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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (bismillah) (salam) I don't normally post threads, because i don't really have the time . I have been a member of Shiachat for almost 4 years now, and only managed to collect 907 bonus points, which show i am not active member. However, the only reason i am posting this topic, i know it won't be answered by any Sunni brother and sister. Therefore making my participation in this topic somewhat a stroll in the park for me. Okay, here's the question to my Sunni brother and sister, what i am looking for is KHUTBAH SERMOMS on the topic of Tawheed from the three Shaikhain's We Muslim all acknowledge that, those 124,0000 Prophets which were sent all preached and teached the Oneness Of Allah (swt) Rasulallah also did the same for 23years. It is somewhat claimed by our brethren's that the shaikhains had spent most of the there time with Rasulallah. okay i would accept that for now, Well if this is so true one would expect that they would of learned a vast amount of knowledge from our beloved Prophet (pbuh) So what i request from our Sunni brethren's, is to produce at least 1 Khutbah from each caliph. Example below from Imam Ali (as) Sermon 185 About the Oneness of Allah. This sermon contains principles of knowledge which no other sermon contains He who assigns to Him (different) conditions does not believe in His oneness, nor does he who likens Him grasp His reality. He who illustrates Him does not signify Him. He who points at Him and imagines Him does not mean Him. Everything that is known through itself has been created, and everything that exists by virtue of other things is the effect (of a cause). He works but not with the help of instruments. He fixes measures but not with the activity of thinking. He is rich but not by acquisition. Times do not keep company with Him, and implements do not help Him. His Being precedes times. His Existence precedes non-existence and His eternity precedes beginning. By His creating the senses it is known that He has no senses. By the contraries in various matters it is known that He has no contrary, and by the similarity between things it is known that there is nothing similar to Him. He has made light the contrary of darkness, brightness that of gloom, dryness that of moisture and heat that of cold. He produces affection among inimical things. He fuses together diverse things, brings near remote things and separates things which are joined together. He is not confined by limits, nor counted by numbers. Material parts can surround things of their own kind, and organs can point out things similar to themselves. The word(1) "mundhu" (i.e. since) disproves their eternity, the word "qad" (that denotes nearness of time of occurrence), disproves their being from ever and the word "lawla" (if it were not) keep them remote from perfection. Through them the Creator manifests Himself to the intelligence, and through them He is guarded from the sight of the eyes. This is only a partial sermon that i have taken
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