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  1. Salam alaikum!I've had a weird dream and I want to know the meaning of it. The dream:It was like I had a school project about our religions and while I was making it ,I didn't know something so I went down the road and there were like homes that had different religions written on it(you go inside the home and ask something about the religion.)Ofcourse I wanted to go to the home with islam written on it because I'm a muslim.BUT the home was closed. asked the imam or the guy that was in there why it was closed and then I didn't remember what he said.i went back to my school project. Is it negative ,positive something??help please tell me what it means!!
  2. Who Is Dajjal (the Antichrist)? Where Is He Now? And When Will He Appear? Learn Full Details بسم اللہ الرّحمٰن الرّحیم Many years ago the last Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said to his companions: “between time of the creation of Adam AS and the Resurrection day, there is nothing greater than the mischief of Dajjal (the Antichrist).” Muhammad Qasim says: "In my dreams, I have seen many things pertaining to the false Messiah and today I’m going to combine them to present a comprehensive narrative of what I have witnessed regarding MASIH AD-DAJJAL (THE ANTICHRIST)." The Physical Description of Dajjal (the Antichrist) Dajjal’s height is about 6 feet and 1 or 2 inches. He has a cruel face with dark brown skin. He is clean shaved and bears a mole on his cheek. Dajjal has slight curly dark hairs and he bears close resemblance to a typical south Asian or Middle Eastern man. Dajjal has a muscular built and when I saw him, I didn’t see any of his eyes bulging out rather they were normal. I don’t know if he is blind in one of his eyes, however he does have the ability to shapeshift, therefore he can take on any appearance he desires and uses this ability to appear in a pleasant form and seduce the masses. When Dajjal walks, he strides with a lot of pride and it feels like no one can approach or stand in front of him even those who may seem to have unshakable resolve will fall victim to his deception. In my dreams, I have heard Iblees addresses Dajjal as “My Rich Warlord.” The Power of Dajjal According to what I’ve seen in my dreams, Dajjal is frequently triggering and conspiring pandemonium (fitna) in the Middle East. Bear in mind that he hasn’t reached his full potential yet, perhaps that’s why he has not yet appeared in front of the people but he wants to achieve his full power so that he can appear in front of the people and for this he increases his power in various ways. So for the most part of my dreams, I have seen him constructing some black-magical harnessing plants which he uses to fuel his powers. In one particular dream, I’ve seen him performing bizarre rituals through the use of skulls which he used to gather magical power and collect them in a fuel tank which acted as a repository similar to what you see sorcerers and magicians do. In one dream, I have heard Dajjal saying “very soon my power will increase and I will acquire some new powers. I will implement my fear across the entire world and the whole world will either submit to me…otherwise I will kill them.” Perhaps this is symbolic for something ominous…Allah knows better. To me it seems that dajjal is waiting to gather enough power until he is ready to make an appearance to the world and he gains this power by establishing magic-harnessing plants. I’m not sure if the construction of the 3rd temple is a part of his ritual to obtain more powers, Allah knows best. When Will Dajjal Appear? After the great Malhama (WW3), the noor of Allah is filled throughout the earth and the Muslim ummah implements peace and justice upon the entire world, and this peace lasts close to a decade (for 7 years). During this peaceful reign the Muslim army builds heavy, high tech weaponry and technology to prepare for the war against Dajjal. While the Ummah prepares for this trial, a few disbelievers await the arrival of the Dajjal, most of them being from the Yahood (Jews). What Will Dajjal Do When He Appears? When Dajjal emerges in public, he is able to quickly subdue the entire world which causes the believers to become fretful of him. Dajjal claims that he is a God and is easily able to appeal to the masses and support his claims through the use of his diabolical powers. Dajjal fools many people and those with weak faith start joining him very quickly. Many people have questioned me about whether or not Dajjal will use technology or Jinns to perform his deceptive miracles. From what I have seen, Dajjal will be able to perform his supernatural feats through the use of black magic. It is only by Allah’s decree that he is able to have such powers and he is indefinitely the greatest trial for mankind. In my dreams, I was informed that the supernatural feats which we watch in movies and television would easily be performed by Dajjal. *Such as running in the air, shape shifting, mind manipulation, weather control, and power over the elements, and so on. These are just examples Allah knows best. Dajjal promises the people a paradise on earth, to the men he promises women, wealth, property, and whatever their hearts desire. To the women Dajjal promises to beautify