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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As all Muslims know Grave of Fatimah bint Rasul Allah (sawas){ فاطمه بنت رسول الله } is hidden? It is amazing and questionable that why her ( Fatimah Zahra فااطمه زهرا ) grave is hidden. She ( Faimeh daughter of Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hf) dies in time of Government ( Khilafat ) of Abu Bakr. But her grave is unknown it means Khalifa Awwal ( Abu Bakr), Umar hadn't know her grave ! Lets see what happened to Fatima bint Muhammad ( Spouse of Ali ibn Abitalib) who that we recite tasbih ( memorial of her as called tasibihat Fatima Zahra [ i.e. 34 times الله اکبر Allahu Akbar , 33 times سبحان الله Subhan Allah , 33 times الحمد اللهAlhamdu lillah after prayers]). In shia books events of after demise of Rasul Allah Muhammad ( pbuh&hf) and what happened to Fatima daughter of Prohet of Islam has been written in details, I will write some narration from Sunni Books about it and will attach scan of some pages from those books , InshaAllah. In first I amphasize that Islam and all deeds and Ibadats is for Oath of Allah and to satisfaction of Allah. Satisfaction of Allah and angry of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala (الله سبحانه و تعالی )indicate who is in Heaven ( Jannah , Paradise جنت جنه) and who is in Hell ( Nar, Jahhannam جهنم ،نار). And we know following Hadith from Prophet of Islam that said: The Prophet of Islam Muhammad (PBUH&HF) had frequently said: "Fatimah is a part of me. Whoever makes her angry, makes me angry." Sunni references: - Sahih al-Bukhari, Arabic-English, v5, Traditions #61 and #111 - Sahih Muslim, section of virtues of Fatimah, v4, pp 1904-5 So Fatimah's Satisfaction and angry show way of Allah's Satisfaction and angry . In otherwise with behavior of Fatima Zahra and her Satisfaction and angry we know who is it Right way of Islam and who is not. Fatima Zahra bint Muhammad is very important person and she is daughter of Holy Prophet (sawas) and is master of women of Jinnah , and most important that is Fatimah Zahra shows us truth and right way and satisfation of Allah. Now briefly look at events happened to Fatima Zahra ( Daughter of Islam apostle (sawas)): The Sunni scholars, Ahmad Ibn Abdul Aziz al-Jawhari in his book 'Saqifah', Abu Waleed Muhibbuddin Mohammad al-Shahnah al-Hanafi in his book 'Rawdhat al-Manadhir Fi Akhbaar al-Awayil wal-Aawaakhir', Ibn Abil Hadid in his book 'Sharh al-Nahj', and others have reported the events to the same effect and mention that: Everybody came out of the house except Ali who said: "I have sworn to remain home until I collect the Quran." Umar refused but Lady Fatimah's remonstration caused him to return. He instigated Abu Bakr to pursue the matter, and he send Qunfuz (his slave) several times but received a negative reply each time. Ultimately, Umar went with a group of people to the Fatimah's house. When she heard their voice, Fatimah cried loudly; "O father, O Messenger of Allah, how are Umar Ibn al-Khattab and Abu Bakr Ibn Abi Quhafah treating us after you and how do they meet us." it is reported that: Ali and Abbas were sitting inside the house of Fatimah, Abu Bakr told Umar: "Go and bring them; if they refuse, kill them." Umar brought fire to burn the house. Fatimah came near the door and said: "O son of Khattab, have you come to burn our house on me and my children?" Umar replied: "Yes I will, by Allah, until they come out and pay allegiance to the Prophet's Caliph." Ahl Sunna reference: - Iqd al-Fareed, by Ibn Abd Rabb, Part 3, Pg. 63 - al-Ghurar, by Ibn Khazaben, related from Zayd Ibn Aslam# Umar Ibn al-Khattab came to the house of Ali. Talha and Zubair and some of the immigrants were also in the house. Umar cried out: "By God, either you come out to render the oath of allegiance, or I will set the house on fire." al-Zubair came out with his sword drawn. As he stumbled (upon something), the sword fell from his hand so they jumped over him and seized him." Sunni Reference: History of Tabari, English version, v9, pp 186-187 Also Jouhari in his book said: "Umar and a few Muslims went to the house of Fatimah to burn it down and to burn those who were in opposition." Ibn Shahna said the same statement adding "to burn the house and inhabitants". Another Sunni historian, al-Baladhuri, reported that: Abu Bakr asked