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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Truth slips out but is forcefully put back into the mouth. No noise please. Full here: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-29528482
  2. By now it is clear that Iran and/or Russia will never give up on Syria, and as it seems the west + Wahabi Gulf dictators are working on plan-B to invade Syria, attack ISIS regions, train the so called 'moderate terrorists' and enable them to take over ISIS cities... then from there they will/might expand the 'moderate terrorists' rules and will help them directly to go after Syrian army. Is it a crucial time for Shias/Iran to make sure that doesn't happen and a massacre of Shias/Alawites and other Syrians who reject Takfiris rules and laws does not happen? And prevent the western-Wahabi alliance to overthrow the Syrian government? Should Iran just send troops or should it just increase its aids to Shia groups/Syrian government/Hizbullah instead?
  3. Charlie Rose Talks to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani There are reports that the U.S. informed Iran in advance of the airstrikes on Syria. Is it true? On the sidelines of the nuclear talks, in a general fashion, this topic was touched upon. And they had a general conversation about it, about the fact that the U.S. said they would intend to extend the range of the air bombardments in Iraq. Nothing precise, nothing that came a day or a few hours prior to the bombardment of Syria. Do you think the airstrikes will have the intended effect? Does the United States think that with a few bombardments that we’ll be able to destroy terrorism? And make them suffer damages? If that’s the general thought, then it’s incredibly simple thinking. This terrorism has been taking the lives of Syrians for the last three years. How is it that now the U.S. thinks of combatting them? And do you approve of the joint air campaign in Syria? If the air bombardment campaign is not within the framework of international law, it is to be condemned, and assuming that the objective is to combat terrorists in a nation, without coordination with the government of that country and at the request of that country, then such action, whatever the intent may be, can be considered an attack and an invasion. These are wrong actions. It is not clear for us what they are seeking, whether they’re under the pressure of their own domestic public opinions and want to put on a show or they’re after a tangible objective. I can tell you unequivocally, no terrorist group can be eradicated through aerial bombardments only. Why do so many terrorists invoke the name of Islam in their recruitment? Evil always uses the name of the righteous in order to reach its objectives. No one will ever say, “I am an oppressor. Be on my side.” In our region, Islam, the faith, is quite attractive for the youth. Some have managed to take advantage of this love. Unfortunately in our region, because of the hegemony of the world powers, the wars, a lot of the youth have lost their hope. This hopelessness is a path that makes them more readily available to go toward fake and empty slogans, think that would be their salvation. Some have always managed to take advantage of the righteous and the good. Read more here: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-09-25/irans-hassan-rouhani-on-airstrikes-in-syria-sanctions-and-more
  4. (bismillah) (salam) I guess this is noha of the year for me http://dl.aviny.com/voice/Defae_moghadas/madahi-defa-moghadas/musavi-07.mp3 here are the lyrics 1 line in farsi other one in urdu نوحہ با اذن فرماندہ دلدادہ رزمیم کمانڈرکے حکم پہ جنگ کے دلدادہ ہیں درجبہہ شامات آمادہ رزمیم شاما ت کے میدان جنگ میں جنگ کےلئے آمادہ ہیں ما با خمینی عہدو پیمان وفا بستیم ہم نے خمینی سے وفاکا عہد و پیمان کیا ہے ما پیرو راہ شہیدان بودہ و ہستیم ہم شہیدوں کی راہ کے پیرو تھے اور ہیں ما با ولایت پشتِ استکبار بشکستیم ہم ولایت کے ساتھ استکبارکی کمر توڑیں گے ما یارمظلومانیم در مکتب قرآنی ہم قرآنی مکتب میں ہم مظلوم کے یار ہیں با یاری آل اللہ پیروزِ ہر میدانیم اہل بیت کی مدد سے ہر میدان کے فاتح ہیں لبیک یا ثاراللہ لبیک یا ثاراللہ از چنگ استکبار آن بی حیاء شوم بے حیاء اور شوم استکبار کے چنگل سے باید شود آزاد سوریہ مظلوم مظلوم سوریہ کو آزاد ہونا چاہیے یا رب بحق حضرت زینب ؑ عنایت کن یا رب حضرت زینب ؑ کے حق کا واسطہ ہمیں عنایت فرما مارا تو اہل بندگی اہل سعادت کن کہ ہم اہل بندگی و اہل سعادت بنیں از راہیانِ راہ ایثار و شہادت کن ہمیں ایثار و شہادت کی راہ پہ چلنے والوں سے قراردے در راہِ حق میمانیم شعر وفا می خوانیم راہ حق پہ باقی رہیں وفا کے شعر پڑھ رہے ہیں با یاری آل اللہ پیروز ہر میدانیم اہل بیت کی یاری سے ہر میدان کے فاتح ہیں لبیک یا ثاراللہ لبیک یا ثاراللہ ما جملگی ہستیم فرزند ِ عاشورا ہم سب فرزند عاشورا ہیں از نسل مغنیہ از نسل ھمت ہا مغنیہ اور ھمت کی نسل سے ہیں ما کہ بہ عشقِ آل ِ پیغمبر گرفتاریم ہم آل پیغمبر کے عشق میں گرفتار ہیں در راہِ اسلام ہر بلا بر جان خریداریم اسلام کی راہ میں ہر بلا کو اپنی جان سے خریدتے ہیں با یا حسینویا باالفضل مرد ِپیکاریم یا حسین یا ابالفضل کی طرح مرد جنگ ہیں از لشکر شیرانیم ما گوش و برفرمانیم ہم شیروں کے لشکر سے ہیں اور حکم کے منتظر ہیں با یاری آل اللہ پیروز ہر میدانیم اہل بیت کی یاری سے ہر میدان کے فاتح ہیں لبیک یا ثاراللہ لبیک یا ثاراللہ it is very simple and very effective. Rehbar Syed Ali Khamenei advised that reciters should choose simple and easy poetry so all people can understand. post your entry for noha of the year. Moghneya is Shaheed Emaad Mughniya (lebanon) hemat is Shaheed Ibrahim Hemat(iran) both are commanders of islamic resistance. (wasalam)
  5. It is a huge gain for the government forces in the capital. Taking over the town after it was ruled by Takfiris for more than a year. Hundres of Takfiris are death, injured or captured. Ambush on Meliha back in June Some recent images from the city after it was liberated.
