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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 11 results

  1. This is my story on how I became a Shia Muslim. I became a Shia Muslim recently with help from friends and from ShiaChat. To begin with, I grew up in a heavily Anti-Shia society, where loads of allegations were stirred up against Shias. Some of these allegations were like Shias mixing blood with food and spitting in water etc. At first I began to believe this until I was in 7th grade, where I met a Shia person for the first ever time in my life. I had a long conversation with him about Shia Islam and he cleared many doubts, which Inclined me to be more kind to Shias. However, Some of my Sunni Friends told me that Shias are like Hindus and they whip themselves and etc, and because of this I became Anti-Shia for a while and I avoided Shias in my School. Eventually, I made many Shia friends and Sunni friends in 8th grade, yet we rarely talked about Sects in Islam, until 10th Muharram of this year. My Shia friends debated with some Sunnis over Ali (AS)' Imamate and how he should have became the first Khalifa. And I was surprised to see that My Sunni friends were Cursing Ali ((عليه السلام)) and praising Khwarij groups. They started to label people as Kafir and Munafiq and they eventually broke ties with my Shia friends. I was shocked that they insulted a Member of the Ahlul Bayt and I remained in confusion for quite some time, until my Shia friends told me to read Kitab Al Kaafi and other Shia books so I could understand them even better than what I heard from Sunnis. As I started to read Kitab al Kaafi, I became so interested in it, that I preferred some of its Ahadith over Al Bukhari. I eventually told my Shia Friends that I wanted to become a Shia. I took their advice and they told me to search online. I returned to them and I told them that I became a Shia and I believe in the Wilayat of Imam Ali ((عليه السلام)) and in Usul Ad Din. (Thanks to Shia Chat.) They told me to stay in a State of Taqiyyah and to not tell my family until a few years later when I move out. Ever since I have became Shia, I have adapted the Shia Method of Praying and I have talked a lot about Shia Islam with them. May Allah bless them for helping me see the Truth and may Allah Bestow his mercy on us all. Ameen.
  2. Salam Alaykum. I am a Sunni Muslim who has been interested in Shia Islam for ages. I have adapted the Shia way of Praying, and I follow many other Shia Beliefs as well. Upto this stage, I was wondering if there was anything I should to do to make me a Shia Muslim? Kind Regards. Qasim.
  3. Hi there. I have a question regarding conversion to Shia Islam in Dublin. I recently moved here from one ex Yugoslav country. I am not a Muslim, but I spent a lot of time in my life reading about Islam (I've read Quran in my language and atm I'm reading it in English) and when I discovered Shia Islam I kind of felt for the first time in my life like this is something that is close to my personal religious beliefs. I grew up in Catholic country and I was forcefully baptized when I was young because my mother feared of our society (with the war and all that going on and my family being of particular political background), however since I was 8 I told my parents that I don't want to go to the church because of the hate that the church was preaching. Them being agnostic they respected it. However, I am not sure if I ever was an atheist. I just rejected the hate and materialism... So, considering that I spent a lot of time searching for myself I would really like to discuss with an imam about certain questions etc and what does it really mean to be a Muslim... because I know theoretical stuff I read in books etc. However, I am kind of shy or I dunno in a way to approach a mosque etc. I am not sure how to contact it and I'd feel weird just to walk in... it is a big step. So I'd like to know if there are any Shia from Dublin that could help me with that i.e. advise me how to establish contact etc. Thank you.
  4. Hello / salam alaikum. I know that Islam is somewhat strict on marriages where husband is not a muslim (since children of such couple could potentially be raised as non-muslims and other issues).But is there any ruling on those who used to follow another religion but than converted to Islam? I am not talking about converting just for the sake of marrying a muslim but those who genuinely believe. Are they anyhow special in this case (e.g. that muslim women should still avoid them)? Another question is if such marriage between a born-muslim girl and a guy who converted during his adulthood (e.g. is from the west) can exist in real life? I am not asking for myself, I recently had a conversation about that matter with someone, but since both of us are not muslims we lack any knowledge on the subject. Thanks.
