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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 2 results

  1. Even after 15 years, there are many I personally know who think cavemen brought down 3 towers with 2 planes. Every time I try and discuss the actual science with them, they regurgitate the almost cliche line, "where's your peer-reviewed scientific article?". Now I don't have one. I have THREE:- 15 Years Later: On the Physics of High-Rise Building Collapses http://www.europhysicsnews.org/articles/epn/pdf/2016/04/epn2016474p21.pdf Performance-based fire protection of office buildings: A case study based on the collapse of WTC 7 http://www.challengejournal.com/index.php/cjsmec/article/view/36/19 The collapse of WTC 7: Are-examination of the “simple analysis” approach http://www.challengejournal.com/index.php/cjsmec/article/view/50/41 I think almost every 9/11 skeptic can agree building 7 is a glaring issue. I, along with many other dedicated researchers, put a lot of time and effort into the science behind the garbage that is the NIST reports. The fraud in these reports is undeniable in a debate, and that's why we choose to focus on their flaws. These peer reviewed papers are priceless tools to help dismantle the official report considering NIST will not allow for peer review. The 9/11 faithers always resort to well then show us your peer reviewed work -- and now we have just that. If there's anyone among you who still believe in the non-sense that is the 9/11 official story despite being presented with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, then you really, REALLY need to get your head checked.
  2. (salam) First time I ever made 10 tags for a topic :P Anyway, why do so many people find it so hard to digest the concept of a false flag attack? I mean, just about every single corrupt government has carried it out over the centuries... Even among some people close to me, like a cousin of mine who has read hundreds of books on war, geopolitical history etc., he keeps on sticking to the idea that 9/11 being an inside job of the government is preposterous (IT SHOULD BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!). For fifty years, people laughed and mocked at the conspiracy theorists who kept claiming that JFK was murdered by joint coalition of the CIA, Mossad, the Mafia and the Feds. In 2007, ex CIA agent E. Howard Hunt exposed everything that the CTs alleged to be true http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E._Howard_Hunt#Posthumous_allegations:_.22deathbed_confession.22_of_involvement_in_JFK_Assassination The above was just an example. I would like to gauge what the crowd at SC thinks about False Flags. Then we'll continue from there.
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