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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 3 results

  1. Salamun alaikum dear brothers and sister.first i would like to introduce myself and then i will ask some question not for debate but to learn shia islam.may Allah forgive me for my mistakes. I am not good in english so maybe it will be a slight problem of communication. I hope brothers and sister will tolerate it in the name of Allah. I am a sunni muslim from a sub urban of bangladesh.and i have no option to learn shia islam without online source because i have never saw any shia Muslims in my life,but i know that 10 millions shia live in bangladesh and mostly live in dhaka. Now the main topic, why shia Muslims consider first 3 caliphs as traitor? (Correct me if i am wrong). They were sahabaye keram or muhammadur rasululah pbuh.please dont provide the link of al islam but discuss here. As i read some al islam article before. And i am partly convinved but not fully.i will ask many question in future but first i want a friendly discussion here,and that can change my mind. Secretely i am feeling some compassion to shia Islam since few days. I will explain day by day why such change came in my life inshallah. Best regards Mushfiq P.s i am not religious as some law of sunni islam make me feel that i am a born prisoner and thats why i was spoiled and once even refused Allah .thankfully mercyfull Allah helped me regain my iman.i hope you will consider everything when discussing.if Allah show me the right way of islam so i came here to know shila.islam.
  2. Salam, everyone. The question of whether God created good and evil is a question that has been on my mind for quite some time now. As a former Asharite, I find it difficult to imagine that God did not create these two forces. Recently, I have been doing some reading and I encountered a number of objections to the Asharite claim. The most disturbing objection to this notion follows this line of reasoning: if God created good and evil, ie He decided what is good and what is evil, then it would follow that God is acting arbitrarily. That would be tantamount to saying that God is acting without purpose, which would be blasphemous. Therefore, the only option left would be to realize that God only commands someone to do something because it is inherently good and that God only forbids certain things because they are inherently bad. This seems like a compelling argument, but I have a problem with it. To me it seems like this line of reasoning implies that good and evil are concepts that already exist and that the decree of God has nothing to do with it. This seems to rob God of His absolute authority and implies that good and evil coexist with God and at no point in time did they come into existence. Is this not problematic? It would be appreciated if someone could this explain this in some depth. ~Mithrandir.
  3. assalamu alaykum. This is a philosophical question primarily but you may answer it according to your beliefs too. i'm almost thinking out aloud here: I believe -as a Sufi-- that the Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) had the authority to change Shariah Law as he (saws) saw fit. My question is that do you believe his successors -- whoever you believe they should be -- as his vicegerents -- should also be authorised to have this authority since human society changes constantly and laws which may be suitable for a tribal desert society in the 7th century can't apply to future human societies? To me this makes logical sense and then it follows that his Successors should also be Immaculate (masoom) but one such Successor should always exist in society until the end of the world to guide people. What are your views?
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