their appearance, make them more attractive, and grant them anything they desire. Due to this, billions of people join him in a matter of days. Dajjal and Muhammad Qasim Face to Face The Islamic forces advance to confront Dajjal and engage him and his army of followers, however our efforts seemed to be of no avail and our heavy missiles were like firecrackers in front of Dajjal. Remember that at this time technology and military equipment is at its peak. Allah has sharpened the minds of Muslims and the world has developed in a way that no one has seen before but still Dajjal and his armies are easily able to repel our attacks. After the appearance of Dajjal and the battle of the Islamic army with him, I go myself to confront Dajjal and he persuades me to join him and promises me eternal life and a high status. I renounce/rebuke him saying “what will happen by that? we are all going to die someday and nothing except Allah can live forever, you will fail in your endeavors and you too shall die one day. The Lord of you and I is one, Allah..the lord of all the worlds (of the worlds).” Upon hearing this Dajjal becomes infuriated (irritated/aggitated) and changes his appearance into a very terrifying form which causes my body to shake and I couldn’t muster up the courage to say anything. Dajjal then exclaims that “Qasim! If you don’t pledge your allegiance to me, I will kill you…go home and contemplate about your final decision." After this encounter, I leave from Dajjal’s presence and go back home. I approach the Muslims and warn them that “If anyone confronts Dajjal, there is a 99.9% chance that they will join him. Dajjal is indeed a great trial and only those who Allah has bestowed his special mercy upon can save themselves from this trial” I instruct them that “O Muslims! If we love Allah and the last prophet Muhammad SW, it is better for us to die as Muslims than to pledge allegiance with Dajjal. Come! let us die as shaheed in the path of Allah while fighting Dajjal” The Muslims agree with me and the believers gather to wage a war against Dajjal and his group of disbelievers. And with that begins the war between truth (Haq) and falsehood (Batil). The Ultimate War Between Dajjal and the Muslims And with that the war between truth (Haq) and falsehood (Batil) begins. I engage Dajjal with the Noor of Allah on my index finger and attack him to divert his attention so that he doesn’t use his powers on the Muslim army. I keep engaging Dajjal so that the Muslims could inflict as much damage to Dajjal’s armies. Due to Allah’s Noor, I was able to fight with Dajjal for quite some time, however Dajjal was extremely powerful. In the midst of battle, the Noor of Allah suddenly disappears from my index finger and then I say to myself that "Qasim! It's best to fall back from here." I start evading Dajjal and try to run away and then by the mercy of Allah, I begin to run in the air and Dajjal comes after me by flying and he exclaims “Qasim! I will not let you live today!” I manage to traverse into a mountain terrain; Dajjal follows me there and continues his onslaught. Dajjal strikes my back and injures me; I lose my balance and fall down. A large stone next to me opens up and says “Qasim! Hide yourself inside me, I will save you from Dajjal" but I refuse the offer. At that moment Dajjal approaches me while uttering “Qasim! Get ready to die.” I then beseech Allah praying ” Ya Allah! Help me!” And then the word “ALLAH” descends from the sky, and then Allah causes the lightning to strike at the side of a mountain. The mountain darkens in colour and it shatters into many pieces. Subsequently causing a frightening sound to arise and upon hearing this Dajjal immediately faints and falls down. Then Allah heals my wounds and tells me that “Qasim! Dajjal has only fainted for four hours and he will wake up after that." Allah says to me that "Qasim! Run away from here and hide elsewhere, afterwards I will tell you what to do next and don’t come in front of Dajjal as long as I command you." I say ”as you command my Lord!” And I express my gratitude to Allah for saving me from Dajjal and then I start journey to another location and hide myself. When Dajjal regains consciousness, he doesn’t remember the incident that had just occurred and believes that he has killed me. Dajjal goes back and gloats to the Muslims that he has killed me. Upon hearing this news the Muslim army becomes disheartened and demoralized and with that Dajjal starts his mission without any resistance and one by one the Muslims fall. The wars with Dajjal cost the lives of hundreds of millions of people most of them being Muslims. The End of Dajjal Dajjal advocates a lifestyle filled with facade, illicit acts, debauchery, adultery and basically a false “kingdom of heaven on earth” for his followers and this fitnah continues for 4-5 weeks until the descent of the son of Mariyum Isa Alisalam. The Descent of Hazrat Isa (عليه السلام) In my dreams, I have seen our noble prophet Isa alaisalam descending from the sky. He appears to have wet black hair and he resembles a Middle Eastern person. Me and the few believers who remain start to live with Isa alaisalam, and this is followed by appearance of Yajuj wa Majuj. Jazakallah Khair