Ali to support him, but Ali refused, then Umar went toward the Ali's house with a burning torch. At the door he met Fatimah who said to him: "Do you intend to burn the door of my house?" Umar said: "Yes, because this act will strengthen the faith brought to us by your father." reference: al-Ansab Ashraf, by al-Baladhuri, v1, pp 582,586 The Sunni scholar, Abu Mohammad Abdullah Ibn Muslim Ibn Qutaybah Daynuri in his history of Caliphs known as "al-Imamah wa al- Siyasah" reported: Umar asked for wood, and told those people inside the house: "I swear by Allah who has my soul in his hand, that if you do not come out, I will burn the house." Someone told Umar that Fatimah was inside the house. Umar said: "So what! It doesn't matter to me who is in the house." AhlSunnah book: al-Imamah wa al-Siyasah by Ibn Qutaybah, v1, pp 3,19-20 The historian named the following people among those who attacked the house of Fatimah to disperse people who sheltered there: - Umar Ibn al-Khattab - Khalid Ibn Walid - Abdurrahman Ibn Ouf - Thabit Ibn Shammas , Ziad Ibn Labid, Muhammad Ibn Maslamah , Salamah Ibn Salem Ibn Waqash , Salamah Ibn Aslam, Usaid Ibn Hozair , Zaid Ibn Thabit When Umar came to the door of the house of Fatimah, he said: "By Allah, I shall burn down (the house) over you unless you come out and give the oath of allegiance(to Abu Bakr)." Sunni books References: (pages vary in prints) - History of Tabari (Arabic), v1, pp 1118-1120 - History of Ibn Athir, v2, p325 - al-Isti'ab, by Ibn Abd al-Barr, v3, p975 - Tarikh al-Kulafa, by Ibn Qutaybah, v1, p20 - al-Imamah wal-Siyasah, by Ibn Qutaybah, v1, pp 19-20 Kanz al-Ummal, v3, p140 writes: Umar said to Fatimah (who was behind the door of her house): "I know that the Prophet of God did not love any one more than you, but this will not stop me to carry out my decision. If these people stay in your house, I will burn the door in front of you." ---------------- Shibli Numani himself testifies the above event in the following words: "From Umar's irritable and peevish temperament such an action on his part was not improbable." al-Faruq, by Shibli Numani, p44 It is also reported that: Abu Bakr said (on his death bed): "I wish I had not searched for Fatimah's house, and had not sent men to harass her, though it would have caused a war if her house would have continued to be used as a shelter." Sunnis references: - History of Ya'qubi, v2, pp 115-116 - Ansab Ashraf, by al-Baladhuri, v1, pp 582,586 Salahuddin Khalil al-Safadi another Sunni scholar in his book 'Waafi al- Wafiyyaat' under the letter 'A' while recording the view of Ibrahim Ibn Sayyar Ibn Hani al-Basri, well-known as Nidhaam quotes him to have said: "On the day of 'Bay'aat' (paying allegiance), Umar hit Fatimah on the stomach such that child in her womb died." :( :no: --------------------------------------------------- Now lets know what was Fatima opinion: Fatimah be angry to Umar and Abu Bakr: During Fatimah last days, when Abu Bakr and Umar sought the mediation of Ali to visit the ailing Fatimah , as quoted by Ibn Qutaybah, she tured her face to the wall when they greeted her and in response to their plea for appeasement reminded them of the prophetic declaration that one who displeases Fatimah has displeased the Prophet and finally said: "I take Allah and the angels to be my witness that you have not pleased me; on the other hand, you have angered me. When I shall meet the Prophet (PBUH&HF) I will complain about you two." (al-Imamah wa al-Siyasah, by Ibn Qutaybah, v1, p14). For the same reason, she willed that those who have hurt her should not participate in her funeral rites and that she be buried at night. Hidden grave of Fatimah is sign of all oppression and cruelties have been happened to her: al-Bukhari in his Sahih attests to this fact that Ali complied with the will of Lady Fatimah . al-Bukhari narrated on the authority of Aisha that: ... Fatimah became angry with Abu Bakr and kept away from him, and did not talk to him till she died. She remained alive for six months after the death of the Prophet. When she died, her husband 'Ali, buried her at night without informing Abu Bakr and he said the funeral prayer by himself. Sunni references: - Sahih al-Bukhari, Chapter of "The battle of Khaibar", Arabic-English, v5, tradition #546, pp 381-383, also v4, Tradition #325
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