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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaams All, I am a 25 year old girl, and I lost my dad on the 9th of June 2017. My Dad's death happened at home, His head on my lap, His hand in mine. His final moments with me. It has been so long, I have tried various amaal, various suras, but I still can not take the scene out of my head, nor can I accept the fact, that my dad is no more. I can not sleep, cannot eat. and I cry most of the time. Can anyone advice me what to do? How to stop from hurting?
  2. I'm in a very tough situation right now. I made dua and prayed a lot that Allah would give me satisfactory grades in my exams, to the point I cried and begged Him. However, the results didnt turn out to be that great. Does anyone know why this is happening to me? Why is Allah not answering my prayer despite me desperately wanting His help?
  3. Anyone got advice on how to fight sexual desires it’s like I’m having a constant battle with the urge and if two people a pulling on a rope sometimes one side pulls harder than the other opposing it >———< desires when I think about Allah I stop then 15 secs later I’m fighting it again then I stop then 10 sec later I’m fighting constantly.
  4. Salaam alaikum, the title is self-explainatory, I'm not quite sure how to approach jealousy in an Islamic manner. I do not know why this relative is jealous of me; I'm handicapped and getting help is a necessity. I don't consider the help I receive as "luxurious" or something to be jealous of, so I am at a loss as to how to deal with it. I know this is vaguely written, but the situation is really mind-boggling and has been brewing over the past few years. Do I ignore this person or do I say something? It seems when I try to communicate with the relative, I almost instantly regret that I ever bothered trying to talk to them. Again, I don't understand the jealousy, I don't find it flattering or endearing; It's just sad and disturbing.
  5. Asalamalikum, I know this isn't a therapy website, but I just want to know if this happens to anyone else? I have these weird thoughts/voices in my head that are not nice. I don't like them, and sometimes I feel suicidal and I roll up in a ball and cry. I don't like to explain what exactly happens inside my head because I don't like thinking about. But basically it's nothing nasty or dirty. It's all about God and other religious stuff. Just imagine literally hearing the Shaytan talking to you, and telling you bad stuff about God..and etc.. The thoughts or voices don't tell me to do anything bad, just bad stuff about my creator. These weird things cause me to sometimes pray faster to keep my mind just moving, sometimes I have to sleep with The Quran hugged to my chest. I mean they aren't nice. I have no doubt in Allah, his messenger, Islam, or Ahulbayet. Of course I am always sending my sallam to The Holy Prophet and HIs Pure Family. And always saying "asgafurallah rabi" or "a'thubilAllah min alshaydan rajam" Literally ALL the time. It gets annoying because I wish to say these for the sake of remembering Allah. But no, I have to say them because to get these thoughts out of my mind, which half the time doesn't work. My mom wants me to see a therapist but I don't want to. Does this happen to anyone else?I always fear Allah will hate me, or I will go to hell. I don't know what to do? What in the world could it be?My biggest fear which causes me to sometimes commit self harm, cry, etc.,is the fact that Allah might not forgive me, that he hates me because of these thoughts or voices. (I can't tell the difference) Thanks so much for taking the time to read and answer. May Allah Bless you all Duniya w Akira.
  6. Salam Alaykoum, I have some weird superstitions and I am not sure if it is because of ADHD or other reason. Can someone help me? I will put my question all the way at the bottom. I am left footed so before a soccer game or before anything I have to enter with my left foot, I have to wear the shoes starting with my left foot, shorts left foot first, shirt left hand first, etc. I also like to do everything on odd numbers so like how many times I say Bismillah when entering the field has to be either 1,3,5,7,etc, if I don't I feel weird and it makes me thing that I will play bad, even when using the restroom I have to use odd numbers of toilet papers. Even when playing in the field I try to avoid stepping on the lines it makes me feel weird. If something good happened to me or if I had a good soccer game then the next day or next game day I would do everything I did the that certain day, like what I eat, drink, how I step in the field, how I stretch, etc. There is also many things similar to this that I do but it will take a long time to mention all. What do you guys think the cause of this is? How does this effect me? Does it really have an impact on my life? How can I stop these superstitions?