  6. Last year I wrote an article about the geopolitical issues behind the conflict in Syria. Please read it. Why is Syria being threatened? Thank you.
  7. Isis & Al Nusra Merge & Announce Islamic Caliphate - Obama to Send them $500 Million Apparently the Obama administration wanted to send Al Qaeda a house warming gift. Sound like an exaggeration? It's not. ISIS and Al Nusra have decided to join forces, and have announced the formation of an Islamic Caliphate covering much of Iraq and Syria. As if to congratulate them (or as a housewarming gift), the Obama administration is planning to send them an additional $500 million dollars. Sound like an exaggeration? It's not. ISIS began as a branch of Al Qaeda. In February of 2014 the official leadership of Al Qaeda disavowed the group in an attempt to distance themselves from the bad press ISIS attracts for itself (ISIS does after all have a predilection for mass executions), however by merging with Al Nusra ISIS has effectively nullified this. Al Nusra pledged their allegiance to Al Qaeda in April of 2013 (Al Nusra is often referred to as Al Qaeda's official branch in Syria), which means that ISIS and Al Qaeda have effectively reunited (to reverse this Al Qaeda would have to cut all ties with Al Nusra). Now the Obama administration is seeking an additional $500 million dollars for what they are referring to as the "moderate" Syrian rebels. Trouble is, the so called "moderate" rebels regularly conduct joint operations with Al-Nusra, and refuse to classify Al Qaeda as an enemy. By the way, isn't it technically a crime to provide material support to a terrorists organization? It's a little tricky to keep up on who is on whose side, but for now ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Syrian Revolutionary Front (aka FSA) are working together, and that means that any weapons or money that the U.S. government sends to the Syrian rebels are going to end up helping ISIS. There has been been a lot of talk about "vetting" the rebels to insure that U.S. support doesn't end up in the wrong hands, but this is just public relations. The idea that Washington can control the flow of weapons and money after it enters a war zone dominated by Islamic extremists is almost as ludicrous as the claim that this support will stabilize the region. As pathetic as the official line may be, what else could we expect? It's not like they can tell the truth. http://scgnews.com/isis-al-nusra-merge-announce-islamic-caliphate-obama-to-send-them-500-million
  8. Changing War in South-west Syria Syrian Army - Major gains in Qalamoun, FSA/IF/Nusra fighters panic and retreat to Rankus - Homs [central Syria], SAA/NDF forces succeed in isolating and besieging rebel pockets - Druze forces counterattack pushes rebels 18 months back. It consumed the rebels 18 months to reach Bosra - SAA amputates FSA advance from Israeli Golan region Rebel Army - Spring Offensive fails to reach Damascus - gains in Daraa Qalamoun Close up Map 29/03/2014 Hezbollah/SAA/NDF bulldoze FSA/Nusra defenses
  9. The ‘Revolutionary’ Face of the Syrian Conflict Reports are abound by international organizations about the responsibility of the Syrian government for the human rights violations in the ongoing conflict in Syria, now in its fourth year, but the responsibility of the insurgents has been kept away from media spotlight for political reasons. However, the horrible image of the “revolutionary” performance imposed itself on the media and public opinion to an extent that it has become impossible to black it out anymore. Internationally last Thursday, for example, the U.S. envoy to the United Nations, Samantha Power, said that Russia’s and China’s vetoes against a United Nations Security Council resolution to refer allegations of war crimes in Syria to the International Criminal Court (ICC) “protect monstrous terrorist organizations operating in Syria … who are pursuing a fundamentalist assault on the Syrian people that knows no decency or humanity.” Regionally on the same day, The Yemeni Coordination Committee for the Support of Syrian Revolution dissolved itself in protest against what it called in a statement “the diversion and transformation of the leaders of the revolution and opposition into terrorist gangs and groups.” Since U.S. President Barak Obama imposed sanctions on April 29, 2011 on some Syrian officials reportedly accused of using violence against civilians, the U.S., European and regional sponsors of a “regime change” in the country have so far held the Syrian government as the only party accountable. The UN and western international human rights organizations followed suit. Their blackout of the insurgents’ responsibility could not be avoided otherwise those sponsors would be held accountable as well and consequently could not continue their support to the insurgents with impunity, because without their support the insurgents would not have survived. Their reluctance to arm the Syrian rebels with advanced weapons lest they fall into the hands of the terrorist organizations could not cover up their initial and ongoing arming and recruitment efforts, which empowered the militarization of the peaceful civilian protests with its most extreme Syrian and non-Syrian insurgents. On last April 8, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay was quoted as saying in a briefing to the UN Security Council that the actions of the forces of the Syrian government “far outweigh” the crimes by the “opposition” fighters. Statistics Tell a Different Story However, scrutiny of the statistics of the death toll and the facts of the humanitarian fallout of the conflict tell a different story. On this May 19, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said it had documented more than 162,000 deaths in the conflict until this May 17, more than 61 thousand of them were government troops, 42,701 rebels and more than 1600 foreign fighters; SOHR believes that both sides of the combat strongly tend to be very conservative