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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Watched news. Heard that Pakistan is going to negotiate with Taliban to make peace with'em. Wonder how stupid they are. But no. They are actually hypocrites. They have soft corner for Taliban. They don't wanna start a military operation against'em. It were these pseudo-religious and extremist political parties who originated terrorism in Pakistan and let Saudi Arabia lay its foundations. Pakistan is capable of dealing with Taliban easily. Their army's 100 times better than Taliban. But Taliban have spread like cancer. They're in bureaucracy, judiciary, military, politics, society etc. How would they raise hand on their own brothers? Pakistan has been occupied by these lewd terrorists now. Poor state! :( I believe that negotiations with Taliban (and all terrorist organizations) is a dream that can't come true. You can't negotiate with a mad dog. It won't listen to you. It wanna bite you and nothing else. If you wanna keep it as a pet then you're an idiot. It's not a risk. It's an irreversible and unpardonable blunder (you can call it a crime as well). Terrorists are wild dogs and when a puppy goes crazy, it's shot, not cured. Government of Pakistan is going to repent because soon negotiations will prove to be fruitless and then they'll be obliged to eradicate terrorism by beheading these terrorists. Hurrah!
  2. Last 12 Months Shia-Sunni-Christian-Hindu Killings in PAKISTAN September 18, 2012 - Eight people were killed, over two dozen injured in twin bomb blasts at Dawoodi Bohra Community in Karachi. November 3, 2012 - The Phandu baba Sufi shrine at Chamkani, near Peshawar, was bombed and partially destroyed. No causalities. November 24, 2012 - The shrine of an 11th century Sufi saint, Ali Mardan Shah, was blown up in the Takhtbhai tehsil of Mardan, K-P. January 10, 2013 - 4 bombings in Quetta and Swat killed over a hundred and injured an estimated 270. Area predominantly Shia Muslim. LeJ took responsibility. February 1, 2013 - A suicide blast killed 19 people, wounded 45 in a market targeting Shias outside a mosque in Hangu. The death toll was reported above 20. February 25, 2013 - Three people were killed, 27 others injured in a bomb attack at Sufi shrine, Dargah Ghulam Shah Ghazi, in the village of Maari near Shikarpur. February 20, 2013 - A roadside bomb hit the caravan of Syed Ghulam Hussain Shah, a renowned Barelvi cleric of Qambar Shahdadkot, killing one person and injuring several others. March 3, 2013 - Twin blasts occurred in the Shia-dominated Abbas Town, Karachi, which left at least 40 dead and over 135 injured. March 9, 2013 - At least four people were killed, 27 were injured in a blast during Zuhr prayer inside Jamia Chishtia mosque, near Meena Bazaar in Peshawar May 3, 2013 - At least 13 people were killed in twin bomb attacks that targeted two mosques in north-western Malakand region. June 20, 2013 - A suicide bomber blew himself up at Hussaini Madrassa in Peshawar, killing 15 people and leaving 22 injured. July 11, 2013 - Two people were killed and seven injured when explosives rigged to a motorcycle went off outside a mosque frequented by both Sunni and Shia worshippers in Kohat, K-P This doesn't even count 10-12 Shia Muslims executed daily in Karachi, Pakistan. P.S. I posted it in Imam Mahdi forum because Shi Chat doesn't has a special place to cover Pakistan Shia Violence. SC does has separate threads for Shia Violence in Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Syria etc. Source: http://tribune.com.pk/story/607981/and-then-they-were-gone/
  3. South Africa Pakistan Match scheduled to begin at 18:00 local time (16:00 GMT) I think Pakistan has a better chance of performing well in t20 and odis.
  4. Ok it's been my observation, some of you may concur, others won't: Until the fall of Saddam, Iraqis used to be a big "mirage unity" guys. Pakistanis used to tell them of Wahabis and you would get ridiculing looks. 10 years down and suddenly you see Iraqis yelling and cursing Wahabis. Iranians till late were, "no brother, don't use the word Wahabi, don't say it's Salafi, we all are Muslims". Starting with Jandullah in Balushistan and now in Syria, same repeat of cursing and yelling at Wahabis. So what do you think, Pakistani Shias are more aware of Wahabi politics and tricks? Are Iraqis and Iranians gullible?