  7. Salam everybody. I have 2 requests. My first request is more personal and it is help for verifying the word counts I have read and seen. I cannot rely on testimony of people and want to see these amazing word counts for myself so that I can become a true witness to the miraculous nature of the Quran. I can sit down and count with a counter but this would take way too long and is prone to many mistakes unless I get a number close to the expected number. My second request is for help and a collection of a team of mathematicians on here who want to explore the mathematics of the Quran on a deeper level and possibly find new discoveries rather than using the Quran to confirm facts that are already known as we often do with the scientific miracles. I was wondering for a while why the Quran is so focused with prime numbers like 19 and I am starting to think it might be worth giving the unsolved Riemann Hypothesis an attempt using any light the Quran might shed on prime numbers. It is worth trying because to quote an over-used line by mathematicians, “Anyone who solves the Riemann Hypothesis will win immortality”, which I am paraphrasing. It means this problem is so huge and important that your name won’t be forgotten in history. It also has a $1 million prize but that’s not as important as people finding out we used the Quran to solve it! It might not work, but it is worth and deserving of a try at the very least.
  8. There is this saying of one of the Infallibles (عليه السلام) that goes along the lines of A problem that makes you lose to Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) is a trial. A problem that pulls you away from Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) is a curse (Azaab). What is the exact saying? Any sources and exact attributions? I've been looking around for this and haven't been able to find much and would be very grateful for any help. JazakAllah
  9. Rumour has it that Witchcraft do prevent prayers from being answered. Living in an environment where witch craft is prevalent. How do one ultimately protect or curre self from witchcraft influence?
  10. Salam o alaikum people, this is my story, and I need urgent help. I am a boy, a boy who was not a firm follower of Islam, but after watching some documentaries on Ayatollah Behjat, I decided to transform myself to a better human and decided not to sin for forty days. And believe me a person who never prayed salat, was now performing nafils along with tahajjud every night without commiting any sin (in my opinion). Till 28 days passed, I felt my spirituality going up to a new level, I never experienced before. But, on the 29 day, a very satanic thought regarding Ahlebait (عليه السلام) came to my mind which I could not stop and due to those thoughts due to depression I was not able to perform any good deeds because whenever I tried to go to a mosque or a majlis, I would experience these satanic thoughts, and from two years from that date, I am still suffering from that obsessed thought. Please help me, I am very worried about losing my faith and my love to Ahlebait (عليه السلام). My mental situations matches the one written in this link: https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235055158-religious-obsessive-compulsive-disorder/ For God sake please help me.
  11. Guys I have a haja that my family has been working for for the past 4 years. I need prayers from all of you good people. my system in devastated and worn out from thinking about it. sometime my stomach pains me when I think about it. Please pray for my dear mother because she practically broke her back trying to get us this haja and there's a chance that we lose this haja while there's a chance we will get it. Please I need all the prayers I can get. its stressed me and my family out so much we practically read dua al tawasul everyday hoping for this haja to complete. If this haja completes I will take a very very VERY long Sajida of thanks to Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). Wasalam.
  12. Bismillah i Rahman i Raheem Assalaam o 'Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah i Wa Barakaatuh I recall listening to a Majlis where the speaker mentioned the story of Prophet 'Isma'il (عليه السلام), but not the son of Prophet Ibrahim (عليه السلام), rather another prophet with the same name. The story goes that the people he preached to put him through severe suffering (of which I will not go in the details here unless asked to) and an angel descended and asked him if he would like to curse these people. The Prophet 'Isma'il (عليه السلام) replied that he does not want that, and instead just wants his name to be among the names of the martyrs of Karbala. Recently, I tried to find out who this Prophet was, and I think he might be Prophet 'Isma'il (Sadiq al-wa'd) (عليه السلام), he was listed separate from Prophet 'Isma'il (عليه السلام) son of Prophet Ibrahim (عليه السلام) on wikishia's page on prophets. I tried to find out more through this, but I could only find this link: http://ahlulbaytportal.net/en.php/page,28246A64432.html?PHPSESSID=58ec25b69e6a9ae5178275b1184e81b1 The link cannot be accessed unfortunately. So my first question, can anyone help me in learning more about this Prophet 'Isma'il (عليه السلام)? My second question, is this prophet in fact Prophet 'Isma'il (Sadiq al-wa'd) (عليه السلام)? I would appreciate any and all help, this is a very interesting topic to me since I am fascinated by the history of Islam as well, and would like to spread knowledge to my family about this. JazakAllah Wa 'Alaikum Assalaam Wa Rahmatullah i Wa Barakaatuh
  13. Bismillah i Rahman i Raheem Assalaam o 'Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah i Wa Barakaatuh I am currently a student in high school. I've had an interest in mathematics and physics, but I may not be able to pursue that interest due to some past incidents where some cruel people sabotaged my academics and due to some other financial issues. My life plan was to initially study these two subjects and then after that attend the Hawza at Najaf and study the faith there. However, it seems unlikely for this to be the case, so I have been thinking about turning the plan on its head, such that I study at Hawza e Najaf instead first, and if I live long enough, study physics and mathematics at some institution separately. I am aware of how different life will be if I choose to live in Najaf and how I'll need to make a living there, especially due to language issues considering I am from Pakistan, and my understanding of arabic/farsi is essentially absolutely zero, but I have heard it isn't impossible to live there even with these issues. I write this post in seeking guidance as to how to apply to the Hawza, how to essentially get admitted there, and study there. I would sincerely appreciate this help. JazakAllah Wa 'Alaikum Assalaam Wa Rahmatullah i Wa Barakaatuh
