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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 6 results

  1. as salaam alakim!!!!!!!! I currently have no job and im in my mid 30s, im searching for one, but my parents don't want me to get one, they wont me on govt assistance. I want to get married before im too old!!! Im looking for jobs that pay good money, I need a car as well, inshallah I will get one. Any advice?
  2. Asalamalakum Brothers and Sister, I was married to a Sunni man in my very early 20's however we did separate two years after due to a variety of issues. I am happy to say i have spent a number of years happily single raising my two children. I have had offers for marriage but i was not interested therefore declined all of them. However I did meet someone by chance and we are engaged and i am very much in love and very excited to spend our lives together. This being my second marriage I want to make my own conditions for the Nikah contract, my previous contract was done via my father and it took me 2 years in court to actually be able to Divorce because the way the contract was drawn up and i received no Mahr at all and still receive no financial help for my two children because I am raising them Shia and he does not approve or support this. Mahr for me isn't very important, this is a real love thing, but i do want to be smart about the conditions, My future husband is from Qatif, Saudi Arabia. He has never been married before, and he does plan to eventually move us all from Canada (where i was born and raised) to Saudi Arabia to live and manage businesses. I want to make sure i am protected and am still able to attend university again if i wish or work. I do not accept a second wife so i want to include that as well, and i want to make sure i am still able to travel freely with my two children and any children he and i have with out having to receive his "permission" (as far as i know i would require that) in order to fly from Saudi Arabia. I am asking you all to help me make conditions you might think are important or beneficial for my Nikah contract. Thanks
  3. Salam all, I have heard everyone talk about marriage and divorce but less about iddah, What are the conditions of iddah of that of a divorcee and a widow? what do they have to do? I have heard just brief conditions from sunnis saying: She can't dress up she can't go out for pleasure purposes, only if she needs to She (of course) can't marry and receive proposals are these the same in Shia fiqh? Does anyone know of anything else? thanks
  4. (salam) How's it going everybody? Brace yourselves... What are the conditions for being a legitimate witness under Shari'ah for Nikah, transaction, and against a crime? Must there be two women in place of one man only during a transaction, or does this ruling apply to the other scenarios as well? Can a slave be a witness for Nikah or transaction or in a court against a crime? Can he testify against his master? If the scenario calls for two women in place of one man, will slave women count? If so, how many are required? When is a non-Muslim's testimony accepted? When is a non-Muslim woman's testimony accepted? When is a non-Muslim slave's testimony accepted? When is a non-Muslim slave woman's testimony accepted? Is a non-Baligh's testimony ever accepted? What about a non-Baligh girl? What about a non-Baligh slave? What about a non-Baligh slave girl? What about a non-Muslim non-Baligh? What about a non-Muslim, non-Baligh girl? What about a non-Muslim, Non-Baligh slave? What about a non-Muslim, non-Baligh slave girl? Please try to answer as many as you can through any source you find reliable. I have Taqleed of Sayed Sistani (ha), but such detailed questions are usually not found in any common books of the Maraaji'. And this one does not fit the title, but I will ask it anyway: Can an 'Aadil, Baligh, Male, Muslim Slave be a judge? Can he lead prayer? Can attain Ijtihad and be a Marja'? Please do not turn this into something it is not. Do not "hijack" the thread. Let us keep the discussion to what is being asked and to a bare minimum. Thanks ShiaChat peeps. (wasalam)
  5. (salam) I hope everyone is reading this in the best of health. I have a few questions regarding your responses if I were to propose to a sister and I posed her the following questions. Though I do still have a long way to go before I can get married, I thought I'd get some opinions from ya'all. 1. If the potential marriage candidate I am considering does not observe Hijaab (although this will be very unlikely, since my preference is those who observe proper Hijaab, but it never hurts to have a backup plan now does it?), if I were to ask her something like "are you willing to observe Hijaab, if not for yourself, but to set up an example for any daughter(s) we might have in the future?" am I being unreasonable? At least I don't think so, because I want my daughter to be brought up to the example of someone like Fatima (as) 2. Would it be an alarm of apprehension if I reveal my intentions about raising my (future) kids as home-schooled at least all the way till high school? Don't ask me how I'm gonna do this, because I can write an entire book about the methods available, and my mind will not change. It's okay if the woman says she cannot devote the same amount of time I am willing to commit for this. 3. Is it unreasonable to tell her from the get-go that she must limit interaction with na-mehrum men to a minimum (of-course maintaining professionally cordial relations at the workplace is an exception) if she wishes to proceed with the marriage? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Saudi retard who will lock her up in the house or something, but I just want her to set a good example for my (future) daughters, as described by the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) and our Imams (as) . Of-course, casual interactions between me and women I am na-mehrum to are and will continue to remain minimal, that goes without saying. I remember having more questions, but these will have to do for now as I can't recall the rest off the top of my head. Thank you for taking the time to read. Fi Amanillah
  6. Ok I have a question ........Is it acceptable to marry two women or more and expect those women to support themselves? Also Is it acceptable for a man to expect support from his wives? I have a close friend who once married a man mutah who had a permanent wife. The man was attracted to her because of her religious behavior she wore hijab and was willing to please her husband while his permanent wife did not wear hijab and was very oppinionate infact his permanent wife did not even know about my friend his mutah wife. Anyways my friend was infactuated with this man and thought back then he was the closiest she could get to having someone love her. The man would buy her household products and alot of time take products from his permanent wife's house to my friend. When she realized he was not working and completely depending on his permanent wife she started to doubt how halal her marriage really was. Eventually she got sick and did not have her woman's cycle on time she became worried, she felt nausea. SHE went an got a pregnancy test. She told Her temporary husband about it and he told her he would love to have a baby with her but he could not support the baby and that if his permanent wife found out she would kick him out the house and if their community found out she could ruin him socially and he had already made her promise not to tell people about their secret marriage. Well she found out she was not pregnant "lucky" for her. And She did not renew her mutah contract after that. I wonder is it acceptable for a man to marry women and depend on them financially and let them raise their own children?
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