  3. Today I dreamt that I was in a house near the sea with my closest freind and a group of unknown people. I then went out to the balcony we’re I was looking at the sky when suddenly a huge transparent clock appeared. After a brief moment the clock started ticking somehow i knew that when the clock finishes it’s cycle it meant that whoever is Muslim stays Muslim and whoever is kafir stays kafir and I started to do istighfar and my friend was telling people to become Muslim before it’s late. before the clock reached it’s full cycle I started to tell my friend to do istighfar in which he preceded. The moment the clock finished it’s cycle the sky turned red and a huge battle happened in the sky I don’t know what or who it was but the battle intensified till it reached the ground were i was pleading to Allah to forgive me then I placed my head onto the ground as if I was praying and I woke up I hear its makrooh to speak about dreams but i just want a tafsir is this bad or good and should I do something about it
  4. Asalam u Alikum I saw a dream today (Friday) in the morning. The grand ayatollah Ali Sistani RA sent a man to me. He was wearing white Pakistani dress. He was in his 20s with light beard and wearing glasses. He told me that Ali Sistani RA is meeting with the world leaders of tomorrow. He said that he wishes to meet me as well. We were sitting on a grassy hill. I said that I would love to meet him. Then I saw Ayatollah Sahab coming in a white dress with two or three guys with him. But as soon as we were going to meet, my dad came and woke me up. What does it mean? Can anyone help me with the interpretation?
  5. Salam Alaikum I wanted to ask weather anyone knows where I can get a hold of an arabic speaking sheikh og sayed who can interpret dreams (more like ro'yas) for me. Under Ashura, specifically the night after Abafadlul Abbas martyred, I had a dream about Imam Hussein (as) visiting me. But he wasnt sad or in war. He was like a beautiful king dressed in the most amazing heavy bordeaux red cape with light embroidery on it. Next to him was a person all dressed in the most beautiful white/goldish cape and the noor was clearly shining from him, but his face was covered with a white fabric just like the green fabric we see in those imam ali (as) pictures that are made - that's how he wore it. In the dream I wondered if it was Gibrail, but I questioned that, because why would I be able to see imam Husseins face and not Gibrails? What amazed me the most was the way they walked. They were SO majestic and strong. They were tall and handsome and walked like great kings. This is the best way I can describe it - but it does not make them any justice. I felt the dream was very real and that it was another world that opened up to me and I was able to see them in my home (my parents' home actually). They walked into the living room and I followed them. I saw them standing facing partially each other and a specifik wall and they were discussing something, trying to figure something out, and then reaching a conclusion, but I was just standing in the door completely amazed by what I was seeing. Then they dissapeared and on the wall next to them the blood of imam Hussein (as) appeared to me and the amount of blood increased and then a hand print made with the blood also appeared on the wall. The blood dissapeard and I looked over at the window shelf/sill and there Imam Hussein has left diamonds. It was the diamonds of Imam al Hussein (as). I took one up and pointed it to a light and I saw it project colours inside it like a rainbow and in amazement told my parents that those were real diamonds that the Imam had left for us. Everything was like how my home looks like in real life. This dream happend after the morning prayer where I went back to sleep. That night before the dream - I came home from the Abafadlul Abbas majles prayed the maghreb and isha prayers and my 9 year old sister came in and asked me to play with her. I told her I needed to read ziyarat Ashura first and then we could play. When I was reading it she was just sitting looking at me and when I was done she asked me if one could really see Ahlulbayt. I told her of course, if you are a good person you can even make dua and tell them whatever you want and ask them for whatever you want. Because Allah loves them so much he will answer your dua. We are all born in Denmark so especially her arabic isnt very good so she asked me what I would say to them formulated in arabic. I told her I would tell them that I loved them and missed them and that I wish I could have been with them to support them and ask them to ask Allah to keep my family healthy and so on. Apparently she got convinced that they would answer immediately and asked me an hour later if I had heard them yet. I told her no but maybe they will come to you in your dream and answer. Well the next morning she got dissapointed that it was me who saw Imam Hussein in my dream and not her Anyways if it is of any relevance I'm a 25-year old unmarried women. I practice my religion but not to the extent that I could be and should be - but al7amdulillah my iman and love for Ahlulbayt is big. I dont know if I even feel worthy of seeing Imam Husseins beautiful face though. I hope someone will help me or ask an a shia imam for me. I dont know anyone in Denmark who are able to do so. Maybe you have an e-mail adress for an imam? Wa alaikum alsalam
