENT WHO IS ENABLING THE GENOCIDE BY SENDING WEAPONS AND MONEY. THEY ARE DOING THIS IN OUR NAME AND WITH OUR MONEY (TAXES). I am not going to say it is wajib to go, because I am not a marjaa, but it is very, very, very, very, very important that you go. The Thalimeen depend on your silence in order to carry out their crimes. If you are not silent, they won't be able to do it. Remember, Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) sees what you are doing and not doing and Imam Zaman(a.f.s) also sees you and please don't disappoint him. This is it, folks. If you want to do Amr bil Maroof wa Nahiya Al Munkhar here is your chance. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) help us and may he forgive all our sins in this Holy Month in exchange for our striving in His(s.w.a) way. I am reserving this thread to post info for local quds day demonstrations. Scroll down to find the one for your area. A note, google and bing are trying to shadow ban content related to Quds Day, so if you want to find the info, you need to be very specific in your search. Just tying 'Quds Day' or 'Quds day in my area' won't work like it does to find a local pizza place, lol. The way I found it is 'Quds Day Demonstrations [Insert your city name] April 5 2024'. That search string worked for me, you might have to modify slightly. I will post some of the ones I found Dearborn / Detroit London UK Houston, TX New York, NY I did a screen shot from FB, in case anyone doesn't have an acct or can't get to FB (or doesn't want to. lol) Chicago Sacramento, CA Anyone who can find info on other locations, please post.
  4. Palestine Chile to open embassy in Palestine, says President By Al Mayadeen English Source: Agencies 23 Dec 2022 18:39 1 Shares The pro-Palestine stance in Chile takes to new heights, with President Boric announcing that he would open up an embassy in occupied Palestine. Chilean President Gabriel Boric gives a speech during a cultural event in Santiago, Chile, March 13, 2022 (Reuters) Chile is planning to open an embassy in occupied Palestine as Santiago seeks to demand that international law be respected, as per President Gabriel Boric. The Palestinian Foreign Ministry welcomed Boric's decision to open the embassy after Chilean Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola confirmed the plan on Thursday. Urrejola, however, said there was no timeline for the process, noting that his country would still recognize both occupied Palestine and the Israeli occupation. The decision itself came on Wednesday evening, with Boric announcing it before Chilean Palestinians who are part of the large Palestinian community in Santiago. "We are going to raise our official representation in Palestine from having a charge d’affaires. Now we are going to open an embassy," Boric said after noting that he was "taking a risk [saying] this". Al-Quds responded to this, with the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates "strongly commend[ing] the move." "Affirms the principled position of Chile and its president in support of international law and the right of the Palestinian people to establish their independent state," Al-Quds said. The Latin American country has a history of supporting Palestine, already having a representative office in Palestine, which was established in 1998 in Ramallah, the occupied West Bank. In 2011 as well, Chile recognized Palestine as a state and supported its admission into UNESCO. Boric's move was done with the aim of giving Palestinians the representation they deserve, according to the President, though he did not specify where the embassy would be opened exactly. The uncertainty about where the embassy would be located is due to former US President Donald Trump, who caused a diplomatic crisis for Palestine after he recognized the Palestinian capital, occupied Al-Quds, as the capital of "Israel", prompting the location of embassies to be a contentious subject for various states. This comes months after Boric refused to accept the credentials of newly-inaugurated Israeli ambassador Gil Artzyeli, citing the Israeli occupation forces' murder of a young Palestinian teen in the occupied West Bank. Artzyelli was already at the Chilean presidential palace for his planned meeting with Boric when Chilean Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola informed him that his credentials would not be accepted that day and that the ceremony would be postponed until next month. A day before the Israeli-perpetrated Sabra and Shatila massacre turned 40, the Israeli ambassador played the victim card, saying that though the incident was "quite uncomfortable. Being an Israeli and as a Jew, my people have undergone worse things in the last 4,000 years." Read next: An Everlasting Trauma: Sabra and Shatila by the Hours Boric's BDS and resistance Chilean President Gabriel Boric has long been an outspoken advocate of the Palestinian cause against the Israeli occupation. Boric once called "Israel" a "murderous state" during his presidential campaign, voicing support for bills calling for boycotting goods, services, and products from Israeli settlements. He responded in 2019 to the Chilean Jewish community sending him a jar of honey for Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) by saying he "appreciate[d] the gesture" but "they could have asked Israel to return illegally occupied Palestinian territory." His anti-Israeli stance has made him unpopular among Zionist groups in Chile but garnered him a lot of support from leftists and pro-Palestine advocates, especially Chile's 350,000-strong Palestinian diaspora. Chile Palestine Israel West Bank Israeli occupation Gabriel Boric Donald Trump
  5. isnt tomorrow al quds day in Iran? Viva Palestine!!!!!
