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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 4 results

  1. All apologies Fall with blood, fire and caution And it feels like rain
  2. @Islandsandmirrors @Heavenly_Silk @Reza @Hameedeh @repenter What do you think of this poem I wrote: At high Kathmandu Giants awake, with a push, I recite Zilzal...
  3. My big red lips are Far more religious than My pathetic tongue For they keep the world's dirt out And cry for Hussain at night
  4. Well I wrote a poem for Muharram, let me know what you think of: Who am I to complain while Abbas (as) was maimed? Is my life truly as hard as I claimed? How red was the sand while Abbas (as) was maimed? I don't know, will I own everything I ever proclaimed? Do I feel the shame of Sakina (sa) while knowing how Abbas (as) was maimed? Of my stark selfishness, not even Furat can be blamed- I too, shall never complain of thirst while knowing how Abbas (as) was maimed. Remembering Abbas, I am ashamed that I ever complained- Of my numerous words that cut like a thousand swords, Only I spoke and wrote them, even Furat can't be blamed Then who am I to complain and talk about pain, O Hussain (as)? My pain is but a drop, falling in your ocean of strain When mine is nothing compared to your pain, O Hussain (as) I do wish you were to my heart like He (swt) is to my jugular vein Your suffering and pain makes tears of the Ummah rain upon you, O Hussain (as) Pray for me that the land you and your father walked on, tastes my tears as they stain As I relate my fears I've balked on to the One who forgives again and again Let my heart grasp your sacrifice and herald the inner rain Yet my pain is nothing compared what you felt before you were slain, O Hussain (as) You buried your sons as a grieving father And lost your brother while he was getting water for your daughter And fought valiantly before you fell to the merciless slaughter Lesser men would say "How much can one take in a day?"- While blissfully unaware of your sacrifice of the straight way, O Hussain (as) Unaware of you and the seventy two that were slay'd- People wandering to and fro, lost and waylaid Worshiping the idol of self, they blindly strayed From remembering the lives of you and your companions that were meant to be paid, O Hussain (as) For months, I didn't know what I could have said- About the tragedy and loss of Karbala-the nohas took my words and they were already said Yet who am I to complain about my life, O Hussain (as) Even though many strange hardships are rife- I never faced what you faced in bloodshed and strife, O Hussain (as) When I think of you, my complaints are nothing but trite What should I do or say in your sight, As-Sibt? Pray for me to al-Ghafur, that I may have a shroud to cover my sins, O Hussain (as) If I could stand, I would tremble all the way to my limbs Pray for me, father of Jafar (as), that I may be allowed to discover where your sacrifice begins, O Hussain (as) If I were to stand in Karbala, I wouldn't know what to do, even in my dreams Would this holy land accept me despite the mistakes I made from foolish whims Pray for my eyes to open my heart and part the lies from it, when I see you, O Hussain (as) Let it be possible when I am sincere and true- Pray for my eyes and heart that I see a world no longer torn apart by lies, united by the true, O Hussain (as) O Hussain (as) pray to As-Sami (swt) that I become a man anew- Pray for my ears and tongue that I may hear the call of Karbala among the crowd, O Hussain (as) You are enshrouded from me, so my heart must be unclouded- Pray for my ears and tongue, all the years I've done wrong and allow me to be of the young allowed, O Hussain (as) Let me answer your call aloud, As-Sibt Pray for me that I may remember the scent of your sacrifice, O Hussain (as) That my tears for your death are cool and crisp, like Arctic ice. And feel the scorching sun upon my skin of that day, O Hussain (as) Truly, there is no day like your day! So I, as a man and believer can understand in this fool's paradise, O Hussain (as) So I would grow stronger and rise- The tragedy and loss of the foretold day, the day when you were taken away, O Hussain (as) Truly, there is no day like your day! Pray to Al Batin that you are revealed to me, O Hussain (as) Ya Al Matin, give me the strength to understand and see Hussain (as) Pray to Al Zahir that I shall see you, O Hussain (as) Ya Al Basir, see that my intentions are true and not in vain!
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