  6. assalaamualayikum, what can it mean when one sees Prophet Mohammed in dreams?? salaam
  7. well,first i need some explanation. i am in love with persian language for a long time,i was listening sufi musics and etc. than started to listen shia music : mahmoud karimi,Mohammad Hussain Pooyanafar,mahdi rasoul,ali fani. i didnt care about lyrics,it was very uninteresting for me,am describe my self spiritual person but,dont like organised religion,so that was reason why it didnt interest me. but i was feeling it so deep,i am inlove with this language,its so poetic and deep. i was crying without knowing any lyrics.then i found some videos that had english translations on it. i still didnt care about meaning that much.then i had very deep dream.i never had dream like this so i will try to explain it i was in some place,where was happening some ritual (?) they were moving one leg to another(cant explain it),hands in chest,head down . they were saying were them came from,after this words there was total silence,i have never experienced that deep silence,then they started crying,like in shia videos i have seen. after they said were they came from then they said this is khesis ( as i remember it) then kissed to floor and then again started crying. now i had to do same, where i came from and then to say this is khesis (?) it was holy place for us. then i said in dream that i was here before,like it was my home.then i had some lighting i my head,then darknes like it disappeared and then i woke up crying,i was crying for 10 minutes non stop. i google for khesis and couldnt find anything like this,was this karbala? it looked like it
  8. Assalaam Malaikum brothers and sisters! It's been a little time since I last posted. I've had another dream that I'd like to share and wonder if anyone would like to offer insight into what it may mean, insha'Allah? I just had it this morning and I can only share with you what I vividly remember and it was towards the end of the dream. I am a man by the way, in case that matters. In the dream I found myself in a house not familiar to myself and it was very messy, not taken care of properly. I found myself standing before a sink (almost like a long kitchen sink that can be found in restaurants that hold a lot of dishware at once) and behind me standing was a woman I recognized as knowing (but in real life I know no one with her facial characteristics) and she was in pain, in pleading for me to help her, guide her. She indicated her eyes, and while I knew she could physically see, it seemed her eyesight was failing her. She was becoming blind and I worried for her mental health. I found compassion for her and told her "Please close your eyes." as I felt having them open (even though blind) was causing her pain (emotional/mental). I then saw her left hand - or rather her left palm which had a hole in it, but no blood. I took a piece of cloth and wrapped her left hand and then I had her embrace me from behind (her right arm over my right shoulder/neck and her left arm under my left arm and upper ribcage to clasp together in front of my chest) I then slowly guided her in her own home calling upon Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) to invoke the blessings of the Ahlulbait(عليه السلام). I never prayed in a dream before and mentioning the Family of the Prophet (عليه السلام) and their blessings upon this woman whom I was guiding is something new to me. I woke up soon after. Thank you for reading Alhamdulilah
  9. Assalaam Malaikum brothers and sisters, On the evening of 16 Shaban 1441 (April 9, 2020 I believe) I had the following dream: I dreamt I saw Imam Ali bin Abu Talib (عليه السلام) at my place of work. I saw him and felt strongly it was him although he stood between 1 and a half foot - to 2 foot tall. I was walking towards him and saw him looking at me - but I couldn't make out any distinguishing features or even colors of his garb - it was as if he was suspended off the ground about a foot high. He wore a robe with a belt and sash along with a sword. Next to him I saw a small girl (like she was between 4-6 years old) come out in front of him peering out at me. She had a curious look and had a smile on her face. I then noticed beside Imam Ali (عليه السلام) was a large cup of what looked like toxic poison chemical of some sort. I felt thirsty and knew that if I drank from this large cup that it wouldn't hurt me. The dream then changes - I saw a cousin of mine who introduced to me a woman I never seen before who wore red and drove a red car. Before she drove off we were discussing a possible time to meet for a date. She left and I realized I was in park of sorts where I had to walk along hills of grass and noticing that on my left foot I wore sandal/shower slipper and on the right I wore a sneaker/shoe. I was aghast at this. I continued to walk towards a pool of water with two spring fountains coming out of it and seeing a Christian Priest walk around it. For some reason I knew the name of the Spring Fountains: the one I saw on my left was Fatima (عليه السلام), and the one on the right was Zainab (عليه السلام) I woke up soon after. Would anyone know how I could interpret this dream or know what it may mean? Thank you.
