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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 6 results

  1. How can Abu Hanifa be a liar when he narrated the hadith "hasan and husayn are the two masters of the youth of paradise"? And aisha narrated hadith al kisa? The usual response is that the pagan arabs use to also say the virtues of the prophet but i find this argument weak because the pagas arabs only spoke fondly of the prophet before he conveyed revelation but after they called him a liar and magician etc. Thoughts?
  2. Salam. I am a Sunni Hanafi. I wanted to know if there are any time retrictions for performing 2 rakaat Nafl for thanking Allah. I have heard there are, so i wanted to confirm. Thanks.
  3. Salaam. Firstly, this topic hasn't been made to prove one sect or another wrong or inferior in any way. I am a Sunni and follower of the Hanafi sect. My question is to all Shia who believe that their way of praying in salat (namaz) is correct as compared to other sects.. If they do so, please provide your answers with logical reasoning and verified sources. Again, this is not the typical "Sunni vs Shia" debate. I am just asking this for the sake of my knowledge. JazakAllah.
  4. Why does he have Sunni beliefs if he was the student of Ja'far al Sadiq(as)
  5. Salam Alaikum, I just wanted to know if anyone had any information on Abu Hanifa. I was recently reading some books by Imam Jaffar Sadiq (as) which stated that he was a true follower of the ahlul bayt. I was wondering if anyone else had read this in any of the books. Also it seems that in defiance to Mansur he was imprisoned for not wanting to be the Chief Justice and died in jail in protest. I also read that his so called student Abu Yusuf took the position by Mansur and fabricated the Hanafi school of thought as dictated by Mansur. Have we been maligning a true follower of the ahlul bayt because we do not know his true history. Can someone shed some more light on this because I think we as Shias owe it to Abu Hanifa to have him recognized as true follower of Imam Jaffar Sadiq (as) rather than the stories stated about him which were actually the writings of some one else.
  6. DEBATE OF FUZZAL BIN HASAN WITH ABU HANIFA ABOUT ABUBAKR Once Fazaal bin Hassan (Companion of Imam Jaffar e Sadiq as ) was walking through the streets of kufa with his friend. He saw that Imam Abu Hanifa was surrounded of some people and those people were asking some religious questions from him. Fazaal Bin Hassan said to his friend: ‘Today i will not let him (Abu Hanifa) go without unveiling him.’ Friend of fazaal Bin Hassan said: ‘But he is very intelligent man in religious point of view.’ Fazaal Bin hassan Said: ‘Now you will u see how intelligent he is .’ And then Fazaal bin Hassan approached to Abu Hanifa said to him: “O! Abu Hanifa, there is my brother who use to say that after Rasoolullah, Hazrat Ali is best among the people. But I say that there is Abu Bakr and then Umar” What do you say in this regard? Imam Abu Hanifa thought for some moments and then replied: “For the superiority of these two (Abu Bakr and Umar) this is sufficient that they got burial sites next to Rasoolullah. Don’t you know?” Fazaal Bin Hassan said: ‘Yes I know , when I said this point to my brother he said: “Either, the place where they (Abu Bakr and Umar) are buried was the property of Rasoolullah . Hence, it not legal for anyone to bury someone on that place without the permission.” Or. “It was property Of Abu Bakr and Umar they gave it to Rasoolullah. So again it is illegal for them to interfere in the gift which they gave to Rasoolullah.” Abu Hanifa again thought for some moments and then replied: It was property of Rasoolullah. But both Abu Bakr and Umar are buried in the shares of their daughters (Ayesha and Hafsa) . Because that place was the property of Wives of Rasoolullah after his Wisal (death). This is why Abu bakr and Umar are buried there. Fazaal bin Hassan Said: Yes I know I also told him that thing but my brother said : Rasoolullah left nine wives after his death. So every wife had equal right over that place. AND SECONDLY IF THE WIVES OF RASOOLULLAH CAN INHERIT THAT PLACE FROM HIM, THEN WHY ABU BAKR REFUSED TO GIVE FADAK TO JANABE SAYYIDA AND SAID THAT PROPERTY LEFT BY PROPHETS GOES IN CHARITY? After listening this Abu Hanifa said to his men. Kick him out of here he is Shia. ( EHTIJAJ TABARSI pg: 207) FOR MORE ARTICLES REFER TO LINK BELOW http://abubakr-ibn-abi-quhafa.blogspot.in/
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