about their human casualties. The rest were civilians many of whom were victims of suicide bombing and mortar shells fired by the rebels. The breakdown of these figures show the government a victim rather than a culprit and indicate that the actions of the rebels “far outweigh” those of the government, contrary to Navi Pillay’s conclusion. “Questioning the Syrian ‘Casualty List’” in the Lebanese Alakhbar on February 28, 2012, Sharmine Narwani documented that, “The very first incident of casualties from the Syrian regular army that I could verify dates to 10 April 2011, when gunmen shot up a bus of soldiers travelling through Banyas, in Tartous, killing nine,” i.e. few weeks after the first peaceful protests broke out in Syria, a fact which questions the now wrongfully accepted public knowledge that the government was the party who initiated the “violence.” The communiqué issued by the eleven western and Arab foreign ministers of the core group of the so-called “Friends of Syria” after their meeting in London on this May 15 was the latest example of the political motives behind the blackout, which they have imposed for too long on the insurgents’ responsibility. They called the upcoming presidential elections on next June 3 “illegitimate” and a “parody of democracy,” ignoring the fact that any power vacuum in Syria would only create the right environment for the collapse of the central government. The inevitable result would be an exacerbation of the humanitarian crisis in the country, rendering their humanitarian rhetoric a parody of humanity. Worse still, the eleven “Friends of Syria” had “agreed unanimously” to boost their support to what they described as “the moderate opposition National Coalition (SNC), its Supreme Military Council and associated moderate armed groups.” What “moderates” did they refer to? On last September 25 the BBC quoted a recent study published by IHS Jane’s analyst Charles Lister, which concluded that, “the core of the Syrian insurgency is composed of Islamist groups of one kind or another.” “The armed opposition is all too much a part of the conflict,” Red Maistre wrote in The Northern Star four days later. Three years and three months on, the “Friends of Syria” failed to bring the “regime” down. On the contrary, it has got the military upper hand, while the organizations which the U.S. and Saudi Arabia had listed as terrorists got the upper hand in the rebel-held areas. Whatever military supplies the “moderate” rebels could get will only prolong the war, postpone any political settlement and perpetuate and exacerbate the worsening humanitarian crisis. Civilian protesters, political opposition and “secular” armed rebels were hijacked, sidelined and finally dumped by the mainstream terrorists, whose backbone consists of “foreign fighters,” thus dooming any political solution for a long time to come and vindicating Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s determination on last August 4 that, “No solution can be reached with terror except by striking it with an iron fist.” As early as March 2012 Sara Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch, had warned that, ““The Syrian government’s brutal tactics cannot justify abuses by armed opposition groups.” Schools, universities, hospitals, health clinics, churches, mosques, religious monuments, power grids, railways, bridges, oil fields, historical sites, museum assets, police symbols of public safety and order and other infrastructure were targeted by the rebels with unprecedented level of destruction and civilian plight. A survey, conducted by the Relief and Works Agency of UN’s Microfinance Programs and released early last April, said it would take 30 years for the Syrian economy to recover to its 2010 level. According to the SOHR, the infighting among rebels has claimed more than five thousand casualties in 2014. The infighting over border crossings and oil fields displaced more than one hundred thousand civilians in north eastern Syria during the past month. As a strategy, the rebels since the very beginning have been using Syrian civilians en masse as a bargaining chip and as human shields, a fact which the “Friends of Syria” have been keen to blackout. On this May 12, rebels have agreed to free 1,500 families whom they had kidnapped and held hostages in Adra, a suburb of the capital Damascus, for the release of rebels jailed by the government. Two weeks ago they freed some one hundred infants, children and elderly men and women in exchange for evacuating the Old City of Homs unharmed. On May 4, they cut off water supply to some three million civilians in Syria’s second largest city of Aleppo, a collective punishment reminiscent of a similar horrible practice by Israel in Beirut in 1982. Last month the rebels cut off the electricity supply. For less than two years now they have been bombarding the western side of the city, which is under government control, with mortar shells and turning the civilian life there into a nightmare of suicide and tunnel bombings from the eastern side, which they control. Rule, Not Exception These inhuman tactics are not the exception, but the norm and rule. Since the very beginning of their rebellion in March 2011, rebels stormed into Syrian city centers, where there was no official military presence, and used the civilian population as human shields against any retaliation by the government forces, thus unleashing what the United Nations described as the world’s largest refugee problem. Civilians have paid the higher price. Syrians now hold the rebels responsible for their plight. Their sectarian public incubator has already turned against them in favour of restoring the missing safety, security and order by the government. All factions of the rebels claim they are the representatives of the Muslim Sunni majority, but the overwhelming majority of some six million Syrians who are displaced internally are Sunnis, now hosted by non-Sunni compatriots in safe havens under government protection, let alone more than three million refugees who are also overwhelmingly Sunni Syrians and fled to neighbouring countries from the areas held by the rebels. It’s a well-known fact now that creating a humanitarian crisis in Syria, whether real or fabricated, and holding the Syrian government responsible for it as a casus belli for foreign military intervention under the UN 2005 so-called “responsibility to protect” initiative was from the very beginning of the Syrian conflict the goal of the U.S.