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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 2 results

  1. Guest

    Fed up

    i am very upset . I hate this world and people . It is like i am regarded as soft spoken .nice type of innocent girl. From school days many girls used to tease me. However nice i used to be i was always the target .i do not know why . Many girls made fun of me .now during college days however good an helping i am to everyone .everyone treats me same. I haf thought not to be nice to colg people otherwise they will do same.bu it is like written on my face. There are other girls who are so rude still people stick to them ..if i throw attitude and not talk to anyone no one will come and talk to me..why is it that there r some people who are so rude and bad still people cling to them..and i am always left alone..everyone behaves rudely towards me .like what is written on my face? It is me who has to start ralk otherwise i am left alone..it is me who is made fun of i dont know why..even the maids ,shop keepers, wherever i go no one behaves nicely to me..from my childhood i have heard so many negative things...is not Allah doing injustice by bestowing some people the gift that whereever they go people behave nicely to them .want to be their frnds cling to them however cold natured they are
  2. Firstly , i want to discuss something , that many people are abusing. I hear people saying things like 1- a man doesn't need consent to Marry a second wife (temporary or permanently) 2- a man can pressurise his wife/force her to have intercourse with him I just want to point out that just because there are some females out there wanting a sisterly wife , allowing a polygamous marriage to occur , not all do. And this can creat UNBELIEVABLE a fitna. If you force a female to accept that sort of marriage, jealousy & hate is bound to take place. You may selfishly say that jealousy and envy is HARRAM, but what is more harram than being the culprit of that jealousy? It's haram to make your wife jealous. It's painful for us females. In the Quran it says you may marry 4, but you have to treat them equally. However you won't even if you tried. Now what does that show? A man does have the ability to create equality financially amongst two wives , but never share that fair love. That's what the Quran is referring to. It's crazy how some people can be so oppressive to women. We cook . Clean. Our physical appearance starts to diminish , and you think that you can go away & get another wife , like we're some light bulbs that you replace when we wane This isn't justicious . It's very oppressive. What person wants to live this life . How can a person go & marry a second with a stupid intention of being fair, when he wasn't even fair to his first wife by not asking her for consent ?! & another thing. How can someone go and think that it's okay for him to rape his wife ! His wife ! We are taught to live peacefully & securely by wearing hijab . But then you turn around once you're married to a female & pressurise her or force her to have sex with you. I can't emphasise on how rape can traumatise ones life . One's psychology. If the penalty of raping a random girl is death, how can marital rape ever be justified? May Allah protect you women & men. That is all I have to say. I am disgusted by this. We are to disunited and it's so easy to become victims . I hear clerics TRYING to justify that sort of behaviour by saying , a man goes out for months to fight for his country, well it's sad because the females in that country are being mentally/verbally & physically abused. Imam Jafar Al Sadiq says- do not cheat the one's that trust you. Just because men are maintainers of women it doesn't mean you're the boss and were youre slave. It just means you're that physically built figure that can protect us and provide for us. Nothing more, nothing less. I just want you to think about that a really. Contemplate about the females that you've hurt with your spiteful words or actions. Why would you want to hurt the one who carried you or your child for 9 months, where heaven lies under feet? Why would you want to hurt the one that opened the doors of heaven for your father or her father? I am really ashamed of this website , & inshallah I'll be leaving it. I can't believe rape culture still exists . We don't need sources to validate our rights when we see hijab symbolising our freedom & enables credibility... It's crazy. I don't want to be a part of any culture, the arab or whatever there is . - I have so much to say, but it just chokes me up , as I totally give up .
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