  6. From the looks of it, it seems like this was an organic, grassroot-level outburst which the anti-Gulf monarchy faction of the Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad seem to have decided to join at the spur of the moment. More interesting is the Saudi monarchy's reaction, and here Bandar bin Sultan is explicitly denouncing the Palestinian cause and not so secretly declaring that the Saudis (and the other oil monarchies) may try to impose the Abraham Accord on the Palestinians through strong-arming the P.A. Looks like the selling out is finally official. I am not amazed at all; this is after all a logical conclusion of what has been happening all these decades. What took me by surprise, however, is the candor.
  7. I just want to ask a quick question, now there are many protests happening in the United States for Palestine. I usually avoid going to protests even the one for Iraq last year I just stayed home. Do you guys think its best to not go and stay home? what are your thoughts on this?
  8. In nineteen hundred and forty-eight the forces of the Zion-swine, to take the land of olives and grapes, invaded Palestine, but no more would they advance, since the White and Blue like lightning ran from the forces of the Resistance ! They burned their way through Jaffa, and laid Dair Yassin on the rack, in Nazareth and in Haifa marched the men whose hearts were black, they shot wives and children while they used to sing and dance. but the White and Blue like lightning ran from the forces of the Resistance ! Many mothers and grannies would cry, for their young children of fifteen years, Shebaa Farms' flames lit up the sky, but our yellow men knew no fear. God's party with all their strength gave them no chance, and the White and Blue like lightning ran from the forces of the Resistance ! The Zionists were caught taken out and shot by the brave and the valiant few, Ahmed Yassin, al-Rantisi and Sulaimani, and Nasrallah's valiant crew, though we're not free yet we won't forget until our last dying stance, how the White and Blue like lightning ran from the forces of the Resistance !
  9. Will prevail when Imam Mahdi ((عليه السلام)) and Prophet Jesus ((عليه السلام)) returns. For the most part, the Palestinians have been brain washed by the salafi’s to the extent that a large percentage of Isis fighters when they were caught were from Palestine and then Chechnya then Tunisia and then Saudi Arabia. I think you and the other guy that I’ve heard of are the only Palestinian Shia’s that exists. The rest are either “Sunni” or “Christian” in short yous are rare gem.
  10. As salamu alaykum I hope everyone is in the best of health Insha’Allah during these crazy times. I’m a 18 year old Palestinian and Egyptian born Muslim and a new “revert” from ahlul Sunnah to the Ahlul Bayt school of thought. I was wondering if anyone had any good book recommendations about Islamic history and good source books. Growing up Islamic history wasn’t emphasised so I’m kinda a newbie to in depth context and sources sourrounding the context of when surahs/ ayas were revealed, I.e Surah al Tawbah, or hadiths/ history surrounding the martyrdom of Hussain as. I don’t know if this is related but also if anyone has any recommendations for mosques in London and also mosques that possibly offer lessons that would be great too. Jazak’Allah everyone.
  11. Watching Trump/Netanyahu's live 'Middle East peace plan; what's been dubbed 'The Deal of the century' which is more like the Steal of the century. It looks like they're out on a picnic. The 'deal' itself is pretty delusional to say the least. The ridiculous list detailing it will soon hit news outlets along with the Palestinians' response.
