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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dear Reader.. this article will published in the shrine of Imam Hussain AS.. so if you find any mistake or somthing to change, please let me know! Spotlights on the life of Imam Ali Alhadi AS Who is Imam Alhadi AS? He is the 10th Imam among the Imams of the Householders (AhlulBayt) AS. His name is Ali bin Mohamed Aljwad, bin Ali Alretha, bin Mosa Alkathem, bin Ja'far Alsadiq, bin Mohamed Albaqer, bin Ali Zain-Alabedein, bin Alhussain the martyr of Karbala, bin Ali bin Abi Taleb; the chief of the custodians, and the son of Fatima Alzahra, the daughter of Mohamed bin Abdullah Peace be upon all of them. The Imam AS took the responsibilities of Imamate after his father because he got all the characters of Imamate inside him, for his perfection of gracefulness and knowledge, beside he is the inheritor for the position of his father and the certainty of the text (the traditions) on him, and his father indicated him for succession after him. As stated in the traditions of Isma'eil bin Mahran said: When Abu Ja'far Mohamed Aljwad AS left Almadina towards Baghdad for the request of Almo'tasim, I told him when he was leaving: "May I sacrifice myself for you! I am worried about you from this tripe.. so who will take the command after you?" He cried until his beard got wet then looked at me and said: "For this (the tripe) you have the right to worry about me. The command after me is to my son Ali" (1) He AS was the fourth one called Ali among AhlulBayt AS: Ali bin Abi Taleb AS, Ali bin Alhussain AS, Ali bin Musa Alretha AS, and Ali Alhadi AS. His blessed birthday Ibn Alkhashab said in his book (Mwaled AhlulBayt AS) : Abu Alhassan Ali Alaskari was born In Rajab, 212H.) (2) Alkaf'ami in Almesbah: ibn 'Iash that the birthday of Alhadi AS was in the 2nd of Rajab, or the 5th. (3) His pure mother AS His mother was Um Walad (bondmaid), she was the Solemn and the Great Somanah Almaghrebia (the Moroccan). Some said she was Jumanah. She was known as (the lady), and nicknamed with (Um Alfathel).(4) Imam Alhadi AS said about his mother: my mother knows my statues and she is one of the heaven people. No rebellious devil could get close to her nor any obstinate tyrant could obtain her. She is protected with the sleepless eye of Allah, and she is not less than the mothers of the righteous, and the veracious. (5) His nickname AS His nickname is Abu Alhassan, nothing else, and at many occasions he was called Abu Alhassan Althaleth (the third). Three of the Imams among the sons of Alhussain were nicknamed with Abu Alhassan, they are: Imam Musa Alkathem, Imam Ali bin Musa Alretha AS, Imam Ali Alhadi, peace be up on all of them. Thus if a narrator said Abu Alhassan only then he meant Musa bin Ja'far AS, if he said Althani (the second) then he meant Ali Alretha AS, and if he said Althaleth (the third) then he meant Ali Alhadi AS. His epithets AS His epithets are: Alhadi: the one who guide people, Almotwakel :reliant on Allah, Alnasih :the sincerest advisor, Alnaqi: the pure, Almotaqi: pious, devout, Almurtatha: being pleased with Allah, Alfaqeih: jurisprudent, Alamein: trustee on religion and life, Altayeb: generous, kind-hearted, good-natured…, and Alaskari: from al-Askar the place where he resided. The most famous epithets are Alhadi, Alnaqi and Almotwakel, but he disliked this epithet and ordered his companions not to call him with it, because it was the epithet of the Abbasid caliph Ja’far al-Mutawakkil; the son of Almo'tasim. The governors of his era Imam Alhadi AS lived under the government of four of the tyranny heads, and misguidance rulers among Abbasid, they were: Alwatheq, his brother; Almotwakel, his son Almontaser, then the nephew of Almotwakel; Almosta'en. His sons and daughters AS He got 4 sons. They are: Mohamed, he was the eldest, he died during his life, he was known as Sab' Aldujail (the lion of Aldujal). He has got a big site between Baghdad and Samura. The needy once visit him for his dazzling and enormous dignities. After him, Abu Mohamed Alhasan Alaskari AS. He is the Imam after him. Also Alhusain and Ja'far known as (the liar); the who dared Allah the almighty and claimed the Imamate belongs to him. He has got one daughter, narrators were differed about her name, some said: hakima, some said : 'Aleiah, and Altubari said: " he got two daughters, they are: Ayesha and Dalalah". His great belief in visiting Imam Hussain AS, and his statement about the grave Mohamed bin 'Eisa said, Abi Hashim Aljafari said: I and Mohamed ibn Hamza entred on him AS to comfort him when he was ill , he told us: rent people to the tomb by my money. When we went out Mohamed bin Hamza told me: The appointer (the Imam) directing us towards the tomb while he is in the same statues as the one on the tomb! He said: I got back to him and told him so, then he AS said: No it isnt! There are definite places in which Allah likes the servants to supplicate to Him. One of these places is the tomb of Al-Hussein: Master of the Martyrs (as).