  14. Its disguisting how the world started hating the muslim society (especially shia-islam) at once! for example: we all know in the western culture that someone can be rejected for work on application interview only because his foreign islamic name or even of their appereance like a hijab. Or if we take it more worse like being rejected for a study only with a hijab on!!! -> lately a lot of schools/universities are opening a new law for students to not wear a hijab and if you don't agree then you should get off the school! that means its getting more and more tight for the muslims these days especially women with a hijab on! I will put down below some of the hijab-bans from this year ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1,Macron's anti-Islam remarks trigger far-right policies in Franc French President Emmanuel Macron's recent remarks that target Islam triggered far-right groups in the country to implement anti-Muslim policies, especially against Muslim women who wear headscarves. Macron recently claimed that some Islamic religious practices are "separatist" because they carry the threat of seceding from French institutions and rules. scources:https://www.dailysabah.com/world/europe/macrons-anti-islam-remarks-trigger-far-right-policies-in-france France, Oct. 7, 2020. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.BRUSSELS Some 1,000 people took the streets in the Belgian capital on Sunday to advocate for the right to wear headscarves at universities. scources:https://www.aa.com.tr/en/europe/belgian-protest-for-headscarf-rights-at-university/1900618 Belgium 05.07.2020 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- countries with hijab ban 1.Kosovo (since 2009) 2.Turkey (gradually lifted) 3.Azerbaijan (since 2010) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- there are multiple hadith saying that the muslims in the end of time will experience a really hard time, since the begin of 2000 the world turned step by step more arrogant towards an inocent religion and is busy accusing the muslims of alots of attacks (9 11-building) which we haven't done.. if you look at the difference of life before 2000 then everyone will say it was unjust BUT never against islam as much as now.. what are youre toughts???
  15. Salaam Brothers and Sisters, So I took a course at uni which is commonly known to be a bird course (easy course). It turned out to be a social sciences/gender-studies/ feminism course in disguise . The prof described herself as an ardent feminist. I honestly tried switching out to another course as I'm not interested in this at all and would rather invest my efforts elsewhere, but everything else is full. So, looks like I'm going to have to put up with this, I guess it'll be an opportunity for me to learn about contemporary fitna lol. I just watched the first part of lecture 1, and she legit disparaged/villified/demonized motherhood and wifehood. And ironically, she's referring to those who promoted these aspects of womanhood and femininity in history as "cults". I am a little worried about the writing assignment because while I haven't explored the course yet too deeply, I'm almost certain that I will have conflicting and differing views with the Prof on like everything, one example would be that I believe in God and that ultimately everything should be done for His sake and according to the guidance He provided for mankind. Another example would be the fact that I don't believe that the scientific method is the only method to study phenomena/existence. I'm worried about my mark...do I stay low-key about my views and write gibberish my way through the writing assignments, or do I express my views in the course and risk my marks? Any advice on how to navigate through this course as a believer would be greatly appreciated. Also: 1. Would like to hear your answers on the following question - Does Islam believe in the equal treatment of men and women (OR Is the equal treatment of men and women the right way to go?) ? If so, what does this equal treatment mean and how does it differ with what the West and also modern feminists seems to be pushing? 2. Please refer me to any Islamic books or other literature (including non-muslim works because oblviously she'll only believe that which is proven by science (funnily, she remarked that she'd love to even throw away biology if she could)) regarding women/femininity/gender-roles. To be honest, I haven't explored this topic too deeply on paper. I just believe that I generally know what encompasses the good and the bad pertaining to gender roles. I've done some quick searches online and in terms of non-muslims, I look forward to learning more about the views of the famous University of Toronto Professor, Jordan Peterson. The man seems quite impressive and bold, and very different than those in his field. @Ayuoobi @Mohammad313Ali
  16. Salaams. Looking for lyrics or audio/video of an old Maatam called “ey Tashnalab Hussein Qateel e Jaffa” have been looking for years. Please help inshAallah
  17. Salam respected brothers and sisters. I have been seriously struggling with my own desires for years now and it is very difficult (amongst the worst things I have had to go through) and I don’t even do things which increases desire like looking at non-mahram (I do occasionally get thoughts which I try to not to occupy me) and so I really think as one of the last resorts to come out to this forum and ask for help from anyone who might know a person or a friend who in turn knows a friend that is willing to do temporary marriage (I am a guy). I will deeply appreciate the help from any brother or sister and keep you in my daus inshallah.
