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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 4 results

  1. A man once came to Imam Husain (as) asking for advice since he could not stop committing sin. Imam Husain (as) asked him to do any of the following five things and then he could sin as he wished: 1. Do not eat from the sustenance of Allah, and then sin as you like. 2. Go out of the kingdom of Allah, and then sin as you like. 3. Find a place where Allah does not see you and then sin as you like. 4. When the Angel of Death approaches you to take you soul, stop him from doing so. 5. When you are dragged into the hell fire at the command of Allah, refuse to enter. (http://www.imamreza.net/eng/imamreza.php?id=5887)
  2. The 2nd of Muharram - Arrival of Imam Hussain(a.s.) and his family and friends in Karbala. It was the 8th of ZilHijjah when Imam Hussain (a.s.) converted his Hajj plan into Umra and left Makkah [Mecca] just two days before the Hajj. He is the first haji to do so in the history of Islam. He took along most members of his immediate family and some steadfast friends and set off for Iraq in order to avoid bloodshed in the Holy city of Makkah. On his way, he was confronted by one of the Lieutenants of Yazeed named Hur along with his army. Hur asked Imam(a.s.) to abandon his plan to go to Kufa and that he should accept the Caliphate of Yazeed or could opt to go to some other place which is outside the Caliphate of Yazeed. Imam(a.s.) told him not to demand the acceptance of Caliphate of Yazeed since it was not possible and because Yazeed was a usurper and wanted to destroy the face of Islam. Imam Hussain(a.s.) started traveling again along with his family members and companions. Hur and his soldiers accompanied them in order to make sure that they do not head towards and arrive in Kufa. On the 2nd of Muharram, this group arrived at a place where Imam(a.s.) picked up some sand and smelled it and after smelling inquired from the local inhabitants as to what was the name of this place. Some people said it was called NAINAWA, some said it was called GHAZARIYA and then a group of old men mentioned that it was also called KARBALA. On hearing this, Imam(a.s.) ordered his men to stop and camp there and then said “This is the place about which was mentioned to me by my grandfather and my father. We will stay here and our blood will be spilled here and our women and children will be made captive here.” He then pointed out to various places and indicated that “My son Ali Akbar will be killed here, my nephew Qasim will be killed over there and my brother Abbas will be killed here close by the river and at the end, I will be slaughtered here”. The womenfolk and children of Imam(a.s.) were also listening to this sermon and finally when Imam(a.s.) said “... and my son Ali Asghar will be killed by a spear over here....” his daughter Sakina(a.s.) said “O my father, will the tyrants enter our camps” Imam(a.s.) replied “not until I am alive, I will carry Ali Asghar myself into the battle field”. Ala Lanatullahe ala Qaum-az-Zalimeen - May Allah curse the cruel tribe which committed atrocities on the Ahl-e-bait(a.s.) of Prophet Mohammad(sawaw)
  3. (bismillah) (salam) Someone asked the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad chief of martyrs, leader of youths of paradise, al-Husain in his very youth about the voices of different animals and species and their chanting. As Imam knows the language and chanting of every species and animals, therefore Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Harris Tamamie reported that al-Husain replied as follows: When a vulture cries he says: O children of Adam live as you may live! But the end of it will be death When an eagle (hawk) cries he says: O Knower of the Hidden and O Who Resolves the Problems When peacock cries he says: O my Lord! I had been unjust to myself and was deceived of my beauty so, pardon me When a francolin (a bird) cries he says: The merciful upon its eternal throne is sitting When a rooster cries he says: Whoever acknowledges Allah never forgets to remember Him When a hen cries she says: O Lord of Justice! You are just and Your word is just, and O Lord! O Just! When a sparrow hawk cries he says: I have my faith in Allah and upon The Day of Judgment When a courser (a bird) chirps, she says: Be hopeful with Allah and you will be given your sustenance When a falcon cries he says: One who obeys Allah he is never unlucky When a peregrine cries he says: Glory to Allah Who is right and certainly right When an owl hoots he says: To abandon human is peace When a crow caws he says: O provider of the sustenance bless me with the food which is legitimate When a crane cries he says: O my Lord! Guard me against my enemies When a stork cries he says: Whoever is in seclusion is safe from the torment of people When a duck quacks he says: O Lord! You are The Forgiver of me When a coffin bird (hoopoe) sings he says: One who violates the commands of Allah, how unfortunate he is When a turtledove coos he says: O knower of hidden and whisper, O Lord When a bear growls he says: You are the Lord, O Lord! There is no Lord except you When a magpie chirps he says: Glory to him from whom nothing is hidden and never going to be hidden When a parrot mimics he says: Who remembers his Lord his sins are going to be pardoned When a sparrow sings he says: I beg forgiveness from those things, which cause Allah to get angry When a nightingale sings he says: There is no God except Allah! Certainly and surely When a partridge coos she says: The Truth is closer and really closer When a quail cocks he says: O children of Adam! About death how much heedless you are When a soozanik (a bird) cries he says: There is no God but Allah, Muhammad (S) and his offsprings are the selection of Allah When a robin coos, she says: O the only One! O the Unique! O the Singular who is independent, absolute When a roller cries he says: O my Lord! Set me free from the fire of Hell When a lark chirps he says: O my Lord! Forgive every sin of the sinners When