  10. Bismillah Alrahman Alrahim Assalamu Alikom Brothers and Sisters in Islam, I have a question regarding a dream I recently had. Just before I go to details of the dream, I just wanted to make it clear that I don't usually have dreams about prophets and certainly not Imams of the Ahlulbait, although it would be an honour to meet such characters in my dreams. So just before I went to bed, I decided to do something I usual haven't done before to get closer to Allah (S.W.T.). I kept my head in sajdah, and kept reciting Shukran (Thanks) and 'afwan (you are welcome OR Thank you) to Allah alone for at least a couple of minutes, until I started perspiration on the Turbah. I also placed my cheek each time on the Turbad and repeated the same words. I felt lighter Alhamdoillah, and thereafter went to sleep after watching an islamic lecture. Naturally I wouldn't remember all of the dream, but the following is what is clear to me. I found myself in a masjid (in Najaf I assume as it will become clear further on, although I have never been there), and there were a couple of people in front of me making duaa in front of this beautiful room sheltered by thick glass. I tried to look at it, and there I see Imam Ali (A.S.) making sajda without any movements with his cheek (can't remember left or right cheek) exactly in the same position as I did, before I went to sleep. And I even remember the sajda I made before I went to sleep in the dream whilst looking at him. I was able to see his hands and face. He had a dark complexion, almost very brown. It surprised me for some reason. Furthermore he was wearing the kind of clothing people would wear in those times before going to battle, with the armour and protective gear etc. The next part is what I really didn't understand. Due to his sajda position, he didn't seem to move at all, which made it difficult for me to make out whether he was alive. This room Imam Ali (A.S.) was in had his stuff, a simple chair, things carved of wood and probably a bed as well. I took a few steps away to try to comprehend where this was, and I realised this was Najaf, and the masjid was the Imam Ali Masjid. So in essence his grave in the masjid, appeared to me as a room where he made sajda, and a few items were present with him. Please Brothers and Sisters, I am wondering what this means, and I would really appreciate it, if someone could explain, why I saw Imam Ali (A.S.) in the first place, in the same position I made the sajda with my cheek on the Turbah, I saw him do the exact same sajda? Am I just reading too much into it, or does it actually signify something? After all I did what I did before going to bed, because I wanted to become closer to Allah (S.W.T.).