  12. I think this should be a must read for everybody on this ShatChat
  13. The UN's Internarional Criminal Court ICC Prosecuter believes that 'war crimes have been been or are being committed' in Palestine and intends to investigate. Israel has claimed that the ICC has no jurisdiction in such matters because Palestine is not a sovereign state. SubhanAllah at the level of arrogance. https://news.un.org/en/story/2019/12/1054121 I'm not one to support Aljazeera, but I found the following coverage on this issue interesting.
  14. How accurate is the following statement by the Government of Canada 'Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness' regarding Hizbullah??? Please help, thanks. https://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/ntnl-scrt/cntr-trrrsm/lstd-ntts/crrnt-lstd-ntts-en.aspx#30 Hizballah Also known as Hizbullah, Hizbollah, Hezbollah, Hezballah, Hizbullah, The Party of God, Islamic Jihad (Islamic Holy War), Islamic Jihad Organization, Islamic Resistance, Islamic Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine, Ansar al-Allah (Followers of God/Partisans of God/God's Helpers), Ansarollah (Followers of God/Partisans of God/God's Helpers), Ansar Allah (Followers of God/Partisans of God/God's Helpers), Al-Muqawamah al-Islamiyyah (Islamic Resistance), Organization of the Oppressed, Organization of the Oppressed on Earth, Revolutionary Justice Organization, Organization of Right Against Wrong and Followers of the Prophet Muhammed. Description One of the most technically capable terrorist groups in the world, Hizballah is a radical Shia group ideologically inspired by the Iranian revolution. Its goals are the liberation of Jerusalem, the destruction of Israel, and, ultimately, the establishment of a revolutionary Shia Islamic state in Lebanon, modelled after Iran. Formed in 1982 in response to Israel's invasion of Lebanon, Hizballah carried out some of the most infamous terror attacks of the Lebanese civil war, such as the suicide bombings of the barracks of United States Marines and French paratroopers in Beirut, as well as the hijacking of TWA Flight 847. While all other Lebanese militias disarmed at the end of Lebanon's civil war in 1990, Hizballah continued to fight, waging a guerilla war against Israeli troops stationed in southern Lebanon. Following Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000, Hizballah attacks against Israeli forces continued, concentrated on the disputed Shebaa Farms area. In 2006, Hizballah provoked Israel's invasion of Lebanon by kidnapping two Israeli soldiers and killing 8 others. On January 3, 2018, Hizballah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah announced that the group was working "to obtain all kinds of weapons that would enable it to achieve victory in the next war." Date listed 2002-12-10 Date reviewed 2018-11-21 EDIT: Also, any thoughts or feelings on Canada's statement?
  15. Time to Break the Silence on Palestine An op-ed article in the New York Times against Israel and it's policies against the Palestinians. the article is okay; the surprising part is that it is an OP-ED in NY Times.
  16. Salam so I follow this facebook page The Palestinian Information Center. and on this particular post I found this comment So I really wanted to respond but then I figured that this probably is a hasbarah troll from the zionist cyber army division (yes those exist read about it here and here ) and he is probably getting paid extra by any engagement with his words.So I thought why not publish it here and at leats get it off my chest somewhere on the interwebs. you better live the rest of your meager life fully,israelli setller. because we both know what awaits you in the afterlife. I am so thankfull that God almighty created death,so people like your breed are humbled by it and then when repenting or regret is worth nothing you learn that actions have consequences and that you by your arrogance and pharoah-like behavior you have build eternity in hell by your own hands. We will always repeat the words of Husayn (peace be upon him) هيهات من الذلة هيهات من الذلة هيهات من الذلة We dont fear death, because our God is just and we know that this life isnt the last stop. But you believe that your God has created us all to be your slaves....But we are the freest of men because we only bow to God.We only fear God. But you cowards are afraid of death, because you know that its the only thing that you have is this meager pathetic life that isnt even worth the wing of a mosquito. So go on.... keep lying,typing,humiliating,maiming,killing. its of no use, you will never break us. You are nothing,your power is nothing, your subterfuge is nothing. You are swimming against the current. Its clear that you are getting tired. You cant run....there is nowhere to run.....we are all heading to one thing....and alhamdullah