-led so-called “Friends of Syria’ coalition. A second fact was the rush to militarize the Syrian civilian peaceful protests. When President al-Assad issued in 2011 the first of his six general amnesties, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went on record with a public appeal to armed rebels not to lay down their arms in response. In March 2014 a commission of inquiry mandated by the United Nations Human Rights Council, chaired by Paulo Pinheiro, for the first time accused the insurgents in Syria of “crimes against humanity” and “war crimes.” On this May 14, Syrian Rev. Michael Rabaheih, from the Greek Orthodox Church, was quoted by The Washington Post as saying: “If this is freedom, we don’t need it.” Rabaheih was one of some 80,000 Christians who returned to the Old City of Homs, which the opposition once proudly called “the capital of the revolution,” but which the rebels were forced to evacuate this month. He was seated next to the grave of the Dutch priest, Frans van der Lugt, who was assassinated by the rebels a few weeks earlier, not far from the gravely damaged historic Khalid ibn al-Walid mosque in the devastated neighbourhoods of Syria’s third largest city, where “little was left.” Obviously, the “Friends of Syria” have failed to artificially create any credible alternative http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/05/23/the-revolutionary-face-of-the-syrian-conflict/
  10. News confirmed: Paki Army exporting Armaments and Salafi Shia killers to Syria. Worst part, its going to line the pockets of a few generals and a few political families and would not have any triclle down economic benefit to the cursed land of mass called Pakistan. http://www.dw.de/is-pakistan-aiding-syrian-rebels/a-17528187 http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/islamabad/01-Apr-2014/senate-concerned-over-change-in-policy-on-syria http://www.nation.com.pk/national/31-Mar-2014/arms-supply-to-syrian-rebels-to-damage-pakistan-more-us-expert http://www.brecorder.com/general-news/172/1168385/ There are unconfirmed reports circulating around Islamabad inner circles on almost 100,000 Paki Salafi terrorists being exported to Syria, Iraq, and Yemen to create more destabilization in Shia dominated regions. I wonder when would the payback hit the GCC nations? September 2014 maybe?
  11. I was wondering, for what bone the two mad dogs of Middle East (Saudi and MB) have locked their teeth on? I found this. Enjoy! Egypt becomes battleground for Arab world By Monte Palmer The Saudi monarchy has declared war on the Muslim Brotherhood, an immensely popular Sunni Islamic movement with branches and businesses throughout the world. Not only has the monarchy labeled the Brotherhood a terrorist organization, but a photo chart of the major terrorist groups offered by the Saudi press gives the Brotherhood top billing. Not even al-Qaeda outshines the Brotherhood in the eyes of the Saudi regime. Perhaps the Saudi monarchy had little choice in the matter. The Muslim Brotherhood swept to power in Egypt and Tunisia following the 2011 Arab Spring revolutions, and the Saudi monarchy openly worried that its kingdom would be next. Such is the price of being rich, weak, and unwilling to test the support of the masses in elections or a free press. The Saudi monarchy's chosen battlefield for its war on the Muslim Brotherhood is Egypt. It is difficult to argue with its choice. The Brotherhood was founded in Egypt, its Supreme Guides have all been Egyptian, and Egypt is the center of the Brotherhood's global operations. Branches of the Brotherhood are guided by General Secretaries from their respective regions, but key policy decisions flow from Egypt. The Saudis knew that attempts to destroy Brotherhood branches in the region would be futile as long as the Brotherhood leadership ruled from Egypt. Attacking Brotherhood branches would threaten the stability of Jordan, Kuwait and other Saudi allies with deeply entrenched Brotherhood movements. To crush the Brotherhood in Egypt, by contrast, would be to sever its head and soul. The battle would also transpire far from the Gulf and leave the Saudi monarchy, the self-proclaimed protector of Islam without blood on its hands. In fact, they could avoid fighting altogether by outsourcing the job to the Egyptian generals. It wasn't merely the popularity of the Brotherhood that alarmed the Saudi monarchy, but also the policies that the Brotherhood pursued upon being elected into office. The Brotherhood, or so it seemed to the monarchy, was intent on using the Egyptian government as a pulpit for spreading its seductive vision of pragmatic progressive Islam throughout the Arab world. This posed a direct threat to both the Saudi monarchy and to the extremist Wahhabi vision of Islamic purity upon which its claim to religious legitimacy rests. The security of the monarchy demanded Wahhabi dominance of the Sunni Islamic world. The more the seductive moderation and pragmatism of the Brotherhood spread, the weaker the Saudis would become. Particularly dangerous to Saudi control of the Sunni Islamic world were the Brotherhood's efforts to convert Al-Azhar, the oldest Islamic university in the world, to the Brotherhood's pragmatic and progressive vision of Islam. The Saudis controlled Mecca and Medina, the two holiest shrines in Islam, but the Brotherhood was on the verge of controlling Al-Azhar, the reigning authority on Sunni Islamic theology in the Muslim world. Meanwhile, Qatar, the main Saudi