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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. In the name of Allah Differences of opinion on the Sunni and Shiite millenarianism Because there are many traditionsof theProphet in this field that not be deniedandtheaccuracyof thefalse messianicclaims showstalk millenarianism in Islamic societyhow pervasiveare and all people have been waiting for the Savior. Forexample,a few of the Sunni commentsweexpress: HafezAbuGanjiShafe'id.658AH, in his book “Albayan” says "Hadith of the Prophet (PBUH) about the Mahdi the narrators are many who have, reached the limit frequency." Ibn Hajar Asqalani Shafe’i d.852 AH ,in the book "FathAlbary" which is written about" Sahih Bukhari" , in this case said: "Thenewshas been repeated so often that the Mahdiis from this nation and Jesus will come down from the sky as well as do pray back of Mahdi. " ShiaandSunnidifferences are onsome otherissues,besides in which allSunnisagainstShiites are not. For example, some Sunni are opposed Shia belief about the birth of Imam Mahdi (PBUH), while many Sunni scholars also agree that Holiness Mahdi (PBUH) is born. We sampled a few of them are also expressed: 1-Allama Shamsed din Ghazi ibn Khalakan Shafe’I(d.681 AH) He says:"Abolghasem Muhammad ibn Hasan Askari, son of Ali Hadison of Mohammad Jawad, the twelfth Imam Twelver Shiites, known as the Hojjat (The proof)...hisbirthday is on Friday,half of Sha'banin 255AH.Whenhis fatherdiedfiveyears old he was. 2-Allama Salaheddin Khalil ibn IbakSafdi Waited Hojjat,Muhammad ibn Hasan Askari son of AliHadi, son of Muhammed Jawad, son of AliReza, son ofMusaal-Kazim, son of Ja'far al-Sadiq, son of MuhammadBaqir, son of Sajjad, son of Husseinibn Ali, son of Ali ibn AbiTalib, Twelfth Imami Shiites who they believe he is Ghaem (upstanding) and was born in the year255AH. 3-Ibn AsirJazri Aboutevents of the year260AHHesaid: "Abu Mohammad Alavi Askaridie din that year. He was one of the twelve Imam so the Imami religion. His son isMuhammad. 4-Allama Mir Khand Imam Mahdi is the name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his nickname also, was born at the half of Sha'ban in the year 255 in Samarra. He was five years old when his father died. God gave him wisdom at that age, as a child, said to the Prophet Yahya grant and placed him Imam as well as Jesus also prophesied elected officials. 5-Ali ibn Hussein Masoudi d.346 AH Inthe year260AH,Abu Muhammad, Hasan ibn Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Musaibn Ja'faribn Muhammadibn Ali ibn Husaynibn Ali ibn AbiTalib (PBUH), thetrusteeAbbasidcaliphatepassed away, while 29years old.He is the father waited Mahdiwho isthe Twelfth Imam. 7-Allame Muhammad farid vajdi He says: The Imami belief, "Abu lghasem Muhammad ibn Hasan Askari son of Ali Hadi... is the twelfth Imam of the Shia Imams, known as Hojjat (the proof). Shia believe that he is entered his father’s basement and still not out. 8- Sabt ibn joozi In achapteronImam Mahdi(PBUH) hesays: "Muhammad ibnHasanibnAli ibnMuhammad...HisnicknameisAbu AbdullahandAbulghasem. HeHojjat (proof),successor, Lord, Ghaem (upstanding) andwaited is. 9-muhammad ibn talheshafe’i In thebiographyof ImamMahdi(PBUH) hesays: "Muhammad ibn al-Hasan,son of Alison of Muhammad...in Samarra was born...his nickname is Abulghasemand khown as Hojjat (the proof), righteous successor andthepledgeis waiting. 10-Shamsoddin Muhammad ibn Tolon Hanafi (953 d. AH) In thebiography ofImamshe says: "... the twelfth, his son ,Muhammed ibn Hassan Abulghasem is .Hisbirthday is on Friday ,half of Sha'banin 255AH.Whenhis fatherdiedfiveyears old he was. It should also besaid that thehadithsaboutMahdi(PBUH) many of the great Sunni scholars have expressed such as: Ahmad Hanbal, AbiDavood, Ibn Maje, Tarmazi, Muslim, Nesaei, Beyhaghi, Maverdi, Tabarani, Sam’ani. A number ofthe great Sunni scholar have written an independent book aboutImam Mahdi(PBUH). And so on … Mahdie Khosravi www.qm313.com www.mp313.ir
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