  11. Asalamualikum. In this post I will be narrating a dream I had several months ago in which I saw Imam Hussain (عليه السلام). The purpose of me sharing this dream is so I can get advice and would preferably like to recieve insight and understanding, of this dream. In this dream, me and my mother are in our house and are wearing black/white clothing, and it seems like we are preparing to commemorate for the day of 10th Muharram. Whilst we are doing so, we feel as if someone is by the main door and my mother opens it. Standing are 3 people that seem like if they are a family (a couple and a daughter). We have them enter in our house and me and my mother have a room prepared for them so they could stay. As they make themselves comfortable, me and my mother approach a larger room of our house, but as we enter, the room is actually one of the rooms of another house of ours in a different country. (so its like we changed country, the minute we enter the large room of our old house, but it actually becomes one of the rooms of our house that we have in another country) Then suddenly we hear a loud thunder and immediately the sky goes black and we think to ourselves that it is the day of Qiyammah. (The end of the world) and the world is going to get destroyed. As we run towards the terrace of the room and step outside, I see the events of Ashura taking place in the sky, in which the clouds seem to be telling the story of ashura, and I see in cloud form, Imam hussain ((عليه السلام)) and him battling. Then I experience a huge gush of wind and the minute we return back to the large room from the terrace I see Imam Hussain (عليه السلام). (I could tell it was him because of the feeling I got) He was very tall and I could not see his face. He was wearing a very large robe. He was very angry and he rebuked me and mother for allowing the family to stay at our home. We apologised to the Imam, whilst crying and ask what we should do to repent so we could gain forgiveness. He then from his robe he took out a rusty, black handle knife/dagger and told me to kill the daughter of the family that was staying at our home. I reluctantly accept, but I remember myself thinking why is the Imam telling me to commit murder. However since it was the order of the Imam I take the knife bravely. My mother also tells me that I have to fulfill this duty since the Imam told me to do so. When I exit the large room, Im back at the old house (we changed countries again) and I hide the knife behind my back. Me and my mother both enter the room which we gave to the family, and then my mother exits and closes the electricity supply of the house. It then goes dark. The family begins to worry as to what happened. I lure the daughter of the family to another room and tell her to stay in the room with me. I lay down on the bed and then I immediately see her change in her behaviour. I sense, dirty, and immoral vibes from her. And she lays down right next to me and the moment she was about to commit a dirty act, I stab her in the stomach. She dies instantly. I exit the room and I am now worried since I believe I have committed murder. My mum gives me hope and tells me the Imam had ordered me to do this so there must be good in this. I return back to the large room and see Imam Hussain((عليه السلام)) laying down on the right side of the bed. I proceed to him and theres a stool right next to bed and I sit on it, whilst crying and asking for forgiveness and I tell him that Ive done what he asked me to do. He gets up and kisses my forehead, and when I close my eyes I see gardens, jewels, gold, mountains, nature, (paradise like things) And thats when I immediately wake up. I got this dream just after the morning prayer. If this is of any use. I am an 18 year old unmarried girl. I would like to request you all to please interpret what this dream means. Since I believe I have a duty to carry out but I don’t know what and how.
  12. Salam everyone, I've had the same dream twice now and I was wondering if anyone had any idea what it meant and if it does mean something at all. My first dream was 3 weeks ago where I dreamt that someone chopped off half my hair and I was so shocked and then I woke up very nervous and scared because I barely had any hair left. Yesterday I woke up very stressed and scared because I also dreamt that the hairdresser chopped off almost all my hair and then told me that he thought it was better that way. I was yelling at him asking him why he did that but I got no response:\ I've heard this means something bad, is that true?
  13. So I wanted to know if its bad to have long nails since im a girl and I like them a little long (not too long). And I don’t know if its true but my mom told me that the devil lives under your nails so this is why we have to cut them, is it a myth? Also, Before going to sleep yesterday I was still thinking about that and was kinda feeling bad about having long nails but told myself its okay because my cousins are really religious and keep them realllyyyy long. Whatever, when I slept ,I dreamed about my nails! I dreamed that I was cutting my nails and I was saying in my head ´´Oh its okay because im doing it for God’´ so I believe that God gave me this dream because I was happy in my dream about cutting my nails for God because I felt like he asked it for me.( the dream felt so real) Sorry if its a little dumb subject for some of you but I want to know what you think about it and btw I will cut them because of the dream even though I love them long.
  14. Aoa, I had a dream two days a go that has been bothering me a lot. I have some big projects coming up and I am worried that they have some sort of message for me. I have done sadqa just in case but if someone could tell me an accurate interpretation I would be so very thankful. I dreamt that me my mother and my aunt we're in a really tall apartment building (nobody owns such a house in my family) and the building was swaying due to heavy winds and my mum and my aunt are preparing some niaz and they keep saying "it was a very hard day for Muslims today equavalent to ashura we need to do niaz" and I keep looking outside the window and there are huge thick black clouds gathering in the sky and I keep asking my mother to let's go home before it starts to rain and I am very scared and inside my heart I keep repeating one thing "I couldn't even pray, I didn't pray" and the thought makes me even more scared. But my mother keeps preparing for niaz. Please help me with the Interpretation of this dream I read in some imam jaffar e Sadiq dream Interpretation saying that black clouds mean severe hardships. P.s I am usually punctual in offering prayers.
