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  1. #BREAKING Trump talked to several leaders about setting up safe zones in Syria: White House #BREAKING US military options on Syria in response to Idlib attack could include grounding Syrian aircraft: official to Reuters Thursday 06/04/2017
  2. Iraqi deadlock continues with elites unable to form government (aljazeera.com)
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/iraqi-cleric-mahmoud-al-sarkhi-deepens-intra-shia-dispute/ar-AAX1s9n?ocid=msedgdhp&pc
  4. Reports are emerging that on 12 Friday, Iran has targeted the US military base and consulate in Erbil Iraq, with as many as six missiles. © ASAAD NIAZI (AFP)Video showing an attack by Iranian missiles on a US base in Erbil Iraq have many wondering if the attack is related to the crisis in Ukraine. So far, officials with the Department of Defense have said no US casualties have been reported. Does the crisis in Ukraine relate to the attack? With global tensions high, many are wondering if the strike was motivated by the US' involvement in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. At this point, it does not appear that the conflict in eastern Europe was a contributing factor. Rather, the attack in Erbil is reportedly related to the killing of two Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) leaders in an Israeli air attack that took place in Syria earlier this week. Tensions have been increasing between the US and Iran over the last few years, prompted primarily from former-President Trump's rejection of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), otherwise known as the Iranian Nuclear Agreement. In January 2020, Iran conducted a similar attack on a US base in retaliation for the killing of IRGC general Qasem Soleimani. Since President Biden took office, the two countries have failed to return to the negotiating table over Iran's nuclear ambitions. These factors help to highlight that there are many other reasons, outside of the conflict in Ukraine, that could have motivated the attack. Does Iran support the Russian invasion of Ukraine? Western media has made it very clear that Russia's targeting of Ukraine has brought Europe, Canada, and the United States closer together. Very little has been reported on Russia's geo-strategic alliances and how other countries are interpreting the invasion. One of President Putin's first calls after declaring his intention to invade Ukraine was to Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi who told the Russian leader that he supported his decision and affirmed that “NATO expansion is a serious threat to the security and stability of independent nations.” Some Iranians have taken to the streets to protests President Putin's actions, showing that support from the Russian regime is not uniform in the country. When the United States announced additional sanctions on Russia in early March, White House officials said that they were going to take an approach roe similar to that of Iran. This news came after the European Union announced that various Russian banks would be prohibited from using the SWIFT banking system. When various Iranian banks were removed, Russia provided them with a connection to their global transaction system.
  5. Iraq: 'Islamic State' launch attacks in contested region (msn.com)
  6. Asking for my family/extended family members in Pakistan, whom I may not be able to join on a trip to Iraq/Iran: which ziarat/tour operators would you recommend, and that you have tried and tested? I would like the operator to manage all main components of the trip (visas, hotels, etc.) with minimal supervision of my family, as they are elderly.
  7. On a very serious note, Sunni brothers really need to check the works Im posting in the comments below. These works identify SUFYANI I, predict the rise of SUFYANI II in this decade and more importantly notify the already over first coming of DAJJAL and warn against the more dangerous second coming of DAJJAL masquerading as Mahdi, ALL FROM SUNNI PROPHECIES ONLY. More than just theories, most of the matter in these works consists of almost ascertained facts, fulfilled prophecies and prophecies very close to being fulfilled.
  8. US Reportedly Tells Iraq About Plans for ‘Step By Step’ Troop Withdrawal Jackson Richman 6 hrs ago Like9 Comments| 53 %7B City Barbeque chain sues locally owned Ohio City BBQ in Cleveland to force name… %7B Russia sends fighter jets to intercept U.S. strategic bombers %7B© Provided by Mediaite Photo by AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP via Getty Images. The United States will withdraw its combat troops from Iraq, reported a BBC World Service correspondent on Thursday. Nafiseh Kohnavard, the BBC correspondent, reported that Brett McGurk, the National Security Council Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa, informed Iraqi officials that the withdrawal would be what Iraqi sources described to Kohnavard as “step by step” in that McGurk told the officials that “first combat troops will leave and then others.” It has been planned for a while to reduce U.S. combat troops from Iraq. No official timeline has been set for the withdrawal. Those Iraqi sources told the BBC correspondent, “Withdrawal from Iraq will not be like what happened in Afghanistan and it will be step by step. The schedule for this will be agreed during [the] Iraqi [prime minister]’s trip to Washington.” The visit by Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi will be at the end of July.