  5. For those of you, who think that I am trying to bash Pakistani people, please understand that I am a Pakistani too. But we seriously need to identify our flaws and work together to mitigate them. Otherwise we would be stuck in this never ending circle of misery. I don’t mean to cause any harm. Problem No. 3: Law & Order This should have been problem no.1 . Well law & order in Pakistan is non-existent. Period. We have so called statutes of law telling us how and what should be done. But as we all know that they can be bent anytime by the Superclass in our society. Dough is what runs this community. Every person has a price here. Justice is an unknown phenomenon. We follow no rules. Well some of us do. Like 2% to 5% of us. The zeal and vigor with which we started off as a nation has vanished into thin air. Both my maternal and paternal grandfathers were in the army back in their days and my maternal grandfather fought in WW II as well. If they saw the state in which Pakistan is in now, they would have shed tears of blood. My maternal grandfather could not sleep for days after the partition of East and West Pakistan. Our forefathers have sacrificed so much for this nation. And I don’t know where we are headed??
  6. Assalam o Alikum All ppl Ya Ali madad How Many our shia brother and sisters are supporting Tahir ul Qadri sb revolution stance ???
  7. Problem No. 2 Choosing a Career: When we are growing up we are always asked a question that “When you grow up, what would you want to be?? We innocently say whatever comes to mind. But that was childhood. We are not allowed to choose the field of study. Our parents select it for us. I remember after completion of 10th grade I wanted to be an engineer because I was good at mathematics and physics but my father forced me into becoming a doctor and I was least interested in being a doctor. And here I am stuck somewhere in between. Neither a doctor nor an engineer. Injustice?? Yes I believe it is. Career should be determined according to the aptitude of a child. I had a teacher who always advised me to study according to my aptitude. But I did otherwise. I did not want my dad to be angry with me. I did start to study pre-engineering in 12th grade but then my dad did not talk to me for one whole week. I had to give in. So I quit and went for pre-medical. What do you guys think should be done in this scenario?
  8. About the guest speakers Imam Shehryar Shaikh: Sheharyar Shaikh is the former President of North American Muslim Foundation. He is currently the Imam of Masjid Qurtabah. He specializes in Quranic exegesis with contemporary Islamic thought and modernity. Khalil Jaffer: Brother Khalil Jaffer is commonly referred to as an inspiring speaker. Born in Mombasa, Kenya, he also holds a degree in computer science, and has worked in various related fields such as a software developer. His powerful and adept public speaking developed during the period after his studies, where he lectured at his local college. After seven years in Nairobi he relocated to Dubai for a further five years, before finally moving to Toronto. “For sponsorship information and packages please contact fundraiser@helpforhope.ca.” Purchase tickets here: http://helpforhope.ca/givehope
  9. Express Newspaper Jobs are published on this page regularly to facilitate the people of Pakistan and to save the time in searching jobs from all the newspapers. Express Newspaper Jobs Pakistan
  10. Kamranistan


    (salam) I wrote this when the Pakistan massacres were finally 'advertised' by the Western media. Thought I'd share. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) spoke: “If people only knew what brilliant result lies in seeking knowledge, they would have definitely sought it, even by shedding the blood of their hearts, and plunging into the depth of oceans.” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some say Hussain is ours; trying to hold on to him dearly, like he’s their child, segregation, "He only came for this nation." I ask you: "Who did Muhammad come for?" Read and focus your minds, digest with intent, then analyse human-kind, Don’t sit there and pretend that you’re blind, Don’t let them tell you different, I don’t need to educate; it’s as easy as one plus one, See, they are trying to corrupt his message, But we know, we know he came for humanity, Forget sects, forget division, just do the mathematics and revision, Revise the world, realise oppression then revive his intention, It was bound to happen, Brainwashed and indoctrinated, them targeting the sheep: the knowledge less, the brainless, and inhumane, So called muslims fighting in the way of holiness, calling it jihad – insane? Sit down, and silence yourself. Go open any page from the book of mercy, It can’t hurt, but you fear your own ego ignorantly, Knowledge is power, so why the illiteracy? Yes, the window behind the curtain is another matter, A movement to destroy his path, his sacrifice, Forever attempting to wipe out names from history, But no man, no society can erase his story, So don’t become puppets, Like those muppets who flew the planes and bombed the trains, -Lesson: Eradicate ignorance and you eradicate their obstinance- Beat them with the mind, not with the hand, Become the eye of certainty, Currently, though, we are stuck within their university, Learning the currency of hope, hope meaning vanity, inhumanity, Insanity, absurdity it’s an outright fallacy, Just like the news painting its own picture, For surely media is a tool, agendas are formed and tested, Then unto us are they persisted, Do you really think 9/11 is alone? Free free Palestine, Chanted around the globe, Coverage is not only on the television, but also in our hearts, Excelling to win their freedom at any cost, never giving in, so they are never lost, Praise be to the all mighty, Stand we must, and stand we do, but -Listen closely now 49:13 - Oh mankind! We created you from a single of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other- Prejudice arising again, reminiscent of the times of ignorance, There ain’t no place for racism here, God doesn’t care about your colour, just be sincere, So, those that stood for Palestine I salute you, And just as you all got up for Palestine, you got up for Iraq, and for Bahrain, May God bless you. However, your intention is weak if you pick and choose, Faith doesn’t dictate oppression, evil does, So why sit back down when there is always a cause? If it isn’t in the news, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there, it just hasn’t been told, There isn’t anything for them if it is to be sold, Let me hit you with some truth, but don’t be scared please, don’t stay aloof, One hundred dead, gone, scattered, bodies like lead, The month is January, but that doesn’t need to be said, Can someone tell me the name of this place? Or does it need to be read? 7/7, 9/11, is this not enough for a 1/13? Sorry, are they not human? You forgot to mention that this is the show of Truman, Those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, This is Pakistan. Now learn Quetta, it’ll leave a crater in your hearts equator, Hazaris oppressed for years upon years, Yet the leaders all puppets strung tightly, but acting all politely, Friends of evil discussing behind doors, not even closed, but we decide to not walk in, When will we learn? History repeating over and over, You’d think by now we’d have found a four leaf clover, -Wise words: “We all want change, be that change”- Time is short, so stand and keep marching, Lift your pen, lift your pen and keep writing, If not with our bodies then with our words, if not with our words then with our hearts, All the while they mourn and brave the cold, and I’m not talking just weather, Sit outside your embassies, write to your governments, sign petitions, make videos, just write on some paper, Don’t, don’t just sit there and do nothing, do you not see the pictures? View your graves and think of yourselves as slaves, For nothing differentiates except good grades, Not in French, or English, But the heavens language, I don’t mean to go on but you all step on the same sand, Yeah we come from different lands, but we ain’t from different strands, We all want him, the saviour, but Allah wants our behaviour, Did you not read? He helps those who help themselves, So fix up and don’t just look above, be above, Brothers and sisters, there are those who can’t even mention love, For the divine ones they die, still they never lie, Just as Hasans treaty was broken, time and time again, The same is for our time; the laws have been choking, Don’t you think it’s enough? If you stood for Palestine, Bahrain, Iraq, Pakistan, then stand for all the oppressed, For he stood in the face of oppression and cut off its ugly head. -Now tell me? What did Hussain stand for?- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "If the people wish for a passage out of darkness, set them afire for you have the power."