  5. I'm having a bit of a problem. I was in a relationship with an Arabic shia Muslim for a year. I'm a white american woman who was never made to follow any religion but I am highly spiritual and open minded to many courses of faith. The two of us were/are in love and both talked actively about our future together. I didn't realize his parents wouldn't be accepting at all, but I think he hoped they would be regardless of previous struggles in the family regarding this issue. Within the last couple weeks, he finally told them about me and they reacted badly--said some things he wouldn't repeat to me and threatened to disown him if he continued on. They are still angry with him and have shortened their leash by a lot. He obeyed them and broke up with me, but we both still have feelings for each other and I know he would have married me had they been accepting. He is worried about their health and doesn't want to further anger them or cause rifts in the family by pushing this issue. I am hardworking, in school, in a great position at my job, and he and I both encourage each other's goals. I know I would make a great wife and good daughter to them. I find his respect and love for his family extremely admirable and is part of what makes me love him like I do. I love the culture and am interested in the faith and said I would be willing to convert. He said his parents weren't upset just because I'm not Muslim, but also because I'm white and because I come from a white family with divorced parents. He says nothing will ever change their mind. I am willing to be patient, understanding, and withstand the negativity to get through to them but he says they won't change. I know the religion permits a man marry a converted woman and that racism is frowned upon (because Allah created us all from the same man and woman) but he says they are set in their ways. I still want to attempt to reach out to them, and bridge this gap, with love, respect, and patience in my heart. I also know that dating is haram and that my boyfriend/ex boyfriend never should have pursued it in the first place, but we're past that now and that's part of the reason why I want his parents' respect to continue forward the correct way. I would never ask him to choose--I want to be PART of the family. Does anyone have any advice on how to reach out to them? Thank you, peace and blessings be upon you all
  6. Salam to all my brothers and sisters in faith I have a question about a complicated situation I have and want to know the Islamic laws regarding this. I have been married for 4 years and have a child and another under way. My wife is 5th month pregnant and recently changed her religion from Islam to Bahaism. We have had many arguments but I try to not be so harsh to her since she is pregnant. What is the right decision. Should I divorce her and take my children away (I live in United States), or should I wait until she give birth, so I can talk to her more and have a chance to bring her back from her wrong path? Can I still live with her in the same house? Thanks for your guidance in advance.
  7. Salam A catholic woman, separated from her husband for a couple years but not legally divorced in country of her origin (living abroad now), is converting to Islam. From sharia point of view, does she need a legal divorce from her catholic husband before marrying a muslim? If no, does she need to spend time in Iddah though she has been separated from husband for years. What is the required duration? If yes, are there any exceptions in case of hardship such as if it will be financially difficult for her to pursue divorce through country's legal channels or the husband not agreeing making it more difficult? Any specific verdicts from Ayotullah Sistani on this? Appreciate response from members with knowledge of the subject.
  8. Legacy of Islam in early centuries in Iranian culture and society In her book "The New Muslims of Post-Conquest Iran: Tradition, Memory, and Conversion" Sarah Bowen Savant talks about Iran's conversion to Islam in the ninth to eleventh centuries, focusing on the historical consciousness of Iranians at the time. It emphasizes the importance of a shared history for groups and traces the remolding of Iranian history and identity in the light of Islam. Through these interactions, Iranians developed a sense of Islam as an authentically Iranian religion, as they simultaneously shaped the broader historiographic tradition in Arabic and Persian.
  9. This is a sensitive question. After a non-Muslim converts to Islam and his/her relatives end up not converting before their deaths, what follows according to Islamic teachings? Will his/her parents go to Hell for not being Muslim, while he/she goes to Paradise (if he/she would turn out to be a good Muslim, of course)? Or, will his/her relatives be saved from Hell thanks to him/her choosing for Islam (I remember someone telling me something like this)? It's such a horrible thought that the parents of a converted Muslim cannot join their child in the afterlife.
  10. Changing faiths: Hispanic Americans leaving Catholicism for Islam21 August 2013 With more than 50 million Hispanics living in the US, the Latino community is now the country's biggest minority. While most are brought up within the Catholic Church, a number of them are turning to Islam. Precise figures are difficult to pin down as the US Census does not collect religious data, but estimates for the number of Latino Muslims vary between 100,000 and 200,000. The BBC's Katy Watson went to Union City in New Jersey - where the population is more than 80% Hispanic - to meet some converts. VIDEO : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-23774334
  11. I wanted to send this to the list earlier. Here are a friend's observations and "Conversion Manual" when I argue with our Sunni brothers. There might be other manuals out there but this one has worked for me so far :). *** Important Note*** All Arguments should preferably be in email/written form. Do not waste your breath on it. Force them to READ not listen. Genuine ones will read and convert. Non genuine ones will quit bothering you. Guaranteed. PRECONDITIONS 1. Have a sympathetic attitude towards Sunnis. Feel sorry for them that apparently confessing Islam, they are still so far away from the real message.Do not feel mad at them. Do not show your ingrain anger over Saqifa and Karbala. These poor simplistic brothers (sisters) of ours are genuinely brainwashed for ages and are worthy of our compassion, not anger. 2. Never get defensive on the questions they ask us. They mostly ask us benign questions such as alam, tazia, zuljinah which are at most mustahib but not wajib. They might also ask about mutah and divorce, having belief in those are wajib but practicing those are not. Key here is "do not get defensive". 