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Found 8 results

  1. Salam. New Sect: ''Teaching / Learning the Book (al-kitaab)'' There is a new sect, the leader is Muhammad Effendi Al-Qurashiy Al-Amjadiy. He propagates his doctrine on facebook. He claims to have access to 'al-kitaab' etc. [see the screenshot]. I think, he had thread on ShiaChat also.
  2. 'Sahih Al Bukhari-Kitab Al' Tafseer Bab- وَمَا خَلَقَ الذَّكَرَ وَالْأُنثَى " The Hadeeth saying some words added in the Quran "Narrated Ibrahim: The companions of 'Abdullah (bin Mas'ud) came to Abu Darda', (and before they arrived at his home), he looked for them and found them. Then he asked them: 'Who among you can recite (Qur'an) as 'Abdullah recites it?" They replied, "All of us." He asked, "Who among you knows it by heart?" They pointed at 'Alqama. Then he asked Alqama. "How did you hear 'Abdullah bin Mas'ud reciting Surat Al-Lail (The Night)?" Alqama recited: 'By the male and the female.<<والذكر والأنثى>>' Abu Ad-Darda said, "I testify that I heard the Prophet reciting it likewise, but these people want me to recite it:-- 'And by Him Who created male and female.<<وَمَا خَلَقَ الذَّكَرَ وَالْأُنثَى>>' but by Allah, I will not follow them." Note: The Present Quran consist the Ayat like this "وَمَا خَلَقَ الذَّكَرَ وَالْأُنثَى" But Sahabi of Ibn Masud And Abu Darda reading it as والذكر والأنثى and taking vow that he will not read the ayat with extra words. Tafseer Durrul Mansur By Allama Jalaluddin Suyuti on tafseer of 101 An Nisa "Ibn Jarir and ibn al-Munder recorded that Ubai used to recite the verse '{if you shorten the prayer, kafirs will cause you distress} without reciting '{if you fear إن خفتم}'while in Uthman's Mushaf its '{if you fear that those who disbelieve will cause you distress}" ... So in the Copies of Quran of Ubai bin k'ab The words <<إن خفتم>> was not present. 'Muhaddith Mufassir Jalaluddin Suyuti in his Itqan Vol 1 Page 146,' " Total ayat in Quran is 6616" 'Tafseer Ibn Kaseer Vol 1 Page 147' Ibn Kasir said " Total ayat in the Qur'an are 6000 . There is disagreement on if there are more . There are various views and statements about them. One statement is that there are 6204 verses" 'Tafseer Al Kabir By Fakre Razi : Vol 1 Page 222' “In few of the old books it is written that Ibn Masud would reject Surah Fatihah as Part of the Qur'an and Mauzatain as being a part of the Quran” Note: Dear brothers Please do not Post anything until I finish my all posting
  3. (bismillah) (salam) This is a video showing how a kaffir nasibi Wahabi scholar unveils the truth about his cult beliefs without using Taqiya. (wasalam)
  4. Please translate it into English too as it is a very important Reference about Nasibiat of Ibn Khaldoon and total destruction of Nasibi History while they base their history only upon Ibn Khaldoon. صبیوں کے منہ پر مفتی شامزئی دیوبندی نے ایک طمانچہ رسید کیا ہے۔ مفتی شامزئی دیوبندی نے ثبوتوں کے ساتھ ثابت کیا ہے کہ ناصبیوں کے اس چہیتے مؤرخ کی حقیقت یہ ہے کہ: ابن خلدون پکا ناصبی اور امام علی کا بدترین دشمن تھا علمی لحاظ سے بھی ابن خلدون کی کوئی اہمیت نہیں ہے اسکی طبیعت میں کینہ تھا جس کا اظہار وہ اہلبیت کے خلاف اپنی تحریروں اور تقریروں میں کرتا تھا مفتی شامزئی بذات خود دیوبند سے تعلق رکھتے ہیں۔ اتفاق کی بات یہ ہے کہ ناصبیوں کا تعلق بھی اکثر اسی دیوبند مکتبِ فکر سے ہے۔ ابن خلدون کی حقیقت بتاتے ہوئے مفتی شامزئی نے امام مہدی پر ہونے والے اعتراضات کا جواب دیا ہے۔ کہا جاتا ہے کہ اس کتاب کے شائع ہونے کے بعد خود ناصبیوں نے مفتی شامزئی کو شہید کر دیا۔ مفتی شامزئی کی یہ مکمل کتاب "عقیدہ ظہورِ مہدی" آپ اس لنک پر پڑھ سکتے ہیں۔ یہاں اب ہم وہ کچھ پیش کر رہے ہیں جو مفتی شامزئی نے ابن خلدون کے متعلق لکھا ہے۔