competitor for control of the Gulf and patron of the Brotherhood, seemed intent on using the Brotherhood's control of Egypt to break Saudi Arabia's domination of the Gulf. The ploy must have been effective, for an Egyptian opposition press financed by the Saudis screamed that Qatar had taken over Al-Azhar. Qatari efforts to bolster the Brotherhood's control of Al-Azhar were matched by Qatari efforts to strengthen Brotherhood branches in the Gulf and neighboring countries. Even today, the Saudis blame Qatar for supporting seductive Brotherhood doctrine in the mosques of the kingdom. Perhaps responding to Turkish influence, the Brotherhood pursued a remarkably democratic strategy in Egypt during its lone year in office. The press was free if irresponsible, demonstrations un-fettered, and all political groups, including the jihadists and extreme leftists, were allowed to establish political parties. Far worse, the Brotherhood threw down the gauntlet to the Saudis by calling for freedom and democracy throughout the region. Clearly, democracy had become the weapon of the Brotherhood for conquering the Arab world, and there was no weapon that the Saudis feared more. One fair election, if Egypt and Tunisia were any guide, and the Saudi monarchy would become a footnote in history. Brotherhood branches in Kuwait and Jordan picked up the call, throwing the two faux democracies into a state of confusion. The US and the EU, by contrast, applauded this rare breath of freedom in Egypt and, with Turkish encouragement, aspired to wean the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt toward greater moderation. Whatever the case, the Brotherhood's pragmatism offered the West an alternative to a Saudi Wahhabi doctrine condemned by Washington for breeding extremism and terror. The US and EU were also realizing that Islam was so deeply embedded in the Arab psyche that there could not be a stable government in the Arab world without Islamic representation, a topic treated at length in my book The Arab Psyche and American Frustrations. Like it or not, Brotherhood doctrine inclining toward the moderation of Turkish Lite was their best option. Not only had the Brotherhood placed the Saudi monarchy's Islamic legitimacy at risk, but it was also on the verge of weakening the monarchy's ties with the United States, its major patron. A counter-revolution supported by Saudi Arabia toppled the Brotherhood regime in Egypt, but did little to calm the monarchy's fears. To the contrary, the Brotherhood's resistance to the military coup in Egypt displayed a passion and organizational capacity that has thrown the country into chaos and casts severe doubts on the ability of Egypt's revived Mubarak regime to stay the course. This is all the more the case because various jihadist groups hostile to the Brotherhood have joined the fray by assassinating officers and establishing mini-caliphates in the Sinai and elsewhere. It is unlikely that the Saudi regime could survive in the face of a parallel uprising by domestic supporters of the Brotherhood and Wahhabi jihadists returning from Syria and elsewhere. The Saudis claim that there are some 600 returnees from Syria. The Kuwaitis place the figure at 20,000. Whatever the number of Brotherhood supporters and jihadists in the kingdom, the king's warnings of sedition and terrorism have become commonplace as the monarchy's fears mount. Putting their money where their fear is, Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies have pumped billions of dollars into Egypt with the hope that Egypt's latest military dictator will be able to crush the Brotherhood in its home base. Billions more are promised. If the Egyptian military can crush the Brotherhood, everything in the Saudi plan should fall in place. Egypt will be firmly established as the centerpiece of a Saudi-Israeli-Egyptian alliance designed to return the Arab world to the era of tyrants that reigned before the Arab Spring revolutions of 2011. Along the way, Egyptian authorities will promote stability in the region by severing the Brotherhood's lifelines to Hamas and stamping out jihadist and Brotherhood sanctuaries in Yemen, Libya and other areas within reach of Egypt's Saudi financed army. Democratic aspirations in the region will fade without inspiration from Egypt, and Saudi Wahhabi doctrine will find its way into Al-Azhar. With the Muslim Brotherhood gone, the US and the EU will return to their traditional role of supporting tyrants and the Saudi monarchy will have returned the Middle East to the era of peaceful oppression. The question is can Saudi money convert a poverty-stricken dictatorship teetering between chaos and civil war into the foundation of its war against the Muslim Brotherhood? If so, Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies should be able to buy the entire region. Thus far, all the Saudi monarchy has bought is civil war and chaos in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Pakistan. Egypt is following suit. Even Field Marshal Sisi, Egypt's latest pharaoh, yet uncrowned, warns that things will get worse before they get better, much worse. The only optimist to be found is Sisi's latest hand-picked prime minister. A close friend of Hosni Mubarak, he oozes confidence that the Egyptian masses will put their shoulders to the wheel and sacrifice all for the good of the country. I doubt if the Saudi monarchy is quite do deluded. But, then, the Saudis may prefer chaos and civil war to Brotherhood rule in Egypt. Monte Palmer is Professor Emeritus at Florida State University, a former Director of the Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies at the American University of Beirut, and a senior fellow at the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies. His recent books include The Arab Psyche and American Frustrations, The Politics of the Middle East, Islamic Extremism(with Princess Palmer), Political Development: Dilemmas and Challenges, and Egypt and the Game of Terror (a novel).
