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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salamunalaikum, What are the authentic accounts to support chest-beating from Qur'an and Hadith? Note: My question is not specific to shia or sunni books. I just need authentic hadith whether from shia accounts or sunni. I also don't need a logical answer so a hadith or quranic verse is needed which verifies the act of chest-beating. Also, If matam/chest-beating is allowed, then, to what extent? Is it allowed to mourn every person like we mourn Imam Husayn (عليه السلام)? For instance, if someone's family member dies and he is neither a martyr nor an oppressed but simply died due to
  2. Salamunalaikum, I am a shia and some questions have struck me from sometime which are regarding matam or chest-beating in the month of muharram. What are the authentic accounts to support chest-beating from Qur'an and Hadith? Note: My question is not specific to shia or sunni books. I just need authentic hadith whether from shia accounts or sunni. I also don't need a logical answer so a hadith or quranic verse is needed which verifies the act of chest-beating. Also, If matam/chest-beating is allowed, then, to what extent? Is it allowed to mourn every person like we mourn Imam
  3. i read some where in a book that tatbir and shedding of blood and adziari rituals are sunnah in 12er from an ahkbari book, what do usulis say?
  4. is there any mataam or mosques for Shia in Eindhoven?
  5. Kyun karta hai behes matam e shabbir (عليه السلام) per Ek bar dar e zehra s.a pa aakar dekh Agar ho phir bhi utni pareshani Khud ki nasl ka pata laga kar toh dekh. insta- @ammar.Abbas
  6. Salam . . . as i always try to explain in my posts that i am just a beginner in research on shiasm in the search of truth as i will never want to hurt someone's feeling at any level and if you find anything hurtful from my side i apologies in advance as my intention is just to know and learn + please avoid my bad english as well as i am not too good in it . . . so the question that i mostly asked about is MATAM . . . yes i do know that EVERY human being will cry after listening to masaaib of Karbala and after that . . . but i am unable to understand the current form of matam . . .
  7. Salam, lately i've been very interested to know more about muharram and what shia do. Can anyone please tell me what do shia do in there majlis, in detail. From the start till the ending. That would be great
  8. Where does it say in the Quran that you can do it? Isnt mourning just allowed on the first three days of death? Why is it an annual thing for you and do all shias do it. I think it is self abuse
  9. Why is matam important in shia sect? Is matam some sort of trance state?
  10. (Salam) I am follower of Ayatullah Ali Sistani (hz). I read his (hz) fatwas on net about Zanjeer Zani (Hitting one's back with Knives hanging with chains) that one should avoid this because if a non-muslim sees this he does not understand it. I intend to do Zanjeer Zani this year. I live in Lahore/Pakistan where majority is muslim and even during the procession `majorty is Shia`. My question is that if it is not declared absolute haram by Ayatullah Sistani (hz), then i will like doing this year.
  11. Salam everyone, I recently came accross a post on social media showing pictures of cutting babies foreheads with knives on ashura. It was a long debate with that person afterwards and i asked him for some time to answer his question of whether or not this was fair and islamic. Can anybody please give me some knowledge? Your help will be appriciated alot! Jazakallah
  12. As-Salaamu Alaykum. Do certain practices amongst the Twelvers have a more cultural aspect to it than religious? For instance, what is the basis of conforming to such practices as organising and participating in processions, matam and zanzir?
  13. Karbala Special, Ashura 2010 TV Show, with Hujjatul Islam Ocaq Nejad Agha, as guest. This video explains everything in brief. And I think it will be beneficial to everyone, especially, to the new-to-shia-Muslims and non-Muslims. The topics discussed are: The forms of Quran and the status of Ahlulbayt (Household of the Prophet) in Islam.Why did Imam Hossein rise?Why do we commemorate the tragedy of Ashura after all these years?The Days of God in the Holy Quran.Why do we cry for Imam Hussein?What is the wisdom behind matam (mourning)?The spiritual levels of mourning.Going to the excess a
  14. Salaam to all, Just like the title says, this post is about zanjeer pictures. Post pictures of zanjeers you have used or you will use for next year. By this I mean the actually zanjeers, not you doing zanjeer matam or bloody pictures. Just the actual zanjeers themselves. Thanks and Wasalam :)
  15. Salaam, Firstly I would like to say I am a shia and have been since birth. Whilst reading another thread on this forum about tatbir, it got me thinking; is matam a central part of a shias faith? Personally whilst i understand it is completely down to the intention of the person doing the action; zanjeer, tatbir etc I don't really agree with it. I understand that matam allows you to feel moved and is a show of emotion and a stance to side with the imams, I dont agree with the concept of tatbir due to the potential harm it can do to you. My question is, are there any hadeeths which state s
  16. Salaam all i hope you are all well :) I love iranian nohas and i really want this latmiyat translated into english as i really like it and i do understand some of it, however i would love to know what all of it means and would very much appreciate it is someone would be so kind as to provide a translation. I know it may be difficult but if you could please translate as much as you can Thank you May god bless you :)
  17. i personally only found this out recently but on the 23rd of December people who lived around the area of Madina Jannat Ul Baqi went and did matam at Jannat Ul Baqi, now bearing in mind this is the first time this has happened during the regime of the Sauds, and to my knowledge nothing interrupted them while doing to the matam however if anyone knows more about this then please do tell.
  18. First off I would like to say im starting this thread to show others who dont do it why the people who do matam choose to do it, and what they gain from it. I will post my feelings: When I do matam or even say Ya Ali (or any prophets/imams) for that matter, or the month of muharram especially, all the prophets and imams come to mind, my soul vibrates with the essence of their names, Imam Ali's (all imams) sacrifice for Allah, his power and will because of his love and obedience to Allah, his strength in the wars he fought with the prophet for the same of Allah and spreading his religion, his s
  19. (salam) Is self-flagellation allowed in Islam? I did some research and made this: http://matamislam.blogspot.com/
  20. AOA, Okay I have a question, I'm a bit in doubt of matam, why exactly do we do it? And if the answer is remembrance of Hussain A.S that is fine, but more than matam I doubt Nohas. God forgive me but I think that Nohas sort of sound like songs, they have a rhythm with the matam and usually rhyme. Please do not get me wrong I love Islam/Shias/Muhammad/Ali/Hassan/Hussain. Would be nice for someone to clear things up! Thanks, Salam. "Hussain is from me, and I am from Hussain" -Muhammad
  21. Salaams Ya Ali Madad I just wanted to ask, seeing as for years we have made an effort to do chehlum in Shaam, whether with the dire situation this year if anyone is going and if so how have they arranged visa, travel, accomodation? Wasalaam
  22. What do all of you brothers and sisters think about zanjeer zani? I believe it is haram in most cases, and I want some of your opinions so I can also present my ideas and reasoning.
  23. me and my sunni friend having a chat regarding matam and then he give me these links, can any one tell me what to answer him now. Faroo-e-kafi vol.1 Kitab-ul-Janaiz Ch:80 hadees:1 page:333 " Farmayah Hazrat ny ky Rona, Peetna, Mon per Tamanchy Marna, Seena Kootna, Sar ky Ball Nochna, aour Nooha Karna yeh Soorat taraky Sabber hy or Sahih Tareeqy ko chodna hy" Faroo-e-kafi vol.1 Kitab-ul-Janaiz Ch:78 hadees:7 page:328 " Hazrat Muhammed(s.a.w) ky farzand Tahir ka jab inteqal hoa to App(s.a.w) ny beby Khadeja ko Rony sy manna kiya or farmayah kiya toom Is per Razi nahy ky osy Janat ky darwazy per
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