  9. Barrage of rockets fired at airbase housing US troops in Iraq 12 hrs ago Like6 Comments| 40 At least 14 rockets have hit an airbase in western Iraq that is hosting US and other international forces, slightly wounding at least two people, according to the United States-led military coalition in the country. Provided by Al Jazeera An aerial photo of the Ain al-Assad airbase in western Iraq [File: Nasser Nasser/AP Photo] US Army Colonel Wayne Marotto, spokesman for the international operation, said in a Twitter post on Wednesday the rockets had landed on Ain al-Asad base in Anbar province and its perimeter. “Two personnel sustained minor injuries. Damage still be assessed,” he said in a later Twitter post, updating an initial statement of three minor injuries. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Wednesday’s attack. The US accuses Iranian-backed militia groups of launching regular rocket attacks against its troops in Iraq. Some 2,500 US soldiers are deployed in Iraq as part of an international coalition to fight the ISIL (ISIS) armed group. They have been targeted almost 50 times this year. The latest incident came two days after at least three rockets landed on Ain al-Asad, without causing casualties. Iraqi military sources quoted by Reuters news agency said a rocket launcher fixed on the back of a mini-truck was used in Wednesday’s attack and was found on nearby farmland. On Tuesday, a drone attacked Erbil airport in northern Iraq, targeting a US base on the airport grounds, Kurdish security sources said.
  10. US raids slammed as ‘blatant violation’ of Iraq’s sovereignty | Middle East News | Al Jazeera
  11. I plan on studying at a hawza but I'm not sure which to choose, Najaf or Qom. Qom seems safer than Najaf, and preferable to those who support Wilayatul Faqih, but I have read that a lot of former Qom/Iranian scholars relocated to Najaf/Iraq because of the politics that go around in the Iranian seminaries. Personally I'm leaning on Najaf because I read that there are a lot more choices of subjects to choose and learn and students don't have to worry about politics but at the same time I also want to study Farsi and hone it and I don't know if the seminaries in Najaf/Iraq offer Farsi courses. I would like to hear your thoughts on this.
  12. As 100 days passed, this thread would be dedicated to the Hero, Soldier of Islam, Shahid Lieutenant General Hajj Ghasem Suleimani. "And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision [3:169]" Link to download the video
  13. as salaam alakim!!! I heard a myth that shia islam is a cover for the old babalonia relgion and muta is a sex rite for perversians and that iraqis are into perversians, i know this sounds ridiculous but some one claims that shia is the same as an old baboloynian religoon and is in bed with women and jews, is this true? All southern iraq is babaloyn and this is where shia populate? is this true?
  14. salaam a lady told me they dont say ya hussain in iraq or at least some dont, they just sing they told me they only say ya hussain mostly in india or pakistan. Is this true?
  15. salaam is there any shakhi shias on this forum or idoes any body know anhy in india or pakistan or in iraq are they sufi like?
  16. salaam I was wondering if shia split started when Imam Ali(عليه السلام) moved the khalifate to iraq from hijaz. What developments happened, is that why shias home turf is Iraq rather then mstly in the west penensila.
  17. Iraqi's are fighting hard, they always have and they seem to always will. I guess that leaves a legacy in itself that they're fighting for their nation. People are dying, the government army are attacking them with machine guns and other types of operatives. Communities are falling apart... At some point you just think to yourself, is anything going to change? As an Iraqi woman, with full love to my country, and its history, it physically is distressing, and mentally painful to see this happening to my family, to my communities. Protesting has maybe had an affect in other countries, but with a government like Iraqs... Whats bound to happen, anyway??