  18. On Reddit, I’ve come across a self-proclaimed “ex-Muslim,” who even happens to be an Iraqi Shia residing in the USA. Most of his claims are based on misinterpretations of the Quran, and I have duly refuted them. But he seems to know nothing about Shiism other than “some guy named Ali wanted to be leader.” (Astaghfirallah, his words not mine) Meaning that his “reasons” for leaving Islam had nothing to do with the Jaafari school of thought and had to do with Islam in general. I’ve told him that there is a tremendous difference between Shiism and Sunnism, but how can I bring him back to the deen without overwhelming him? I’ve shown him some of the scientific miracles in the Quran, but he merely shrugs them off. Any advice?
  19. I am debating a guy who says he is Jewish, but believes in the trinity. Nonetheless let’s consider him Christian, his proposed argument is this: Jesus accepted worship where angels refused it. Jesus rebuked disciples for thinking of him as equal to Moses. Jesus also said that he had authority to forgive sins, even when only God can. Jesus said, "Before Abraham was, YHWH (I Am)." Pharisees tried to stone him several times for claiming to be God, and Jesus never contradicted them. 'But, as it is written, “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him”— these things God has revealed to us through the Spirit. For the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God. For who knows a person's thoughts except the spirit of that person, which is in him? So also no one comprehends the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God' (1 Corinthians 2:9-11). So we see that God's Spirit searches his mind. And God can also send his spirit to others. God's spirit can also be grieved, and he has a will. "For to one is given through the Spirit the utterance of wisdom, and to another the utterance of knowledge according to the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by the one Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another the ability to distinguish between spirits, to another various kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. All these are empowered by one and the same Spirit, who apportions to each one individually as he wills" (1 Corinthians 12:8-11). Could you brothers/sisters kindly help me in :3 @SoRoUsH @313 Seeker @Son of Placid What would be an adequate response to this.
  20. My English and Arabic are comparatively equal, however, I oftentimes find myself within a conundrum. For example there are many works Islamic or otherwise which are accessible in both languages, and I don’t know which to choose the Arabic version or the English version. Should I read the text as it was originally written? (This seems self-explanatory unless someone would like to kindly add on) The main issue I am having is a book written in a different language such as Greek and then translated to both languages, for example The Republic. Which language should I choose to read when it comes to translated works? I am not in favor of reading the same book in both languages as it is a bit time consuming and I seek the gist of things, unless it’s a major work such as Tafsir Al-Mizan, would it be a good idea to interchangeably read for example a book in Arabic the next in English? I would highly appreciate any advice that I can receive and the most viable approach in your respective opinions. Also when it comes to Islamic works even if they are written in Farsi should I always choose the Arabic translation over the English? Such as the works of Ali Shariati, Martyr Muttahari, etc.