  12. http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2014/03/syria-aleppo-sunni-quds-baath-brigades.html
  13. So the terror export deal is sealed. Pakis sold it cheap this time. Paki government recently received the 1st installment of the $3 billon deal with Saudi government to ship battle hardened Takfiri Talibans to Syria. The terror man power will be shipped along with the paki made anti-tank and anti-air launch pads. Although a very bad news for Syrians and resistance there but also a sure shot doom and gloom for Pakistan too as the blow back would reach Pakistan this time which is already sandwiched between three of the BRIIC nations. Would Syria be able to counter this new waves of trained fighters? How far the Paki terror exports would take the Syrian 'revolution'? Of late these Paki Takfiris have been slaughtering defenseless men, women, and children; how would they fare against the revved up Syrian Arab Army and it's Shia allies? Would Pakistan be able to counter the anti-takfiri political forces with deep pocket allies in its immediate neighbors? Would Pakistan become the new Syria with Takfiris on the receiving end? http://www.ibtimes.com/sunni-side-saudi-arabia-seeking-acquire-arms-pakistan-supply-syrian-rebels-1557572 http://www.voanews.com/content/saudi-pakistan-military-ties-getting-stronger/1855116.html http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/03/13/us-pakistan-saudi-idUSBREA2C13G20140313
  14. http://en.alalam.ir/news/1573440 By God, these thugs need to be sent to hell instantly..
  15. Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist group, says Saudi Arabia Statement on Saudi TV also lists Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) as terrorist organisations Saudi Arabia has formally designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group in an official report on Saudi television. Citing a statement by the interior ministry, the report added that the Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) – whose fighters are battling the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad – were also classed as terror organisations. The move on Friday appeared to enforce last month's royal decree in which Riyadh said it would jail any citizen guilty of fighting in conflicts overseas for up to 20 years. The authorities want to deter Saudis from joining rebels in Syria, fearing they could pose a security risk when they return. Riyadh says the Brotherhood – whose Sunni doctrines challenge the Saudi principle of dynastic rule – has tried to build support inside the kingdom since the Arab spring uprisings across the Middle East and north Africa. In Egypt, the Brotherhood, which won every election following the toppling of Hosni Mubarak in 2011, has been driven underground since the army deposed President Mohamed Morsi – a longtime member of the group, which also endured repression under the Mubarak regime. The army-backed government in Cairo designated the Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation in December after accusing the group of carrying out a suicide bombing at a police station that killed 16 people. The Brotherhood condemned that attack and denies using violence. Saudi Arabia's Islamic religious authorities have previously spoken out against Saudi fighters going to Syria. The interior ministry estimates that around 1,200 Saudis have gone there nonetheless. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/07/muslim-brotherhood-declared-terrorist-saudi-arabia
  16. Some street/school names in Saudi Arabia (occupied Hijaz). A school named after Yazid (the murderer of Imam Hussain) A school named after Abu Lahab (one of the greatest enemies of Prophet. Sura Lahab in Qur'an admonishing him) Abraha Al Habshi Street (the Abraha who conspired to destroy KAA'BA. Sura Feel in Qur'an adminishing him and his army) Mosaylma Street (Mosaylma Kadhab, the first Arab declared his false prophet hood)
  17. Cat is out of the bag. USA is mulling over paying salaries to Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria. USA is also allowing Saudis to ship manpads, the shoulder fired anti-aircraft weapons to 'selected' rebels. So this is the rewind of full scale Afghan war of the 1980s. Too bad we don't have the new age John Rambos to cast in hollywood movies for the "mo-ja-hay-deens". Some interesting parallels and a few questions: 1. Turkey playing Pakistan of 1980s. Is Turkey ready to be the Pakistan of 2014s? 2. Suadis playing again what Suaids played in 1980s. Would Saudi Arabia remain "Saudi" Arabia once things go off balance? 3. Can regional minions aka Jordan and UAE take the blowback of open support to the evil forces of Takfiris? Again Pakistan of 2014s come to mind. 4. What will happen to the 'entity' across Jordan river? Isn't Syria too close to take the risk? Are NY bankers suddenly too risk averse? http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/19/opinion/what-next-for-syria.html?hp&rref=opinion http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/syria-rebels-reorganize-push-for-arms/2014/02/18/fb313546-98d9-11e3-b1de-e666d78c3937_story.html http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/18/world/middleeast/russia-is-scolded-as-us-weighs-syria-options.html
  18. 1. Unchecked growth of Salafism in Syria which exploded into what Syria is today 2. Unchecked Salafism in Lebanon which is causing monthly attack on iranian interests in Lebanon 3. Loss of Iranian embassy in Afghanistan a few years back and rise of Taliban again 4. Iraq which has become literally a play yard for Salafis 5. Various Drug cartels using Iran as a conduit, 6. Routine killing of Iranian border guards at the hands of ragtag Saudi sponsored Baluchi Salafis.... 7. ... And the list goes on and on IRI's pre-emptive security apparatus seems to be utterly incompetent. Even Uganda secures its out of borders interests better than Iran. Somebody needs to look into this kiss-axx culture of IRI's bureaucracy and work on these incompetencies. Is the Wali Faqih watching this or are they even duping him too with the all rosy picture? And now this: http://presstv.com/detail/2014/01/05/343876/saudi-terrorists-death-suspicious/ How could any country allow such a big fish, tantamount of Mulla Umer in Afghanistan, to be so easily slipped away to the grave without having him share some of the secrets.