a warshan (a bird) cries he says: If You would not forgive me I will be unfortunate When a ray (a fish) mutes he says: There is no power except Allah's who is ever exalted and ever majestic When an ostrich cries she says: There is no lord except Allah deserving to be worshiped When a swift chirps she recites the chapter of al- Hamd and then she says: O acceptor of the repentance from those who repent, O Lord! Praise is only to You When a giraffe cries he says: There is no lord except Allah who is the only One When a lamb cries he says: Death, as an advisor is sufficient When a young goat cries he says: Death came to me too early; my sins were more in number and were multiplying When a lion roars he says: The command of Allah is important and really important When a bull cries he says: O Son of Adam! Be patient and very patient, you are before One who is seeing you and He cannot be seen, that one is Allah When an elephant cries he says: From death there is no escape or any way to avoid it When a cheetah growls he says: O Ever Respected! O Dominant! O Loftiest in Pride! O Lord! When a camel cries he says: Glory to one who humiliates the proud ones When a horse neighs he says: Glory to our Lord Who is Glorious When a wolf howls, cries he says: Whoever Allah protects, he will never be ruined When a jackal howls he says: Condemned is one who persists upon his wrongdoing When a dog barks he says: Disobedience to Allah is sufficient for disgrace When a rabbit cries he says: Don't destroy me O my Lord! Praise is only for you When a fox howls he says: The world is an abode of deceit When a deer cries he says: Free me from difficulties When a rhinoceros cries he says: Help me otherwise I am going to perish When a caribou cries he says: For me Allah is sufficient and He is the Guardian, Allah is sufficient to me When a tiger growls he says: Glory to one who has His prestige due to His overwhelming power When a snake hisses he says: How much unfortunate is one who disobeys You, O Merciful! When a scorpion cries he says: The most evil thing is loneliness al- Husain (as) mentioned that Allah has not created anything but it has its own glorification by which he praises his Lord. At that time Imam recited this Qur'anic verse al-Qur'an - Chapter 17, Verse 44). There isn't anything, which is not glorifying His praise, but you do not have a perception of it . Ref : Narrated in 64th volume of Biharul-Anwar by al-Majlisi (AR) from the book al-Kharaij (by Sayyid Hibatullah Rawandi) (wasalam)
  4. Regarding the Almighty’s words in Sura-e-Baqara, Verse 84-86: و اذ اخذنا ميثاقكم لا تسفكون دماءكم و لا تخرجون انفسكم من دياركم ثم اقررتم و انتم تشهدون ثم هولاء تقتلون انفسكم و تخرجون فريقا منكم من ديارهم تظاهرون عليهم بالاثم و العدوان و ان ياتوكم اسري تفادوهم و هو محرم عليكم اخراجهم افتومنون ببعض الكتاب و تكفرون ببعض فما جزاء من يفعل ذلك منكم الا خزي في الحيوه الدنيا و يوم القامۀ يردون الي اشد العذاب و مالله بغافل عما تعملون اوليك الذين اشتروا الحيوه الدنيا بالاخره فلايخفف عنهم العذاب و لا هم ينصرون "And when We made a covenant with you: You shall not shed your blood and you shall not turn your people out of your cities; then you gave a promise while you witnessed. Yet you it is who slay your people and turn a party from among you out of their homes, backing each other up against them unlawfully and exceeding the limits; and if they should come to you, as captives you would ransom them - while their very turning out was unlawful for you. Do you then believe in a part of the Book and disbelieve in the other? What then is the reward of such among you as do this but disgrace in the life of this world, and on Judgment Day they shall be sent back to the most grievous chastisement, and Allah is not at all heedless of what you do. These are they who buy the life of this world for the hereafter, so their chastisement shall not be lightened, nor shall they be helped." When this verse was revealed about Jews who broke promises and slew their prophets and apostles, the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) said: Do you want me to inform you about those from my Ummah who will be like these Jews? The companions said: O Allah’s Messenger, tell us. His Eminence (s.a.w.s.) said: There will be some people in my Ummah who will claim to be on my religion but inspite of this they would kill the greatest personalities of my progeny and the purest ones of my family. They will change my laws and traditions and slay my two sons, Hasan and Husain (a.s.). The forefathers of these Jews slew Zakariya and Yahya (a.s.). Know that, just as Allah cursed those Jews, in the same way would He curse these people. And for the future generation of them, He would send a Hadi Mahdi (rightful guide) from the progeny of Husain (a.s.) before Qiyamat who would dispatch them to Hellfire with the help of his friends’ swords. Know that, Allah curses those who remain quiet and do not curse the murderers of Husain (a.s.) and associates of murderers. May Allah have mercy on those who weep on this oppressed one, curse his enemies and remain furious with them. O people, listen! Those who are pleased with the martyrdom of Husain (a.s.) and are also included among his killers. And listen! Those who follow Husain’s (a.s.) enemies and their associates, they all are disgusted of the religion of Allah. Almighty Allah orders His proximate angels to collect tears of people who weep in sorrow of Husain (a.s.) and take them to the treasurer of Paradise. They take those tears and mix them with the water of the spring, due to which it becomes a thousand times sweeter and delicious. Those who become happy on the martyrdom of Imam Husain (a.s.) and laugh at it, the angels take their tears to Hawiya and mix them with its hot water and pus so that its temperature and severity increase. When the enemies of Aale Muhammad (a.s.) enter Hell, due to this, they will be involved in a more severe chastisement. [source: Tafseer of Imam Hasan Askari(as), Sura-e-Baqara, Verse 84-86] https://sites.google...-imam-husain-as
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