  11. (bismillah) WASHINGTON: Pakistan risks sparking US sanctions if it pursues its plans with Iran to build a $7.5 billion gas pipeline linking the two nations, a senior US official said in a renewed warning Monday. “We have serious concerns, if this project actually goes forward, that the Iran Sanctions Act would be triggered,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said. “We’ve been straight up with the Pakistanis about these concerns.” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched the construction of a much-delayed section of the gas pipeline with his Pakistani counterpart Asif Ali Zardari at a ceremony on the border of the two neighbours. But Nuland added: “We’ve heard this pipeline announced about 10 or 15 times before in the past. So we have to see what actually happens.” The United States had been seeking alternative plans, saying the move with Iran would take it “in the wrong direction right at a time that we’re trying to work with Pakistan on better, more reliable ways to meet its energy needs.” Nuland said the US was “supporting large-scale energy projects in Pakistan that will add some 900 megawatts to the power grid by the end of 2013.” Those projects included renovating the power plants at Tarbela, the Mangla Dam, as well as modernising others plants and building new dams at Satpara and Gomal Zam, she added. Iranian state television showed footage of Ahmadinejad and Zardari shaking hands and offering prayers after unveiling a plaque to mark Pakistan’s involvement. “The completion of the pipeline is in the interests of peace, security and progress of the two countries … it will also consolidate the economic, political and security ties of the two nations,” the two presidents said in a joint statement. Pakistan has pursued the pipeline scheme as a way of alleviating severe energy shortages that have sparked demonstrations and battered a weak government. At the same time, it badly needs the billions of dollars it receives in US aid. “The Pakistani government wants to show it is willing to take foreign policy decisions that defy the US, particularly when such crucial issues as energy security are at stake,” said Anthony Skinner, a director of British-based Maplecroft risks consultancy. Read more here: http://dawn.com/2013...-iran-pipeline/ http://www.bbc.co.uk...d-asia-21736725
  12. Salaam everyone! As a member of my university’s Thaqalayn Muslim Association, I am involved in planning a large scale memorial/vigil/commemorative event for all the victims of the recent attacks against the Shia populations in Pakistan. The TMA members and I have some really exciting ideas, and we hope to host the event during the last week of this month inshaAllah. However, I need all of your guys’ help! If any of you can provide me with a list of the Shia victims’ names, be it even 10 or 20 or 100 (hopefully), it would really be appreciated. The TMA and I plan to acknowledge and pray for each of the men, women, and children that were killed in the recent attacks. We cannot do that, however, without their names. I am currently researching on my own, but will accomplish more with your help! It is mine, and the TMA’s belief that by using the victims’ names, we are humanizing them; giving them an identity to present to the world. With names, the victims will be far greater than statistics, they will be actual people. They will be recognized. They will be respected. They will be mourned for. I really hope that you all can help me. An infinite number of thank you’s in advance. Fee aman Allah! :)
  13. The Women Affairs Minister in Pakistan, Mrs. Sheghufta Joomani, accompanied by a number of Pakistani political figures, were honored to visit the holy shrines of Imam Hussain and his brother Al-Abbas. They were given a tour of the Imam Hussain Museum to observe some of the rare and valuable ancient items. During the Interview, Mrs. Joomani stated that it was her ambition to visit Karbala, particularly the holy shrines and that it was "a dream come true." She also called on all Muslims of the world to visit the holy shrines to point the religion of Ahlul-Bayt as a triumph. http://imhussain.com/eng/index.php/reports/361-pakistani-women-affairs-minister-honored-to-visit-the-holy-shrines For more cultural news updates visit our website at www.imhussain.com