  19. I am someone who was hopeful of Sunni shia unity or at least co-operation would come at some point after all theres no point in keep fighting at some point there will have to be a truce especially meaning a truce between salafis and shias, its not funny but possible, problem was nobody proposed negotiations this concerns two elements despised oppositely by sunnis and shias, jihadi salafis & hezbollah shias or iran supporting shias I write this in the context of the overwhelming trend (I know nothing is 100%) which is what actually matters hezbollah with iran has lost credibility in iraq among Sunnis for supporting maliki and the shia militias but this wasnt a game changer for shias "wahabis" or salafis were always akin to kafir to which was a terrible generalization as salafis dont consider all shias that and mainstream salafis dont consider majority of shias to be either which you can check on many internet videos for most stupidest assumption among shias is being Saudis represents salafi opinions the Syrian war changed the face of Shias among sunnis, In the begining there was hope that Iran will switch, as iranian media stayed neutral and some iranian MPs supported turning against Assad though quickly khamenei reversed this and gave his support for Assad and his Brutal mass murdering anti-islamic war the Fact this forum representing ordinary shias is overwhelmingly supporting this tyrant and excusing with all those millions who rose up as al-qaeda when its a tyrant who chose to destroy syria and killed so many because he doesnt want his family losing power I cant consider anybody who looks at syria reads a few basic facts with a Muslim conscience then to support bashar cannot be a decent person no matter what you are shia, sunni, sufi, ibadi etc.. I understand some salafi groups kiling shias indiscriminately especially iraq and pakistan but even most of them they dont just do it for no reason it is a wider trigger no matter who started it, isnt it better to settle these triggers? but shias have never thought of negotiating they will with north korea but not with sunnis, even a proposal would suffice at least then intentions would be clear, i know some sunnis especially salafis are guilty just as much though somebody has to start but cant happen if they both consider each other kuffar but supporting a tyrant like bashar is beyond anything the worst among the sunnis have committed and totally breaks all common Islamic principles shias need to make a choice about this otherwise the Shia sunni divide will become irreversible and enemys of muslims like it better to divide and conquer
  20. (salam) We all know what's going on in Syria. But I want to know further. I want to know why Iran and Hezbollah are supporting Al Assad Government. I want to know why don't we oppose Al Assad because he's a dictator. I want to know why Shia Muslims don't support the rebels because they only want removal of dictatorship-in-disguise-of-democracy. I want to know why only Sunni Muslims support those rebels. I'm very confused. I believe or say it seems to me as if Al Assad Government should be removed and the demands made by the rebels should be accepted. But I fear I can be wrong because I lack full information. That's why I request someone of you guys to shed some light on this issue.
  21. The way I see it, if Assad and the Baath party manage to win this thing, one might see Baathism spread in its Syrian form to other Arab states. The war itself could be seen as the last test after the fall of Saddam whether Baathism has the ability to unite and mobilize Arab and Muslim populations, especially in response to the West.
  22. Listen up guys my cousin in Syria is is a really terrible situation right now and is being forced by her abusive ex-husband to pay 30,000 dollars to buy the home he owns or be left out on the streets. She has no job or savings to support herself. Please, if you could donate anything you can, even if its a dollar, it still counts. Thank you so much brothers and sisters. Please spread this.
  23. http://www.abna.ir/data.asp?lang=3&id=406652 I recently came across this online book on a revert brother who saw the light of Islam after being misled into Salafi-Satanic cult. I'm posting the Preface of the Book. Read the book on the link above. Keep the SC community members in your Ramadhan duas. wassalam................................ Chapter One: PrefaceThe motivation behind the writing of this book came about from my personal experience. From my humble Christian background Allah (swt) guided me to his deen (religion). The brothers who converted me were themselves Salafi and hence I was indoctrinated to their aqeedah (ideology). The earliest thing that I was told was that I should be weary of the enemies of Islam disguised as Muslims such as Shi’as who portrayed Islam on the outside but were infact kaffir, on account of the “facts” such as: They believe that the Qur’an has verses missing from it. They curse the Sahaba and wives of the Prophet(s). They believe that the revelation should have gone to Ali, but Gabriel (as) accidentally conveyed it to Prophet Muhammad (s). As such they curse Gabriel when they complete their prayers. They beat themselves in Muharram and fornicate in the precincts of their mosques on the 10th night – any male product from this illegal union is named Hussain, and any girl is named Zaynab.You can imagine how this made me feel, being constantly told about this, time and time again. Hence I bore extreme hatred towards the Shi’a in my heart. As a brother told me “You should hate the Shi’a with a vengeance”. Two years after I reverted I married a Salafi sister of South Asian descent – whilst practising, she was rather less exuberant than I was in active Dawah activities. A few weeks after we married, very close friends of my wife invited us both to dinner. It was only when I arrived there that I learnt that the family were Shi’a, had I known earlier I would have probably never gone. The host was very kind, but kept asking me questions on my beliefs etc. I tried to side-track, but he kept prying and this made be feel very uneasy. This was our first meeting but we met many more times in the coming weeks, on account of the fact that his place of work was next to the University where I studied. He tried his hardest to convince me that the Shi’a were correct in their beliefs, but I simply programmed myself to believe that he was a kaffir who was practising Taqiyyah. Despite this after a year of heated discussions my heart was starting to accept some of his arguments. Whilst I would simply regurgitate whatever my Salafi brothers had taught me – he would always reply logically and would back up his comments by citing traditions from classical works such as Sahih al Bukhari. In