  5. (salam) This thread is only a friendly invitation to Farid. Generally, the Salafiyyah (and the Ahl al-Sunnah generally) rush to claim that they too love the Ahl al-Bayt (as). Farid, naturally, makes a similar claim. In fact, in recent days, I have seen him adding (as) after the names of the Ahl al-Bayt (as) to the exclusion of the other Sahābah. Though I find this very strange, coming from a Salafī, I deem it a very positive sign (not that I expect him to ever leave his religion). My concern, however, is that Farid still loves and follows the Nawāsib who hated, cursed and fought the Ahl al-Bayt (as). This is where the main problem lies. These Nāsibī Sahābah were hypocrites. In Islām, loving hypocrites is harām, and a horrible bid’ah, as Allāh has CURSED them: æóÚóÏó Çááøóåõ ÇáúãõäóÇÝöÞöíäó æóÇáúãõäóÇÝöÞóÇÊö æóÇáúßõÝøóÇÑó äóÇÑó Ìóåóäøóãó ÎóÇáöÏöíäó ÝöíåóÇ åöíó ÍóÓúÈõåõãú æóáóÚóäóåõãõ Çááøóåõ æóáóåõãú ÚóÐóÇÈñ ãõÞöíãñ Allāh has promised the hypocrites, men and women, and the disbelievers, the Fire of Hell, therein shall they abide forever. It will suffice them. Allāh has CURSED them and for them is the lasting torment. Qur’ān 9:68 Now, to make myself clearer, let me quote these words of Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah: ÇáÑÇÈÚ Ãä Çááå ÞÏ ÇÎÈÑ Çäå ÓíÌÚá ááÐíä ÂãäæÇ æÚãáæÇ ÇáÕÇáÍÇÊ æÏÇ æåÐÇ æÚÏ ãäå ÕÇÏÞ æãÚáæã Ãä Çááå ÞÏ ÌÚá ááÕÍÇÈÉ ãæÏÉ Ýí ÞáÈ ßá ãÓáã áÇ ÓíãÇ ÇáÎáÝÇÁ ÑÖí Çááå Úäåã áóÇ ÓöíøóãóÇ ÃóÈõæ ÈóßúÑò æóÚõãóÑõº ÝóÅöäøó ÚóÇãøóÉó ÇáÕøóÍóÇÈóÉö æóÇáÊøóÇÈöÚöíäó ßóÇäõæÇ íóæóÏøõæäóåõãóÇ¡ æóßóÇäõæÇ ÎóíúÑó ÇáúÞõÑõæäö. æóáóãú íóßõäú ßóÐóáößó Úóáöíøñ¡ ÝóÅöäøó ßóËöíÑðÇ ãöäó ÇáÕøóÍóÇÈóÉö æóÇáÊøóÇÈöÚöíäó ßóÇäõæÇ íõÈúÛöÖõæäóåõ æóíóÓõÈøõæäóåõ æóíõÞóÇÊöáõæäóåõ. The fourth issue is that Allāh had informed him (the Prophet) that He would create love for those who believe and do righteous deeds. This promise from Him was true, and it is well-known that Allāh has created love for the Sahābah in the heart of every Muslim, especially the Khalīfahs, may Allāh be pleased with them, especially Abū Bakr and ‘Umar. This is because the generality of the Sahābah and Tābi’īn loved both of them (i.e. Abū Bakr and ‘Umar), and these were the best of generations. This was not the case for ‘Alī. This is because the MAJORITY of the Sahābah and Tābi’īn HATED, CURSED and FOUGHT him. Abū al-‘Abbās Ahmad b. ‘Abd al-Halīm b. Taymiyyah al-Harrānī, Minhāj al-Sunnah al-Nabawiyyah (Muasassat al-Qurtbah; 1st edition, 1406 H) [annotator: Dr. Muhammad Rashād Sālim], vol. 7, p. 137-138 NOTE: The word kathīr above may mean “a lot of” or “majority of”. It has been used in the second sense at several places in the Qur’ān, like 2:109, 4:114, 5:32, 5:49, 5:64, 5:66, 5:68, 5:71, 5:80, 7:179, 9:34, 10:92, 14:36, 38:24, 57:16, 57:26, and 57:27. It is equally apparent that Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah intends this second meaning in his words. If it does not mean “majority of”, then his purpose fails. He seeks to prove that the “believers” did not love Imām ‘Alī (as). If it was only the minority of them, and the majority loved him, then he has no point! Therefore, the only way his words could have meaning is when the majority of the Salaf (i.e. Sahābah and Tābi’īn) hated him, as he has argued. Nāsibism is apparent from these words of Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah: 1. Allāh promised to create love for those who believe and do righteous deeds in the hearts of the Muslims. 2. Allāh has created love for the Sahābah in the heart of every Muslim, thus proving that they were righteous believers. 3. The Sahābah and Tābi’īn are the best of Muslims and they loved Abū Bakr and ‘Umar. This proves that Abū Bakr and ‘Umar were absolutely righteous believers. 