(6) Abu Hisham Alja'fari said: I entered on Abu Alhasan when he was Feverish ill, and he told me: O Abu Hashim, send me of our followers to the tomb to pray to Allah for me. Then I left him and Ali bin Bilal met me, I told him what he AS told me, and I told him to be the one who is going. He said: "I heard an obeyed, but I think that he is better than the tomb if he was in the same statues as the one in the tomb, and his supplication to himself is better than my supplication to him in the tomb." Then I told him AS about he said, and he AS said to me: tell him: "The messenger of Allah SAWA was better than The House (Ka'ba) and the stone (The black stone), but he was roaming around The House and holding the stone. There are definite places in which Allah likes the servants to supplicate to Him to respond to who supplicated him, and the tomb is one of them." (7) Sheikh Alkulaini in Alesnad, said Ibrahim bin 'Uqba said: I have written to Abu Alhasan the third AS, asking him about visiting Abu Abdullah Alhussain AS, and visiting Abu Alhasan (Alkathem) AS, and Abu Ja'far (Aljawad) AS. Then he written back to me: "Abu Abdullah comes first, this is more perfect deed and greater rewarded. " (8) Ibn Qulawaih Narrated, Ali bin Mohamed Alaskari AS said: Who goes out his house on purpose to visit Alhussain bin Ali, then he arrived to Euphrates (river) and he washed himself from it (water) Allah will record him with Almuflehien (the successful). If he greeted upon Abu Abdullah he will be recorded among the winners. When he finishes his prayers an angel comes to him and says: The Messenger of Allah greeting you and telling you: "Your sins are forgiven, thus continue your work " (9) The events which happened during his life AS Imam Alhadi AS Took the responsibilities of imamate after the death of his father Aljwad AS in 220H during the time of Almo'tasim. On that time Mohamed bin Alqasim, bin Ali, bin Omar, bin Ali ,bin Alhussain AS raised up in Altalqan, against the oppression, wanted to return back the rights of his family, but he was killed there, without access to his goal. After Almo'tasim, Alwathiq succeeded him in 227H. Alwathiq died in 232H, which the same year Imam Alaskari AS was born. After Alwathiq, Almotwakil; Ja'far bin Almo'tasim took over in 232H. He ruled for 14 years and 9 months until he was killed severely by Turks. Almotwakil demonstrated hostility towards the Prophet’s progeny. None of the Shiite during his time able to mentions Ali or his progeny AS, or visit their tombs professedly because they were fearing him. On the time of Imam Alhadi AS, the grave of Imam Hussain was demolished by Almotwakil the Abbasid -May Allah curse him. The houses around the grave were demolished and visiting it was prohibited. Armed checkpoints were putted around his grave AS. Also, during the time of Almotwakil, summonedImam Alhadi AS from Almadina to Samura the capital of Almotwakil. One of those who raised up against the oppression during the time of Almotwakil was Mohamed bin Salih, bin Abdullah , bin Musa, bin Abdullah, bin Alhasan Almothanna, bin Alhasan, bin Ali AS. In Alrai, Mohamed bin Ja'far, bin Alhasan, bin Omar, bin Ali,, bin Alhussain raised up, calling to support Alhasan bin Zaid. On the year 247H Almotwakil was Killed, and his son Mohamed Almontaser took over in 247H. He remained for 6 months and died in 248H. After him Ahmed Almosta'en bin Mohamed bin Almo'tasim took over, remained for 3 years and 6 months, and died in 251H. on his time Yahia bin Omar, bin Yahia, bin Alhussain, bin Zaid, bin Ali, bin Alhussain , bin Ali, Bin Abu Taleb raised up. His Martyrdom AS The story of the conflict between our Imam Alhadi AS and symbols of power of the Abbasid by poisoning him secretly by Almo'taz the Abbasid may Allah curse him. Some said that Almo'taz putted the poison in pomegranate, some said in the water.(10) His son, Imam Abu Mohamed Alhasan Alaskari as prayed on him on Monday, 3rd of Rajab, 254H. the people overcrowded in a cortege to funeral and farewell him AS. Imam Abu Moahmed Alhasan Alaskari came out to his funeral with slotted shirt. Abu Ahmed bin Haron Alrashid, the envoy of Almo'taz the Abbasid to pray on the body of the Imam AS, when saw the people gathering, and their din, he ordered to return the coffin to the house of the Imam AS and he was buried there, where his grave now located. (11) Bright maxims of the Imam AS 1. Imam Alhadi AS said: Two characters which nothing above them, faith in Allah and help brothers.(12) 2. He AS said: The scholars of our shia, who assist the weak of our lovers and the people of our loyalty on the day of Judgement, and the lights shining from their crowns.(13) 3. He AS said: Allah the Almighty made spots of his earth called Almarhomat (The Merced), he loved to be supplicated there and he answers. Also Allah has created spots in his earth called Almontaqemat (the Avengers), thus if a man got money from forbidden, Allah will order a spot of them on him to spend it on it. (14) 4. He AS said: in fact a man would have 30 years left of his life time, and he become closer to his relatives, then Allah make it 33. In fact he might got 33 years left of his life and he becomes undutiful to his relatives, and impious towards his family, then Allah make it 3 years. (15) References: 1. Alfosol Almohema fe ma'refat Al Aiema by Ibn Sabagh: Vol2, Page 1062. 2. The same reference 3. Almesbah by Alkaf'ami 4. Alanwar Albaheia by Sheikh Abas Alqumi: Page 273 5. Dalael Alemama by Mohamed bin Jarir Altubari: Page 420 6. Kamel Alzeiarat by Ja'far bin Mohamed bin Qulaweih: Page 460, section 90 7. Jame' Ahadeth Alshi'a by Syed Albrojardi: V12, Page 518 8. Alkafi by Sheikh Alkulaini: V4, Page 584 9. Kamel Alzeiarat: Page 245, section 75 10. wafeiat Alaiema men Uma Albahrain ad Alqateif: Page 386 11. Mawso'at Almustafa SAWA by Haj Hussain Alshakeri: V14, Page 365 12. Jame' Ahadith Alshi'a by Syed Albrojardi: V16, Page 178 13. Alehtejaj by Sheikh Altusi: V1, Page 10 14. Alkafi by Sheikh Alkulaini: V6, Page 533 15. Bihar Alanwar: V74, Page 103
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