  14. It is no secret that across the world shias are being massacred. This past weekend many shias have been killed in TARGET KILLINGS throughout Pakistan, and not just in Quetta. This past friday Peshawari Shia's held a protest over the TARGET KILLINGS of several professionals yet the pakistani media didn't even bother to cover it. The same pattern is being shown through out the world, Iraq too had seen numerous attacks this past weekend. That being said I'm advocating for shia's in volatile countries, bereft of law and order to move and migrate to more developed countries. There are many ways to do this. For starters there are many countries that are experiencing labor shortages for both skilled and unskilled workers. Many of these countries will allow for easy migration. What I would like to recommend is for students and professionals to migrate. The trend currently in Pakistan is to target Shia professionals and students. That being said college bound students should opt to study abroad, being that you can get a high level degree as well as easily get a student visa. For doctors, accountants, and other professionals, they too should opt to work abroad. The opportunities are endless and there are plenty of countries that need skilled labor. One of India's greatest exports are skilled labor. The persecuted global shia community should follow the Indian model of sending talented and educated youth abroad. Like I said the opportunities, experiences, and tranquility that you can find would certainly be worth it. I am an American that has lived briefly in Pakistan. I frequently visit and the overall consensus of my family is that it is no place to live. Every other day there are murders or a strike. Kids can't go to school, businessman can't conduct business, and there's always a chance you might not come home. That being said I would like to advocate for the global shia community to leave areas where they are persecuted and opt for a better life abroad. Please spread the word and share your thoughts. Sincerely, Hus
  15. Shah Rukh Khan gets emotional, says why force me to reiterate my 'patriotism' As India and Pakistan spar over the issue of security for Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood superstar today said it was sad that an article written by him took an "unwarranted twist" and he was forced to reiterate his patriotism. The actor seemed emotional as he read out a lengthy statement and chunks from his article, which he wrote for a weekly English magazine, to address the controversy at an event here, saying, "I do not even understand the basis of this controversy." The furore started after Pakistan's Interior Minister Rahman Malik said that India should take care of Khan's security, drawing sharp reaction from India with the government as well as the political class saying should be more worried over security of its citizens. Caught between the political tussle, the 47-year-old actor said it was ironical that people were reacting to his article without even reading it. The controversy stemmed from the actor's remarks that he sometimes became inadvertent object of political leaders who choose to make him a symbol of all that they think is wrong and unpatriotic about Muslims in India. Reacting to Malik's statement, the actor said in a press conference here that "I would like to tell all those who are offering unsolicited advice that we in India are extremely safe and happy. "My own family and friends, are like a mini India... where all religions, professions and a few wrongs included, all are treated with tolerance and understanding and regard for each other... I stand indebted to my audience in my country and around the world. It is sad that I have to say it to prove it, in my country, which my father fought for, during the Independence struggle. source - http://www.indianexpress.com/news/have-no-safety-issues-in-india-shah-rukh/1066405/
  16. When we heard about the sit ins and protests around the world in support of the Pakistanis, my husband was sent a picture of people holding a banner with a quote from Ayatollah Khamenei saying something to the affect of "the one who will come from the Kaba has heard your call" written in Urdu. He cannot find that picture again. Is that quote authentic or was it paraphrased from someone else?
  17. QUETTA: Four bomb explosions took place in the provincial capital on late Thurday, leaving at least 56 people dead and 163 others injured, DawnNews reported. Eight of the dead are reported to be police officials. A cameraman from a private television channel was also killed, along with four Edhi workers. Two explosions took place at Alamdar road, two more explosions took place near Airport road, according to reports. Two bombs exploded minutes apart at a billiards hall near Alamdar road, AP reported. One of the bombs exploded inside the billiards hall, while another explosion took place outside when rescue services reached the site of the blast. The injured have been rushed to local hospitals. Police said the bombings disrupted power supplies and plunged the area into darkness. The Hazara Democratic Party announced three days of mourning in response to the attacks. Earlier on in the day, 12 people were killed after a blast that took place near Quetta’s Bacha Khan chowk. http://dawn.com/2013...people-injured/ -------------- KARACHI: At least 21 people were reported dead and 70 others were injured on Thursday when an explosion ripped through a religious centre in Swat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The blast targeted the Tableeghi Markaz on Takhtaband Road on the outskirts of Mingora town. “We have received 21 dead bodies from the site of the blast,” Dr