  17. Salaam, what is the logic behind Muslims, or even Christians, who are not Pro Palestine? For example, a Muslim Indian says he is not Pro Palestine because "The Jews have more unity and the Arabs are always in conflict with each other" But The Zionists are killing the Palestinian people? I don't understand his logic,I don't agree with him. The Kashmiri people are dealing with the same issue as well, genocide,persecution and opression by India and Pakistan government
  18. As we are approaching the 70th anniversary of the #Nakbah, a brief history lesson for the Shi'i community. Please read and share! https://ahlulbaytblog.com/2018/05/10/the-nakbah-israels-extermination-of-indigenous-palestinian-shiism/
  19. يا شرفاء العالم هذا اظعف الايمان Please share and sign this petition ! https://www.change.org/p/world-leaders-jerusalem-must-remain-the-capital-of-palestine?recruiter=647376290&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=share_page
  20. Salaam Alaykum All: I recently received an email from Doctors Without Borders describing the situation of the Rohingya in Bangladesh and Burma. http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/node/71826 Though I had heard about the situation, I had failed to imagine the severity of the living conditions. Nor did I consider that they may have been dying of lack of good food and clean water. I figured that a prayer for them was the best I could do, having my own situation and issues to deal with. This is taken from Sistani.org, Islamic Laws of Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Sistani: 2644. It is obligatory upon every Muslim to save the life of a Muslim, who may be dying of hunger or thirst, by providing him enough to eat or drink. This obligation is pretty simple to understand (i could be wrong here, maybe it applies when one knows of someone specific dying?), but it seems like such a huge feat in todays trends of wars and oppression: Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Bangladesh/Myanmar, (we can also imagine the stories that will never make it to Western news outlets). So I've been looking through mostly Muslim charities, trying to vet them for the most effective way of fulfilling the above mentioned obligation. Some that stood out to me were One Nation: https://www.totalgiving.co.uk/mypage/helprohingya Human Appeal: https://donate.humanappeal.org.uk/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuq6exL-Y1gIVEZ4bCh2kFApAEAAYASAAEgLbKfD_BwE I'm wondering if any of you out there have made any contributions to any of these cause, how you may have settled on a trustworthy charity, Muslim or otherwise. Thanks in advance for any input. Wa Salaam
  21. This video was posted by Khamenei.ir website and I decided to share it with you good friends of mine.
  22. I want to wish all of you a resist-ful Al Quds day. I thought if we could start a thread of sharing the Al Quds photos around the world. I've some photos of Al Quds rally held in Karachi, Pakistan. Location: Karachi, Pakistan
  23. An adviser to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has harshly criticized the recent meeting between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the ringleader of an anti-Iran terrorist group. Speaking on Sunday, Hossein Sheikholeslam said the meeting between Abbas and Maryam Rajavi, the ringleader of the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), came as no surprise to Iran. Abbas met with Rajavi in the French capital of Paris late Saturday. According to reports, the two discussed regional issues, and Rajavi briefed Abbas on the MKO’s recent annual meeting. “That a Palestinian faction that compromises with the Zionists (Israelis) and that has yielded to Israel under US pressure... today meets with terrorist elements is no surprise,” Sheikholeslam said, referring to the Palestinian Fatah party, which is headed by Abbas. The Islamic Republic, the Iranian official said, was already in possession of evidence of Abbas’ secret collaborations with the United States. He said the relations between Mahmoud Abbas and terrorist groups and Israelis have been covert and have only become publicized today. Sheikholeslam referred to the MKO’s bleak history of assassinations and bombings against Iranian civilians and officials following the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and said the terrorist outfit receives support from the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia. He also pointed to the move by the MKO to side with former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in the eight-year Iraqi war against Iran in the 1980s, and said the group maintains its enmity toward Iran with continued Western support. In early July, the MKO held a meeting in Paris, where Saudi Arabia’s former spymaster, Turki al-Faisal, gave a 30-minute speech to the gathering and expressed support for the anti-Iran group. The Iranian Foreign Ministry subsequently summoned the French Ambassador to Tehran François Sénémaud to hand him a strong note of protest over the meeting. Iran and Saudi Arabia have no diplomatic relations. http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2016/08/01/477871/Iran-Hossein-Sheikholeslam-Mahmoud-Abbas-Maryam-Rajavi
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