truth I had not discussed any of these conversations to my Salafi brothers, until I was out one day and visited a market stall that was run by two Salafi reverts. After our general salutations I informed one of the brothers that I had a friend who was Shi’a and inquired whether he knew anything about the Shi’a faith. No sooner did I say the name “Shi’a” that the brother’s face changed colour, he said: “Brother don’t talk to them they are kaffir (infidels), they believe that the Qur’an has verses missing”. I told him that the Shi’a I had spoken to denied this and countered me by presenting a tahreef tradition from Sahih al Bukhari – with Umar stating that a Surah on stoning is missing. The brother was shocked and after about a minute’s silence he said: “brother they did black magic with your eyes you didn’t see it!” This really made me laugh and I walked off. I proceeded to do my shopping and was just passing the stall again when the brother called me over and introduced me to a revert who he acclaimed as an “expert on Shi’aism”. The ‘expert’ said: “So you wanna know about the Shi’a kaffir, all you need to know is that they believe in 12 Gods”. Even I from my general conversations with the Shi’a brother knew that this was a blatant lie. I then decided to test him by quizzing the fact that Shi’as believe ‘Ali to be the Prophet (s)’s legitimate successor and I cited the Sahih tradition ‘Ali is to me as Harun is to Musa except there shall be no Prophet after me’. The ‘expert’ then countered this by asking: “And what did he (s) say about Umar[r]?” I knew exactly what he was asking and said: “If there had to be a Prophet after me it would be Umar”. The expert patted me on the back and said: “Exactly brother”. I then asked him “That being the case why did Umar not become the first Khalifa? Is this not an insult to Hadhrath Umar?” The expert looked bemused, smiled and said: “Brother you’ve just used your Aql (reason) and that’s haraam”. It was that reply that will act as a permanent memory for me. I still remember looking over to the revert brother who owned the stall following this reply, he smiled a half smile, that to me suggested that he was about as convinced at the reply as I was. For me this was the turning point in my life. The sheer stupidity and lies I heard at that stall convinced me that the Salafis were trying to cover something up. Alhamdolillah, the ‘expert’ achieved greater success in guiding me to the Shi’a than the Shi’a brother had, despite a year of rigorous debating! It was his blatant lies and lack of logic that repelled me away from the Salafis and attracted me to the Ahl’ul bayt (as). You might ask ‘what has this to do with the preface?’ – well only a handful of brothers are fortunate enough to ever meet knowledgeable Shi’as and learn the actual truth. As the vast bulk of reverts are brought to the Din by the Salafi’s the opportunity of them ever actually meeting and discussing matters with Shi’as is highly unlikely. This is increased when one takes into account the level of propaganda and lies that are pumped into a revert’s mind with regards to the Shi’a and what they allegedly believe. When I look back at my time with the Salafis I recall that they never talked about ‘Ali (as) – why? Well since becoming Shi’a, truth has been made manifest – they are the Nawasib, his enemies – and are hiding their enmity behind the “Sunni label”. That’s why I had asked the brother who sacrificed so many hours of his time to guide me, to write a rebuttal of their lies and expose their actual aqeedah to the world. I hope that this book opens the minds of my fellow reverts who have been deceived by the Salafis. It is indeed sad that these same reverts who embraced Islam having researched the truth with an open mind and logical reasoning, abandon these same principles when being indoctrinated into the Salafi movement, preferring to blindly follow every word of their Nasibi Shaykhs. I also hope that the book acts as a source of inspiration to my down-trodden Shi’a brothers and sisters who have to put up with the Salafi Nasibi propaganda onslaught on a daily basis. Your brother in Islam, Abdul Hakeem Oranu. Chapter Two: Introduction .................
  24. Sorry about the sizzling title. But given the multi pronged war for the control of Middle East and South, Central, and East Asia, by inflaming a Catholic-Protestant like civil war between Shia and Sunni, do not be surprised if you wake up one morning and hear these two headlines blaring on your TV screens: A huge nuclear explosion in one of the suburbs of Damascus killing a few hundred thousand Syrians all at once. SIMULTANEOUSLY Intelligence Agencies good at framing nations and hostile regimes "reporting" a nuclear warhead stolen from Pakistan's arsenal. There are already reports in media suggesting this happening in near future. 1. A new memo issued by certain western agencies focusing on Pakistan's nuclear file again, insisting they have no count of exact number of Pakistani warheads. 2. An open threat of Syrian Takfiri insurgents using any kinds of weapons they could get their hands on. This video came out yesterday. 3. Reports of Saudis attempting to purchase a few Pakistani nuclear warhead in response to false flag Iranian centrifuges going above 20% level. Google it, reports are already out there. 4. An absolute defeat of Syrian terror mongers fast approaching predicted by their handlers in West. 5. Allies of Syrian regime waiting with a baited breath to punish Israel for any attack from Mediterranean Sea. Israelis frightened and cornered could do anything in response given their regime really doesn't care much about collateral damage to their own citizens in an event of a mushroom cloud.
  25. Why is that for past decade or so, Israeli and Saudi interests in ME and in the global politics almost always align with each other? Does it mean Saudis and Israelis are natural allies? Why don't they start a formal diplomatic relationships between Saudis and Israelis and consider each other the Most Favored Nation? They have exactly the same stance on Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Both complement each other in investing money in US media to buy American goodwill, both have powerful lobbies supporting each other and their own causes in Washington, both countries intelligence agencies act like twin sisters when it comes to ME and the outside world. A recent example is they both are equally mad and concerned about the beginning of US and Iran establishment of relations. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/29/world/middleeast/israel-and-others-in-mideast-view-overtures-of-us-and-iran-with-suspicion.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0
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