Jamil, In-charge Casualties at the DHQ Hospital Mingora, told Dawn.com. “The death toll may rise as some of the injured are in critical condition and we are receiving more and more injured people,” said Dr Niaz Mohammad had told Reuters. Mystery shrouded the nature of the explosion, as some officials said the blast was caused by a bomb or explosive device, while others said it was result of an exploding gas cylinder. Mohammad Hanif Khan, the Station House Officer (SHO) at the local police station, said that there was no smell of explosives from the site, and that the building had also remained intact which showed that the blast may not have been caused by explosives He added that some elders had said that a number of cylinders were lying at the religious centre. However, an injured man said no gas cylinders were nearby. “There was no cylinder where the blast took place. We all know that gas cylinder does not kill so many people,” said another one of the injured, Mohambar Khan. However, he said that police had sent the evidence collected from the spot for further investigation and would be giving the final version after a comprehensive assessment. Earlier, Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) official Qayyum Shah had said that a bomb, in the shape of an improvised explosive device, was planted inside the centre. The explosion took place at a weekly meeting of the local Tableeghi Jamaat (preachers’ party) at its primary centre in the outskirts of Mingora, the main town in the district, regional police chief Akhtar Hayat said. There were around 1,500 people listening to the speech of a Muslim cleric at the centre when the blast occurred. The centre is located at least 10 kilometres away from Mingora, the main town in Swat district. The area was once under the control of militants and had set up check posts before the army undertook an operation in 2009 to rid the area of Taliban-linked groups. Takhtaband road, which is the main link road in the region, was the site of several suicide blasts and attacks on military personnel during the operation. The religious centre, however, is known to belong to the Tableeghi Jamaat (congregation for spreading faith), which is not linked to any militant organisation. http://dawn.com/2013...ligious-centre/
  18. A brief notion for what people needs today in Pakistan is confusing, not only for intellectuals, politicians BUT FOR MAZLOOMS' After Quaid-e-Azam true leadership, none secured the mass! Dr. Tahir-UL-Qadri, after a long time returned to setup a fire in Pakistan which is believed to be A clutch behind which every thing gets dissapeared. Many talk shows held one after the other and disrupted media to KNOW THE MOTIVE??? Without any true motive,aim or action he conducted a jalsae aam and get a record jalsa. People of Pakistan are true confused people who are searching for their rescue!. Tahir-UL-Qadri got the oppurtunity to enhance the materalistic approach to grab attention for more voters! TMQ (a league of tahir) nudges the temperature and said that we want elections after settlement to provide peace... This confused statement arrises what? WHAT IS YOUR OPINION?
  19. asalam-o-alaikum protest against the genocide of shia muslims going on in karachi for the last 2 days.thousands & thousands of momineen attending despite cold weather . labaik ya hussain http://pakshia.com/live/ wassalam
  20. http://soulsmarch.wordpress.com/ Friday Dec. 7, 2012: 10,000 Souls March in front of UN in New York to declare Shia murders in Pakistan a systematic genocide, in which state, media, and judiciary are silent partners. The march will turn into a protest and will move on to Pakistan Consulate in NY.
  21. It seems like there is a very simple fix to this 'problem'. If the Pakistani Gov was sincere about stopping drone strikes then why would they not use their military to protect its territorial integrity. Is that not the responsibility of a national military? Is it really so far fetch to say 'hey we are going to use our airforce to protect our airspace'?I feel as if the Pakistani Gov only gets on tv and announces their 'condemnations' simply to try and preserve its own image among its people. Is the Pakistani Gov really that incompetent or is it that they are simply on board with the USA and its terror drones? http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/06/04/us-pakistan-usa-drones-idUSBRE8530MS20120604
  22. (salam) Bohat acha article hai. http://www.bbc.co.uk/urdu/pakistan/2012/08/120826_baat_se_baat_wusat_tk.shtml