  18. Sallam everyone, I am looking for a latmiyah which was aired on the Karbala TV livestream. I really loved it and want to know the recitor. anyone please help me out. The latmiyah had a slow beat and starts at 12:49 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt5eIWl82bU&t=861s
  19. قصةٌ واقعيةٌ من مؤسسةِ العين "عمّتي هيَ والدتي والسيدُ السيستاني هو والدي"عائلةٌ بسيطةٌ عاشَتْ في مِنطَقةٍ مُختَلَطَةِ السُّكانِ في أطرافِ محافظةِ بغداد، في يومٍ مَّا في عامِ 2006 عادَ والدُهُمْ مِنْ زيارةِ الإمامِ الحسينِ (عليهِ السلام) فكانَ ذلكَ جُرْمَاً بِنَظَرِ الإرهابيينَ يَستَحِقُّ عليهِ قطعَ رأسِهِ و رَمْيَ جثتِهِ في مستنقعِ مياه، وبعدَ ما فعلَ الإرهابيونَ ذلكَ اضطَرَّت العائلةُ إلى مغادرةِ المِنطقةِ نتيجةَ الضغوطاتِ التي مارَسَها الإرهابيونَ عليهِم، فتهجَّرتِ العائلةُ إلى محافظةٍ في جنوبِ العراق، وبعدَ انتهاءِ تلكَ الفترةِ المظلمةِ -وبالتحديدِ في عامِ 2013- عادَت العائلةُ إلى منزِلِهِا لتتخلَّص من وضعِ النزوحِ وعدمِ الاستقرارِ، ولكنْ لَّم تكن تعلم بِأنَّ القدرَ سيفعلُ فِعلَتَهُ بِهِا، فقدْ فوجِئَتِ العائلةُ عندَ صباحِ يومٍ مَّا بأنْ يَهْجَمَ عليهِا شِرْذِمَةٌ منَ الإرهابيينَ فعَمَدوا على قتلِ كلِّ من كانَ في المنزلِ حتى الطفلِ الذي كانَ في جوفِ أمِّهِ بعدَ أنْ قتلوها وعَقَرُوا بَطنَها لإخراجِ الجنينِ منها، ولم يكنْ هنالكَ سبباً إلا انتماؤهمُ الطائفي، فراحَ ضحيةَ ذلكَ رجُلان من العائلةِ وزيجاتهُمُا وأبناؤهُما -إلا من نَجَا منَ الأطفالِ بأعجوبةٍ- وخالُهُم الذي ساقَهُ القدرَ ليَحِلَّ ضيفاً عليهِم في ذلكَ اليومِ فتَشْمَلُهُ تلكَ المصيبة، ونجتْ منَ الحادثةِ أختُ الشهيدينِ بعدَ أنِ استَطاعَتْ أنْ تُخْفِيَ نفسَهَا في خِزانَةِ الملابس، وكذلكَ نَجا بعضُ أولادِ أخيها الأكبرِ الذينَ أخفَتْهُمْ أمُّهُم في غرفَتِهَا وتصدَّتْ هي للذبحِ حتى لا يُفَتِّشُوا الغرفةَ فيَجِدُوا صغارَها، وكذلكَ نَجَا احدُ أطفالِ أخيها الآخر الذي احْتَضَنَهُ والِدُهُ فصارَ الرَّصاصُ في جسمِ الأبِ إلّا ما نفذَ من جِسْمِهِ وصارَ بالطفلِ الصغير، ولم يكتفِ الإرهابيونَ بذلكَ، وإنَّما عَمَدُوا على تفخيخِ المنزِلِ وتفجيرِهِ، لكن استطاعتْ عمَّةُ اليتامى إخراجَ منْ بَقِيَ حَيَّاً منَ الأطفالِ قبلَ أنْ يَتِمَّ التفجيرُ. هذهِ العائلةُ تمَّ التكفُلُ بِها منْ قبل مؤسسةِ العينِ للرعايةِ الاجتماعيةِ، ولمْ تَدَّخِرِ المؤسسةُ شيئاً تستطيعُ أنْ تُقَدِّمَهُ إلّا وقَدَّمَتْهُ لهذهِ العائلةِ، وقبلَ عدةِ أيامٍ تمَّ تسفيرُ اليتيمِ الذي احتَضَنَهُ والدُهُ واختَرَقَتِ الرصاصاتُ كِلْيَتَهُ ومثانَتَهُ، ليتِلقى علاجُهُ خارجَ العراقِ حتى يستطيعَ تصريفَ إدرارِهِ بشكلٍ طبيعيٍ، والطفلُ يقولُ لمنْ يسألُهُ عنْ والديْهِ "إنَّ أبي وأمي الآنَ في الجنةِ، ولكنْ بالوقتِ الحالي عمَّتي هيَ والدتِي، والسيدُ السيستاني هوَ والدي". لقدْ كانتْ هذهِ الجريمةُ دليلاً على وحشيةِ الإرهابيينَ التكفيريين، ولعل المتأمِّلَ في هذهِ المسألةِ سيَستشرِفُ حالَنا جميعاً لوِ استَمَرَّتْ عصاباتُ داعش بالزحفِ نحوَ بغداد وباقي المحافظات، فإنّ المصيرَ المتوقَّع لكلِ عائلةٍ هوَ المصير ذاته الذي واجَه تلكَ العائلةِ المنكوبة، بلْ لعلَّهُ أكثرُ منْ ذلكَ، فالموتُ أهونُ منْ اسرِ النساءِ والأطفالِ وتجنيدِهِم لصالحِ الإرهابيينَ من أصحابِ الجنسياتِ المختلفةِ وغيرِهِم، ومنْ يستوعِبُ ذلكَ يشكُر اللهَ على نعمَةِ تلكَ الفتوى التي صَدَرَتْ منَ المرجعيةِ العليا، وكانتْ هيَ السدَّ المنيعِ الذي أوقفَ ذلكَ السيلِ العارِمِ بعدَ اجتياحِهِ الموصلَ وغيرِهَا منَ المُدُنِ والمحافظات.
  20. Assalam o Alaikum In the name of Allah most high. I have questions about, requirements for men entering howza. 1. What kind of requirements are there when it comes to your appearance like hair, clothes and style. 2. Should you as a man shave your head off before traveling to any hawza in Asia? 3. Should you grow beard?