  21. Salam, I would appreciate it if you brothers/sisters can take the time to read what I have written and give me your ideas on whether it is sound or mere jargon. My attempt was to describe myself following a path which was not easy, but I was willing to undertake no matter the odds in order to achieve my goals, unfortunately I was sidetracked by an occurrence which was not well considered, in which led to the shattering of the process and plan I had in reaching said goal. ————————————————————— Could one articulate a blueprint to life’s uncertainty, to bring forth a module in the form of a timely script, one which enumerates all fundamentals; pondering over its practicality there lay a feeble attempt driven by aspirations to pursue such an endeavor. Transforming formulated thoughts into tangible strings to the similitude of yarn which could be woven dexterously in a fashion which resembles a deliberate sequence, one that leads to intended patterns. However, lack of discipline and untimely decisions prove to be adequate impediments to such an endeavor that necessitates forbearance. Undeniably, miscalculations lead to strands, unwanted strands which alter a meticulous process. An attempt to address the unwanted extremities would not only stagnate the continuous process, but also divert one’s attention, due to an attempt to liberate the sequence from a deviating retreat. Evidently, the ill considered approach to such a process carries its repercussions, to an extent where the result of such a grand endeavor would begin to lose its touch profoundly, wherein a little strand in a grand means becomes the entire agency. The yarn of thought which was knitted attentively, passionately, and deliberately would therein be reduced to nothing but overlapping strands of meaningless string. All the effort put reverted to the point of origin, scattered thoughts, like the yarn on quivering hands. Perplexion reinstated due to ill miscalculation. @313 Seeker @hasanhh
  22. Was interested in writing poems as a hobby and was wondering if anyone can help in critiquing my first poem and provide me with valuable insight on how I can improve it and also take note for future endeavors. Faces grow old and decay; Bodies become feeble and wither away; Hope built on the temporal being dissipates as the pendulum swings everyday; A spark in the heart ignites the soul; A volcano erupts; The pupils become dilated from the fire within; Molten lava overflows; The body becomes a furnace and shapes a bowl; An empty vessel hoping to gain respite; Receives poison instead of light.
  23. Salam Alaikum to all my Shia Brothers and Sisters! My life is devastating due to one problem (Although I’m responsible for it). I recently committed a major sin (Zina) and somehow got Herpes (Genital). I know what I did is completely wrong. But I have repented, repented every day after this sin and I’m continuing to ask Allah to forgive me (Ba haqqe Ahlul Bayt as). Our community has ignored this. Not only our community. Even others. Herpes is a condition which can’t be cured. But it doesn’t affect life span, neither it has any complicated effects on human body except that it causes frequent sores on genitals.. almost 4-5 times a year which take 10-15 days to heal. These are called outbreaks. Some people get less outbreaks per year. Every time I get outbreak, I get depressed and many a times plan to give up on life. Although I’m taking medicine for it to manage. I’m depressed!! I’m 100% sure, I’m not the only Shia with herpes. Many others are struggling too. But Alhumdulillah, I repented, performing all my Wajib duties and I am completely away from sins and I don’t have any other health condition. I see one thing: our community ignores these matters and judge people easily. I know there can a mistake but that doesn’t mean one should be treated like that even after repentance and living a religiously pious life. Having herpes outbreaks is very depressing. Although many people with herpes don’t get frequent outbreaks (hardly 1 or 2 per year). I know I’m not the only Shia with this condition, a lot many might have and are struggling deep inside. But now, I need to get married. I’m looking for someone with herpes (women) to get married to. I don’t want to lie and get married. Please help me. And please pray that the science finds it’s cure very soon. Please pray for my health. Please remember me in your prayers. And suggest some ideas for my problems. Thanks
  24. An excellent article depicting the scientific genius of our sixth Imam wherein it shows the many scientific, social, and philosophical contributions that he ((عليه السلام)) had proposed centuries before their discovery or establishment within the realm of science and academia. Topics that pertain to the expansion and contraption of the universe, the theory of light and rays, the hydrogen atom, the elements on Earth, and many more scientific advances introduced and explained by the Holy Imam, which truly leave someone dumbfounded and in awe. however, as much as one wishes to believe every word that is contained within the book or article, there is a heightened lack of credibility when it comes to references and evidences backing the profound claims made within the article. Here is the article: https://www.al-Islam.org/articles/Imam-jafar-al-sadiqs-contribution-sciences-hasnain-mohamedali I highly recommend reading it as it won’t take more then twenty minutes of your time and is a very valuable piece of work, unfortunately lacking references, footnotes, or anything that can add credibility to what is being said objectively. as much as I and am sure everyone else adores our Imam and knows such knowledge