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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 5 results

  1. Provided by the City of Houston https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VcSwejU2D0
  2. Asalam u Alikum I don't know where to start but i just want some sort of advice from you guys.I'm 19 years old living with my mom and dadand a brother and another one is in homecountry (doing studies). Well lets start from beginning since i rememberMy parents always fight on small issues (such as *why this pillow is here* *Why didn't you closed the door* etc etc) i think there wouldn't be a day that my parent didn't fought .We tried very hard to stop them. Me and my siblings always give advice to them.But theydidn't listen to us and sometimes my Mom turns topic towards us (Who you think you're? you have no rights to talk between us...... plus abusing , Putting Tuhmat on us) ..(Sometimes i just want to run away) I think our Neighbors will get very irritated because of my parents.This is not normal for anyone i think because of this me and brothers have some sort of OCD disorder (Checking doors twice before leaving house etc etc) Involving others in this issue such as (relatives) i think they will make it worse i really don't know what to do but it's causing us a lot of problems. I'm also worried if my brothers get married their wives will face major problem and my brothers will be stuck between wife and Parents. I hope you guys will help me to solve this problem Jazak Allah
  3. Asalamalekum, I would like to know if Anger is Haram, what does a person do in a situation where another person is swearing at you or attack you physically. Because, if you don't feel anger at that moment to defend yourself, how will you survive. I am not talking about that anger, when most people flip out on pitty stuff. I am not that kind of person, i would like to know when someone is verbally insulting repeatedly or strikes you physically. In that situation is anger halaal. Can anyone provide me a fatwa from a scholar or a good islamic book.
  4. Dear brothers and sisters, After Prophet Mohamed S.A.W.'s death, the Islamic empire was said to have flourished. It spread cross North Africa all the way to what is known now as Spain, and to the North East swallowing up the Persian and Byzantine empire. Is this permissible to conquer another's land? If it was permissible, would it be fair to conquer Europe or China? To my understanding, no army was planning to head into the Arab peninsula at the time and conquer the new religion of Islam during 632 - 750 A.H.
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