  23. Pakistan orders report into 'disabled girl's blasphemy case' Pakistan's president has ordered a report into the arrest of a young Christian girl, reportedly with mental impairments, accused of desecrating pages of the Koran. Police say the girl was arrested last week in a Christian area of the capital, Islamabad, after a furious crowd demanded she be punished. Officials said the girl could not properly answer police questions. Her parents have been taken into protective custody following threats. Many other Christian families have fled the neighbourhood after unrest erupted. Reports say that police arrested her under pressure from the large crowd. But there are conflicting reports about the details of the incident. It is unclear whether the girl burned pages of the Koran or if she was found with pages of the Koran in a bag. Christian leaders say she is as young as 11 but police quoted in some media reports also say she may be older and that she had no mental impairments. Some Christian groups suggested that the girl has Down's syndrome, which is a congenital condition that causes various degrees of learning difficulties and certain physical abnormalities. State media said that President Asif Ali Zardari had "taken notice" of the reports of the arrest and asked Pakistan's interior ministry to present a report to him. Controversial laws The incident comes amid a debate about Pakistan's strict anti-blasphemy laws. Rights activists have long urged Pakistan to reform the laws, under which a person can be jailed for life for desecrating the Koran. Many of those accused of blasphemy have been killed by violent mobs, while politicians who advocate a change in legislation have also been targeted. Last month, an angry crowd seized a man accused of blasphemy, and who was also said to be mentally unstable, from a police station and burnt him to death in the Bahawalpur area of Punjab province. Last year, Shahbaz Bhatti, the minister for minority affairs, was killed after calling for the repeal of the blasphemy law. His death came just two months after the murder of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, who also spoke out about the issue. Paul Bhatti, Pakistan's minister for national harmony, earlier told the BBC that the girl was known to have a mental disorder and that it seemed "unlikely she purposefully desecrated the Koran". "From the reports I have seen, she was found carrying a waste bag which also had pages of the Koran," he said. "This infuriated some local people and a large crowd gathered to demand action against her. "The police were initially reluctant to arrest her, but they came under a lot of pressure from a very large crowd who were threatening to burn down Christian homes." The BBC's Orla Guerin visited the poor slum neighbourhood where the incident took place. Many Christian families have fled the area and although some men have returned to their homes, a sense of unease remains, our correspondent reports. Police said they had no choice but to intervene, saying the angry crowd was threatening to set the girl alight. Rights groups have condemned the arrest. The Women's Action Forum (WAF) demanded the girl's immediate release and expressed outrage at the "total inhumanity" of those who lodged the case with police, AFP reports. WAF said the case should have been dealt with under the juvenile justice system. http://www.bbc.co.uk...d-asia-19315210 I don't want to stand on the side of people who would burn the Qur'an, but can we really be sure there aren't witch hunts going around? The country isn't doing to well at the minute, a lot of people are poor, and perhaps need an outlet for their anger. It just doesn't seem plausable to me that christians would keep doing these things after seeing how brutal the reaction is, unless, as claimed they are mentally ill. What is the state of christians over there? I've actually heard people bragging that they are all toilet cleaners...maybe they would have been better off trying to go to india, or get taken in by some other christian country, they seem to be oppressed (as far as i can tell with the limited infomation I have)
  24. (salam) Yae Kaunsa Islam hai? Kya Islam main tableegh ka yae tareeqa hai? Agar Shia Kafir maan bhee liya jayae toe kya kissee bhee Naam Nehad Musalmaan ko yae ikhtayar hassil ho jata hai kae Kafir ko jahan chaho mar doe? Islam toe Insaniyat ka mazhab hai. Kya Dunya kee kisi tehzeeb ya mazhab main iss tarha kee barbariyat jayaiz hai? Kya yae log Islam, Pakistan or Musalmanon ko badnaam nahin kar rahae? Ham kiss mu sae dunya main Musalmano kae Qatl e Aam kae khilaaf baat kartae hain jabkae hamarae haan koee Musalmaan bhee dosrae Musalmaan sae mehfooz nahin hai? Kya Dunya kae kissee Kafir mulk main bhee Masjidon kae baahir aisee law and order kee situation hotee hai jaisee Hamarae mulk yanee "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" main hai? Sochain herr baat ko America or India or Israel per dalnae sae kuch nahin hota. Yae insaan numa darindae aap nae khud palae hain. Ham kiss mu sae Qayamat kae din Allah ka samna karain gae? Agar apnae dil main inn dehshatgardon sae zara see hamdardi patae hain toe soch lain kae aap ko inn main shumaar kia jayae ga orr wohee saza milae gee jo in ko milae gee. Kyunkae Hazrat Muhammad (sawaw) ka qol hai kae "Her kaam main shareek wo hai jo wo kaam karta hai, ya uss kae kaam per razi hota hai ya uss kae kaam kae khilaaf awaz buland nahin karta"
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