3. Use the "Sunni Itch" in your favor. Notice how during every Muharram, your Sunni friends suddenly realize that you are a Shia and start asking questions primarily about the topics listed above. I call this "Sunni Itch". Here's how to channel this "Sunni itch" to cast doubt about their religion. Once you do that, they become conditioned to come to the right path except a majority of those who are plain stupid to see the light or have "seals on their hearts" as Allah has said in Quran. Almost none of them would ever denounce Islam so do not fear that you are going to make anyone reject Islam through your discussions. DISCUSSION CONDUCT 4. Never abuse Umer, Abu Baker, & Usman. Sunnis are programmed to revere them so deeply that most Sunnis would accept the insults to the Prophet (sawaw) but would be found justifying the actions of Sahaba. Show hadith, events, and instances from Sunni literature which breaks this infallible status of the Sahaba from Sunni psyche. 5. Keep repeating this line - "no one has the right to change the sharia' of Prophet except for Allah and Prophet" while repeating the changes and innovations brought in by primarily Umer (others were too simplistic or ignorant to add things in the religion anyway). 6. Whenever discuss the crimes of these BIG THREE (Umer, Abu Baker, Usman), DO NOT be disrespectful. 7. Whenever discuss the crimes of Abu-Sufyan, Muawiah, and Yazeed, BE VERY disrespectful. Still do not use the foul language. 8. Your Sunni friend will soon notice this which you could use to argue later as how complacent the BIG THREE were in planting the Muawiah gang in Syria and thus implicate the BIG THREE in the Karbala crimes as well. Then you could take them back to Saqifa. 9. Hazrat Ayesha - try to avoid discussing her saying you do not want to discuss her since she was one of the wives of the prophet (sawaw). Gain higher moral ground by saying that certain things need not be mentioned due to her being one of the "mothers of momineen". This is also making this itch incredibly unbearable which you could use later in your advantage. Of-course discussion of faux-Islamic history can not be completed without her but she is the BIGGEST DEMAGOGUE Sunnis have and you could use her as your last big bang. 10. Arguing succession to prophet-hood - there are two groups of Sunnis. a. Half of them claim Abu Bakr was "nominated". Ask "nominated" group to show proof from hadith. Refute their false hadith with bunch of Ghadeer hadith from their books. "Nominated" group is more dogmatic so argue based on hadith and Quran. b. Other half claim Abu Bakr was "elected". Ask "elected" group as to why the later generation of Muslims should abide by that election anyway. "elected" group is relatively more logical and you can at least get them accept your point of view based on sound argument. 11. Sunnis for most part not knowing their religion, swindle between hadith and Quran. Once you checkmate them on hadith, they will claim that let's argue only based on Quran. It is important that you bring them to say this. Because once they come to say "let's argue based on Quran", Quran is full of clear ayat which could be used to support your claim. ATTACK 1. Have your Sunni friend count how many salat he (she) has prayed so far in life. Ask the importance of "wudhu". Show ayat of Quran according to which they perform wrong wudhu. 2. Ask to count "sawm" fasts he (she) has done in life time. Show ayat of Quran that all his (her) fasts were "broken" and are invalid according to Quran since they could not wait another 15 minutes. 3. Number of salats = 5, number of times to read that salat = 3. prove it according to Quran. Ask them why and according to which hadith they go against it. You will being them to say that "it is optional" - invite them to pray magrib and isha with you together one after another. Remember for Sunnis, praying and fasting are among the five pillars of their religion. Your attack on them performing these wrong will go a long way. 4. Use hadith saqlain - the famous hadith quoted in Sunni and Shia sources both. Ask them to show you the hadith of "Quran and Sunna". 5. Never let them come back to discuss "alam, tazia, zuljinah" or "mutah, divorce, or sajdigah". Once they will understand Imamat, these things will get cleared in no time. 6. Keep on offensive on other things Sunnis do wrong. Never let them take the podium to have you justify your faith. 7. Bottom line - Keep them on defensive. There are two benefits to it - a. Most important, you have conveyed the true religion of prophet Muhammad (sawaw) to them. Now they would not be able to complain on the day of judgment. b. The least, you have got a Sunni monkey off your back. More likely he (she) would not bother you again. 8. Never sever ties with your Sunni brothers. Always include yourself in their functions etc. Always be their friends. How else would we have them listen to the real story of Islam? And most important of all, always stress on unity between various currents of Islam. Sunnis are misled confused folks but still, they are Muslims and should be treated as such. (this line is in light of instructions of Imam Sadiq (sa)). PREPARE YOURSELF 1. Read and use books such as "Peshawar Nights", "Then I was guided", "Shia by Ay. Tabatabai'". 2. Read your Quran. I've found Agha Mehdi Puya's tafseer very helpful. Maulana Farman Ali's is excellent as well. 3. When you find yourself out of proofs, visit www.al-islam.org and search. 4. Most important of all, ask for help from Imam of Time (af) before starting this discussion. Pray for the lost Sunni soul to come to the right path. Sincerity to this effect also goes a long way. Don't argue for your ego... 5. Find the real un-edited Siha-e-Satta if you can. FOLLOWUP 1. Pretty much during the course of all this Sunni belief shattering process, you have created following feeling in your Sunni subject (I meant brother/sister). a. Depression b. Anger c. Self Pity d. DOUBT 2. By this time he (she) has also recognized that you are a tough nut so make sure they don't run away saying "we can not judge" - a famous Sunni line of retreat. 3. Be persistent. Keep bringing them to the discussion, keep sending them emails of the stuff which goes in line of your discussion. DO NOT let them off the hook. THEY started the discussion. YOU end it. Talk to them about the stuff you emailed them. Keep asking them until either they do "tabarra" on Umer and the team in-front of you :), at which time they will ask more questions and inshAllah see the light, or apologize and ask you not to bother them again... Good luck arguing -
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