and advancements are not far from his eminence for he indeed as a beacon of knowledge and an illuminating light; there nonetheless necessitates a need for unquestionable and undeniable proof that substantiates what the article is saying. It would be immensely appreciated if any of the brothers/sisters can provide a reference or any form of tangible evidence that can substantiate the articles profound claims. Here I will provide a critique by an individual who has read the Book completely and raised his objections from a western and non biased standpoint so to speak, so as to perhaps aid into taking into consideration the concern by readers who may be intrigued by the work, but like many require concise and adequate sources, references, and evidence. ————————————————————— The introduction to this book states on page 5 that it's a translation of a Persian work, which is in its turn supposedly a translation of part of a French "thesis" published by a "Research Committee of Strasbourg, France" (pages 5 and 17). Frustratingly, the book contains no proper bibliographical references, either to the Persian work translated, or to the original French work which is supposedly its ultimate source, and this has made it difficult to trace the identity of the latter.On page 5 of the book, Ali Mirza, the English translator, gives "Maghze Mutafakkir Jehan Shia" as a transliteration of the Persian title into the Latin alphabet, and on page 20, he gives "Zabih Ullah Mansuri" as the transliteration of the name of the person who supposedly translated the work from French to Persian. The actual title of the work in Persian is (مغز متفکر جهان شیعه امام جعفر صادق (ع ("Maghze Mutafakkir Jehan Shia Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (?)" — the question mark representing a glottal stop, ع ), and its author's name, ذبیح‌الله منصوری , is commonly transliterated into English as Zabiholla Mansuri. A fairly literal translation of the title would be "Mastermind of the Shia world Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم))". One edition of the book has been cited in English as "Zabiholla Mansouri, The Great Thinker of the Shiite World, Imam JafarSadegh, Islamic Studies of Strasburg, JavidanPublicationOrganization, 1982." Mansuri's biography at eminentpersians.net describes him as "easily the most prolific and arguably the most widely read journalist and writer of modern Iran".Pages 17 to 20 of this book contain a translation of Mansuri's preface. On pages 19 and 20 we find a list of 21 names of some of the members of the "Research Committee" supposedly responsible for producing the French "thesis" from which the text purports to be ultimately derived. This list turns out to be a badly garbled and incomplete copy of the list of participants in the second Colloque d'islamologie de Centre de Recherce d'Histoire des Religions de Strasbourg. Thus, the work misleadingly referred to as a "thesis" could hardly be anything other than the proceedings of this Colloque de Strasbourg.Practically nothing, however, in this book, beyond a few basic biographical details, can be found in the French work which is its supposed source. In fact, the book is full of ludicrously silly historical claims which are nowhere to be found in the French work, and which flatly contradict well-known facts widely documented in both primary and respected secondary sources. To give just one example, I reproduce here one of the silliest such claims, from Chapter 13, "Rotation of the Earth on its axis" (page 87):"It was so difficult to comprehend and believe that the Earth rotates on its axis that the eminent French mathematician, Poincare, who died in the year 1912, made fun of this theory. He clearly stated he did not believe the Earth rotates on its own axis."On the contrary, in his popular work, translated into English as "Science and Hypothesis", Poincare argued that even if the sky had been permanently obscured by a blanket of clouds, scientists would still have eventually come to realise that it must be turning on its axis.In Mansuri's biography at eminentpersians.net we find a fairly strong clue to the true source of the misinformation contained in this book:"Maybe the strangest twist in his strange career is the fact that he was known to have published books as translations that were actually his own creations. Their alleged authors were, like the narratives themselves, the figments of his rich imagination. There is also no doubt that on numerous occasions he took a short article and turned it into a book of several hundred pages."This book would appear to be one of those that were "figments" of Mansuri's "rich imagination".I don't believe the English translator of Mansuri's book, Kaukab Ali Mirza, can be reasonably accused of complicity in Mansuri's deception. In his unintentionally amusing and ironic introduction he takes the learned scholars of the "Research Committee" to task for supposed "wild speculations and guesswork" and even "misrepresenting historical facts", not realising, of course, that these were all inventions of Mansuri himself, and the scholars participating in the second Colloque d'Islamologie had nothing whatever to do with them. His original response can be found on: https://www.amazon.com/Jafar-Muhammad-Al-Sadiq-Muslim-Scientist/dp/0969949014/
  25. I have a great problem with procrastination its making me very lazy and putting me down heavily; I aspire to do so many things, read all the books on my shelf, go to the gym consistently, study assiduously, write, meditate, I can just go on and on. I could really use some advice that can help me beat this issue.
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