  15. Salam aleikum! I need advice here. Firstly I want to say sorry for writing maybe little bit wrong some words, english is not my native language. So here it goes. I am married alhamdulillah for 6 months now. My husband is mashAllah practising muslim. He fullfills his duties as husband fully (provides food, home, money and intimacy etc..) We dont have any children or pregnancy yet since we have been married only for about 6 months. So it is just the two of us living together. Both our families are faraway. For the last one month I have not been feeling happy with him. I even sometimes feel quilty for not feeling happy with him since he is practising muslim and provides me money and all that. But all this unhappiness of mine started about month ago. We had fight that time. Now its good time to say that i have been married before him one time. So our fight was about this that my husband found in my phone contacts my ex husbands phone number. I have not been in any contact with him or anything but I just had forgotten to remove his number from my phone. I told my husband that I just forgot to delete it. I really dont use phone so much to call anyone, I use it more for internet exploring and facebook. Very rarely I call or message anyone in “normal” phone number, I rather use facebook messenger. So thats why I forgot to delete ex husbands number. I told this to my husband but our fight only got bigger. Then I panicked. I really had panic attack and started to cry and hyperventilate. I couldnt breathe. My husband saw this and I told him I cant breath and I want to go in front of our door in our yard (where nobody can see or come) to calm and have some fresh air. My husband didnt let me go. He carried me to bedroom and pushed me to bed. I tried again to get up but he didnt let me. He sat on top of me and started to strangle me. All this time I was crying and hyperventilating and couldnt breath. I ended up holding Quran in my hands end swearing that I had nothing to do with my ex husband. Then I ran to toilet and locked the room. I just wanted to be alone.That night I didnt want to sleep with my husband in same bed. He went to sleep in salon and i slept in our bedroom. About two weeks after that I started to make istikhara about our marriage, should I divorce or what. I made it for two days. Then I stopped. Again about week after that I saw a dream. In that dream I got married to someone else. In dream I even met his family and we went to hajj with him as married couple. I even remember his full name in that dream. In reality i dont know anyone by that name, nor does my husband. I told my husband about that dream. He didnt say anything but that he also doesnt know anyone by that name. In dream I was so happy and full of joy. I was so sad to wake up from it and see that I was sleeping next to my (real current) husband. Could that dream be answer to my istikhara? I know that I am not happy with my husband at all. I am not over that event that we had with him when i had panic attack. After that I dont see my husband the same way anymore. Now I see him as really bad person and I hate to have intimacy with him. I dont like him to touch me but still I met him since its my duty as his wife to be availeble to him when he wants. I hate it all and I dont enjoy it. I sleep with him, i Cook and clean for him. I beautify myself for him. I am housewife for him. I even stopped working since he doesnt want me to work. All that kissing and sleeping with him is disgusting to me and I only do it because it is my duty. Now I had again few nights ago dream. In that dream I was escaping prison. Gould that mean anything? So please, advice me. What should I do? is that dream of mine answer to my istikhara to divorce my husband? I am always so scared that I fall pregnant for him because then it would be much harder to leave. I feel very bad and I even think my husband deserves a wife who really loves him, same way as he loves me. I just dont love him anymore. I really have trauma of our event and that changed everything I had towards him. I want to leave but it will be hard. I have talked about all this with him but he doesnt understand. He tells me that he will never give me divorce, even if I just left. Everytime i try to talk about this my trauma he just tries to quite me down by kissing me and holding me. He doesnt understand that by doing this i only feel more bad and want to run far from him. I need help and advice. I so badly want to leave but I am scared of Allah and my husband to do that. I am really desperate here.
  16. Salam u often hear people saying what dua is there to meet imam mehdi a.s trust me there is no need for any dua all you have to do is one thing and that is to respect your mum well once in a dream i saw that iam on a bridge and somebody wearing green turban and green clothes comes and says to me that if u want to meet imam e zamana a.s be kind to your mother imam will himself come to you..
  17. Salam, I had this weird dream where I Saw the angel Azra’il sitting next to my bed as I was laying there. And as soon as he saw that I Saw him he dissapered. Anyone knows what this means?