  21. In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be upon Muhammad and his family and companions. My dear Iraqi people! O, great people! I address you in this difficult moment of your plight and your jihadist life, with all your classes and sects: with your Arabs and Kurds, with your Sunnis and Shias, because the tribulation does not concern a sect without another, nor is nation without another, and just as the plight is the plight of all the Iraqi people, the jihadist position and heroic response must be And the struggle of struggle is the reality of all the Iraqi people. And since I knew my existence and my responsibility in this nation, I made this presence for the Shi’ite and Sunni alike, and for the Arab and the Kurdish alike, as I defended the message that unites them all and the belief that includes them all, and I only lived in my mind and existence to Islam, the path of salvation and everyone’s goal. I am with you, my brother and my Sunni son, as much as I am with you, my brother and my Shi’ite son .. I am with you as much as you are with Islam; and as far as you carry from this great torch to save Iraq from the nightmare of authoritarianism, humiliation and persecution. The tyrant and its guardians are trying to suggest to our innocent sons of the Sunnis that the issue is a Shiite issue to separate the Sunnis from their true battle against a common enemy. And I want to tell you, O sons of Ali and Hussein, and the sons of Abu Bakr and Omar that the battle is not between Shiites and Sunni rule. The Sunni rule represented by the Rightly-Guided Caliphs which was based on Islam and justice, Ali, peace be upon him, carried the sword to defend him when he fought a soldier in the wars of apostasy under the banner of the first caliph - Abu Bakr - «2»), and we all fight against the banner of Islam and under the banner of Islam no matter what Its color. The Sunni rule that carried the flag of Islam had given Shiite scholars a half-century before the necessity of jihad for it, and hundreds of thousands of Shiites came out and made their blood cheap in order to preserve the flag of Islam, and to protect the Sunni rule that was based on Islam. Today's ruling is not Sunni rule, although the dominant group is historically affiliated with Sunni. Sunni rule does not mean the rule of a person born of Sunni parents, but rather the rule of Abu Bakr and Omar who challenged the tyrants of rule, in Iraq today in all their actions, they violate the sanctity of Islam and the sanctity of Ali and Omar together every day, and in every step of their criminal steps. Do you not see - my children and brothers - that they overthrew the religious rituals defended by me and Omar together ?! Do you not see that they filled the country with wines and pig fields and all the means of insanity and corruption that Ali and Omar fought together ?! Do you not see that they are practicing the most severe forms of injustice and tyranny towards all groups of people ?! And they are increasing day by day in hatred of the people, and have mastered the contempt of its dignity and separation from it, and the sit-in against it in their cemeteries surrounded by security and forces, while Ali and Omar lived with people and people and in the midst of people and with their pains and hopes. Do you not see the clan monopoly of these people on the authority of a tribal one who mislead the party in a