4. However, these same Sahābah and Tābi’īn, the majority of them, hated, cursed and fought ‘Alī (as). In other words, Allāh did not create love for ‘Alī (as) in their hearts, meaning that he was not a believer or did not do good deeds! Particular attention should be paid to these points: 1. Allāh promised to create love in the hearts of the Muslims for those who believe and do righteous deeds. 2. The promise of Allāh is true. 3. But, He did not create love for ‘Alī (as) in the hearts of the bests of Muslims. 4. Therefore, ‘Alī (as) could not have been one of those who believed and did righteous deeds because Allāh always fulfills His Promises. 5. If ‘Alī (as) had been one of those who believed and did righteous deeds, then the Promise of Allāh would be false – an absolute impossibility. This is the outline of the ideology of Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah! Farid, if this does not make him a Nāsibī, then nothing does! And, please tell: do you agree with this reasoning of Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah? Now, here comes the question: what is your view of those Sahābah and Tābi’īn who hated, cursed and fought Imām ‘Alī (as)? The Messenger of Allāh (pbuh) called them all hypocrites. Imām Muslim records: قال علي : والذي فلق الحبة وبرأ النسمة إنه لعهد النبي الأمي صلى الله عليه وسلم إلى أن لا يحبني إلا مؤمن ولا يبغضني إلا منافق Narrated ‘Alī: By Him Who split up the seed and created something living, verily the al-Ummī Prophet (i.e. Muhammad), peace be upon him, gave me a covenant that NONE loves me except a believer and NONE hates me except a hypocrite. Abū al-Husayn Muslim b. al-Hajjāj al-Naysābūrī al- al-Qushayrī, Sahīh (Beirut: Dār Ihyā al-Turāth al-‘Arabī) [annotator: Muhammad Fuād ‘Abd al-Bāqī], vol. 1, p. 86, # 78 Do you agree that all those Nāsibī Sahābah and Tābi’īn were hypocrites? Do you agree with the Messenger of Allāh (pbuh)? Or, do you reject his words? Moreover, Shaykh al-Albānī records that the Prophet said: من أحب عليا فقد احبني ومن أحبني فقد أحب الله عز وجل ومن أبغض عليا فقد أبغضني ومن أبغضني فقد أبغض الله عز وجل. (صحيح) Whosoever loves ‘Alī verily loves me, and whosoever loves me verily loves Allāh the Almighty. WHOSOEVER hates ‘Alī verily hates me, and WHOSOEVER hates me verily hates Allāh the Almighty. (Sahīh) Muhammad Nāsir al-Dīn al-Albānī, al-Silsilah al-Ahādīth al-Sahīhah (Riyadh: Maktabah al-Ma’ārif), vol. 3, p. 288, # 1299 Farid, do you agree that those Nāsibī Sahābah hated Allāh and His Messenger ? If you do, this will testify in favour of your love of the Ahl al-Bayt . If you do not? Well, the implications are obvious. So, I invite you, Farid, and as I said, this is only a friendly invitation: I invite you to state your opinion, in this thread, about those Nāsibī Sahābah and Tābi’īn. Thank you.
  6. (salam) I will only quote the words of Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah, and leave the comments to you guys. He states in his Minhaaj al-Sunnah, vol. 4, pp. 243-244:: ونحن نعلم أن ما يحكى عن فاطمة وغيرها من الصحابة من القوادح كثير؛ منها كذب، وبعضها كانوا فيه متأوّلين. وإذا كان بعضها ذنباً فليس القوم معصومين، بل هم مع كونهم أولياء الله ومن أهل الجنة، لهم ذنوب يغفرها الله لهم And we know that what is narrated about the evil deeds of Faatimah, and others apart from her from the Sahaabah, , INCLUDING TELLING LIES, are several; and in some of these evil deeds they (Faatimah and the other Sahaabah) were only doing taaweel. Of course, some of these evil deeds were sins. However, they were not infallible. Rather, although they were friends of Allaah and from the people of Jannah, they committed sins that Allaah forgave for them. Salafees call him "Shaykh al-Islaam" nonetheless. I wonder what they would have said if a Shee'ah had said the same thing about 'Aaishah and some other Sahaabah??
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