  18. Salaam So, a few weeks ago, I met a brother who was having a difficult time in life. We greeted and embraced each other. Later on, I went to sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, I started picturing bright eyes of "demons" or whatever. I had a weird feeling that whatever following him were now onto me. I opened my eyes. I closed them. I started picturing a different "demon." This process continued a few times until I slept. And I have been having weird dreams. The one I just had...It was some kinda weird high school graduation-like field trip for the day. We went to a historic theater. I was around the back, where I decided to mess with an awning, which I ended up putting to the ground because I could not stand it up again. As I was walking back to the front, I saw who appeared to be the manager of the place walking to the back. I tried to speed walk to avoid him associating me with the downed awning. I left and walked around to the front of the building. Going inside, there were beds everywhere. Kinda like a hotel/theater combo if there ever was one. Everyone was laying in beds to rest for a bit in a giant room, I guess. People were inviting me to lay next to them as they were making room for me, but I declined. One person who was inviting me is someone in the decade after high school loves to seek pleasure, seeing it as a life goal I guess. By the window, there was a really skinny bed. I climbed out the window and onto the bed. It was some kinda "memorial" bed with a picture of a little kid (or even the head maybe, I don't recall) and a skeleton of the kid below the picture. I think I saw the shoe, maybe just one shoe, at the foot of the skeleton. It almost fell off the bed because the bed was skinny and the bed shifting due to my weight. I tried to put it back and climb out the window, but it was a struggle. I woke up. Thinking about it now, it reminds me of that kids movie, called Miss Peregrine's School for Peculiar Children. They would time travel in the movie, and a kid who died was rather well preserved in a bed, even becoming animated somehow. Which was a rather awkward scene for a kid's movie. That is one dream of many. What is going on with me? Am I dealing with magic/sorcery/witchcraft? Did something whack from that guy started coming after me? What should I do?
  19. I had a dream a couple a days ago which was very strange to me. It was in the morning time as well. About 20 lions were infront of me, and they were so huge. They were all trying to attack me, I would throw things at them and whip so they could go away. They all ran away expect one that will still trying to attack me no matter how hard i tried to make it go away. I looked up to the sky and yelled out "Ya Abbas" and turned my head and saw a man walking towards me. The lion saw him and immediately ran away, he then smiled at me. I felt so relieved and thanked him and i was so surprised as well. The man looked very handsome and was so kind looking. Does this dream have any meaning? Just about 2 days before i had a mental break down and just started giving up on life, any thoughts?
  20. Salam! I dreamt that a tree got cut down in half by someone I don't know, I thought it meant a new beginning, but im ussure.... Cause people usually cut down the trees to let them regrow... Peace!
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    AOA, I want to talk somebody about my dreams. whom could explain my few dreams. I really HELP. Please HELP me if someone have knowledge about dream interpretation. Thank you.
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    Lion dream

    Salam, I dream that i was in a place almost like desert with my family and suddenly a old weak lion was in front of me and started walking towards me and i was pretty sure that this old weak lion was hungry and wanted to eat me and i started self defending although he was saying i dont want to eat you and i want tk become your friend but when i was letting him abit closer to me his face was chamging and looked like his evil side was showing up to eat me(tried to fool me) and then suddenly i grabbed him from his neck and even though i didnt want to kill him but i was scared that he might eat me and my family so i twisted his neck amd killed him. So can i know whats the meaning of this dream? I did some researchs from other islamic webs they said your sadness will end and these stuff. Thanks Please email me what you think [Mod Note: Your email address was removed. Please do not post personal information that can be used to identify you or someone else. Whatever you post on the Internet will be read by scammers and spammers.]
  23. What does it mean when ya see someone ya know in yer dream reciting noha to a large audience?
  24. Salam I have a dream on my mind that i had a long time ago. When i was about 14 i used to cut myself because of depression ( i know that selfharming is haram) and it once got out of control and the cuts became deeper and more serious. Then i dreamed that the skin on my leg was gone and i could see my flesh and bones. I do want to point out that i eventually stopped even though i still suffer from depression. (I am 18 now). But i never really Got this dream explained. So Does anyone know what it meant?
  25. Salam brother and sisters I dreamed a dream for 1 year ago, and since that it is in my mind all the time. i tried many places to find an answer but no luck I dreamed an old man standing on a hill close to a beautiful big green tree but the hill was close to me i was looking up to the man, the man was poor and he had old poor arabic clothes on him. and he was looking at me but i could not see his face. the man had a stick/cane and he hit the tree with it and the place where the contact was begin to get black and die and it spread as circle to the rest of tree. what does it means?
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