false and fake manner ?! And they closed the doors of progress in front of all the masses of the people, except those who complained to themselves of humiliation and submission, sold their dignity and turned into humiliating slaves. These rulers have even insulted the dignity of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party, as they worked to transform it from an ideological party into a gang, joining people by force and coercion. They felt fear, even from the Arab Socialist Party itself, which they claim to represent, they felt fear of it if it remained a real party that has its own rules that it adopts, and for this they wanted to destroy its rules to turn it into an assembly based on coercion and torture to lose any real content to it. My brothers and children from Mosul and Basra ... from the sons of Baghdad and Karbala and Najaf ... from the sons of Samarra and Al-Kadhimiya ... from the sons of Amara, Kut and Sulaimaniya ... from the sons of Iraq everywhere, I promise you that I am all for you and all of you, and that you are all my goal in The present and the future .. Let your word unite, and let your ranks coalesce under the banner of Islam, and in order to save Iraq from the nightmare of this dominating group, and to build a free and decent Iraq that is covered by the justice of Islam and the pride of human dignity, and in which all citizens - regardless of their nationalities and doctrines - feel that they are brothers, they all contribute to Lead their country and build their country, and see the realities of their Islamic ideals derived from our Islamic mission and the dawn of our great history. Peace, mercy and blessings of God. Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr 20-25 / Shaaban / 1399 - 14-19 / 7/1979
  22. Assalamu alikoum, ya 'Ali madad, bismillahir rahmanir rahim, brothers & sisters, some Iraqis have discovered writting error on their flag in the Takbir, I will write it with right spelling and that misspelled on the flag (the right spelling I will write thick and the misspelled in coursive): الله أكبر الله اكبر Now, to my question, why do Iraqi government accepted the misspelled version of Takbir and is in that misspelled version some idea? P.S. I LOVE Iraq and I want to relocate there, but I am not sure why is there used misspelled version of Takbir.
  23. © 2020 Microsoft Bing Map Balad Airbase, Baghdad, Iraq The Iraqi military said in a statement that eight Katyusha rockets had been fired at the base, about 80 km (50 miles) north of the capital Baghdad, and that the four wounded included two officers. Military sources identified the wounded as Iraqi soldiers. They said seven mortar bombs had hit the base's runway. There was no word of any U.S. casualties among the U.S. forces at the base. The Iraqi military statement did not say who was behind the attack and made no mention of heightened tensions between the United States and Iran, which last Wednesday fired missiles at two military bases in Iraq which house U.S. forces. (Reporting by Ghazwan Hassan writing by Hesham Abdul Khalek; Editing by Susan Fenton and Timothy Heritage)
  24. Selam! I just saw a really powerful video about the recent events. I dunno if its Anonymous behind it? anyhow it made me tremble and really expressed my feelings!! Allahu Akbar!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vZqrQEpfgU
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